Release: October 19, 2021

FrontLine 6.8.034 Ledger Accounts Conversion beta

- Fixed: Package Recall was broken by the GL conversion if the old columns had been cleaned out.

- Fixed: Creation of the shipping charge line after Shipping was broken by the GL conversion.

- Fixed: Copy of Item Category Accounts in Lists was broken by the GL conversion.

- Includes fix and feature added in 6.7.039

- HTML Export has an improved tabular format.


Release: October 8, 2021

FrontLine 6.8.033 Ledger Accounts Conversion beta

- Fixed: Fiscal Year of Accounting Periods should correspond to the calendar year of the end of fiscal year.
This affects sites that use fiscal years that do not end on December 31.

- Fixed: Fixes made in 6.7 through 6.7.038 were added in this release.
Be sure to apply the CostInvoice v6.7.038 stored procedure update.

- Added Account Type "Corporate Taxes" for Ledger Accounts (GL Codes)

- The AP function to Void Payment in the Payables window now asks for an optional override Void Date that is recorded in AP.Applied and flows to JE.JEDate

- Financials now include an Income Statement inquiry.
Account Types of Ledger Accounts (GL Codes) must be set correctly for the Income Statement to make sense.

Note that FrontLine has begun to use some SQL that requires SQL Server 2016 or newer.


Release: September 16, 2021

FrontLine 6.8.032 Ledger Accounts Conversion beta

- Fixed: Fixes made in 6.7.035 were added to 6.8 in this release.

- Fixed: Journal Entry lines were not created for Warranty Vendor Invoices.

- Financials now include a Balance Sheet inquiry.
Account Types of Ledger Accounts (GL Codes) must be set correctly.
The Balance Sheet can be produced By Account Type (the default shorter summary) or by By Account.
Some new account types have been added (Other Current Assets, Intangible Assets, Taxes Payable, Other Current Liabilities) and some account type attributes changed.


Release: August 24, 2021

FrontLine 6.8.031 Ledger Accounts Conversion beta

- Fixed: A recent revision introduced an SQL error when check numbers were skipped in Pay Now by Check.

- Fixed: The (Paid) indicator did not appear on customer order On Account tenders whose receivables had been paid.

- AP Check output now consolidates both the vendor's Name1 and Name2 into the PayToName output, and includes [APInvRef] the vendor's default AP Invoice Reference.

- Worded number output of AP Check values now includes 00/100 when there are no cents.

- MOL Third Party Export produces a new column output specified by Motorola Solutions.

- Financials now include a Trial Balance inquiry.


Release: August 6, 2021

FrontLine 6.8.029 Ledger Accounts Conversion beta

- Fixed: Journal Entries for Recurring Bills paid by cash put the wrong sign on the cash account line, producing an unbalanced JE.

- Fixed: FrontLine should assign the Location Discount account to an Order Discount line item's Revenue account.

- Fixed: A Vendor Invoice created from a Purchase Order should not copy the PO's Vendor Reference.

- AP Payments Journal Entries now include the payment [Issued] value for Bank Reconciliation.

- MOL Export is revised to Motorola's new specifications.

- Journal Entries and Account Inquiry now show currency values without currency symbols.

- Journal Entries for a Recurring Bill (or Late Fees bill) that lacks a journal entry can now be safely created from the individual bill, and Journal Entry creation from Recurring Billing Output can create JE for either the one bill selected or all bills in the batch that have no JE yet.


Release: July 22, 2021

FrontLine 6.8.028 Ledger Accounts Conversion beta

- Fixed: Receivables "Days Overdue" and "Max Past" were not adjusted for the AR sign changes.

- Fixed: FrontLine did not post Journal Entries for Recurring Bill Credits when the credit was committed.
If the journal entries were later created from Recurring Billing Output then the entire billing batch was reversed.

- Fixed: Journal Entries for Vendor Invoice lines that have no corresponding Purchase Order (PO) should not generate Vendor Invoice Inventory Clearing values, and should generate Vendor Invoice Expense lines instead of Vendor Invoice Discrepancy because there is no PO.

- Bank Reconciliation development along with enhancements to Bank Deposits.


Release: June 15, 2021

FrontLine 6.8.027 Ledger Accounts Conversion beta

- Fixed: Pay Now by Check would output some blank check numbers in some data circumstances.

- AP Payments now notify the user and refuse to complete if the Account selected for "Pay Now by Check" or "Pay Now by EFT" is not a Cash Account.

- The Customers function in Vendors maintenance is now hidden and unavailable unless company setting "Return, Repair, and Unidentified" options include "Invoice Vendors for Warranty Service."


Release: June 3, 2021

FrontLine 6.8.026 Ledger Accounts Conversion beta

- Fixed: When tendering an order On Account the customer's open receivables were incorrectly analyzed.

- Fixed: Fixes made in 6.7.032 were added to 6.8 in this release.

- Because FrontLine does not process cards that are used to pay vendors, the Credit Card field for AP on Vendors now accepts short reference codes, like x1234


Release: May 25, 2021

FrontLine 6.8.025 Ledger Accounts Conversion beta

- Fixed: An assertion error in Inventory Valuation caused by the GL Account revisions.

- Fixed: FrontLine incorrectly added a Vendor Invoice Discrepancy Journal Entry line when a Vendor Invoice was accepted for an Open PO.

- Fixed: The New Vendor Invoice feature now reveals Quantities Ordered, Checked In, and Invoiced in separate columns, and suggests new invoice quantities Checked In minus Invoiced.

- Layout and graphic revisions to the FrontLine Logon window, including removal of the title bar. To move the window click and drag the bridge art on the right or the Ormandy logo in the upper left.

- Diagnostic Reports now have a Journal Entries context menu entry that is enabled when the row has a JEID value and the user has access to journal entries.


Release: May 6, 2021

FrontLine 6.8.024 Ledger Accounts Conversion beta

- Fixed: FrontLine should not change the ID of Ledger Accounts (GL Codes) in Setup Lists.

- Fixed: Journal Entries for subsequent Invoice Taxes included tax values from prior invoices of the same order.

- Fixed: Journal Entries for prepaid (by Collected deposit) or overpaid (ex, by Check for Order Total) invoices consumed all the tender on the first invoice resulting in unbalanced journal entries.

- Fixed: FrontLine should not allow Ledger Accounts (GL Codes) that have been used for Journal Entries to be changed or deleted, only the account description can be revised.

- Fixed: The Summary and Vendor List did not refresh after a payment was made in Payables.

- Fixed: FrontLine should create journal entry lines for AP Discrepancies for Services and Charges.

- Fixed: Late Fee Billing had not been revised for the AR sign changes.

- After voiding an AP Payment in Payables the Posted date of the user's last voided payment is highlighted in pink.

- When Payables are opened for a single vendor, Vendor Credits shown in the Payables feature can now be applied to payables using the new Apply Credit and then Commit Application of Credit functions. The function buttons have been reorganized, and the payables filter text box moved to the far left.

- Added a Ledger Account (GL Code) Type "Inventory" to the "Assets" group.
"Fixed Assets" and "Other Assets" have their attributes values changed to accommodate.
"Equity" moved to the Liabilities group with a corresponding attributes value change.
These changes involve updates to the corresponding LISTVALS [Attributes] values.


Release: April 19, 2021

FrontLine 6.8.023 Ledger Accounts Conversion beta

- Journal Entries are now created (and posted if possible) without user interaction.

- Account Inquiry can now show information for an entire Account Type. Click on the pink account name display in the top section to select from a list of Account Types.

- Vendor Payments shown in the Applied list of Payables can now be voided using the context menu.


Release: April 13, 2021

FrontLine 6.8.022 Ledger Accounts Conversion preview

- Receivables and Payments, as recorded in the AR table, now have Amount values independent of DocType.
Receivables are positive, Payments and Credits are negative.

- The Account Inquiry feature now has three options for the periods sums shown:
"Period Sums" vs "Fiscal Year Sums" (new) vs "Lifetime Sums" (as before is default for assets and liabilities).
After the summary has been produced and shown the user can choose to see sums different from the default.


Release: April 6, 2021

FrontLine 6.8.021 Ledger Accounts Conversion preview

- "Pay Now by Card" and "Pay Now by EFT" now offer a "Pay Date" override to the user. The default value is today.

- "Pay Now by Card" now includes a "Due Date" for the user to indicate the card statement due date for the new card payable.
FrontLine estimates this due date by adding the Card Issuer vendor's Terms (if any) to today.

- Location Ledger Accounts are now validated before first use, and a message shown if any are invalid. This message can be very long when there are many locations.

- Added Report Groups for AP_ (Accounts Payable) and GL_ (General Ledger).


Release: March 30, 2021

FrontLine 6.8.020 Ledger Accounts Conversion preview

- Added an Accounting Periods feature where fiscal year accounting periods can be defined, and periods can be closed.
Journal Entries cannot be posted into a closed period.

- Added an Account Inquiry feature where journal entry lines on individual ledger accounts can be summarized by periods (cumulatively or not, assets and liabilities are cumulative when opened), listed in detail per period, and the complete journal entries that contain them opened.

- Accounting Periods, Account Inquiry, Budgets, and Journal Entries links are now in their own "GL" section on the Welcome window.

- Added a "Beginning Balance" Journal Entry Type.

- AP entries posted for a 1099 Vendor now have a distinct DocType, and if the invoice includes a Reimbursement that value is separated in AP.
These changes enable Payables records to maintain their 1099 characteristics even after a Vendor's 1099 status changes, and simplify extraction of 1099 totals from AP.

- Location display texts (as in the drop-down location selectors) no longer include the location ExtRef unless the location has no Description.


Release: March 11, 2021

FrontLine 6.8.019 Ledger Accounts Conversion preview

- When the GL Account selector shows a subset of GL Codes due to the context, the complete list of GL Codes can be revealed with the new "All" button on the right.

- The GL Account selector now has "N/A" options for Department, Location, and Region.

- Payables can now be opened for a single vendor from Vendor maintenance.

- The Payables features now has:

- On a Vendor Invoice for a vendor who is marked for a 1099 box, there is now an optional Reimbursement entry field in the lower right of the vendor invoice window.
This requires a [Reimbursement] column to be added the ORDERS table.


FrontLine 6.8.018 Ledger Accounts Conversion preview

- Some system-generated Journal Entry lines now include Comments from the source.

- FrontLine now determines the Transfer From Account during order entry of Transfer Order line items.
The value is stored in the line Clearing (CLR) account, and is shown and available for user changes in Line Item Details.


Release: February 17, 2021

FrontLine 6.8.017 Ledger Accounts Conversion preview

- Enhancements in the Payables window, and the "Pay Now" features now cover "Pay by EFT" and "Pay by Card".


Release: February 5, 2021

FrontLine 6.8.016 Ledger Accounts Conversion preview

- Revisions to the "Pay Now By Check" feature including actual AP Check printing output.

This revision requires a new table APPAYNOW table that will be rolled into the initial 6.8 conversion.


Release: January 28, 2021

FrontLine 6.8.015 Ledger Accounts Conversion preview

- Fixed: FrontLine omitted journal entry details of customer receivable write-offs made while receiving payment from the customer.

- The "Select for Payment" and "Pay by Checks" functions in Payables have been elaborated for more complete functionality, including payable write-offs and Journal Entries.
Actual check printing output is still missing.


Release: January 14, 2021

FrontLine 6.8.014 Ledger Accounts Conversion preview

- The GL Account selector will not Accept GL Codes with a blank Account Description or a Description that begins with a hyphen. This is a means to mark a GL Code as Inactive.

- The "Pay by Checks" function in Payables opens a Pay Now By Check window, and there is a search filter for the Payables list that does partial matches on Name, PO, and Account.

This revision requires a new table APTENDERS table that will be rolled into the initial 6.8 conversion.


Release: December 9, 2020

FrontLine 6.8.013 Ledger Accounts Conversion preview

- Fixed: The GL Account selector did not handle a lack of Regions or Departments well.

- The GL Account selector now reduces the GL Codes listed for some contexts.
For example, for a customer Receivables (AR) account only Asset accounts are listed, and for a GL Distribution (GLD) account on a vendor invoice only Expense accounts are listed.
If no Ledger Accounts in Setup Lists have a relevant Account Type then the GL Code drop-down list will appear empty in the GL Account selector.

- Removed the 1099 flag added to VENDORS in the last revision and replaced it with a new field [F1099] for Form 1099 selection.
A built-in list of current options is included, they will be revised within FrontLine as needed:

0 or null = No 1099
1  = Box 1: Rents
2  = Box 2: Royalties
3  = Box 3: Other income
4  = Box 4: Federal income tax withheld
5  = Box 5: Fishing boat proceeds
6  = Box 6: Medical and health care payments
7  = Box 7: Nonemployee compensation
8  = Box 8: Substitute payments in lieu of dividends or interest
9  = Box 9: Direct sales
10 = Box 10: Crop insurance proceeds
13 = Box 13: Excess golden parachute payments
14 = Box 14: Gross proceeds paid to an attorney
If a vendor requires a 1099 form then FrontLine requires a TaxID for that vendor.

This revision requires an addition to the VENDORS table that will be rolled into the initial 6.8 conversion.


Release: December 4, 2020

FrontLine 6.8.012 Ledger Accounts Conversion preview

- Added an Export function for the detail list in Payables, and improved the "Select for Payment" checkboxes with a hard vs soft selected/unselected to make the "All" toggle more useful.

- The GL Account field label in Customers maintenance is now "Receivables (AR)" by default and the db name is CUSTOMERS.lacAR
The display label can be changed in Label Maintenance under Name lacAR.

- Vendors maintenance now has:

- Added OrderID and ItemCat columns to the Journal Entries list.

- The "Open Order..." context menu entry in Journal Entries now shows the InvSeq when present.

- Integer columns name "JEType" and "JEIntent" will now be translated to journal entry types and intents in FrontLine reports.
Note that JE.JEType contains both the journal entry type, and the intent of the row.

- In Access Profiles the Entity Order security context (in class Customer Orders) and Vendor Ref security context (in class Purchase Orders) now require "Special" access level to enable a user to reuse a value (for the same customer or vendor) after confirmation.

- Purchase Order Lookup has a new special Search By entry POs Checked In with no AP Invoice
Using "Lookup PO" from the New Vendor Invoice feature now invokes this search by default.

- Vendor Invoices created by "Enter Invoice without PO" from the New Vendor Invoice feature are now considered Non-PO AP Invoices where GL Distribution line items can be created using the "GLD" Scan Code. GL Distribution line items:

The Db Console contains a required update:
IX_ORDERS_OrderRef (6.8.012)
This revision also requires changes to the VENDORS table but these are rolled into the initial 6.8 conversion.


Release: November 17, 2020

FrontLine 6.8.011 Ledger Accounts Conversion preview

- Added a Budgets feature to create and manage budgets.

The Db Console contains a required update:
File: BUDGETS (6.8.011)


Release: October 2, 2020

FrontLine 6.8.010 Ledger Accounts Conversion preview

- Journal Entries now has a Template function to make a posted user-generated a template that can be used to create new user-generated journal entries using a New Journal Entry from Template menu entry in the "New" drop-down.
FrontLine offers to offset all the dates of the new journal entry by a user-selected number of Days, Weeks, or Months.

- Posted Journal Entries can now be effectively cancelled using a Reversing Entries function that creates a identical new journal entry with the amounts reversed.
If the journal entry has already been reversed then FrontLine offers to show that reversal.

- Unposted user-generated Journal Entries can now be discarded using the Cancel function.


Release: September 22, 2020

FrontLine 6.8.009 Ledger Accounts Conversion preview

- Journal Entries now has a Reverse function to create reversing accrual entries for "Accrual" and "Payroll" journal entry types.
FrontLine will reverse entries with reversible Intents: Misc Accruals and Payroll Accruals
producing Intents: Misc Accrual Reversals and Payroll Accrual Reversals
for the specified date, which defaults to the first of the next month.

- Fixed: The sum shown in the lower section of Payables.


Release: September 11, 2020

FrontLine 6.8.008 Ledger Accounts Conversion preview

- Journal Entries are now added for Transfers and Work Orders. Third Party POs (for subrentals) are not journalled.


Release: September 9, 2020

FrontLine 6.8.007 Ledger Accounts Conversion preview

- Journal Entries are now added for Adjustments and Physical Count adjustments.


Release: September 1, 2020

FrontLine 6.8.006 Ledger Accounts Conversion preview

- Journal Entries are now added for Receiving check-in and Vendor Invoices.


Release: August 21, 2020

FrontLine 6.8.005 Ledger Accounts Conversion preview

- Enhanced Journal Entries with columns such as the Journal Entry Intent (that is always set for entries created by FrontLine), JE Date, and line Comments.
Journal Entries for Recurring Billing frequencies of at least a month will now consume Unearned Revenue into Income (Revenue) monthly.
Note that FrontLine will only create unearned revenue journal entries when the relevant item categories have an unearned revenue account indicated in the appropriate Item Category Accounts.


Release: July 16, 2020

FrontLine 6.8.004 Ledger Accounts Conversion preview

- Basic Journal Entries are now added for customer invoices, recurring billing batches, and write-offs (including taxes) of Receivables.
The journal entries are shown to the user every time for inspection.


Release: May 26, 2020

FrontLine 6.8.003 Ledger Accounts Conversion preview

- Added a basic Journal Entries feature, available in the Maintenance group of the Welcome window.


Release: April 15, 2020

FrontLine 6.8.002 Ledger Accounts Conversion preview

- Added a Company Setting GL Account Display to abbreviate GL Account displays.
Shortening the GL Account display does not change the 20-character data value.
Any positions omitted by the abbreviation are left-filled with digit 0 (zero) characters.
For example, Location segment "1201" shortened from 6 to 4 positions is recorded as "001201"
Department, Region, Division, and Company segments can be hidden completely by setting their display length to zero.


Release: March 19, 2020

FrontLine 6.8.001 Ledger Accounts Conversion preview

- Ledger Accounts are now 20-character GL Accounts in all cases except Item Category Accounts where only the 6-digit "GL Code" is entered leaving the rest of the "GL Account" to be determined by the context. In FrontLine the GL Account segments are digits or upper case characters:

6: GL Code (Account)
2: Department
4: Location
3: Region
3: Division
2: Company

- GL Account segment values must be entered in their respective Lists for Departments and Regions.
Locations have a LocationGL value introduced in 6.8, while Division and Company segments are preset without lists in Company Settings at this time.

- GL Account values can be entered directly where needed, FrontLine then validates the entry and if valid accepts it without further interaction.
Otherwise a new GL Account selector window opens to help users determine the GL Account desired. This window can also be opened explicitly using the F3 key in an applicable field.
Users can enter a leading part of a GL Account (like only the Code segment) before entering the GL Account selector.
If a segment is not included in the user's entry then the GL Account selector window preselects a value for that segment from the context, for example line location, department, etc.

- GL Account values are displayed with hyphens between the segments to improve readability. These hyphens are not saved in the data, and are ignored for GL Account validation.

- FrontLine Workstation StationID values can now be set as high as 1,999 instead of 999. Four-digit StationIDs are not recommeded until a site has used up the 100-999 range.


Release: February 10, 2020

FrontLine 6.8.000 Ledger Accounts Conversion preview

- Ledger Account columns and values are changed from a smallint reference to a char(4) GL Account segment, with extensive consequences:

- Many basic features are affected including:

The Db Console contains three required updates:
File: GL Accounts Conversion 6.8 Apply this one first. This is a long multi-step script that requires close attention.
File: GetTaxes v6.8
File: CommitInvoice v6.8



Release: October 19, 2021

FrontLine 6.7.039

- Fixed: Returns of an AP Payment order where the payment credit had been applied after the payment receipt did not spread the payment reversal to all the receivables credited.

- Added a Compare feature to Access Profiles to Report All Contexts and Report Differences of Access Level between all profiles.


Release: October 8, 2021

FrontLine 6.7.038

- Fixed: Returns of Repairs of Customer Equipment via the Returns window did not forward the warranty and service contract coverage of that customer equipment.

- Fixed: Costing of a customer Special Order where the special Purchase Order had been voided and recreated could end up using the purchase price from the voided PO. This fix is in the CostInvoice db procedure.

- Fixed: Costing of Transfer Orders using Average, Last, or Standard cost would use the cost at the destination location instead of the source location. This fix is in the CostInvoice db procedure.

- Fixed: 6.7.037 introduced a class not found error before printing a Packing Slip from the Shipping feature.

- Fixed: FrontLine should make a negative "on account" tender out of an open positive on account tender to complete a negative invoice on a positive order.

- Fixed: Periodic Invoices function to Print All as regular invoices did not output the identifier values of intangible line items, and did not exclude refunds like the main periodic invoices output.

- Reverted the Export MOL Third Party feature export format to the scheme used before 6.7.037

The Db Console contains a required update:
File: CostInvoice v6.7.038


Release: September 29, 2021

FrontLine 6.7.037

- Enhanced capability for filling out Excel workbooks from Forms for Orders
Order values can now be used in the line item output.
FrontLine will look for a Lines range on the second worksheet as well as the first.

- The Export MOL Third Party feature now outputs the new file format defined by Motorola.

- FrontLine now rechecks for any retired addresses assigned to the order before checking out or completing an order. If any are found the user is notified and the process stops.


Release: September 17, 2021

FrontLine 6.7.036

- Fixed: AvaTax has begun to include messages that are not errors. FrontLine will show these to the user as an AvaTax Transaction Notice.

- Fixed: Export of large text columns in Spreadsheet mode should double the double-quotes like it does for shorter text values.


Release: September 2, 2021

FrontLine 6.7.035

- Fixed: For customer invoices that also generated a warranty vendor invoice, the built in Tax Report output would double the values.

- Fixed: Adding two lines of a Set Eligible item to a customer order where the customer had no Equipment Sets yet could result in key violation of PK_ESDTL.

- Fixed: Submitting an order to AvaTax immediately upon adding an order discount (before moving the cursor off the line) would result in tax calculations missing the latest order discount.


Release: July 1, 2021

FrontLine 6.7.034

- Added an option to the "AvaTax Configuration" Company Setting to "Exclude All Purchasing" from AvaTax.


Release: June 21, 2021

FrontLine 6.7.033

- Fixed: A recent revision caused the order payment tenders special menu entry "Repost all AP" to appear for customer orders instead of "Repost AR"

- Submissions to AvaTax for non-exempt invoices now omit the "customerUsageType" instead of sending "TAXABLE" Customer Usage Type.


Release: June 3, 2021

FrontLine 6.7.032

- Fixed: In Fast POS mode auto-commit should occur even if disabled in Company Setting Line Unit Identify Options.

- Fixed: An earlier revision to add the Shopify tender type awareness introduced a bug when the Tender Types accepted were changed in Company Settings.

- Fixed: FrontLine did not collect a negative tender on a subsequent invoice when prior invoices had collected positive tenders and the order was then changed to produce a negative invoice.


Release: April 23, 2021

FrontLine 6.7.031

- Scheduler Events now have a Notification value specified in Minutes.
There is a new Company Setting Scheduler Notification (LValue=63) to set the default value.
CALEVENTS.Notification contains the customized minutes for an event, or NULL (blank) for default, or negative for No Notification.
To set "No Notification" on a scheduler event enter any leading part of the word NONE in any character case.
It is recommended to set the Scheduler Notification Company Setting for any site that uses the scheduler.
The program default in FrontLine is 15 minutes when neither value is set in the data.
Actual notifications are implemented by the Mobile Connect App.

The Db Console contains a required update:
Scheduler Notification (6.7.031)


Release: March 2, 2021

FrontLine 6.7.030

- Fixed: Line item MaxTax did not work correctly on unlinked returns. This fix is in the GetTaxes db procedure.

- Added an Equivalents feature for Items.
There is now an Equivalents tab in Items maintenance where equivalents can be added and removed.
FrontLine raises a notice against adding equivalent items that mismatch by Item Types Inventory vs Service vs Charge, Recurring Bills, and Set Eligible.
The Reservation window offers Equivalents when the reservation began from a new (blank) line item.
An equivalent item can be selected from the list by either a double-click or the Enter key.

The Db Console contains two required updates:
File: GetTaxes v6.7.030


Release: February 25, 2021

FrontLine 6.7.029

- Rental Reservations can now be started before creating a line item.
In this case the stock item to be reserved can be changed in the Reservation window.
The order customer must be assigned before creating a reservation.

- Invoking the Reservation shortcut Ctrl-' on a blank customer order now turns it into a Short Term Rental order,
and assigns the workstation's rental location (if defined) to the order location if the order was not already assigned to a rental location.
Invoking the Reservation shortcut again then opens the Reservation feature before any line items exist.
When a reserved line item is added to a blank order with a blank order scheduled date FrontLine will now set the order scheduled date to the reservation begin date (the line scheduled date) of this first line item.


Release: February 24, 2021

FrontLine 6.7.028

- Fixed: Scanning a suitable identifier value in Line Item Details Scan Code for an adjust out line should commit the unit to adjust out.

- Streamline some short term rental flows:


Release: February 18, 2021

FrontLine 6.7.027

- Fixed: FrontLine could fail to collect Card and EFT refund tenders on an order credit check-out.


Release: February 11, 2021

FrontLine 6.7.026

- Fixed: The last revision introduced a potential incorrect notice about Substitute Category mismatch when saving an Item in Items maintenance.

- Fixed: An invalid pointer operation could occur in some databases after opening Costing of the Check-In of a received purchase order.


Release: January 28, 2021

FrontLine 6.7.025

- Fixed: Repairs of Rented units should remain at the Rental Location, regardless of Company Setting Repair Units in Order Location.

- Fixed: Closed Locations should not appear in the Ship-To address selection list of POs.

- Fixed: Invoicing that closes an order should process any remaining tender credits.

- Fixed: The Item Quantities feature was disabled for "Assigned Price" Items.

- Fixed: Shipping Charge Calculators should ignore any return line items from the Order return function.

- FrontLine no longer attempts to send ErrorStack emails about Db Errors (typically from bugs) that it encounters.

- Stock numbers are now shown in the Substitute field of Items maintenance. There is also a hover hint for the substitute.

- In the Service Contracts window the "Show other customer equipment" option no longer includes equipment that is Out of Service.

- Upon taking customer payments, in the Receivables window Write-Offs are not allowed against a receivable when no payment is applied to that receivable.

- Costing values shown in the Invoice/Check-In/Out window are now negated for returns and adjust-out.

- The Receive function is no longer available for Transfer line items.


Release: January 5, 2021

FrontLine 6.7.024

- The Scan Code entry field in Line Item Details can now be used to quickly return multiple rented units on a Rental Return line item of multi-quantity.

- After creating a rental return line the cursor now rests on the return line quantity, and if the quantity is increased for a uniquely identified item the Line Item Details window opens with focus on the Scan Code entry field to quickly scan the other rental returns of the same stock number.

- Added an option User Agent priority on new Lines to the User Options available in System Users.
With this option, the user's agent takes precedence over the Customer's Agent and the Order Agent on line items created by the user.


Release: December 16, 2020

FrontLine 6.7.023

- AvaTax began adding a blank "messages" section to successful invoice commit responses. FrontLine should not interpret these as an unknown failure indicator.


Release: December 4, 2020

FrontLine 6.7.022

- Changed the Shopify tender type [PAYMENTS.PType] from -42 to 42 and for AR purposes consider it a card tender.


Release: November 19, 2020

FrontLine 6.7.021 AP in preview

- Fixed: FrontLine should not permit voiding a scheduled line item when the order has WEBLABOR, WEBPARTS, or WEBREPUNITS imported from Mobile Connect (MC)
Those related line items must be voided first.

- Added a permit context for Send POs to MOL in the Third Party class to control access to this function specifically within the Third Party section.
Sites that use this function will need this permit value set for their people who use it.

- The Web Order order type flag is repurposed to indicate than a customer order is from an external source. The characteristics are now:

The Db Console contains two required updates:
TRX.RefQty (6.7.021) Apply this one first.
File: CommitInvoice v6.7.021


Release: September 24, 2020

FrontLine 6.7.020 AP in preview

- The Mobile Connect Image output FileName from Forms for Orders now matches the FrontLine line item image viewer for MC images revision made in 6.7.018

- FrontLine now confirms that the user wants to invoice an order when there are related Mobile Connect (MC) entries that have not been imported yet.

- Mobile Connect labor entries with no hours indicated are no longer imported on the same day they were entered. The next day (or later) they will be imported with a default (as before) of one hour.


Release: September 17, 2020

FrontLine 6.7.019 AP in preview

- Added a Region display column and Filter By to Location Lookup.

- Revised a small query related to ContractExpiration output from Forms for Orders that was causing SQL Server to make expensive query plans for large databases.

- Some other outputs from Forms for Orders from large databases can be made more efficient by adding this index to the SQL Server database:

CREATE INDEX IX_TRX_OrderRef ON TRX (OrderRef,OrderLineRef) INCLUDE (OrderID,Line,TrxType,TrxStatus)


Release: September 11, 2020

FrontLine 6.7.018 AP in preview

- Fixed: The email address helper invoked from a scheduler event referred to the wrong customer order.

- Fixed: The Create Db Procedure feature introduced in 6.7.017 Inventory Valuation was missing the look back loop.

- Fixed: An Equipment Set member whose Initiated date was in the future would be marked as billed if its equipment set was included in the billing for other members, and subsequently this member would be included in future bills even before the Initiated date was reached.
In addition to this program fix, the data must also be patched with this SQL:


- Voiding an order no longer removes declined tenders, only unprocessed tenders are discarded.

- When returns code 1 (Approved) but no Transaction ID FrontLine now shows the user any message text in the response, warns the user, and declines the card payment.

- The PSet (periodic invoice batch) report context parameter introduced in 6.7.012 can now also use a more descriptive PeriodicInvoiceBatch name which appears as "Periodic Invoice Batch" in the Query Parameters window.

- Recurring Billing now sets the end date of a bill (ORDERS.Fulfilled) to one day before the next billing period instead of the first day of the next billing period.

- It is now possible to begin the process of creating a Vendor Invoices directly from a Purchase Order that has been at least partially checked in.

- Work around a SQL Server issue that can cause a revision in 6.7.002 Equipment Search options Exclude Committed Units and Exclude Out of Service Units to make the search to take three times as long.

- The FrontLine line item image viewer for MC images from WEBREPIMAGES now adds a RepUnitID_ after the CalendarID_ that is adds if the recorded file name does not already have a CalendarID_ lead text.

- The Scheduler Event window now gives display precedence to the "Complete" Event Status so that events marked complete by invoicing the related order line item to completion show this "Complete" mutually exclusive status rather than the last one set by a user.
Additionally, the revised CommitInvoice db procedure now removes the other mutually exclusive event status flags.

The Db Console contains a required update:
File: CommitInvoice v6.7.018


Release: July 30, 2020

FrontLine 6.7.017 AP in preview

- Fixed: 6.7.016 introduced a bug where returned units were not removed from Equipment Sets.

- The default PDF file name suggested by Recurring Billing Output is now Bill_nnnnnnnn.pdf (where nnnnnnnn is the OrderID) when:
- "Print One" is used, or
- "Print All" is used and there is only one bill in the batch.

- Added a Create Db Procedure feature to the evaluation batch list context menu of Inventory Valuation to create a database stored procedure for inventory valuation hard coded using the current options.
The user is prompted for the procedure name, and the two output tables. The stored procedure truncates these two output tables before adding data to them, it does not create the tables.
The two tables require these columns, additional columns can be present if they accept NULL values:

-- 13 Columns for List of items by Location:
INT: ItemID, LocationID
MONEY or FLOAT: TotalQuantity, TransferPending, CommittedSale, CommittedReturn, Defective, InUse, InShop, Rented, CommittedRent, QtyUnidentified
KEY recommended on (ItemID,LocationID) or alternately (LocationID,ItemID) depending on usage after this procedure 

-- 8 Columns for List of Units:
INT: DtlID, DtlZ, DtlA, LocationID, DtlStatus
MONEY or FLOAT: Quantity, UnitCost
-- DtlID is the event that valued the unit, DtlZ is the current event, DtlA is the first event.
Near the end of the procedure FrontLine includes a comment line indicating the version and parameters.
This feature is currently unavailable for PostgreSQL.


Release: July 22, 2020

FrontLine 6.7.016 AP in preview

- Fixed: Physical Count Report output for PHYC.LocationID was blank.

- Fixed: Order Redo should put the new order in the same location as the source order.

- Fixed: Repair Unit line items Imported from Mobile Connect (MC) should remain at their last line location.

- Fixed: The Item Tax Category check added in 6.7.013 for Recurring Billing with built-in taxes incorrectly applied the Location flag Tax on Location GeoCode.

- Package Recall will now transfer member quantities to the package selector when Company Setting Package Sale Method is set to Package As Discount.

- The Scheduler Board view, To Be Scheduled list, and Resource Summary now give precedence to the Location of the Agent (Resource) over the Event Location for Location Group selections.

- Added a report group: Related to an Inventory Valuation and a menu to use these from the valuations list in the Inventory Valuation window.
Reports in this group have access to the corresponding valuation result temporary table sequence in parameter value IVTT
Example FROM clause using aliases:

FROM #IVTTD:IVTT VD JOIN ITEMDTL D ON D.DtlID=VD.DtlID -- List of events valued


Release: July 7, 2020

FrontLine 6.7.015 AP in preview

- Fixed: Order Redo should not commit inventory that has been adjusted out.

- Fixed: 6.7.013 introduced an error "qrEX_: Field 'Tax Category' not found" in Step 2 of Late Fee Billing.

- Fixed: FrontLine should not recheck the card expiration date of a tender that was collected (as in a deposit) prior to invoicing.

- Fixed: The Item Tax Category check added in 6.7.013 for Recurring Billing with built-in taxes did not use the option Bills use ESet Residence as Ship-To in Company Setting E-Sets, Rentals, Contracts.


Release: June 17, 2020

FrontLine 6.7.014 AP in preview

- Changed the shortcut key for the Browse for Resource File for identifier values feature from F3 to F5.
This applies to identifiers in Line Item Details and the Identifier Documents window, and folders in Locations maintenance.


Release: June 10, 2020

FrontLine 6.7.013 AP in preview

- Fixed: "Assigned Price" Items could not be added to Adjustments.

- Recurring Billing with built-in taxes now checks for Item Tax Category missing from applicable Tax GeoCode in Step 2.

- Forms for Orders output now includes an MCI (Mobile Connect Image) dataset with Caption and FileName outputs.
Typically the best layout is one image per output page with the caption at the top.
(MC) Image data is based on information in WEBREPIMAGES.

- FrontLine E-Mail composition now has an Add Images function that can show the FrontLine Images window with MC images relevant to the order or customer in context. From there multiple images can be selected to attach to the email.

- The Copy to Local Storage feature introduced in 6.6.048 now also checks for a local "Documents/FrontLine" folder that the official Microsoft "RD Client" on the iPad and iPhone can provide. To enable this the RD Client connection must enable "Storage" under "Device & Audio Redirection" and the user must create a "FrontLine" folder on their local device in their local "RD Client" folder.


Release: May 14, 2020

FrontLine 6.7.012 AP in preview

- Fixed: Built-in taxes were not calculated for Mobile Connect (MC) lines imported.

- Fixed: Inventory Valuation should not consider received from depot repair a costing event.

- Fixed: The message shown when a Job as Completed when there are open orders on the job was garbled.

- Fixed: Redo of an order where line item warranties had to be re-evaluated would double the order totals in the new order.

- The Order Type filter entries in Order and PO Lookup is now reduced to relevant values.

- In the Identifier Document editor, and in the identifier section of Line Item Details the F3 key can be used to browse for a local file to select as a linked resource.
This function is only valid for plain text identifiers with no edit mask or selection list.

- Added three report groups: Related to a Customer Order, Related to a Purchase Order, Related to a Periodic Invoice Batch and a menu to use these in the three corresponding windows.
If, for example, there are reports in the "Related to a Customer Order" group then FrontLine adds corresponding menu entry to the Print button that opens the Reports window offering only reports in that group.
Note that FrontLine only builds this menu once per window per log-on session so if there were no reports Related to a Customer Order when the user opened Customer Orders, then the user goes to the Reports window to add some reports in this group, returning to the same customer orders window will not show the new menu until the user logs out and back in.

Reports run in this way can have the following parameters supplied by the program without need for user input, so if there are no other report parameters then the report will run without a prompt for parameter values:
PSet (periodic invoice batch)

Both plain queries and visual form reports are supported. Plain SQL reports are output in a grid in the report window like a diagnostic report.
Not all values are available in context from all features where this is implemented, and some values vary within the same window.
For example, an ItemID comes from a line item on orders so it changes as the user scrolls through line items.


Release: April 15, 2020

FrontLine 6.7.011 AP in preview

- Fixed: When Landing Cost is available for a unit sold of an item whose costing method is "Unit (Actual)" it should be forwarded to the Customer Invoice Costing.
This fix is in the CostInvoice db procedure.

- Fixed: Inventory Valuation for Unit (Actual) costed items should include Landing Cost, and the Details list should show primary identifiers that are not serial numbers.

- Purchase Freight charges can now be assigned to a specific tangible line item on a purchase order to indicate that this particular freight line applies entirely to the landing cost of that one line. Non-specific freight can be included on the same Check-In, in which case the target line landing cost receives the full freight charge from its line-specific purchase freight plus the freight fraction it receives from the non-specific freight charge that was spread (weighted by unit cost) between all tangibles on the Check-In.

- Identifiable Tangible Items flagged with the new Item Type Assigned Price (value 1,048,576 or 0x100000) have, when received on a purchase order, a special identifier type "Assigned Price" (UIType 32750) added to their identifier documents.
The "Assigned Price" identifier value is required to check in received inventory on a PO, and can only be modified on a PO.
When one of these units is committed for sale on a customer order that is not a special order FrontLine will set the line item price to this Assigned Price value, and flag the line (TrxStatus flag value 4,194,304 or 0x400000) as having an assigned price so it is not eligible for automatic discounts. If the user manually overrides the line item price then this flag is removed.

The Db Console contains a required update:
File: CostInvoice v6.7.011


Release: March 27, 2020

FrontLine 6.7.010 AP in preview

- Fixed: A recent revision broke the Rental Items special Item Lookup Search By.

- Implemented a 10 Month option for Bill Frequency.

- Locations now have an optional Location Group. Location Groups are defined in Setup - Lists.
Location Groups are used to filter events on the Scheduler board, Scheduler Event window (where when an event is opened the Location Groups preselected reflect the selection on the scheduler board) and in Scheduler Event Lookup.
Location Groups can also be used to filter Agent Lookup results.

- Location Groups and Regions are now sorted by display text in the Scheduler.

The Db Console contains a required update:
LOCATIONS.LGroup (6.7.010)


Release: March 11, 2020

FrontLine 6.7.009 AP in preview

- Fixed: Line item taxes that are levied in flat amounts (not a percentage rate) did not negate on "Return Next Scan" line items. Part of this fix is in the GetTaxes db procedure.

- Fixed: Invoking Transaction Inquiry from an order line item, and opening an order from within Transaction Inquiry, then returning back to the original line item would put the original order window in a state that did not accept new line item entries until the order was deferred.

- Fixed: After redirecting billing on a customer order, set eligible line items added could end up in the Bill-To customer's equipment set instead of the Ship-To customer.

- Fixed: It was possible to check out an Order Discount by itself. This fix is in the NewInvoice db procedure.

- Fixed: Line Item Change Log entries did not show resulting Quantity correctly.

- Late Fee Billing no longer submits to AvaTax.

- Added a Region qualifier to Scheduler Event Lookup.

- In the Scheduler Event window if an event is part of a recurring sequence and not yet associated with an order then in the list of orders shown to add this even to, the order associated with the lead event (if any) is highlighted with bold text.

- Implemented an 18 Month option for Bill Frequency.

- Added Job Commission Paid Update to the Third Party panel in the Welcome window. This link launches a Python program file in the FrontLine program or ACC\ folder named JobCommPaidUpdateFLFL.pyw where FLFL is the name of the database in use.

The Db Console contains two required updates:
File: NewInvoice v6.7.009
File: GetTaxes v6.7.009


Release: February 10, 2020

FrontLine 6.7.008 AP in preview

- Fixed: FrontLine could not interpret Payeezy results when the response header length exceeded the first chunk size.
This became a potential issue when Payeezy began to insert nearly 500 character long "Content-Security-Policy" http header lines.

- Fixed: Creating a service order by a Repair of the first scanned unit where the last known address of that unit was Retired would assign the order locations Tax GeoCode to the order but fail to make it POS as this GeoCode indicates. FrontLine should use the customer's default ship-to address in this case.

- Fixed: Costing a sale Return order did not attempt to use the cost determined for the sale. This fix is in the CostInvoice db procedure.

- Fixed: After adding equipment to multiple new Equipment Sets of a new customer a violation of primary key PK_ESDTL could occur.

- Fixed: Errors in the Overdue value shown in the Batch Review step of Late Fee Billing and the calculations on the Late Fee Bills.

- Late Fee Billing will not create bill line items for receivables that are less than $1 due remaining.

- When Recurring Billing redirects the Bill-To customer on a recurring bill it now changes the bill's Tax Exemption to match the customer receiving the bill instead of the customer whose equipment set incurred the bill.

The Db Console contains a required update:
File: CostInvoice v6.7.008


Release: January 13, 2020

FrontLine 6.7.007 AP in preview

- Fixed: A recent revision could cause FrontLine to erroneously claim that "Customer has insufficient credit to cover this order, or it is partially tendered" when the order was automatically tendered on account.

- Added item Desc2 and Desc2 to the export columns available from Physical Count.

- When Company Setting Use Special Cost for Commissions, when available in Cost Options is OFF, Order Totals now ignores any line item C.Cost [CCost] values for non-miscellanous lines.

- Order Totals now now gives special treatment to Miscellaneous line items.
Miscellaneous lines ignore Average and Last cost regardless of the user's selection for Cost Used.
When Company Setting Use Special Cost for Commissions, when available in Cost Options is


Release: December 16, 2019

FrontLine 6.7.006 AP in preview

- Fixed: Buffer overflow leading to access violations was possible when importing 60+ lines at once from Mobile Connect (MC) activity.

- Fixed: A recent revision broke unidentified handling in Fast POS mode such that they were returns even when Return Next Scan was off.

- Added logging of Payeezy results:
Log files are saved in %LOCALAPPDATA%\FrontLine\PayPort
Every day uses a different log file, named PayPort_yyyymmdd.txt
A single line is logged per transaction with no confidential information, unless the response is not recognized as an approval in which case the response body is added on a second line.

- The access permits in the Setup group and their corresponding features are now more functional:

- Added a user sign-on log. The required database update is in the Db Console.

The Db Console contains a required update:
SILO (6.7.006)


Release: November 21, 2019

FrontLine 6.7.005 AP in preview

- Fixed: Import of unidentified Mobile Connect (MC) repair equipment:

- Fixed: Again some circumstances could trigger a database primary key violation on PK_ESDTL upon saving Equipment Set members.

- Fixed: A recent revision made the Location ExtRef fail to appear on Tax Report output if an order had not been opened before.

- Fixed: Warranty Vendor Invoice date should match the override date entered for a (backdated) Customer Invoice.

- AvaTax response for Order Discount changed from "discountAmount" to "totalDiscount".


Release: November 6, 2019

FrontLine 6.7.004 AP in preview

- Fixed: Selecting an event from Scheduler Event Lookup that does not qualify to appear on the scheduler board now offers an opportunity to edit the event directly.

- Added Include agent name in Agent values shown to Company Setting Lookup Options for both the search results and Search By Agent selector.

- Added Security Contexts (not used by FrontLine desktop) for MC Users Management, OBO Integration, and HubSpot Integration.


Release: November 1, 2019

FrontLine 6.7.003 AP in preview

- Fixed: AvaTax stopped using chunked responses, FrontLine has to read them accordingly.


Release: October 29, 2019

FrontLine 6.7.002 AP in preview

- Fixed: Recurring Billing Output output of contracts and covered equipment is improved to prevent "No Data Available to Print" caused by coverage history.

- Fixed: Total Quote Taxes display was not highlighted with pink and a question mark when AvaTax calculations were out of date.

- Fixed: A recent revision broke the PO Total calculation after using autogen to add line items to an existing purchase order.

- Fixed: The "Total Quote" value shown in Order lookup (both customer and purchase) incorrectly added return values.

- Fixed: Equipment Search results did not exclude units that have been adjusted out.

- Fixed: The Shipping security context did not lock users out of shipping.

- Fixed: Short Term Rentals of items with a default Bill Frequency did not accumulate in the same equipment set for one order.

- Fixed: Paused AvaTax submissions introduced in 6.6.064 caused a tender auto-update issue when a customer order was deferred.

- Fixed: When a single FrontLine shortcut was used to enter multiple databases by selection from the logon window, after logging out from one company then logging into another without closing the FrontLine application, the Location list in Tender Types accepted (and possibly other windows) contained locations from the prior database.

- Added a Company Setting Map API Key for the Address Mapper.

- Added Require Scheduled date to Print or Present a Customer Quote to Company Setting Quote Options.

- Added a Release Orders In Use by Disconnected Users function to the context menu that appears with a right-click of the System Administrator indicator in the Welcome window.

- If an On Account or Card tender is 1 cent off from the needed amount when invoicing, FrontLine will now adjust the tender by 1 cent.
This accommodates AvaTax invoice taxes that do not add up to the total order taxes estimated by AvaTax due to rounding breakdown.

- Cardholder Information now accepts 000 as a CVV code.

- Tentative events shown in the Scheduler Task List now exclude events that are Closed.

- Added to Scheduler Event Lookup a Search By Agent and special search Events not linked to Orders.

- Added the order note subject to the list of open orders offered Scheduler Event window to add the event to.

- The recent orders recall list has moved from within the OrderID cell to a drop-down beside the Orders lookup button, and now includes some text and an icon to help with recognition.

- The new recent orders recall menu in the customer orders window also has a Go To Purchasing entry to open a purchasing window that can be used side by side with customer orders.
Note that in this scenario, closing the customer orders window also closes the purchasing window.

- If a reference transaction tag is available, Payeezy card refunds now attempt a VOID transaction before a REFUND transaction.
A card transaction can be voided by the card processor before it has been collected by an end-of-day process.
FrontLine does not know if the original card transaction has been collected so it simply tries a void first, and if that fails it tries a refund.

- The context menu of the payment tenders for a customer return order where the sale was tendered by a tagged card transaction now offers a list of the original card transactions to add as a tagged refund tender. FrontLine does not check how much of the sale amount is still available to return so the tagged card refund may fail at Payeezy, in which case a new unlinked card refund has to be used instead.

- Vendor Invoices no longer require tenders, and like recurring bills, are Approved without a check-in process and without INVOICES records.

- The Payables (preview) window now has a function tool bar between the summaries above and the payables list below.
A payment process (preview) begins using the "Select for Payment" function to begin a "Pay Now" mode that removes the summaries to maximize space for the payables.
In the "Pay Now" column that appears the user can enter an amout to pay, or use the checkboxes in the "Amount" or "Discounted Amount" (if applicable) to pay those specific amounts.
There is also an "All" toggle to default payment of all listed dues to the Amount, or Discount Amount (if available and within discount date).
"All" mode retains any specific selections made by the user.
Below is a summary of the dues listed, and a "Total Pay Now" to keep track of all the amounts selected to be paid.
Actual payment using the "Pay by Checks" and "Pay by EFT" and "Pay by Card" functions have not been implemented yet.

The Db Console contains two updates:
ORDERS TotalDiscounted (6.7.002) Required.
AP (New in 6.7.002)
Only required if the AP preview is used. It is a redo of the AP table. Do not create the AP table if you do not want to enable AP preview.


Release: September 13, 2019

FrontLine 6.7.001 AP in preview

- Fixed: 6.7 introduced an access violation in Unit Tracking.

- Fixed: Forms for Orders output of Pick Ticket and Ship Ticket should use the customized line sorting introduced in 6.6.052 when option "Sort by Line number" is off.

- Fixed: Adding generated Miscellaneous Purchases to an existing purchase order would prompt the user with an Order Effective Total Mismatch after reopening the PO.

- Vendor Invoices now show and allow selection of Pay To addresses instead of Ship To in the main entry window.

- Received quantities are now shown per line in the New Vendor Invoice window, and selecting a PO that has not been received yet raises a warning notice.

- Added a MC and CP Administration class to Access Profiles with contexts for MC Logs, CP Logs, and CP Users Management. These security contexts are used by Mobile Connect and Customer Portal.


Release: September 4, 2019

FrontLine 6.7.000 AP in preview

- Fixed: 6.5.053 introduced a bug Package maintenance that triggered a database key violation of PK_PACKAGES when a member was moved from one Group to another Group.

- Fixed: 6.5.050 broke forwarding of unit warranties and service contract coverage on depot repaired equipment.

- Fixed: 6.6.064 introduced unintended case sensitivity matching user-typed location identification texts.

- Fixed: Company Setting for Default Bill Location did not reveal the ID of the Value last entered.

- Fixed: The Returns window should not allow returns of lines that have units still at depot.

- Fixed: Equipment set members did not prorate correctly to the order when the equipment set currency was not base currency.

- Fixed: When an unknown Scan Code entered on an order was turned into an identifier of a previously unidentified unit, FrontLine did not enforce the UPPER case option on this new identifier value that came from the scan code.

- Fixed: Moving and Exchanging Equipment Set members for customers with large equipment sets could raise an SQL error "Cannot insert the value NULL into column ESLine, table ESDTL" when FrontLine saved changes. This was caused by ESLine values out of range of the smallint data type.

- Note outputs from Forms for Orders are now processed to convert any bare line feeds (LF) or carriage returns (CR) to CRLF pairs to ensure correct spacing interpretation by Windows functions.

- User Option User Agent priority on new orders now causes these behaviours:

- Added a Company Setting Cardholder Requirements to allow company customization of the cardholder information fields required.
The default requirements are now CVV and Zip.
If Payeezy is used then FrontLine will turn on CVV and Cardholder Name requirement even if they are turned off in the company setting.

- When it has a list to match typed text from, the QuickFind function now has new options and defaults to "Begins with" vs "Contains text" behaviour.

- The drop-down menu from Customer Number in the customer orders window now offers a link to the customer's Receivables without context of taking a payment.

- Printing order related forms with AvaTax does not invoke an AvaTax update if the order is Exempt and the current tax total is zero.

- The Package maintenance window now offers a Copy Group function.

- The Members count in Service Contracts maintenance now ignores dummy members with a negative XRDTL.DtlID

- Added Lockbox Import to the Third Party panel in the Welcome window. This link launches a Python file in the FrontLine program folder named LockboxImportFLFL.pyw where FLFL is the name of the database in use.

- Added AP features in Purchasing & Receiving centered around a Vendor Invoice:

The Db Console contains six required updates, some must be applied by administrator before standard users can log in:
ESDTL.ESLine type int (6.7) Includes ESMETERS. This can take a while in a large database.
File: NewInvoice v6.7
VENDORS.APInvRef (6.7)
PAYMENTS.CardIssuer (6.7)
TRXIP.RefQty (6.7)
AP (New in 6.7)
Do not create the AP table if you do not want to enable AP preview.


Release: June 25, 2019

FrontLine 6.6.064

- Fixed: Payeezy Tokenization response processing was broken in 6.6.061

- Fixed: 6.6.062 broke historic Inventory Valuation by causing an SQL error when a Date in History was used.

- Fixed: Packages were taxed incorrectly when package quantities and/or package discounts were changed on the line item. *

- Fixed: Line item taxes were not allowed to recalculate after a line was on an invoice. This fix is in the GetTaxes db procedure. *
* Neither of these tax bugs affected companies integrated with AvaTax.

- Only applies to AvaTax Submissions to AvaTax for order taxes are now paused during order entry, instead there are indicators that taxes are out of date.
Order taxes are automatically submitted for updates:
a) When a tender of any type is about to be added for the order balance total.
b) When a Cash (not check or card) tender is added or changed.
c) When the order is about to be invoiced (not for sys admin).
d) Before printing an open order.
e) Before showing Order Totals.
Invoices taxes are submitted for every invoice as before.
Users can request an order tax update when desired by clicking the Recalculate Taxes bar.

The Db Console contains a required update:
File: GetTaxes v6.6.064


Release: June 10, 2019

FrontLine 6.6.063

- Fixed: Opening Order Totals or Opportunity Totals could cause FrontLine to crash later with an access violation.

- Fixed: The Inventory Valuation list of unit Details did not always include all the units in the "Total Quantity" and when this occurs inventory items set to "Unit (Actual)" costing default to the location Average cost for the total value instead of the sum of the unit costs.

- When Return Next Scan is used in Fast POS mode FrontLine now asks for the Item Action to offer Return, Repair, and Exchange actions.

- When a user clicks Signature in Line Item Details for an imported line item that has no signature on file FrontLine asks if they want to collect a signature now instead of assuming they do.

- Partially checking out a previously invoiced order that was cash tendered (like with a check) for the order total now asks the user for confirmation to proceed with the Excess Tender already collected.

- Removed the Unique Contact EMail Address constraint that was added (conditional on presence of the Customer Portal) in FrontLine 6.6.055

- The {} indicator for Custom Reports introduced in in FrontLine 6.0.0067 is now separated into code interpretation vs column name alteration indicators:
{} turns off code interpretation
[] turns off column name alteration
To use these indicators the very first characters of the SQL can be {} or [] or {}[] or []{} where the last two are equivalent.


Release: May 22, 2019

FrontLine 6.6.062

- Fixed: A user with a quote in their full name would get an SQL error upon saving an appended AR note.

- Fixed: Recurring Billing Output could fail to output contracts whose covered equipment were committed to an open order.

- Fixed: FrontLine should exclude account Payments from Paid Transactions in the Receivables window. This requires a db update.

- Fixed: FrontLine did not clear the prior payment verification results upon cancellation. This bug was introduced with the Payeezy development.

- Fixed: FrontLine should not allow users to toggle Special Order on a Purchase Order line that has been received and committed to a customer order.

- Fixed: The "Total Quantity" shown in Inventory Valuation included units in the following conditions but they were not shown in the Details list:
 "In Use", "In Shop", and "Defective"
and the event date shown in the Details did not reflect the Check-In (Invoice) date.

- The Invoice/Check-In/Check-Out date (that users can override) that is used as an inventory event override date for Inventory Valuation is now used likewise for Inventory Transactions.
The Receive Date and Time override in the Receive window is no longer applicable and has been removed.

- Added Address1, Address2 to Tax Report output.

- POS orders can now auto-commit.

- FrontLine now records and shows the user who created (and changed) a batch in Export MOL and Tax Report. This requires a db update.

- FrontLine can now show the OrderID that the receivable being paid is from on the Payment line item when the payment was taken with company setting "Enable application of Payments to Receivables" turned off.

- FrontLine now converts (from SVG to Ink) and imports signatures collected by Mobile Connect (MC) as line item signatures.
If an line item that was imported with a signature is voided in FrontLine desktop without voiding the MC entry then the line item signature is removed from the desktop data.
FrontLine also looks for a MC event signature and if found, converts and attaches this signature to the line item linked to the scheduler event.
This MC event signature is presumed to exist in these CALEVENTS fields added by MC: Signatory, SigDate, and SigPath.

Microsoft Ink requires these four COM libraries to be present and registered: INKED.DLL INKOBJ.DLL INKDIV.DLL TPCPS.DLL
FrontLine needs the 32-bit version of these components, they must be registered using REGSVR32
They are typically found in the 32-bit folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Ink"
although INKED.DLL is often in folder "C:\Windows\SysWOW64" instead.

The Db Console contains three required updates:
SYNCLOG User (6.6.062)
File: NewInvoice v6.6.062
File: Tag Payment Only Invoices


Release: April 24, 2019

FrontLine 6.6.061

- Fixed: Improved interpretation of Payeezy error responses for users to see in FrontLine Payment Verification.

- The Payeezy Transaction ID is now shown in Verify Code column of collected card tenders on an order, and the Transaction Tag is shown after the 4-digit card number fragment in the Account Number column.

- FrontLine now records Payeezy Transaction Tag values to use for Tagged Refunds that do not require re-entry of card or cardholder information.
Note that for tagged refunds Payeezy may provide a Transaction ID "RETURN" instead of a new ID.

- Technician (limited) user features have been revised as Technician User of Scheduler & Services.
   Now technicians:


Release: April 16, 2019

FrontLine 6.6.060

- Fixed: 6.6.058 introduced an error at Step 2 of Late Fee Billing.

- Fixed: 6.6.059 introduced a potential SQL error in Receivables when viewing Closed receivables with customer Group inclusion.

- Fixed: Adding a scheduler event to an existing customer order did not import Mobile Connect (Web) entries linked to this particular event until the next time the target order was opened.

- Fixed: Receiving a batch of backordered items that have identifiers without uniqueness (like a lot number specified at receiving) would use the same identifier document for the sales backorder fulfillments as for the receiving, thus linking their identifiers.

- Fixed: Costing a Transfer where the available cost layers of an item in the source location only fulfill a fraction of the quantity transferred would result in an SQL key violation of primary key constraint PK_TRXINVCOST and incomplete costing results. Similarly when multiple layers in the source location were consumed only the cost from the last layer was added to the cost layers in the destination location with the total quantity.
This fix is in the CostInvoice db procedure.

- Fixed: The Resource Categories and Resource Certifications selections for the Scheduler board can now remember (sticky) selections for the first 64 categories instead of only 32.

- Fixed: Service order line items imported from Mobile Connect should now consider repair unit warranties for both the repair unit line and attached repair parts and services.

- Fixed: In Fast POS mode, FrontLine would commit Unidentified even when inventory was available at the order location.

- Preset Identifiers are now saved to new (unit identifier and line item) identifier documents upon creation, instead of when the user saves the document.
Note that so far this only applies to sales and rentals, and doesn't discriminate on preset application.
Contexts are: Unit added to order, intangible line item added to order, and customer order redo.
A revision to the db procedure SpawnItemDtl is required to accompany the FrontLine desktop executable revisions.

- Payment Verification when using pcauthor now disables "Cancel" until the first timeout.

- Line item identifier documents of intangible returns are now read-only.

- Clarified the Item Cost label in Resource Costs to Item Unit Cost, and highlight the Item Unit Cost entry when blank for a miscellaneous line item.

- Added a Budget Locked status to Jobs to indicate that:

- The default column arrangement of Job Details in the Jobs window is now:

- When a customer order that has been returned is Redone FrontLine now moves the special order references on the corresponding PO to the new order.
Note that if the new order is voided the special order references from the PO do not revert to the first customer order.

- The System Users administration feature now provides colum title click sorting, and a filter for the user list that examines User Name, Real Name, and Return EMail.

The Db Console contains two required updates:
File: SpawnItemDtl 6.6.060
File: CostInvoice v6.6.060


Release: February 21, 2019

FrontLine 6.6.059

- Fixed: Total shown on a line item after overriding the EstRental (estimated rental) with a custom price on a short term rental would revert to a line total based on the EstRental instead of the new price after the order was reopened or AvaTax calculations were performed.

- Fixed: Warranties shown by clicking the Line # column of a covered unit could include a defunct warranty.
This display bug was introduced in the 6.6.050 revision that added warranty history.

- Fixed: Redo as Quote no longer copies order I.Docs or Customer PO to the new quote.

- Fixed: In-Process Orders lookup should exclude Quotes.

- Fixed: A recent revision would cause key violations on ESDTL after regrouping Equipment Set members.

- Fixed: Costing a Return invoice of Special Orders should attempt use the special purchase cost.
This fix is in the CostInvoice db procedure.

- Fixed: The EE Custom "Sales Order" output from Forms for Orders should not exclude line items that are On Hold.

- In the Receivables window, the status bar now shows the Selected Receivable Comment when the mouse pointer is within the receivables list.

- When Closed entries are requested, the Receivables window now includes cash tenders as Paid Transactions.
One combined Paid Transaction is shown per invoice, and omitted if the net is zero as in a cancelled tender.

- Order Returns now copy the Job and Job Phase of the source order, and include the Job Budget section of Resource Costs in the return copy.

- The Budget Cost and Variance shown in Job Details are now rounded to 2 decimal places. Rounding is performed before summarizing.

- Customer Orders now assign an estimated "Budget Cost" (BCost or B.Cost) to line items, which is used for budget costing Jobs if no Job Budget Unit Cost was entered in Resource Costs.
Budget Cost uses the item's inventory costing method except for Unit actual costing which uses Average cost, and all default to Standard cost if the specified method yields no result.
When an order is created from a quote, the new order receives the new Budget Costs from the quote, but FrontLine no longer creates Budget Unit Cost values in the Resource Costs of the new order.

Line item Budget Costs are evaluated when:
+ New line items are created.
+ New line items are added from the Copy List.
+ An order is Redone as a Quote (Redo as Quote).
+ A unit is returned without a sale line reference.

Line item Budget Costs are copied when:
= An order is created from a Quote.
= An order is Redone (Redo Order).
= An order is Returned.
= Line items are Returned.

The Db Console contains three required updates:
TRX[IP].BCost (6.6.059) Apply this one first.
File: CommitInvoice v6.6.059
File: CostInvoice v6.6.059

To assign existing open customer order line items BCost values after the Db Console updates use the Set B.Cost on open lines context menu entry that appears with a right-click of the System Administrator indicator.

And here are three MSSQL updates to copy Job/Phase to existing job order returns:

-- Set JobID/Phase on Return Orders:
UPDATE R SET JobID=O.JobID,JobPhase=O.JobPhase
-- Set JobID/Phase on Completed Return Lines:
UPDATE R SET JobID=X.JobID,JobPhase=X.JobPhase
-- Set JobID/Phase on Open Return Lines:
UPDATE R SET JobID=X.JobID,JobPhase=X.JobPhase


Release: January 18, 2019

FrontLine 6.6.058

- Fixed: When a Scheduler Event recurring sequence is created from an event that was already linked to a service order the future events created were missing a copy of the original event notes and subject.

- Fixed: Returning an item without identifiers on a rental order where unit identification was not required resulted in a line item flagged as a sales return so rented units could not be committed to it.

- Fixed: Recurring billing items on a return order that have not yet been on a recurring bill are returned at the sale price.

- Fixed: A security context for "Scheduler Event Lookup Export" was missing.

- Fixed: Large Unit Cost values would cause a database error upon PO check-in on MSSQL.

- Fixed: Changing the unit price of a package line with package quantity greater than one would miscalculate taxed value. This was partly fixed in 6.6.057 for unquoting.

- Entering a Credit Card value in Equipment Sets and Customers maintenance when Payeezy is active opens a Cardholder Information window and from there generates a card token to save on file for future use. The token itself is not a usable card number.
The last four digits of the card number and the card expiration date are saved and shown to users, with a color highlight if the expiration date is within a month (yellow) or closer (pink).

- Tokenized credit cards in Equipment Sets are used for recurring bills generated by that ESET, and tokenized credit cards on a Customers record can be used on that customer's orders by entering a hyphen in the Account Number of a new tender line for the order.

- CVV and Name in the Cardholder Information window are now only required when using Payeezy.

- Added a J_ = Jobs Report Group to the default list.

The Db Console contains two required updates:
CardHolder (6.6.058) To add CardHolder and CardExpires to CUSTOMERS and ESETS, and ESetID to PAYMENTS
Expand ITEMCOSTLAYERS.UnitCost (6.6.058) To fix large unit cost overflows on MSSQL


Release: December 21, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.057

- Fixed: The tender collection fix in 6.6.034 could cause erroneous splits on mixed tender orders.

- Fixed: Voiding an assembly collection of lines on a work order did not discard the assembly.

- Fixed: Intangibles sold at rental locations with multiple Periods did not apply the periods to tax calculations.

- Fixed: Unquoting a package with package line quantity greater than one would miscalculate taxes by overstating the package taxed value.

- Location Payment Gateway Merchant is now used per order location instead of workstation location.
Note that a Company "Payment Gateway Merchant" is still required and used by default,
the Company "Payment Gateway Keys" are always required for Payeezy integration,
and the workstation location must still specify Payeezy to enable Payeezy on workstations at that location.


Release: December 8, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.056

- Fixed: Warranty Vendor Invoices would include zero-quantity invoice lines.

- Fixed: Changing the line item price of a miscellaneous item could fail to refresh the order totals.

- Fixed: A Service Order opened in read-only mode did not present the "Service Order" option in Forms for Orders.

- Fixed: Rented equipment covered by a service contract that is committed for repair while rented could appear twice on a recurring bill.

- Fixed: Manual adjustments of serialized inventory at a rental location could still trigger the Rental Mismatch message Rental Location disagrees with Rental Line Item.

- Fixed: Returning an item by Scan Code where the precision of tax rates was beyond 2 decimal places would initially result in rounded tax rates on the return tax.
This fix is in the CopyLineItems db procedure.

- Fixed: Malfunction when an agent notification email was triggered upon opening an order from a Scheduler Event.

- Fixed: Rental Repairs were removed from Service Contracts. This fix is in the SpawnItemDtl db procedure.

- Fixed: 6.6.055 began showing completed orders in Customer Order Lookup Service Orders for Invoicing.

- Fixed: Improved linking of repair parts and services imported from Mobile Connect.

- Added ability to copy extended identifier documents of repair parts created in Mobile Connect during import.

- Added QuickBooks Receivings Export to the Third Party panel in the Welcome window. This link launches a batch file in the FrontLine program folder named QBRecvExpFLFL.CMD where FLFL is the name of the database in use.

- Receivables posted by Recurring Billing now copy the bill Customer PO to the receivable Comment.

- Cancelling an AR Write-Off now sets the Invoiced date of the cancelled write-off to the date it is cancelled.

- To facilitate having other orders concurrently in read-only view, Order Lookup can now be performed while editing an open order.

- Added security context "Payment Gateway" in the Locations class to control access to location-specific payment gateway configuration.

- Added a "Resource Summary" view to the Scheduler.
The resource summary brings together a participant's events for a week or 5-day period.
Participants are grouped by agent category, using the same color scheme as the scheduler board.
Participants included in the summary are determined by the same resource criteria as the scheduler board.

The Db Console contains two required updates:
File: CopyLineItems 6.6.056
File: SpawnItemDtl 6.6.056


Release: November 8, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.055

- Fixed: In the Scheduler Event window the Regions revision broke the All agents listed selector, and the agent list could be partly obscured by the region selector.

- In multi-day views (Week and 5 Day) the Resource Region selector for the Scheduler board now filters out events for agents not in the region selected.

- Locations can now override the company Payment Gateway Merchant by entering location-specific merchant information using the P.G.Merchant button.
The "P.G.Merchant" button text is bold when the location has its own merchant information.
The Payeezy indicator in the Welcome window reveals whether the workstation is using the Company or Location Merchant in its hover hint.

- Because the Customer Portal requires unique contact email addresses when FrontLine detects the portal (by presence of the CPUSER table) it now checks that the email address entered for a contact is not used by another portal contact.

- Added a Service Order Order Type to simplify and improve the efficiency of making a distinction between service orders and sales orders.
The Db Console provides a script to set this flag on existing service orders.
Failure to run this script in a database will not result in errors, but FrontLine will not recognize the old service orders as service orders in functions like Order Lookup.

The Db Console contains two required updates:
Expand LOCATIONS.PVT (6.6.055)
File: Service Order Type (6.6.055)
If this script raises an error "Cannot insert the value NULL into column OrderType" then first run this one-line update then retry "Service Order Type"


Release: October 31, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.054

- Fixed: Manual adjustments at a rental location triggered the Rental Mismatch message Rental Location disagrees with Rental Line Item.

- Fixed: "Invalid floating point operation" under specific circumstances with the C.Cost column shown on a customer order.

- Fixed: Vendor-specific last costs from a primary vendor with no vendor part number were not used.

- Added Payeezy payment gateway support.
To enable Payeezy at a workstation location enter Payeezy in the Locations Payment Gateway.
By default FrontLine uses the live Payeezy gateway host at
To specify the sandbox Payeezy gateway set the location Payment Gateway to Payeezy;
When a user whose workstation is at this location collects a card tender, the card transaction is submitted to Payeezy.
The Cardholder Information window now requires the cardholder name, and street address is recommended. Before only the CVV and cardholder Zip code were required.
A workstation where Payeezy is enabled shows a light blue indicator on the left edge of the Welcome window.
Two Company Settings are relevant to the Payeezy gateway:

- Added a simple Company Setting Card Tender Fee % to trigger fee reminders to the user, it does not automatically add any fees and only accepts whole number percentages.


Release: September 27, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.053

- Fixed: A revision in 6.6.046 caused the Tax GeoCode drop-down list on addresses to remain empty, and raised a warning "No Tax GeoCodes found for this address" when saving even when there were matching Tax GeoCodes.

- Fixed: Receivable Statements for a Parent customer did not summarize child customer receivables correctly.

- Fixed: 6.6.047 broke the Line Item Note hover hint pointing position when the Agent column was shown.

- Fixed: 6.6.052 broke the "Purchase From" address section of the Purchase Order window.

- If there is no Invoice, the Updated date output from Forms for Orders for pick tickets is now the Order Updated date.

- Service order imports of Mobile Connect (web) mobile agent (technician) line items now default to the agent's Inventory Location, unless a specific unit is identified in which case the last known location of the unit is used. If neither location is defined then the service order location is used for the imported line location.

- Service order line items imported from Mobile Connect (web) can now be Voided with two different results:
Y: Void the corresponding entry in Mobile Connect. This line item can later be unvoided, which will also unvoid the MC entry.
N: (Previous Action) Release the entry in Mobile Connect so it can be edited by web users and re-imported. This line cannot be unvoided.

- Locations now have an optional Region. Regions are defined in Setup - Lists.

- Added a Schedule Notify flag to Agents to offer an email notification (with iCalendar attachment) upon saving an event in which this agent is a participant.

- Agents now have an Inventory Location to indicate the usual location they use inventory from in the field. This location typically corresponds to the technician's vehicle.
An agent's inventory location implicitly defines the region an agent (technician) operates in.

- Scheduler Event Lookup and Agent Lookup now have a Region filter.

- Scheduler Events now require a Location before saving.
If the primary participant is added when the event has no location specified then this agent's location is assigned to the event.

- If there are Regions defined in Setup - Lists:

The Db Console contains three required updates:
WEBxyz.LineStatus/Create/EditBy (6.6.053)
AGENTS.LocationID (6.6.053)
LOCATIONS.Region (6.6.053)


Release: September 7, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.052

- FrontLine will no longer modify report column labels that contain spaces from the SQL query.

- 6.6.040 output of bare LocationID from Forms for Orders is now also done for Recurring Billing Output.

- Added source location and location ExtRef values to outputs from Forms for Orders:
LocationExtRef (corresponds to LocationID)
SourceLocation (bare ID for transfer orders)
SourceLocationExtRef (corresponds to SourceLocation)

- The sold-to icon is no longer shown in the Attributes column of the address list in customer maintenance.

- Customer Info Sheet can now be opened from a Customer Identifier Document window for side-by-side use.

- The To Be Scheduled Task List in the Scheduler can now be exported, and sorted by clicking the column titles.

- The Contract Assignments window now includes the order where the contract was sold, and provides a link to view that sale order.

- The -36 Month, -48 Month, and -60 Month billing frequencies now have a leading hyphen by default so they do not show up in the drop-down lists.

- Order and Line Item tax values recorded from AvaTax responses now use "totalTax" and "tax" instead of "totalTaxCalculated" and "taxCalculated" per AvaTax record-keeping.

- Added a Line Item Sorting facility. Line items can be viewed By Line Number or Customized Line Order. When a service order is first plnaced in Customized Line Order it is equivalent to the previous option to Sort Service Orders by Repair Equipment. If the order can be modified, the user can switch to Line Sort Mode and then drag and drop lines into new positions.
Most line editing features are disabled in Line Sort Mode.
Package members are moved together with their package line.
Orange cues are used to clarify activity in Line Sort Mode.
The line (or package group) picked up to move is highlighted in orange across.
The line (or package group) just moved is highlighted in orange only in the leftmost column.
When custom sorting has been activated for the order an indicator appears Order has been custom sorted. Clicking that indicator offers to remove the custom sorting.
In Forms for Orders the Sort by Line number option is now available for all forms. If turned off the output is sorted in the Customized Line Order.

The Db Console contains two required updates:
TRX[IP].LineSeq (6.6.052) Apply this one first.
File: CommitInvoice v6.6.052


Release: August 21, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.051

- Fixed: A recent revision caused an access violation in Generate Purchase Order the first time it was run after logging on to FrontLine if the Vendor had already been assigned in the Purchase Order window.

- Added CommissionID to the output of Agent Lookup.


Release: August 16, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.050

- Fixed: The 6.6.049 revision to warranty package members on warranty vendor invoices incorrectly warrantied other attached parts or service lines that had been marked by the user as not covered under the warranty. This fix is in the NewInvoice db procedure.

- Fixed: Users should be able to void Quotes based on a Delete permit on the Order Quote security context rather than the main Orders permit.

- Fixed: Changing to $0 the automatic shipping charge line just added by shipping from the order window did not record the new order total.

- Fixed: Line Item tax values recorded from AvaTax responses now use "taxCalculated" instead of "tax" to avoid potential rounding discrepancies in the AvaTax results.
The "tax" value can be from a client override, but FrontLine does not override AvaTax calculations.

- Added an option to the Scheduler to show the To Be Scheduled events (Task List) in full Window. Closing the window restores the scheduler board.

- Added two entries to the label translator to help with column names of Motorola Sales View reports. Note that the names are completely lower case:
motodcn "Dealer Motorola Customer Number"
motopeci "Partner to End Customer Invoice"
These do not work if translation is disabled via a leading {} in the query.
Note that in 6.6.063 this indicator became [] to make it distinct from code interpretation.

- Periodic Invoices now provide an optional Location criteria for the batch. The order locations are matched, not line item locations.

- After the unit warranty of a repair unit on an open service orderis modified FrontLine now offers to adjust the warrantied status of all applied repair part and service lines.

- Unit Warranties now keep a history of their application as a unit of equipment moves through transactions. For example, if a unit of equipment was given a warranty at time of sale, then when repaired the warranty is revised, both of these warranties are now kept on record. In other words, after the repair it can be shown that the warranty was AAA at the time of sale, and then became BBB at the time of repair. Unit Tracking now shows expiration dates of these historic warranties.

- Service Contracts now keep a history of their application as a unit of equipment moves through events, similarly to Unit Warranties. Additionally, when users add or remove units from a service contract a record is kept of these changes.
Note that both of these revisions are breaking changes to FrontLine data and programming.
History prior to these changes is not available unless filled in with estimates by a separate process.
Contract assignment history can be viewed using the context menu entries in the Service Contracts window.

The Db Console contains five required updates that are NOT backwards compatible:
XRDTL++ (6.6.050) Apply this one first, one line at a time, then the other four in any order.
File: SpawnItemDtl v6.6.050
File: CommitInvoice v6.6.050
File: ITEMDTL.Delete (6.6.050)
File: NewInvoice v6.6.050


Release: July 27, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.049

- Fixed: Exporting Inventory Valuation when the results include many thousands of details that have to be filtered out for each export row resulted in unacceptable slow exports.
Now when the Details checkbox is unchecked the Export no longer offers inventory detail fields, and when the Details checkbox is checked and the row count is high FrontLine asks if details can be omitted, so the export process handles rows quickly even with large primary data sets.

- Fixed: Due dates output from the PAYMENTS data set from Forms for Orders should be based on the invoiced date instead of the tender collection date.
This also applies to Recurring Billing Output.

- Fixed: Adjustments created from committed Physical Counts sheets should use the physical count location Ship-To address instead of the SELF entity purchase from address.

- Fixed: When a Scheduler Event is added to a new order, the order location is also set to the event location instead of the workstation location. Previously only the line location was set to the event location.

- Fixed: Users with only a Read permit for "Transact Unidentified" could not select "Unidentified" from the Scan Match window when it appeared after Item Lookup.

- Fixed: Users with a Modify permit for quotes but not orders could not add lines to the Copy List.

- Fixed: A recent revision broke the order total refresh after an open order is shipped and a shipping charge is added automatically.

- Fixed: Changing an order's ship-to address by typing into a ship-to address field set the order ship-via to the customer's ship-via instead of the new ship-to address's ship-via.
The customer's ship-via is still used when the ship-to address has no ship-via of its own.

- Fixed: Warranty Vendor Invoices did not consider order location when seeking vendor-specific price levels. This fix is in the NewInvoice db procedure.
Note that if location-specific warranty vendor invoices are used for a warranty vendor then no price level for that specific vendor should apply to ALL Locations.

- Warranty Vendor Invoices did not include package members when a package was assigned to a repair as a repair part. This revision is in the NewInvoice db procedure.
Note that packages should only be assigned as repair parts in Package First mode.

- Fixed: Removing an event from the Scheduler board did not remove the possible line item reference to the event.
FrontLine now informs the user of the line information in the removal confirmation, and indicates that the user must void the line item themself if desired.

- Fixed: The Shipping Charge Calculators miscalculated percentages on partially invoiced orders.

- Added a VendorName output from Forms for Orders for customer orders that corresponds to the VendorNumber output.

- Implemented a 36 Month (3 year), 48 Month (4 year), and 60 Month (5 year) billing frequencies.
The database field [BillFreq] values are 8448, 8704, and 8960 respectively.

- Forms for Orders output to both forms and Excel sheets using the Print Order I.Doc option, added a LineUIDocname1 to the existing OrderUIDocname, RepairUIDocname, BillToUIDocname. ShipToUIDocname, and EntityUIDocname.
Unlike the other accessory documents, there can be multiple line items, and multiple units per line. LineUIDoc outputs them all, sequencing the names with numbers that begin with 1.
For example, if there are three color identifier values on the line items and units, they would output to labels with these names:

The sequence is sorted by line number, and duplicates are ignored.
For example, if there are two lines, each with two units:
Line 100 colors Red and Blue, Line 200 colors Green and Blue
Then the output values are:
LineUIDocColor1 becomes Blue
LineUIDocColor2 becomes Red
LineUIDocColor3 becomes Green
It is also possible to specify LineUIDocColor* which will output all line identifier values of type Color:
To change the delimiter from the default new-line to a comma-space use "LineUIDocColor*;, " without the quotes. The text after the semicolon indicates a custom delimiter.

- Added Delivery Status Undeliver to the Third Party panel in the Welcome window. This link launches a Python file in the FrontLine program folder named DeliveryStatusUndeliverFLFL.pyw where FLFL is the name of the database in use.

The Db Console contains a required update:
File: NewInvoice v6.6.049


Release: June 29, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.048

- Fixed: Adding repair parts to a Service Quote did not trigger the repair unit assignment menu.

- Fixed: Checking in warranty repair equipment back from the vendor on a Warranty PO should not affect item last cost, average cost, or costing layers.
This fix is in the CostInvoice db procedure.

- The Warranty V-RA indicator on Items and Orders is now Warranty PO and Warranty Vendor Return Authorizations are Warranty Purchase Orders.

- The email address helper list now includes the contact category, if applicable.

- The Edit Definition context menu entry in Reports now only appears for administrators.

- Non-AR orders are now exempt from the Isolated company setting for Constrain Payments.

- The workstation configuration file parameter WS= on the command line can now contain a %s token that FrontLine replaces with the Windows user name.
For example, WS=C:\Ormandy\FL\WSFiles\FL%s.CFG will use file name C:\Ormandy\FL\WSFiles\FLjohn.CFG when Windows user John launches FrontLine.
This enables the same shortcut to be used by multiple users with workstation configuration files in non-private folders.

- If FrontLine is used in a remote desktop session where the RDP client has given the session access to local storage, and the client PC has a local folder C:\Ormandy\FrontLine then after writing any of the following files FrontLine will ask the user if they want a local copy of the file:

The Db Console contains a required backwards compatible update:
File: CostInvoice v6.6.048


Release: June 19, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.047

- Fixed: The Remove Payment function failed to create the On Account 'Substitute' to remove a negative tender, as on return order.

- Fixed: Changing the primary participant of a scheduler event linked to an order line item changed the line item Agent, but if the order was concurrently open with the scheduler this change did not appear in Line Item Details until the order was deferred and reopened.

- Fixed: Changing an open order location with Company Setting Location for Item Category Accounts set to Order Location now updates all open line item accounts that haven't been custom set by a user.

- Fixed: Changing an open service order into a service quote would save the repair unit identification but the repair unit identifiers were not shown in the quote's Line Item Details until it was deferred and reopened.

- Fixed: Clicking the ready checkbox of an assembly line item on a work order did not receive the assembly.

- Fixed: Invoking Transaction Inquiry from an order line item included transactions from other customers upon retrieval.

- Order entry line items now have a line Agent column to view and set line agents without opening Line Item Details.

- Added a drop-down menu to the Zoom function in order entry with new options to Hide Voided Lines and Hide Line Agent.

- Added a Redo Order as Quote next to the Redo Order function. "Redo Order as Quote" does what "Redo Order" does for customer orders except the result is a quote and no units are committed. A user must have an Add permit for both the "Order Quote" and "Redo Order" security contexts to Redo Order as Quote.

- The Info Sheet window now floats with the customer order and customer maintenance window so that it can stay in view while a user works in the other window. When the customer goes out of context the Info Sheet window should close itself.


Release: June 8, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.046

- The Item Status flag Simple PO Cost introduced in 6.5.003 now gives precedence to the non-location standard cost over location last cost.

- Added to Company Setting Notify Options an option to Confirm opening web URLs clicked in Equipment Search and Reports.

- Item Cost in Resource Costs now only allows positive values, and returns no longer negate this value.

- If the location of a short term rental order is changed to a non-rental location the Periods and Est Rental columns now remain visible for the line items.

- Upon making an order a short term rental when the order's location is non-rental or blank, FrontLine now only assigns the workstation's Rental Location, if the workstation rental location is undefined FrontLine no longer assigns the first rental location it finds among all the locations.
To assign all workstations with no Rental Location to the first rental location use this SQL:

 WHERE LocStatus&(32768+256)=256) WHERE
  LName='WorkStation' AND LLink IS NULL

- For addresses, the State entry can now be up to 8 characters long, and is not forced to upper case for Caribbean Netherlands and Curação.

The Db Console contains a required update:
Widen State to 8 (6.6.046)


Release: June 6, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.045

- Fixed: A recent revision broke launches of the FrontLine executable from a UNC path that uses an IP address.

- Fixed: Physical Count now only requires an identifier for items that have identifiers required at receiving instead of items with any identifiers.

- The Copy List feature now has checkboxes to select multiple entries to copy, and a corresponding Add Selected button.
In an order, Ctrl-Y is now the shortcut to add the current line to the Copy List.

- If FrontLine is launched with no INI file parameter it now provides a Company selector at the logon window that gives a choice of INI file configurations that contain CO= descriptions.

- If FrontLine finds no Task Bar on the desktop it now removes the Minimize option from most if its windows.

- Added "Caribbean Netherlands" to the built in country list, using TLD bq and telephone country code 599.
Telephone country code +599 is shared with Curação.
Note that Caribbean Netherlands is the same country as the former Netherlands Antilles, which has TLD code an.


Release: May 25, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.044

- Fixed: Rental line items that used Periods to calculate the line total did not use the periods to calculate taxes.

- Added a MultiValue identifier property in Setup Identifiers.
Identifier Value List entries for MultiValue identifiers can be entered as Key=Value pairs to fit more entries in a single identifier text.
Typed input is also accepted when editing multi-value identifiers, as a list of values separated by commas. Each value typed in can be a partial match to the start of the key or value.

- The SUMS output from Forms for Orders now includes list price totals as SUMS.TotalList and SUMS.QuoteList

- Quote outputs from Forms for Orders now include options to output line item identifiers.
Note that these are not unit identifiers, because no units are committed to quotes.

- Clicking http(s) URLs output in a diagnostic report now open pages in the default browser after confirmation.

- Order Totals now considers an Order Discount to be Commissionable.

- Items with Drop Ship Item Status can now be Rented from stock.

- When the Subject of a recurring Scheduler Event is changed FrontLine now asks if the subject of later events should also be changed.
Only subjects of events that are not yet attached to order line items are updated.


Release: May 7, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.043

- Fixed: Item Action prompt could appear when transferring to a rental location.

- Fixed: Access Violation could occur upon starting a Transfer order in purchasing.

- Fixed: A recent revision caused a stack overflow upon adding a recurring billing line item to an order.

- Clicking http(s) URLs output in Equipment Search now open pages in the default browser after confirmation.

- Periodic Invoices for Vendors now assign one of the vendor customer's unexpired Blanket POs (if any) to the periodic invoice INVSUM.CustomerPO

The Db Console contains a backwards compatible update that should have been included in 6.5.054:
Expand PVIDS.CustomerPO (6.6.043)


Release: May 1, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.042

- Fixed: 6.6.040 output of bare LocationID from Forms for Orders broke output of LineLocation.

- Fixed: 6.6.032 fix for contacts at destination location of purchase orders broke the ship-to contacts for drop-shipped purchase orders.

- Added a Copy List to copy and paste line items on customer and purchase orders. Exchanges and repairs cannot be copied. Lines copied from customer orders cannot be added to purchase orders, or vice versa.

- Purchase orders created by workstations in Canadian locations are no longer made tax exempt by default, despite SELF having a tax exempt category or exempt code. Users can exempt the order if desired.


Release: April 17, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.041

- Fixed: 6.6.039 broke manual price overrides of rental line items on customer orders.

- Fixed: 6.6.039 broke manual recurring pricing changes to Rental members of Equipment Sets.

- Identifiers Setup now includes a RxClr (Clear on Repair) identifier flag to complement the existing RClr (Clear on Return) flag.
The behaviour of either is that when a unit whose identifier document template contains identifiers with this flag is accepted for Repair(RxClr) or Return(RClr) the unit is given a new identifier document with those flagged identifier values removed. The identifiers on the new document can then be modified without affecting the equipment identifier document contents on preceeding transactions.

- When Return Next Scan is used in order entry substitutes are not considered so that non-identifiable units of discontinued items can be returned or repaired.

- For Miscellaneous line items Job Cost now uses only the Item Cost entered in Resource Costs.

The Db Console contains two required updates:
CommitInvoice v6.6.041
SpawnItemDtl v6.6.041


Release: April 6, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.040

- Fixed: In company settings for Discount Presentation, Quantity Repricing, Cost Pricing, Line Accounts when Location for Item Category Accounts - Revenue and Cost of Sales was set to Order Location FrontLine did not keep custom accounts on line items flagged Custom Accounts Assigned (CAA) when the order or line location was changed.

- Fixed: The 6.6.038 revision to put line items created with input from the Package Recall feature at the recall location regardless of the current order location should not apply to Transfer Orders, transfers should move to the destination location.

- Fixed: The Package Recall feature is now better at forwarding available accessories to commit from the exact package receivings where non-identifiable accessories were received in fragmented quantities.

- Forms for Orders now has a Bottom Margin override capability for forms output. The value entered here can be used to adjust the bottom margin designed into a form to change the flow of output between pages. If the Apply Bottom Margin Override option is active when Forms for Orders is closed then FrontLine saves this margin value for the particular order.

- Forms for Orders now outputs the order LocationID as a bare LocationID instead of location ExtRef and Name text.

- The Import Quote feature now has a sticky option to Create line item notes if stock item has no description instead of the default behaviour to create line item notes for all lines.

- Order Totals now has Non-Commissionable and Commissionable total rows below the main Total.

The Db Console contains a required backwards compatible update:
ORDERS.PageMargins (6.6.040)


Release: March 23, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.039

- Fixed: Special ordered and backordered items that were automatically committed to the customer order upon receiving were committed to the Bill-To customer instead of the Ship-To customer, giving incorrect ownership when the customer orders had a redirected Bill-To.

- Fixed: Units committed to repair on an Inventory RA (I-RA) were committed at the order location instead of the unit location when company setting Repair Units in Order Location was selected.

- Fixed: In some circumstances the Price Levels Quick Add feature could generate records that resulted in a primary key violation of the PRICELEVELS table.

- Fixed: A user without the Delete permit could cancel a Physical Count sheet if they opened it by specifying identical criteria for a new sheet.

- Fixed: After using an Inventory Complete order lookup FrontLine could start throwing access violations.

- Fixed: Redo of a Cancelled Quote should not copy the cancelled status to the new quote.

- Fixed: Inventory Valuation did not consider backdated invoices as the event date for inventory movement.

- Fixed: Costing of transfer orders would consume from the source location but not add to the destination location.
This fix is in the CostInvoice db procedure.

- Fixed: Could not open for viewing another user/agent's order from Order Lookup Mode with read-only access to other's orders.

- FrontLine will not raise the WorkStation Computer Name Changed notice on AppStream.

- After sending email from Recurring Billing Output using eMail All FrontLine will no longer ask the user "Did the bills print successfully?" before marking the batch as sent to recipients.

- Last Cost determination for Purchase Order line items is now location-specific instead of most recent cost in any location. Changing the location of an open PO line now resets the cost for the new location in compliance with the Repricing after Location change option in Company Setting Discount Presentation, Quantity Repricing, Cost Pricing, Line Accounts.

- When a Vendor Catalog item with price levels on a customer order has stock (or unidentified units) committed to it by a user FrontLine will no longer ask "Fulfilled from Stock?" before removing the vendor catalog flag on the line item.

- Added a Rental Price Levels entry feature (right-click the Price ellipsis button in Items maintenance) where rental rates can be set for an item at various locations for different periods of fixed days, or Variable to set a default billing rate for bill frequencies like months, quarters, and years.
FrontLine provides notices and highlights of prices that are higher per day for longer periods.

- FrontLine now uses the rental price levels to assign default billing rates for rental items on recurring billing equipment sets if the rental price level has an exact match for the bill frequency.

- Added an Est Rental display column to line items in order entry. This column only appears when the Periods column is shown.
A database update is required.
Forms for Orders output this value as EstRental

If the line item has rental price levels on file, Est Rental shows the price for the number of days entered in Periods, by fitting the line item period into the largest priced periods.
If an item has rental price levels for Daily, Weekly, and 28 Day, here is how various periods would calculate:

15 Periods will price at 2 weeks and 1 day.
36 Periods will price at 1 "28 day" and 1 week and 1 day.
If an item has rental price levels for Weekly and 28 Day but no Daily here is how those periods would calculate:
15 Periods will price at 3 weeks.
36 Periods will price at 1 "28 day" and 2 weeks.
FrontLine also looks for a lower price on a longer period. Example, if 22 days priced at 3 weeks and 1 day is higher than one "28 day" period then the 28 day period price is used.
If the order is a Short Term Rental then the line price and effective are set using the estimated rental value.

Changing a Short Term Rental to a Long Term Rental zeroes all the rental line item prices, the reverse sets line item prices to the EstRental values.

The Db Console contains three required backwards compatible updates:
TRX[IP].EstRental (6.6.039) Apply this one first,
File: CommitInvoice v6.6.039 this one second.
File: CostInvoice v6.6.039 Don't forget this one.


Release: February 15, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.038

- Fixed: Purchase suggestions for items qualified only by Resource Costs Vendor (the item does not have the default vendor or parts vendor chosen) by auto-gen in the Generate Purchase Order window should only be considered for customer special orders.

- Fixed: Line items created with input from the Package Recall feature should all be at the recall location, regardless of the current order location.

- Fixed: Web Import line items were added without tax details.

- When FrontLine makes a local copy of itself from a shared folder launch, it now also copies the database client libraries (ntwdblib.dll or libpq.dll) and OpenSSL libraries (libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll) to further reduce the chance of an External Exception C0000006.

- Updated the FedEx integration window trigger for the Ship Manager "Lookup Value" from Shipping to work with Ship Manager version 31.

- Added a 28 Day option for Bill Frequency.

- In Contacts maintenance the list of contacts now has individual note indicator icons.

- Added an optional Payment Verify Terminal to Locations to override the Current Station "Terminal" of any workstation at that location.
When set per location it is not necessary to set the "Terminal" per workstation.
This revision requires a db update.

The Db Console contains a backwards compatible update that must be applied before standard users can log in:


Release: February 5, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.037

- Fixed: Line item identifiers entered for intangible items did not appear on completed orders.

- The last line item modified by the user highlight is now bold text in the leftmost (Line #) and rightmost (Total) columns instead of the gray horizontal border.

- Added an option to specify on the launch command line a file to use for workstation configuration. Example targets:

The workstation configuration file does not have to exist if folder permissions allow FrontLine to create it. The file name can have any extension.
If the Station ID is not specified in the workstation configuration file or the file does not exist, FrontLine will assign this workstation the lowest unused workstation number starting at 200, at a valid location that may not be the correct location for this workstation. For this to work there must be valid locations in the database.

Specifying a WS= parameter on the command line also changes where FrontLine stores files it would otherwise store in %APPDATA% like:
ErrorLog.txt, <UserName>.adu (custom dictionary), default destination of export files, and AvaTax log files (if applicable).
These instead go to a FrontLine folder in the user's Documents folder. FrontLine creates this folder as needed.
For example, if the user's documents folder according to Windows is: C:\Users\MyName\Documents
Then FrontLine uses this folder: C:\Users\MyName\Documents\FrontLine

The entries in the workstation configuration file mirror the registry entries for the Current Station. When FrontLine is launched using a configuration file, changes saved from Current Station of Setup - Company & Stations will be written to the configuration file instead of the registry.
The only essential line is the WorkStationID. Here is an example:
ReceiptPrinter="HP LaserJet 1020"
TicketPrinter="Microsoft XPS Document Writer"
ReportPrinter="Brother HL-L2320D"


Release: January 30, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.036

- Fixed: Customer "Account" was not assigned to On Account tenders that the user did not specify an override account for.

- Fixed: Non-AR orders should not create AvaTax transactions.

- Fixed: Shipping should not require customer orders to have a TaxGeoCode when using AvaTax.

- Fixed: After shipping a warrantied repair unit to Depot, choosing Warranty from the context menu of the Selected Items list in Line Item Details would open a blank warranty, thus allowing users to add a duplicate warranty that would cause PK_WARRANTIES key violations when the service order invoice was committed.

- Fixed: Address validation submissions to AvaTax from maintenance failed to add a hyphen to Zip+4 entries.

- Special order can now be toggled on open Quote line items.

- Web repair unit import will now create unidentified repair units.

- The last line item modified by the user is highlighted with a dark gray horizontal border.


Release: January 23, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.035

- Fixed: Purchasing check-ins with AvaTax would raise an AvaTax error when committed or cancelled.

- The Write-Off Date entered in Receivables is now assigned to the write-off records [Applied] date as well as [Invoiced] date, and the Applied list now shows the write-off posted date instead of the invoice posted date. If the user gave no date override then [Invoiced] is left blank and [Applied] is the date and time of the override. [Posted] is always the date and time of the override.


Release: January 22, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.034

- Fixed: Checking out a mixed (sale and return) customer order tendered by card or On Account with the invoice total more negative than the card/account tender balance should now split the balance on card/account into a positive and negative tender.

- Fixed: Adding a warrantied repair unit to an open service order after adding repair services and parts, then assigning the repair services and parts to the repair unit, could fail to apply the warranty to the services and parts.

- Fixed: A Tax Report for a period with new Tax Write-Offs against earlier period invoices would fail to include these Write-Offs. This bug only affected MSSQL databases.

- When the interface to AvaTax cannot successfully decode the transaction results it now offers to retry the submission.

- Miscellaneous items are no longer considered for repair warranties.


Release: January 11, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.033

- Fixed: While fixing a potential Access Denied error, 6.6.032 introduced a bug generating the email attachment file name that repeated the folder path.

- Fixed: The Import Quote feature can now handle hard line breaks in description texts, double-quote doubling, and adds Desc3 to created items.

- Fixed: Reports using .rep Forms should not be fussy about printer capabilities before the user has instructed FrontLine to print the output.


Release: January 5, 2018

FrontLine 6.6.032

- Fixed: Redirected Bill-To for Recurring Billing was ignored when the equipment set had a Residence assigned to the Ship-To of the bill using the new company option Bills use ESet Residence as Ship-To introduced in 6.6.030

- Fixed: The Ship-To Contact list on Purchase Orders did not list contacts at the destination Location.

- Fixed: When there are Closed Locations on file, the default Return Order Location selected in the Returns might not be the default workstation location.

- Fixed: Upon creating a new Bank Deposit with a batch identification text, FrontLine would display a bogus confirmation date in the order's deposit label.

- Fixed: The Budget Cost summaries shown in Job Details in the Jobs window could double, and thus also miscalculate Budget Variance.

- Fixed: The Import Quote feature did not handle blank unit prices. It now considers them a zero price on the quote line.

- The Import Quote feature now puts the full worksheet Description into the created line item note body, and stock item note if a stock item is created.

- In order entry Return Next Scan is now available even when Isolated Returns is selected in company settings. Note that use of AvaTax effectively turns on Isolated Returns.

- Purchase line items created by auto-gen in the Generate Purchase Order window now use the company Line Increment instead of always 10.

- Added to Generate Purchase Order a sticky option to Copy Customer Special Order Line Notes to the purchase line items created.
Note that PO line items created using this option cannot have demand notes.


Release: December 27, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.031

- Fixed: Payment line items should be ignored in submissions to AvaTax.

- Added an optional AvaTax Company Code per Location. When submitting transactions to AvaTax, if the location of an order or recurring bill has a Company Code specified then FrontLine will submit the transaction to AvaTax using this code instead of the Company Code specified in the AvaTax Configuration of FrontLine Company Settings.

- To extend the reach of the Import Quote feature to purchasing, for customer special orders that trigger auto-gen in the Generate Purchase Order window:

The Db Console contains a required update:
LOCATIONS.AvaTaxCC (6.6.031)


Release: December 20, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.030

- Fixed: When an alternate ship-from address is submitted to AvaTax for a line item because the line location is not the same as the order location, FrontLine must also submit the ship-to address for the line item because AvaTax will not use the order ship-to address if any alternate address is specified for the line.

- Revised Date submission to AvaTax:
Invoices dates (whether default or user-modified) are submitted as the Doc Date.
Recurring Bills have the Issued date (if specified, otherwise the current date) submitted as the Doc Date.
Invoices of an Order Return have the original order latest invoice date (or original bill issued/placed date for recurring bills) submitted as a Tax Date override.

- Added to Company Setting E-Sets, Rentals, Contracts a new option to have Bills use ESet Residence as Ship-To vs the default behaviour where Recurring Bills have no Ship-To.
This option affects taxes on recurring bills when equipment sets have a Residence address assigned. Note that equipment set member residences are not used.
> For AvaTax users, this residence is then submitted as the ship-to address of the bill for tax calculations. If it is blank then the bill-to address of the recurring bill is sent as the ship-to.
> For non-AvaTax users, the tax geocode of the recurring bill is now from the ship-to address of the bill (which came from the e-set residence), or if that is blank then it is from the bill-to address by default as it has done before.


Release: December 15, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.029

- Fixed: AvaTax result comsumption on very large orders.

- Added logging of conversations with AvaTax.
Log files are saved in %LOCALAPPDATA%\FrontLine\AvaTax
Every day uses a different log file, named AvaTaxLog_yyyymmdd.txt
Only conversations for transactions that are recorded in AvaTax are saved.


Release: December 11, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.028

- Fixed: When using AvaTax, order totals shown in the customer order window did not include order discounts.

- FrontLine now sets the Applied date of an AR credit created during check out of a return order.

- FrontLine now submits a Tax Override Date to AvaTax for:
> Return orders when the original sale order is linked (Return)
> Invoices where the user changed the invoice date (BackDate)
> Recurring Bills where the Issued date is not the date the bill was created (Issued)

- For Tax Exempt customers including SELF, FrontLine now only requires a tax Exempt Category or an Exempt Code, not both.
Note that with AvaTax an Exempt Category may not qualify all item tax categories as non-taxable in some jurisdictions.

- Added an Import Quote feature to the drop-down near Quote for customer orders.


Release: November 21, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.027

- Fixed: 6.6.026 introduced a bug that disabled proceeding between steps of Recurring Billing at some sites.

- Fixed: Budget summaries per Job and Job Phase were omitted from the Job Details view in Jobs.
Note that budget quantity summaries will assume zero quantity for a line item when neither budget quantity nor budget price has been entered for the line item, but if a budget price was entered with no budget quantity it will assume a budget quantity of 1 for that line.

- Added a Disable Address Validation option to AvaTax Configuration in Company Settings to prevent addresses added or revised by users from being sent to AvaTax for validation.

The Db Console contains a backwards compatible update to fix a potential error on check in of large adjustments.
Note that this revision only applies to MSSQL Server, not PostgreSQL where v6.6.023 is fine:
File: CostInvoice v6.6.027


Release: November 17, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.026

- Fixed: Bugs in the AvaTax integration related to presenting Quotes.

- Added a Use AvaTax Sandbox option to AvaTax Configuration in Company Settings so the sandbox can be used by any company.
Added a Remove AvaTax Configuration function to AvaTax Configuration.
AvaTax Configuration is now tied to the database name so that a database copy will not accidentally post to a live AvaTax account.

- Added an indicator to the Welcome window near the transactions links when AvaTax is in use.
Clicking the indicator reveals the AvaTax Company Code and options.


Release: November 15, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.025

- Fixed: The Location selector in Equipment Sets and Returns included Closed locations.

- Fixed: Using Specify Days in a Scheduler Event would upon saving the event incorrectly claim that Recurrence days must be after the launch date.

- Fixed: Return orders with On Account AR credits did not break down the credit to the reduced check-in amount when only part of the return order was checked in.

- Importing web labor, parts, and repair units will no longer tag records with a blank ItemID because it cannot create corresponding line items without an ItemID.

- FrontLine now replaces bare line feeds in database error messages with CRLF pairs when adding them to error report emails.

- Outputs from Forms for Orders now include the Order Revision number.

- Added support for external tax calculations using AvaTax. Implementation is not complete yet.
There is a new Company Setting AvaTax Configuration to enter three key pieces of information.
This integration is tied to a customer's activation key and is only available for one customer at this time.

Some requirements to use AvaTax are:

The Db Console contains two backwards compatible updates:
Expand TRXRESOURCE.BudgetUnitCost (6.6.025)


Release: October 12, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.024

- Fixed: Transfer orders with a destination location what was created in FrontLine could end up with a bogus Bill-To address that is only seen in the transfer Check-In.

- Fixed: Changing the customer of an open order from one tax exempt to another exempt customer did not update the order tax exempt category.

- Fixed: Invoking Transaction Inquiry from an order line item gave unexpected results from changing the inquiry criteria afterwards.

- Fixed: Under some circumstances the order Job Phase list fail to refresh after a job order was deferred.

- Fixed: 6.6.022 broke Unapply (undo) of Adjustments in Receivables.


Release: September 15, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.023

- Fixed: Batching of a Tax Report included Tax Write-Offs from earlier batched outside the reporting date range when the user chose to merge overlapping batches, and Tax Write-Offs later than the report date range could be included because the batching examined the invoice date instead of the write-off date.
This bug was introduced in 6.6.019

- Fixed: FrontLine raises a warning before checking out a customer order with inventory is received but not yet checked in, however such line items that were unit costed could end up using the cost determined for the prior line item.
This fix is in the CostInvoice database procedure.

- Fixed: Job Details analysis in Jobs did not negate returns.

- Job Details analysis in Jobs now excludes repair unit line items and depot lines.

The Db Console contains three required backwards compatible updates:
File: TRXTAX.ReceivableID (6.6.023) (contains two steps)
IX_TRXTAX_TaxRpt (6.6.023)
File: CostInvoice v6.6.023


Release: September 7, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.022

- Fixed: Inventory Valuation failed to use location-specific standard costs, and the unit Details omitted "Committed, Shipped" and inventory sent to Depot.

- Fixed: In Receivables the Applied list omitted payments made by the parent entity.

- In Receivables the Applied list now includes entries where the credit selected above was applied to another receivable.
These are highlighted in the bluish green color for distinction, and show the DocType, Invoiced, Posted, and OrderID of the receivable listed.
Previously the Applied list only showed credits and debits applied to the receivable selected above.

- In Identifier Document History the Value and Edit columns share the extra space when the window is enlarged.


Release: August 21, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.021

- When FrontLine costs the check-in of a PO or Transfer it now includes services and charges.
Services and charges are excluded from landing costs calculations, and do not record information in ITEMCOST and ITEMCOSTLAYERS.
Part of this revision is in the CostInvoice database procedure.

- Added a Find Launch Event function to the context menu of the Scheduler Board.

- Added a List Event Recurrences function to the context menu of the Scheduler Board to list all events in the recurring sequence, and open one if desired.

- Scheduler Event Lookup now has a special Search By Recurring Completed to Create to find completed events with recurrence plans that may need to be unrolled into the database by creating a new recurring event series.

- FrontLine Images (the internal image viewer) can now decode PNG and GIF image formats in addition to JPEG and BMP.
 And double-clicking the image now toggles between the actual image resolution and scale to window size.

The Db Console contains a required update:
File: CostInvoice v6.6.021


Release: August 4, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.020

- Fixed: 6.6.019 introduced an error after Step 1 of Late Fee Billing.

- Fixed: Saving a Scheduler Event with an invalid Start date could place an event in year 1899.

- Added security context "Recurrence Plans" in the Scheduler class to control access to recurrency.
ADD allows users to create recurrency for a new or existing event that has no recurrency plan yet.
MODIFY allows users to change the recurrency plan on a scheduler event.

- Adding a line item note to a line where the item has no description now brings the note subject to the line description on screen directly upon closing the note.

- The FrontLine Licenses In Use list now shows the database a user running this revision or later is connected to.


Release: July 27, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.019

- Fixed: Tax Write-Offs that were in an existing tax report were not included in a new Tax Report when the report dates overlapped and the user chose to merge the batches.

- Fixed: Job Details omitted an entire order when that order was returned even if some lines were not returned.

- Fixed: Scanning a part for a quote with no inventory on hand did not offer the Sell Item Action.

- Fixed: The Receivable Balance shown at the top of the Receivables window did not include tax write-offs from credit memos.

- Fixed: Cancelling a tax write-off using Unapply in Receivables failed to remove the tax details of the write-off.

- Fixed: Job Details analysis in Jobs ignored the line item's Job Phase if the line item's Job ID was not explicitly set, and excluded line items that had been special ordered on a PO.

- Fixed: Following up with the fix in 6.6.017, Provisioning Service Contracts of type "Flat Billing Rate" bill at Quantity 1 with or without consumed meter readings.
Entering meter readings for such contracts now shows a notice with default to cancel.
Flat Billing Rate can now be toggled for service contract set members.

- Fixed: A recent revision caused an SQL error in Scheduler Event Lookup when using Incomplete Past Events or Unassigned Past Events.

- Scheduler Event Lookup now has a special Search By Recurring Open to Unroll to find recurring events that need to be unrolled into the database.
Recurrences cannot be unrolled using a database script, this must be done in FrontLine for open recurring events created in earlier revisions.

- Scheduler Event recurrence expiration (Until date) is now required to be within ten years.
FrontLine asks for confirmation if the recurrence will create more than 40 events,
and will object to creating more than 200 events in one sequence.

- Recurring Scheduler Events are now unrolled into multiple events in a sequence in the database.
In other words, the recurrence plan is unfolded into a tentative reality of actual events.
Some considerations are:

- Order Location Note is now offered as one of the Trailer Notes in the output of Forms for Orders.

- Added a LocationAddress field to custom Reports output if the primary query outputs a LocationID column.

- Step 2 Exceptions and Batch Review in Recurring Billing now reveals equipment sets with members created from orders that are still open.
These equipment set members are not billed in case the order or line items are voided. The order can be viewed using the context menu.

- FrontLine database error emails now use CRLF pairs instead of bare line feeds.

The Db Console contains a required update:
CALEVENTS.EventOrigin (6.6.019)
Although the addition of EventOrigin to CALEVENTS is backwards compatible, after a site has been using the Scheduler with the new Recurring Scheduler Events scheme they cannot revert to a FrontLine version older than 6.6.019


Release: June 23, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.018

- Fixed: FIFO and LIFO costed items did not appear in the Costing preview that is available before an invoice is completed.
This revision is in the CostInvoice db procedure.

- The email address helper is now available for Packing Slips produced from Shipping.

- The Primary Participant can now be changed in the Scheduler Event window, and all participants can be removed from the event using the new Participants context menu.

The Db Console contains a required update:
File: CostInvoice v6.6.018


Release: June 19, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.017

- Fixed: Metered Provisioning Service Contracts billed with no new meter readings before the bill date now appear on the bill with a zero Quantity instead of 1.

- Fixed: Cost of Repair Units in Transaction Inquiry should be zero.

- Added customer/vendor name to the results in Unit Tracking.

- Tax Report now only uses order location, line locations are ignored.

- The Bin field in Items maintenance now shows the bin at the workstation location in italics if the default bin is not set.

- Restored ability to Special Order the remainder of a line item quantity in Line Item Details after inventory has already been committed for part of the quantity.


Release: June 5, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.016

- Fixed: 6.6.015 broke adjust-in of non-identifiable items.

- Fixed: In the Scheduler, changing the View Days from Single Day to multiple days after selecting a single other agent in Resource Selection then creating an event would incorrectly assign the event to that other agent.

- A confirmation is now shown when the user attempts to remove the special order flag from a customer Special Order line item that already has a special purchase created.

- The Address Replacement prompt now has no default. The user must deliberately choose between address CORRECTION and REPLACEMENT.

- Added multi-currency output to Receivable Statements. Aging summaries are now broken down by currency and exchange rate.
To use currency formatting output, forms must specify "Data type" Currency for monetary expressions, and leave the "Display format" blank.

- FrontLine now attempts to auto-commit from general inventory qualified package members of a recalled package configuration where the specific unit recalled is no longer available for sale.

- Added Image Folder to Locations. FrontLine looks in this folder for field and repair images, and if defined this folder is also expected to contain item stock images, replacing the ItemImages folder within the Templates folder.

- Added a Image function to Scheduler Event window to show images uploaded on FrontLine Connect for that event.

- Line items created from a scheduler event now include images uploaded on FrontLine Connect for that event.

- Multiple stock item images are now supported by extending the file name scheme to ItemID#########*.jpg
where the # are exactly nine digits and the * wildcard allows optional descriptors in the file name for additional stock images.
FrontLine's internal image viewer can only decode JPEG images, and will not open files larger than 8 MB.
This revision requires a db update.

- The Motorola Sales reporting vendor option Special Reporting introduced in 6.6.010 moves from [VendStatus] value 1048576 to a new field [Reports] value 1.
The option checkbox appears as before in Vendors maintenance.
This revision requires a db update.

The Db Console contains two required updates:
LOCATIONS.ImageFolder (6.6.016)
VENDORS.Reports (6.6.016)


Release: May 12, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.015

- Fixed: Export MOL did not exclude orders On Hold.

- Fixed: The "Recently Completed" special lookup for orders excluded closed service orders that had been marked Serviced or Ready.

- When Company Setting Invoice Vendors for Warranty Services in Returns, Repairs, Unidentified is turned on, a Unit Warranty now requires a Vendor to make a Warranty Vendor Invoice possible.

- The main datasets from Forms for Orders for customer orders now include a SpecialPO output to show the purchase OrderID (PO) where this special order line was ordered from a vendor.

- The SUMS output dataset from Forms for Orders now offers outputs OrderDiscount and TotalTaxes and for quotes QuoteDiscount and TotalQuoteTaxes.
The TotalTangibles and TotalQuoteTangibles outputs now exclude the order discount.

- Line item Location can now be changed after the order has been invoiced if the line has not been invoiced.

- Web Parts import from FrontLine Connect now uses customer pricing from price levels.

- It is now possible to set a zero Quantity on open line items that are not repair units. Zero Quantity lines:

The Db Console contains two required updates:
File: NewInvoice v6.6.015
File: CommitInvoice v6.6.015


Release: April 24, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.014

- Fixed: FrontLine would apply the date range previously entered for the Job List when the dates are no longer shown.

- Fixed: FrontLine failed to prorate returns of recurring billing equipment set members that had not been sold in FrontLine.

- Fixed: When a user invoked Scan Match via Lookup in Line Item Details on a Transfer order where the line item is partially fulfilled, FrontLine allowed inventory to be selected from the destination location instead of the source location.

- Fixed: Web data imported to a service order where the repair unit identified in FrontLine Connect had already been added to the service order in FrontLine Desktop are now linked to the existing repair unit line instead of creating a new repair unit line with no unit committed to it.

- Fixed: When an Item with Stock Identifiers was copied the new item shared a reference to the original item's stock identifiers.
FrontLine now creates a new independent document if the users wants it copied.

- On a workstation where the font size has not been set, the default font size is now 10 if the horizontal screen resolution is at least 1,600 pixels, otherwise the default is 8 as it used to be.

- Recurring Billing now ignored unit references from intangible equipment set lines when creating references on new bills.

- Order Totals now has a Quantity column. Note that these are base quantities, units of measure cannot be combined.

- Web labor imported with no reference to a repair unit line in FrontLine Connect now appear on the service order with no link to a repair unit instead of assuming the last repair unit identified by the field technician.

- After an order that is part of the current bank deposit batch is deferred or completed with tenders changed, the bank deposit indicator near the top of the order window now shows an updated batch total.

- Added a "Quotes, Cancelled" special search to order lookups.

- Added security contexts "Quote Presentation" for Customer Orders and "Quote Request" for Purchase Orders. Add allows a user to present an open quote.
If the Quote belongs to another agent then the user must also have an Add permit in the Other's Orders security context.
Note that quotes mixed with order line items are treated as orders for security purposes, using the contexts for "Order Check Out" and "Order Check In".

- Revisions in Jobs and Opportunities:

- Search By selector in lookup windows now allow free type-in entry with auto-complete.

- Customer and Purchase Order Lookup now have a Newest First vs Oldest First selector. Previously searches were always newest first.
When searching by customer number, for example, the primary sorting is still customer number, but within a customer's orders newest vs oldest first applies using the order Placed date.

- Added two optional limits to Access Profiles along with the existing Write Off Limit:


Release: April 5, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.013

- Fixed: Bank Deposit entry hints in the status bar of a customer order window were missing the deposit identification/confirmation text. This was broken in 6.6.012

- Fixed: Showing All similar contracts in the Contracts list of the Service Contracts window now excludes disabled contracts and contracts on voided equipment sets.

- Fixed: Opening an order from Order Lookup Mode, and changing only an order status flag did not refresh the lookup results upon closing the order window.

- Fixed: A recent revision to the vendor performance analysis for purchasing could in some unusual circumstances raise an SQL error:
Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'LeadDays'

- Presented Quotes can now be Cancelled and Restored using the Cancel Quote function in the Quote drop-down menu.
Users must have the Delete permit in the Order Quotes security context to cancel or restore quotes.
If the quote is by another Agent then the user must also have the Delete permit in the Other's Orders security context.

- The No Print line item flag can now be toggled on closed orders.

- Forms for Orders now offers Transfer output for Transfer orders, using default form Transfer.rep

- Added a Offer to E-Mail Agents about Shipments of their orders option in company setting Notify Options.
Previously this notification was on by default, now it has to be turned on.
To turn it on without using FrontLine setup, execute this SQL:

UPDATE LISTVALS SET Attributes=Attributes|1024 WHERE LName='.CO' AND LValue=19

- The Job and Opportunity and Manufacturer Representative (MR) menu entries in the customer order window have moved from the Quote button to a separate O.Class button. The O.Class label can be changed in Setup-Labels.

- Added a Non-AR Order Type indicating a customer order is not taxed, should not be on tax reports, can only have charge line items, does not require order identifiers, and does not open the customer's Receivables when it is part of a bank deposit batch. A user must have permissions for the Receivable Payment security context to create and modify Non-AR orders.

- Added a Non-AR Customer entry to Company Settings. This customer is required to enter Non-AR orders.

- Added a selector for Non-AR orders to Transaction Inquiry.

- The Motorola Sales status option introduced in 6.6.010 for Vendors is now Special Reporting.


Release: March 17, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.012

- Fixed: Payments on receivables were not fully excluded from shipping charge calculations.

- Fixed: Purchasing manually using a scan code could invoke Scan Match and Item Action with invalid options.
This bug was introduced recently, perhaps in 6.6

- Reduced time Refreshing Costs and Substitutes... upon opening purchasing in large databases.

- The current Bank Deposit batch can now be closed if the current order is blank.

- Upon closing a Bank Deposit batch FrontLine now offers a review of the payment orders in the batch. From this review list the orders can be checked out.

- The Contact Name displayed and used to Search By in purchase and customer Order Lookup now follows the Address selected in the upper right of the window.

- Entering a check number or checking account number in a payment tender line with no amount specified and a positive order balance now sets the check tender amount to the balance.


Release: March 9, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.011

- Upon starting a new Bank Deposit batch FrontLine now prompts for an optional Deposit Date. This deposit date is assigned to invoices created from orders in this bank deposit batch. The user is asked for confirmation if the deposit date entered is more than four days from today.

- The title of the Customer Order window now changes to Customer Short Term Rental for Short Term Rental orders.

- Except for Purchasing, the transaction Type selectors in Transaction Inquiry are no longer mutually exclusive.

- Fields named Latitude and Longitude with suitable values are now output to reports with text formatted using degrees, minutes, seconds, hemisphere.

The Db Console contains a required update:
File: NewInvoice v6.6.011


Release: March 3, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.010

- Fixed: Upon entering the Stock number of an item with no identifiers as the scan code on a new Adjustment order, the Adjust In option in the Adjust Action prompt was disabled.

- Added two Company Settings for Motorola SalesView:

 Motorola Dealer Number (LValue=146)
 Motorola Dealer Name (LValue=147)

- The customer Orders and Quotes lists from Customers maintenance now allow opening orders and quotes for editing, like Order Lookup Mode from the Welcome window.

- Export now offers a MapLink output column when Latitude and Longitude fields are in the dataset, and the current row has values for both.
When the Spreadsheet option is on the output uses an Excel =HYPERLINK format,
When the HTML delimiter is selected it uses the standard HTML HREF format,
Otherwise it outputs the bare https link.

- Equipment Search now offers a Map option in the context menu when the identifiers selected include Latitude and Longitude, and the current row includes values for both.

- Added a Motorola Sales status option to Vendors. The [VendStatus] value of this flag is 1048576 or 0x100000

The Db Console contains a required update that is not backward compatible:
File: Entity Status Int (6.6.010)


Release: February 24, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.009

- Fixed: Changing a Quote line Price or Quantity in situations where the cursor does not move off the line item delayed recalculation of quote totals until the cursor moved away from the line.

- Fixed: Upon Receiving items with identifiers but whose primary identifier is not required at receiving, FrontLine now creates blank identifier documents for the received units in anticipation of identifiers to be added later.
This keeps the received event I.Doc in sync with the automatically created special order sales event I.Doc

- Fixed: In Fast POS mode, cancelling Identifier Document entry for an Unidentified transaction resulted in a program hang.

- Fixed: Invoice Costing would include separated discount lines. This revision is in the CostInvoice db procedure.

- Opportunity Identifiers now have a distinct Identifier Document Template from Job Identifiers.

- Transaction Type [TrxType] displays for Payment On Account now exclude the word Sale.

- When a payment tender type is identified that is either a card with a non-zero balance due, or a check with positive balance due, FrontLine now sets the tender amount to the balance due by default if the amount was blank. Previously it only did this for On Account.

The Db Console contains a required update:
File: CostInvoice v6.6.009


Release: February 20, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.008

- Fixed: It was not possible to Write Off Taxes of a Recurring Bill in Receivables.

- Fixed: Selecting a Location from Scan Match after identifying a stock item with no identifiers on an Adjustment resulted in an adjust-in instead of adjust-out of the inventory.
To adjust in the user should choose Unidentified from Scan Match.

- Costing now processes intangibles: Services and Charges.
Intangibles are costed using Standard cost regardless of the Items record Costing method.
Items maintenance now allows entry of Item Costing per location for services and charges.
This revision requires an update to the CostInvoice db procedure.

- Added a totals line beneath the Costing details available in the Invoice window.

The Db Console contains a required update:
File: CostInvoice v6.6.008 (This entry was removed in 6.6.009)


Release: February 15, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.007

- Added an incomplete Opportunities feature:

The Db Console contains a required backwards compatible update:
ORDERS.OpportunityID (6.6.007)


Release: February 9, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.006

- Fixed: When a Special Order line on a purchase order was not linked to a customer special order line the links FrontLine offered included customer return lines.
Also, now the purchase order quantity is matched to the remaining uncommitted quantity on the customer order rather than the entire quantity on the customer order line.

- Fixed: If columns were added to an Info Sheet table after a user had used the info sheets the new columns did not appear on the info sheet for that user.

- Fixed: Marking a committed return or repair Item in Line Item Details as Defective when the Quantity was greater than 1 resulted in an access violation.

- Fixed: Tenders created using the Payment Undo option of the Returns feature did not copy the ledger Account number of the original tender.
 And now when the user chooses All FrontLine chooses the Payment Undo option by default.

- Fixed: Upon opening the Tender Types Company Setting window an error message appeared: SizeOf(TPTL) <> SizeOf(TValueItem)

- Fixed: Changing the Price of a Miscellaneous line item up and down a few times resulted in an incorrect tax valuation of that line.

- Fixed: The [Invoiced] date of a Tax Write-Off in Receivables is now set to the [Applied] date instead of the original invoice date.

- Fixed: The Any Stock Item option in Company Setting Line Unit Identify Options did not indicate the saved value when reopened.

- Fixed: The search type-in box in Identify Unit window is now 60 characters to match potential identifier values.

- Fixed: Under some conditions FrontLine would use the Shipping Charge Calculators on Purchase Orders.

- Forms for Orders outputs now include the Agent indicated in Resource Costs as ResourceAgent.

- When an order ship-to address is changed FrontLine now only assigns the order agent if either:
 The order has no agent, or the new ship-to address has an address-specific agent.

- TrxStatus output on reports should now be interpreted to text.

- Addition of Conversation Notes now indicates the user who added the note text heading.

- Going forward, regular notes now indicate who last revised a note separately from who created the note.

- FrontLine can now auto-commit package member special order or catalog line items on a customer order when the package itself is not on special order.

- Open customer order Special Order lines that have appeared on a customer invoice but have no quantity committed and no special purchase order can now have Special Order turned off.

- To Be Scheduled options Show on Scheduler Board and Show List below the Board in the Scheduler are now sticky per user.

- The Export Summary from Recurring Billing Output now offers a TotalTaxes "Tax Total" column, and the CExID output is removed.

- The Export Bill Summary by Stock Number from Recurring Billing now offers a TaxTotal column.

- Increased the maximum result rows retrieved in the Identify Unit window from 800 to 1600.

The Db Console contains a required backwards compatible update:
NOTES.UpdateBy (6.6.006)


Release: January 16, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.005

- Fixed: The SUMS outputs of Forms for Orders introduced in 6.5.030 is now invoice-specific (instead of order total) when in context of an invoice.


Release: January 12, 2017

FrontLine 6.6.004

- Fixed: 6.6.001 introduced an error in Equipment Search: No argument for format %1:d

- Fixed: When a unit under warranty was identified to use on a service quote the repair unit line was not warrantied.

- Fixed: Toggling Exclude in Step 2 of Recurring Billing Output when there were no real exceptions resulted in an exception message upon proceeding to Step 3.

- Added an Order Lookup Mode from the Welcome window that bases order entry on Order Lookup instead of order lookup as a function in the order entry window.

- Implemented in Company Setting Return, Repair, and Unidentified Options an option to allow Vendor RA from Multiple Locations.
Note that V-RAs do not follow the company setting to "Return Units to Order Location" vs "Return Units to Last Known Location"

- The email address outputs from Recurring Billing Output now combine email addresses of all Invoicing (Billing) contacts indicated on the Bill-To address, delimited by semicolons.
Note that the combination is limited to about 240 characters.

- On a Service Quote, when a quoted part/service/charge is assigned to a warrantied quoted repair unit, the part/sergice/charge line is now automatically warrantied even though the specific part/service/charge warranty expiration dates of the repair unit are unknown.

- Added an ormandy license skip method.


Release: December 20, 2016

FrontLine 6.6.003

- Fixed: A Warranty Vendor Invoice would fail to be created when the repair unit was known before the service order but the repair unit warrany was unknown and added on the service order. This fix is in the NewInvoice db procedure that must be applied from the Db Console.

- Opening Jobs from an order that has been assigned to a job now automatically opens that particular job.

- The payment tenders on a customer order now indicate when an On Account tender has been paid in full with a (Paid) text and light green tint in the account number column.

The Db Console contains two backwards compatible updates:
On Acount Tender Paid IX_AR_ApplyTo (6.6.003)
File: NewInvoice v6.6.003


Release: December 14, 2016

FrontLine 6.6.002

- Fixed: 6.6.001 introduced a bug when a charge or service was selected for an order from Item Lookup the Scan Match window would appear showing Available Inventory.

- Fixed: When a customer order with a ship-to address is changed to POS the customer's default agent is only assigned to the order if the order did not have an agent.

- Outputs from Forms for Orders that have special sorting can now be sorted by line number instead, using the new Sort by Line number option.

- Added PVID to the output of Receivable Statements.

- Added three countries to the built in country list: Kosovo (+383, KV), Montenegro (+382, ME), and Serbia (+381, RS).

- Added security contexts Web Scheduler and Other Web Schedules to the Scheduler class of Access Profiles.

- The Order Quotes security context (in Access Profiles in the Customer Orders class) can now be used in combination with the main Customer Orders context to enable users to work on quotes but not modify customer orders:


Release: December 5, 2016

FrontLine 6.6.001

- Fixed: Recurring Billing using a Bill Frequency of week factors raised an SQL error after Step 1.

- Fixed: Manually entering an TaxGeoCode in address maintenance that is unlisted because it is not relevant to that address could cause an access violation upon saving the address.

- Fixed: Upon deferring a partially Invoiced open order FrontLine did not automatically adjust an open On Account tender to match the order total, instead it indicated insufficient credit.

- Fixed: FrontLine 6.6.000 introduced a bug that left totals incorrect after changing a line item price.

- Fixed: A recent revision broke the launch of Inventory Valuation with an access violation.

- Added import of FrontLine Connect repair units (WEBREPUNITS) and parts (WEBPARTS) and elaborated the labor (WEBLABOR) import.
The import attempts to commit the units specified (repair units and parts) if the customer status is not on hold.
Lines imported from FrontLine Connect show a linked earth icon in the Description column: [TrxStatus] flag value 1,048,576 or 0x100000.
Parts and Charges are added at List Price.
Voiding imported lines reopens the FrontLine Connect data for web modification, and reimport to an order.
 Voided imported lines cannot be unvoided.
Administrator is not offered this import.
Signatures are not imported yet.

- Customer Order Lookup and Customer Lookup now show a P indicator in the first column for Prospects.

- The row count display at the bottom of Lookup windows now includes both the number of rows shown and fetched since these are different when a Filter is applied.

- Updated Logon window image removes the horizontal swish and vertical tail.

The Db Console contains a backwards compatible update required by revised commission processes:


Release: November 11, 2016

FrontLine 6.6.000

- Fixed: 6.5.074 broke the Blanket PO selection list on an open order window.

- Fixed: Cancelling a Check In could raise an SQL error about InvStatus.

- Job Cost Budget Variance is now displayed even when the Ext Cost is zero.

- Forms for Orders now includes TotalPaid and LastPaid in the PAYMENTS dataset that output the amount paid on a receivable (On Account) tender and the date of the most recent payment.
Note that invoices created in earlier revisions of FrontLine will not have these new values output.

- The Name column in Equipment Search is now on the left after Customer Number.

- Improved consistency in order entry between scanning a full stock number and using Item Lookup.

- The Vendor Number Search By entry in Item Lookup is now Primary Vendor and provides a list of vendors with key input assistance.

- Line numbers in the database have been changed from type smallint to int.
This revision requires updates to the database that are not backwards compatible.

The Db Console contains three required updates:
File: Line type int (6.6) - apply this one first, it can take over a minute in a large database. Upon success then,
File: GetTaxes v6.6 - apply this one next,
PAYMENTS.ReceivableID (6.6) - this one is backwards compatible.
For connected systems this is a connector-related release, the SW Connector Release 4.0.000 or later is required.


Release: November 2, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.075

- When a unit that was last received, transferred, or returned is identified for sale FrontLine now offers a Package Recall feature to add it to the current order in the same package configuration.

- Upon receiving an identifiable member of a package, FrontLine nows attempts to auto-receive other package members that have no identifiers required at receiving.
Inventory received this way will need to have those identifier values added later, either on the purchase order or a subsequent transaction.

- The toolbar buttons in the forms output viewer now enlarge on high resolution displays.


Release: October 21, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.074

- Fixed: FrontLine AutoMailer failed to send through an open mail relay.

- Fixed: If a package on a customer order is not marked ready to check out then FrontLine should not expect tangible members to be fulfilled to proceed with invoicing.

- Fixed: If the same ContactID was used at multiple addresses the contact could appear duplicated in the contact selection lists of an order, and order lookups could output multiple rows for the same order.

- Fixed: When a Vendor was copied using the Copy function the Vendor Number should not be copied.

- The VendorNumber expression from Forms for Orders for customer orders now outputs the special order vendor(s) if applicable, otherwise the item default vendor.

- Added security contexts After Check Out for customer orders and After Check In for purchase orders in Access Profiles where the Modify permit allows users to change the Customer PO / Vendor Reference and the order Contacts after invoicing.

- Added a Company Setting Order Discount Item Category so order discounts can be categorized for account assignment.

- More streamlining of the Fast POS mode, including returns.


Release: October 7, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.073

- Fixed: Purchase suggestions listed by auto-gen in the Generate Purchase Order feature should not consider location Minimums for Package items.

- Fixed: The Quote summary outputs from SUMS and CATSUMS datasets in Forms for Orders did not subtract quoted returns.

- The Sort by Stock option in Recurring Billing Output no longer combines multiple bills to the same customer in the same batch.

- When the Current Station is set as a POS station and a customer order is a POS order (no ship-to address), FrontLine now uses a Fast POS mode:


Release: September 14, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.072

- Fixed: A later folder revision to the FrontLine executable copy launcher introduced in 6.5.048 made it fail for users or sites that hadn't used FrontLine with the earlier version.

- Fixed: When a metered billing equipment set member is on an open order Recurring Billing does not bill that member, however it would erroneously consume the meter readings anyway.

- Fixed: When Receivables were opened from Customers maintenance, then opened from taking a Payment on a Customer Order, the Pay Now column could fail to appear.

- Fixed: When a fraction of a Payment is applied in Receivables the added payment record now has a copy of the original payment Comments.

- Fixed: Recommitting units when a Service Quote is unquoted could result in error List index out of bounds which then caused an All Generic Qs Active condition that required restarting FrontLine.

- Fixed: Creating a transfer line item on an item with no inventory in the source location was inconsistent between a blank transfer order (the entry was cancelled) and an open transfer order (the line was created with nothing committed). It should now create the line with no inventory committed in both cases.

- Fixed: In Receivables a Tax Write-Off now prompts the user for an Account to use for the write-off. As before, the location discount account is used by default.

- FrontLine can now import WEBLABOR entries for open customer orders.
Field entries from FrontLine Web are imported as one line item per agent per labor entry.
The lines default to zero price and are flagged as No Print.

- The Shipping Charge Calculators rules now Exclude Travel items from the assessed value when ItemType specifies Tangibles, Services, or Charges.

- The Shipping Charge Calculators rules Ship Via can now be Services as well as Charges.
Any charge or service items used in Shipping Charge Calculators "Ship Via" are excluded from Value (Req Value) assessments.

- Forms for Orders now includes a TaxedValue in the TAXSUM dataset.

- Forms for Orders now offers a CATSUMS dataset with summaries per Item (Product) Category.
  These sums are multiple rows (one row per item category, preceeded by one total row with ItemCatID -1) and are not available in batch outputs.
To use these fields add a CATSUMS dataset to a form in a subreport to provide these values per category:
  ItemCatID, ItemCat,
  TotalItems, TotalTangibles, TotalServices, TotalCharges, TravelServices, TravelCharges
  QuoteTotalItems, QuoteTotalTangibles, QuoteTotalServices, QuoteTotalCharges, QuoteTravelServices, QuoteTravelCharges


Release: August 22, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.071

- Fixed: The EMail address used for output by Recurring Billing Output is now the billing contact's email address in precedence over the email address of the bill-to address.

- The Task List of events to be scheduled in the FrontLine Scheduler now has a context menu with entries to Map the selected task and Map All Tasks listed.


Release: August 15, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.070

- Fixed: When non-identifiable members of a package or BOM are auto-committed after adding the package or BOM, the green outline now appears for fully committed member line items.

- Fixed: When there were no Customer/Purchase Order identifiers defined, the Customer/Purchase Order Lookup could trigger an SQL error U.UIValue could not be bound.

- Fixed: Duplicate units Received should not treat Customer Equipment as unidentified sales to back fill.

- Fixed: When customer equipment that was not sold in FrontLine was returned on an order with a different order location and the Company Setting in Return, Repair, and Unidentified Options was Return Units to Order Location the return event and the return line item would end up in different locations.

- Resource Costs now has Vendor Number instead of VendorID.

- In Miscellaneous Purchases there is now an <ALL> entry in the vendor selection list to include miscellaneous customer order lines where any vendor has been specified.

- The Shipping Charge Calculators rules can now be used to calculate other Charges that are manually added to the order.
In Setup -- Lists, other charges can now be selected in the "Ship Via" column to create rules to calculate the value of this charge.
Any charge items used in Shipping Charge Calculators are themself excluded from Value (Req Value) assessments.

- Added a Travel Item Type flag (ITEMS.ItemType value 16777216) to indicate than an intangible item is related to travel. Presently this flag is only used by the Shipping Charge Calculators.

- The Shipping Charge Calculators rules can now qualify the line item totals examined by the new Item Type Travel.

- The Shipping Charge Calculators rules can now examine line Quantity values in addition to Effective (extended price) totals for Application value and Required value independently.

- Forms for Orders now outputs Labor from line item Resource Costs.


Release: July 29, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.069

- Fixed: When a received payment that was part of a bank deposit batch is returned, if the bank deposit batch is still open the return order is placed in the same batch.

- Added a Favorites feature to Reports for users to indicate up to 20 reports that they want to see and exclude others.

- It is now possible to set Web User passwords in System Users using the Web Password function in the drop-down on the side of the standard Password button.

- Agents now have a Receive Notify flag to send email notifications to the customer order agent when special orders are received and a Receiving register from Reports for Orders is printed for those special order lines.

The Db Console contains a required update that is backwards compatible: Web Access (6.5.069)


Release: July 26, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.068

- Fixed: Urgent special order line items did not display the exclamation mark in the Generate Purchase Order purchasing suggestion list.

- Fixed: Opening Service Contracts from the Customer Lookup window could raise an SQL error.

- Added an Exclude Out of Service Units option to Equipment Search.

- Added a Points numeric column to the Note Type list.
Non-zero points values are stored in LISTVALS.CalcValue


Release: July 22, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.067

- Fixed: Defective identifiable inventory can now be committed to (V-RA and I-RA) Return Authorizations.

- Fixed: A few months ago a revision removed the strike-out from the line total of lines covered by warranty.

- Fixed: A scheduler event saved without a customer or vendor assigned would end up assigned the self entity. (Bug introduced in 6.5.065)

- The Shipping Charge Calculators rules can now qualify the line item totals examined: All Lines (as before), Tangibles, Services, or Charges.


Release: July 18, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.066

- Fixed: Scheduler bugs introduced in 6.5.065

- Fixed: Copied Orders and Quotes were missing the original line item Periods.

- Fixed: Quote Totals shown in the order window did not consider rental Periods.

- Fixed: Incoming Adjustments should be costed by FrontLine even when Company Cost Options for "Costing Received Goods" is set to By AP.

- Fixed: Costing in the customer order invoice window displayed duplicate entries when warranty claim was part of the invoice.

- Tentative scheduler events are now called events To Be Scheduled.

- Packages and BOMs can now be added to an I-RA, but in either case only the members are added as in a BOM.

- Added QuickBooks Journal Entry Export to the Third Party panel in the Welcome window. This link launches a Python file in the FrontLine program folder named QBJEExpFLFL.pyw where FLFL is the name of the database in use.

- Customers can now have an Info Sheet - a simple tabular data sheet that is unrelated to FrontLine internally. To use Info Sheets:


Release: June 30, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.065

- Fixed: Exchanging an unplaced member for a placed Equipment Set member could trigger a database primary key violation on PK_ESDTL upon saving.

- Fixed: Recurring Billing did not assign the customer's tax Exempt Category on tax-exempt recurring bills.

- Fixed: A unit return could create references to the last recurring bill that unit appeared on. This fix is in the CopyLineItems db procedure described below.

- Fixed: Instances of FrontLine that have copied the executable to a local folder because it was launched from a network folder on another computer should now look for the payment integrator (like pcauthor) in both the network folder and the local folder.

- After check out FrontLine now asks the user if an equipment set group should be cancelled because an equipment member of it was returned. If yes, the whole group is removed as before. If not, only the equipment itself is removed and other group members remain in the equipment set.

- Added a Scan Code entry to the Returns window. Here one can enter the primary identifier of a unit that can be returned from the order and press Enter (or click Add) to have it added to the return list without looking for it.

- Added a Tentative type of Scheduler Event.
Tentative events are future events that have not been confirmed and are subject to rescheduling.
The scheduler board now has Tentative Events view options:

The Db Console contains a required update that is backwards compatible: File: CopyLineItems 6.5.065


Release: June 14, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.064

- Fixed: Scheduler Events created for I-RA line items failed to show the event address.

- Added a Customers vs Prospects security context to Access Profiles with values All Customers vs Prospects Only that makes non-prospect customer records read-only to the user.
When a Prospects Only user opens customer records in maintenance the yellow highlights indicate view-only mode.
When a customer record is in view-only mode due to Prospects Only permit, only Contacts of the User's Agent can be modified.

- Added a BinDescription output to the Physical Count Report.

- Added a Service Bins list to Setup Lists.
If there are any service bins listed then a S.Bin field appears at the top of customer orders.
A service bin is assigned a location and can only be used on one customer order at a time.
if an occupied service bin is assigned to an empty order FrontLine offers to open the occupying order.
If an order was assigned a service bin then this bin is shown in the Order Type field of Order Lookup.
Changing the order location removes the assigned service bin.
Forms for Orders outputs a SBin field.

The Db Console contains a required update that is backwards compatible: ORDERS.SBin (6.5.064)


Release: June 3, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.063

- Fixed: Filtering by an Agent in Order Lookup did not work properly if repeated after the changing the Search By then using Filter By Agent again without using another filter first.

- Fixed: Creating an order from a completed quote did not copy the alternate bill-to entity correctly.

- Fixed: The iCalendar (ICS) attachment universal time coordinates (UTC) expressions introduced in 6.5.062 adjusted for time zone bias in the wrong direction.

- Fixed: The Scheduler Event function in Line Item Details was sometimes disabled when it should have been available.

- The Start date/time entry box in the Scheduler Event window is now highlighted in yellow when it has no time.

- The Scheduler Event function in Line Item Details now offers to create a scheduler event for an eligible line item (Item Type Scheduled) that is not already on the scheduler:

- Item Categories in Lists setup now have an optional Price Levels Template per category where only relative (percentage) prices can be entered.
This requires the database update below.

- When a Catalog Item with no Price Levels is manually added to a Purchase Order, FrontLine now offers a Price Levels Quick Add feature where one can:

The Db Console contains a required update that is backwards compatible: PRICELEVELS Category Template (6.5.063)


Release: May 23, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.062

- Fixed: Specifying an Inventory Account criteria for Inventory Valuation could erroneously multiply result quantities due to the Item Category Accounts configuration.

- Fixed: The Allow Third Party Item Status is now verified before receiving special order items in a rental location as third party units.

- Fixed: Dragging the leftmost column to rearrange a lookup window resulted in a List index out of bounds (-1) error.

- Sales Order output for EE's activation key is now like a Pick Ticket, as it was customized for Red Deer.

- The Bin output from Forms for Orders for Transfer Orders is now the source location bin instead of the destination location bin.

- Orders in a rental location now display the Rent symbol in Order Lookup.

- PersonID output from Forms for Orders is now the user name instead of an ID number.

- The iCalendar (ICS) attachment generated when sending email from a Scheduler Event now specifies the event start and end in universal time coordinates (UTC).


Release: May 11, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.061

- Fixed: After a recent revision clicking Create Order in the Scheduler Event could raise an SQL error.

- Fixed: Technician (limited) users should be permitted to modify orders they open from a Scheduler Event.

- Fixed: Line Item Notes used the same security context as Order Notes instead of their own designated L.Notes context.

- The Sort by Group option introduced in 6.5.057 in Recurring Billing Output now sorts by the first of the Identifiers selected for output before sorting by group. To enable sections in the forms to use this BILL.UIValue1 as a Group Expression this identifier value is copied to the output for all members of the equipment group from a member that has it to those that do not have this identifier type of their own.

- Equipment Search can now be opened directly from Customers maintenance from the drop-down near the Parts button. Equipment Search opened this way has the customer in context already assigned to the search criteria.

- Company Setting New Order Focus is expanded to include a Hide Order Addresses Section option that hides the Bill-To and Ship-To addresses in order entry. The addresses can be revealed on an order using the Zoom function as usual.

- The Unit Price column title in the customer orders window can now be customized using Labels.


Release: May 4, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.060

- Fixed: Receivable Statements and the list in the Receivable window now calculate days overdue the same way.
Previously having times of day in due dates could make one result a day different from the other.

- Company Setting Order Activity Reactions option Set Order "Fulfilled" Date and Time
now requires line items to be fullly committed and identified, so it is now Set Order "Fulfilled" Date and Time and Prepare to Invoice

- Added an optional Department field to Equipment Sets that is used to assign a department to the recurring bills created.
Note that the header section of the Equipment Sets window has been rearranged.

- The Lookup function in Line Item Details is now available on Quotes.
Inventory selected from Scan Match is not committed to the quote, and the BackOrder, Special Order, and Unidentified functions are not available.

- In the Unit Details list of the Scan Match window the "Sale Price" column is now titled "Last Price" and displays a PO icon near the value if it was a purchase or adjustment cost.

- Added Periods to the Labels list.

- Added an Item Category filter to Transaction Inquiry.

- Added a three outputs to Forms for Orders and Recurring Billing Output that reflect the order or bill location:

- The FrontLine Logon window now uses font size 12 for improved usability on high pixel density displays, and current station setup now offers a font size 16 option.

The Db Console contains a required update: ESETS.Department (6.5.060)


Release: April 20, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.059

- Fixed: The Max Past days overdue in Receivable Statements should not consider open credits.

- Fixed: Recurring Billing for Billing Frequencies based on number of days (like 30 Day) or number of weeks would assess a zero quantity for some line item types.

- Fixed: When the workstation has a default Rental Location and the user sets a blank customer order to a Short Term Rental the designated rental location is assigned but the Periods column in the line items did not appear.

- Receivable Statements now output a StatementText field whose value depends on the Max Past (highest days overdue) of the customer. The "Description" column in the Receivable Age brackets in Lists setup is now the "Statement Text" used here. This text is no longer used as the AGE.Description - those texts are now always composed by FrontLine as they were before when the descriptions were blank.

- Added an Inventory Account criteria to Inventory Valuation, and a direct link to Inventory Transactions on the context menu.

- The Void Payment function used to undo collected tenders that have not been applied to an invoice yet now manipulate the PAYMENTS.SyncSet like this:
 + If collected payment had been connected, then it's SyncSet now remains. The new reversal tender line has a NULL SyncSet as before.
 + If the collected payment had NOT been connected, then instead of leaving the two SyncSets blank FrontLine now assigns a SyncSet 32767 to both so the connector skips the pair altogether.

- Inventory Valuation is enhanced:


Release: April 8, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.058

- Fixed: The revision in 6.5.056 to flag a Collected and connected tender assumed the SyncSet would be positive.

- Fixed: Customizations of the Receivable Age brackets in Lists setup could not be saved due to a database error.

- Fixed: The custom Unit Warranty feature added in 6.5.056 broke the recognition of Service Contract coverage on Service Orders.

- Fixed: Packages sold in Package First mode did not process a % (percentage) discount correctly for the initial total package calculated price, resulting in a zero price.

- Fixed: Leaving the Optional Write-Off Date blank upon Write Off Taxes in the Receivables window would leave the Applied date on the write-off record blank instead of using the current date. This caused the write-off to be valued on the original invoice date instead of the date it was written off.

- When an unconnected AR Write-Off is Undone, FrontLine now sets the AR.SyncSet value to 32767 so the connector ignores it.
As before, if the write-off had already been connected then FrontLine clears its AR.SyncSet so the connector includes it.

- It is now possible to edit an order's identifier document after the order is closed.
The user must have full permission (Read, Add, Modify, Delete) to the Order Identifier Document security context.

- Undoing a Write-Off in the Receivables window no longer clears the ApplyToID of the cancelled write-off record.

- The Bank Deposit drop-down listings in the customer order window now show the current value of the batch.

- Implemented a 5 Month option for Bill Frequency.

- The non-text options in Transaction Inquiry are now sticky per user.

- Equipment Set member lines now display a note icon when the member has a note.

- Notes window title texts are now worded Notes - Context instead of the context first.

- Added a LocationAddress field to Recurring Billing Output to output the address of the bill location, which reflects the equipment set location at the time the bill was created.

- Values for SQL (non-graphic) custom Reports parameters that include 'date' in their name are now evaluated as a date using FrontLine's date format. If the value can be interpreted as a date then FrontLine rewrites it in a YYYYMMDD format in the query text. If FrontLine cannot interpret the value as a date then it places it in the query text as-is.

- Revised automatic order agent changes when User Option User Agent priority on new orders is OFF:
When a customer order's ship-to address is changed, or new customer assigned, the agent indicated by the new ship-to address (or new customer) is assigned to the order even if the order already has an agent assigned.
The situations below remain as before:
If the order already has line items, the agent assigned to the line items is not automatically changed.
If the new customer and ship-to address have no designated agent then the agent already assigned to the order is left unchanged.
If the user has option User Agent priority on new orders turned ON then changing the order customer or ship-to does not change the order agent.


Release: March 14, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.057

- Fixed: Redo Order of a service order with warrantied parts and services lost warranty coverage on the linked parts and service lines.

- Fixed: A recent revision broke the Details and Export features in Transaction Inquiry for large result sets with an SQL error about P.EntityRedirected missing.

- Maybe Fixed: Potential omission of the main To recipient of emails sent from within FrontLine.

- Export from Physical Count now includes a Part number column of the default vendor.

- Elaborated the sticky Sort by options in Recurring Billing Output to add a Group option to the existing Stock and Default options.

- Line items added to an order as part of a Bill of Materials (BOM) now have a collective reference to allow them to be automatically grouped together as Equipment Set members.

The Db Console contains a required update that is backward compatible: TRXIP.PkSeq (6.5.057)
Note that ESDTL.LineRef now receives small negative values for BOM collections.


Release: February 29, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.056

- Fixed: Late Fee Billing could include receivables not yet due at the time of assessment due to crossover in timing Credits on the Posted date versus timing Debits on the Due date.

- Fixed: When a partly invoiced order was revised to reduce the total, then checked out, the credit tender was not collected (for On Account that means not posted to AR).
For example, a short term rental where the rental unit is checked out, then returned (perhaps early) on the same order for a partial credit.

- Fixed: The Sort Service Orders by Repair Equipment toggle introduced in 6.4.102 was lost in 6.5.054

- Fixed: The order tax ExemptCategory was not copied by the order Redo, order Return, and order from Quote functions.

- Fixed: The equipment set export introduced in 6.5.050 would output Quantity as currency, and did not title the Id 2 column with the user's selection.

- Fixed: After opening the report, the Export function for the Drawer Reconciliation Report is now available to normal users who have the Modify permit for Drawer Reconciliation Report security context in the Inquiry class.

- The Rental Form Mismatch prompt introduced in 6.5.055 must now be turned on in company setting Notify Options where there is now a Notify user of Rental Form Mismatch in Forms for Orders option.

- Added fields LocationAddress and LineLocationAddress to the output of Forms for Orders.
These are text compositions of the respective location name and address, making it unnecessary to hard code location addresses on the forms.

- It is now possible to assign a custom Unit Warranty at the time of sale from the context menu in Line Item Details. Note that part of this revision is in the database updates indicated below.

- It is now possible to override the standard Warranty in Line Item Details of customer orders before check out. This override is applied to all units committed to the line at time of check-out, instead of the standard warranty indicated for the model, unless they have a custom unit warranty which takes highest precedence.

- Added a security context for Warranty Vendor in the Unit Warranty group of Access Profiles.

- User changes made to a Unit Warranty are now logged. However, the change log is not yet presentable.

- Added an Item Status flag Depot During Warranty to indicate that the depot repair start and end only apply to units still under warranty.

- When a previously Collected and connected (SyncSet has a value) tender is subsequently used during check out (assigned to an invoice) the PAYMENTS.VerifyCode now has flag value 4096 added to indicate that it was a deposit collected ahead of check out.

The Db Console contains three required updates:
Line Item Custom Warranty (6.5.056)
File: ItemDtlDelete v6.5.056

Apply this one after Line Item Custom Warranty:
File: CommitInvoice v6.5.056


Release: February 12, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.055

- Fixed: The Add Set Member function in the main order window misreported the number of entries added to equipment sets.

- Upon identifying an item to add to a blank PO, the Scan Matches list in the Scan Match window now shows separate rows for each vendor that has a part number on file for the item to facilitate Last Cost comparison.

- Before producing output, Forms for Orders now compares the rental characteristic (rental or non-rental) of the order location to the form file name (should contain rent or not) and prompts the user to confirm the Rental Form Mismatch if they do not match. Note that this does not apply to batch output.
Forms intended for rentals now should include rent in their file name. The text is not case sensitive. For example:
InvoiceOrmandy.rep (for non-rental locations)
InvoiceOrmandyRent.rep (for rental locations)
InvoiceRentFromOrmandy.rep (for rental locations)
InvoiceOrmandyCurrent.rep (unintentionally for rental locations)


Release: February 8, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.054

- Fixed: When a line item was created from Item Lookup FrontLine failed to ignore the Item's Default Location as it should for a Rental Location or a location with Ignore Item Default Location.

- Improved Transaction ID reference for Credit Card Refunds to reduce refund rejections by the payment gateway.

- Added a New Rental Line waits on Quantity option to Company Setting Line Unit Identify Options to make new rental lines focus on Quantity instead of Price, like sales.

- Added an optional Periods value to line items to indicate how many rental periods to assess at the given price.
The Periods column only appears on customer orders when the order location is a rental location.
Periods is available in the output of Forms for Orders.
This revision requires the database updates for Periods, NewInvoice, and CommitInvoice below.

- Expanded the EntityOrder field (used for Customer PO numbers, for example) from 20 to 32 characters. This revision requires a database update below.

The Db Console contains four required backward compatible updates:
Expand EntityOrder -Customer PO (6.5.054)
Line Item Periods (6.5.054)

Apply these two after Line Item Periods:
File: NewInvoice v6.5.054
File: CommitInvoice v6.5.054


Release: January 22, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.053

- Added SKU and UPC along with existing Parts. A vendor or customer can have a different Part number, SKU, and UPC for the same stock item.
Forms for Orders do not output SKU or UPC. The primary target of SKU and UPC is to Scan Match.
This revision introduces a Part Type discriminator, and requires a database update.
PartType values are: 0 = Part number (default), 1 = SKU, 2 = UPC.

- Packages now allow the same item to appear in different Groups. This revision requires a group in key database update.

The Db Console contains two required updates: (both are backward compatible)
PARTS PartType (6.5.053)
PACKAGES Group in Key (6.5.053)


Release: January 18, 2016

FrontLine 6.5.052

- Fixed: The Order Filter type in box in Receivables would appear on top of the grid when Receivables were opened from Customers maintenance.

- Fixed: The Details list in Inventory Valuation could show non-inventory units when the unit location changed unexpectedly in the chain of events. This did not affect the actual count and valuation.

- Fixed: The Third Party launcher revision in 6.5.049 broke launches of Python programs.

- Fixed: A recent revision broke the listing of Group Receivables with an SQL error.

- Fixed: The display of Tax Geo Code in maintenance windows could include extraneous characters for the GeoCode description after the user changes it.

- On Recurring Bill returns, TRXDTL.InvSeq is now set to zero to match the original bills. The prevents duplicate appearance of equipment in Equipment Search.

- The context menu entry to View Order in the Receivables window now includes the Periodic Invoice number, if applicable.

- Added to Company Setting Order Activity Reactions an option Do not show Forms for Orders after checking out only Payments.

- Added Bank Deposit entry to the POS drop down in the customer order window.
Here the user can choose to begin a New Deposit Batch or continue an open batch.
A user can add to another user's batch if they have a permit to do so. (Permit described below.)
When the user chooses to begin a new batch they are are given an opportunity to close all their own open batches, if any, and can enter some identifying text.
Bank deposit batches can also be closed individually from the Close Deposit Batch list. Here the user has an opportunity to revise the identifying text with confirmation information provided by the bank.
An order that is part of a bank deposit batch opens Receivables expecting to take payments as line items. However, it is possible to cancel and enter a regular line item if desired.
An order that is part of a bank deposit batch displays a light green bar near the top of the window indicating the Bank Deposit ID, when it was created, and by whom.
There is a new Bank Deposits security context in the Customer Orders group where:
+ Add permit allows a user to create and handle to their own batches,
+ Modify permit allows a user to add to other user's batches,
+ Delete permit allows a user to close other user's batches.

The Db Console contains a required update: File: Bank Deposits (6.5.052)


Release: December 23, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.051

- Fixed: FrontLine ignored Scan Code input to commit Assembly components to an existing line item from Line Item Details.

- Check Number or abbreviated Card Number is now shown in the FrontLine Payment Verification with the tender Type display text.
And the OK button is now default instead of Cancel. This change of default button (activated by Enter or Space bar) may be significant to users.

- Added Order Filter to Receivables that appears when a numeric digit is pressed while focus is in the Order ID column of the receivables list.
The number entered in this box is used to filter the receivables displayed using trailing digits.
For example, 504 matches 101002504 and 827040504 but neither 504012345 nor 101504321.
Receivables that are currently active for "Pay Now" or write-off or viewing the "Applied" list are exempt from this filter to avoid perplexing a user who is performing those activities.

- Added a BillToName output from Recurring Billing Output to combine Name1 and Name2 without a blank line when one of the names is blank. This is similar to the output available from Forms for Orders.

- Added to Company Setting Order Activity Reactions an Entity Note Popups option to Suppress All on Payments.

- Added Note Type assignment and filter to customer Conversation Notes. The list of types can be customized in lists setup.

- After completing a check out that contains only Payments for Receivables the Forms for Orders window no longer appears.

The Db Console contains a required update: NOTES NoteType (6.5.051)


Release: December 16, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.050

- Fixed: Packing Slip output from Shipping had the ship-to address of the order instead of the shipment. This affected packing slips for Depot Repairs from customer orders.

- Fixed: When an order was opened for editing from a scheduler event, after adding one line item the scan code entry ignored further input texts.

- Fixed: When there are Closed Locations on file, Physical Count could record and display the wrong location in the Physical Count Events list.

- Receivables now includes Days Overdue for Closed receivables based on the date the last payment was applied. Because these receivables are no longer due they are not highlighted in yellow as overdue.

- Added highlights to Import Customer Equipment to indicate information required to perform the Import step.

- FrontLine now ensures that a customer order is tendered when the user chooses to Ship directly from the open order.

- Added basic Export This Set and Export All Sets functions to the member context menu in Equipment Sets. There is a new security context ESets Export to restrict access.

- Added a Show Payments option checkbox to the lower section of Customer Order Lookup. Orders with payments are now excluded from the results unless this option is on.

- Payment line items now have the read check-box preset to facilitate check out.

- Order check out now skips the forms output step if there are only payments.

- FrontLine now uses only TLS version 1.2 for encrypted connections to mail relays.
Please ensure that the OpenSSL libraries libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll are dated year 2014 (product version 1.0.1j) or later.
Use of libraries from before year 2009 can cause access violations when attempting to send email.
Mainstream email providers support TLS 1.2 however there are a few providers out there like "Opt-in Wireless" (relay host running old unidentified mail relays that do not support TLS 1.2


Release: December 2, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.049

- Fixed: Payments from Customers On Hold can now be taken and posted to AR. Part of this fix is in the NewInvoice db procedure.
Note that if the self entity customer is closed or on hold then Purchase Orders and Adjustments can no longer be checked in.

- Fixed: Shipping Charge Calculators do not apply to Adjustment orders.

- Fixed: Costing of sales did not identify the specific unit when the cost source (a Purchase Order or Transfer) had multiple units on the line item with varying unit cost, instead it used the highest unit cost on the source line checked in.

- Fixed: Import Customer Equipment enhancement in 6.4.072 failed to identify Serial numbers in the data about to be imported that are already in the database when the Stock number specified in the import file is different from the Default Stock Number specified in the import window.

- Fixed: Unvoiding an order with package lines of multiple quantity (as when the user changed the number of packages sold on the line item from one to many) would miscalculate taxes on the packages by losing the line quantity multiplication on the line total taxed value.

- Fixed: If an order tender "Payment Type" is preselected to a custom type then the "Account Number" entered should not be interpreted as a standard type.

- Fixed: Write-Offs made at the time of taking a payment now use the Payment line item's Cost of Sales Account, with the location Discount account only as a default if the line COS is blank.

- Fixed: When the order is still open, the Remove Payment function now only posts to AR the amount that has already been invoiced.
a. If a deposit was taken on an open order and either not invoiced or checked out on a zero dollar invoice, removing this payment does not post anything to AR.
b. If a $100 deposit was taken on an open order and checked out on a $25 invoice, removing this payment only posts $25 to AR.
c. If a $100 deposit was taken on an order that is now closed, removing this payment posts the entire $100 to AR.

- Added an optional non-unique Additional Identifier to Import Customer Equipment. The values imported for this identifier are not validated.

- Added a Department filter to the Category and Location filters for Item Category Accounts lists setup.

- Added a basic Change Log viewer to the drop-down menu next to the Parts button in Customers maintenance.

- The member Residence and ESet Bill To address drop-down lists in Equipment Sets now include all three fields specified in Company Setting Address Menu Texts instead of omitting the first.

- Added to Company Setting Order Activity Reactions an Equipment Set Note Popup option to Show Equipment Set Note when an ESet is viewed.

- Added to Company Setting Discount Presentation, Quantity Repricing, Cost Pricing, Line Accounts an Department-specific customer orders cannot use unspecified department option to prevent use of non-department-specific Item Category Accounts on department-specific customer orders when there is no department-specific match.

- The Department display in the header section of the main order window is left aligned instead of centered, and the hover hint now includes the department.

- In Receivables, the default height of the Applied list now shows 4 rows instead of 3, and texts in the Tender Type column of the Applied list now include the last four digits of the tender Account Number for non-check tenders.

- In Receivables, when Closed receivables are toggled on, the Applied list below is now also shown.

- Added a Balance Due toggle button in Receivables to show balances due instead of Total Paid values.

- Updated the shipment tracking URLs sent to the web browser to the newer https addresses from UPS and FedEx.

- Added Commission Paid Update to the Third Party panel in the Welcome window. This link launches a Python file in the FrontLine program folder named CommissionPaidUpdateFLFL.pyw where FLFL is the name of the database in use.

- Links in the Third Party panel of the Welcome window now attempt to launch from an ACC\ folder beneath the main FrontLine folder, and the .pyw links are .exe when used from the ACC\ folder. If the ACC\ folder doesn't exist, or the linked program does not exist in the ACC\ folder, then FrontLine will look in its main program folder as before.

- Added a new security context Cash Tenders under both Customer Orders and Purchase Orders of Access Profiles to restrict user access to tenders that are not On Account.
 ~ Lack of Read permit obscures the Account Number, Expiration, and Check Number of tenders that are not On Account.
 ~ Lack of Add permit prevents manual addition of tenders that are not On Account.
 ~ Lack of Modify permit prevents changes to existing tenders that are not On Account.
 ~ Lack of Delete permit prevents user removal of existing tenders that are not On Account.

For sites that do not require any restriction, one can give all users who have access to customer orders and/or purchase orders the same access to Cash Tenders without editing access profiles in FrontLine by executing this SQL:

SELECT A.AccessID,A.Context+52,A.AccessLevel FROM ACCESSRIGHTS A
  LEFT JOIN ACCESSRIGHTS P ON P.AccessID=A.AccessID AND P.Context=A.Context+52
 WHERE A.Context IN (100000,140000) AND P.AccessID IS NULL

The Db Console contains two required updates:
File: NewInvoice v6.5.049 This db update is backward compatible
File: CostInvoice v6.5.049 This db update is backward compatible to 6.5.033


Release: November 5, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.048

- Fixed: Depot repairs did not update equipment set membership with the replacement unit. This revision is in the CommitInvoice db procedure.

- Fixed: Dropping an unplaced Equipment Sets member into a set using Group Together.

- Fixed: Adding multiple similar packages with set eligible members to a customer order could result in the Equipment Sets members from different instances of the package (different line groups) mingling groups.

- Fixed: A recent revision made Equipment Search miss customer equipment that was not sold on a FrontLine order.

- Fixed: A recent revision disabled the eMail sections per recipient unattended function in the report output preview window.

- Fixed: Return from depot of a depot repair unit that was send out on line 10 of the service order created a line zero for the receive from depot line item.

- Fixed: In Transaction Inquiry the option for Type Sales did not exclude Payments.

- Fixed: Tax Write-Offs were not included in Tax Report batches as intended in the 6.5.040 revision.

- Added a WorkStation List Filter to help find entries in the WorkStation List. This filter will match values in any of the five columns, the left three by complete value if a number is entered, and the right two by partial text.

- Added a Company Setting ItemDescription on Forms to elaborate the revision made in 6.5.044. The default value is restored to only Miscellaneous Items.

- The Cardholder Information window no longer brings in the bill-to address by default. Instead there is now a button to do this explicitly, if desired.
Street Address is no longer required.

- To prevent External Exception C0000006 FrontLine now copies itself (the executable) to a local folder and relaunches from this folder when it detects that it was launched from a network share on another server:

- Implemented a 15 Month option for Bill Frequency.

- Added a Qty Unidentified column to Inventory Valuation.

- Added three limits to Item Categories in Setup Lists. Rentals and Returns are exempt:

- Added a Quantity output column to Equipment Search.

The Db Console contains a required update: File: CommitInvoice v6.5.048


Release: October 13, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.047

- Fixed: Deferring an open order with no payment tenders where the tenders had not be viewed could result in an error "qrPmt: Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset"

- Fixed: Purchase Orders did not always assign the purchase location's default ship-to address to the PO by default.

- Fixed: The prorate revision in 6.5.046 did not work on a new order when the Placed date was still blank.

- Fixed: Equipment Search could miss equipment that is not on Equipment Sets.

- Added an Exclude Committed Units option to Equipment Search.

- It is again possible to edit external invoice numbers and dates of the Costing records in the check-in/out window per the 6.1.063 revision.
Note that changes made here are not logged yet.

- Added an Address Mapper to show address locations using Google Maps. It is available on some context menus as Map and Map All in maintenance windows that include addresses, the scheduler, and using Alt-M in other windows such as orders, transaction inquiry, and equipment search.
There are two aspects of this feature:

The Db Console contains two required updates:
ADDRESSES Coordinates (6.5.047)


Release: October 1, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.046

- Fixed: Inventory Valuation for a past date produced incorrect quantities when the same unit had multiple separate lives.
For example, it was adjusted out then adjusted back in.

- Fixed: Removal of line items from Periodic Invoices on customer orders that were sold and returned in the same batch did not work in some circumstances.

- Fixed: The Remove Payment function is now disabled on orders that tendered payment for receivables.

- Fixed: Return lines within a Quote could cause incorrect sums in Quote Totals.

- Up to 3 additional orders can now be viewed in floating read-only order windows.
These orders can be opened from the Refers to... entry of another order, Unit Tracking, etc.
The floating order windows close when the user returns to the Welcome window, or the user can close them manually when they are no longer needed.

- Unit Tracking now shows when an event was committed as a separate date from when it was checked in or out if there is a significant difference.
Previously it only showed the committed date, which could be days apart from the check in or check out.

- When there was neither a Line Scheduled date nor Order Scheduled date, FrontLine did not prorate line items that were members of billing equipment sets.
Now it will prorate them using the Order Placed date. (If the order has no scheduled date then the order placed date is assumed to be the scheduled date.)

- Added a sticky Sort by Stock option to Recurring Billing Output to output line items within a bill by stock number to enable the form to summarize by stock item per bill.

- Recurring Billing Output now includes summary outputs StockTotal (total charged for this stock number on the bill) and StockQty (total quantity of this stock number on the bill) to summarize per stock item by bill (per OrderID).


Release: September 17, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.045

- Fixed: The Returns feature now excludes depot return line items as not applicable.

- Fixed: The Remove Payment function did not use the current AR account specified for the order Location.

- Fixed: In some windows, moving the OrderID column to the leftmost position did not stick for the user after logoff.

- Fixed: The Historic option in the Identify Unit search window did not find old (replaced or deleted, not current) identifier values.

- Transaction Inquiry now includes an Invoiced column that shows the last time the line was invoiced. If it was invoiced more than once the latest date is shown, preceeded by an asterisk.

- Transaction Inquiry now includes a Sort By selector. Sorting can also be accomplished by clicking column headers. Note that not all columns can be used for sorting.

- Added a LineRefTotal field to the output of Forms for Orders.
For ordinary lines it simply reflects that line item's total.
For package lines and repair units lines that have other lines refer to them, LineRefTotal is the line total of all lines that refer to this line, including itself.
LineRefTotal can be useful to show the total costs assessed for repairs of a unit, or for package totals especially in package as discount mode.

- Increased the number of batches shown in the drop-down list for Recurring Billing Output to 200.

- The locations offered in drop-down lists of order windows now exclude Closed Locations.

- Packing Slip output from Shipping now includes the PROBLEMS dataset.


Release: September 8, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.044

- Fixed: Receivables would show a number of days overdue for receivables that were paid, although they were not highlighted in yellow.

- Receivables now highlights the OrderID and InvSeq parts of invoice rows that are part of a periodic invoicing batch in light blue/cyan.

- Within constraints of the customer credit limit, FrontLine will now automatically adjust an open On Account tender upon deferring an open order when the order total has increased.

- Physical Count now remembers the last count sheet sorting per user, and the quantity Unidentified is now shown in a separate column.

- Added an Item Status flag Distinct PO Lines to prevent the output of Forms for Orders for Purchase Orders from combining line items of the same stock number in the output to forms.

- The ItemDescription output from Forms for Orders now contains the Note Subject when the stock item description is blank for any item. Previously it only did this for miscellaneous items.

- Unquoting an entire Service Order quote with company setting Disable Auto-Commit under Line Unit Identify Options did not bring back the repair unit assigned before making the order a quote.


Release: August 31, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.043

- Fixed: Bugs in the running Quote Totals calculated and displayed in the footer section of the main order processing window.

- Inventory Valuation output now includes an Inventory Account column.

- Added two new optional criteria to Periodic Invoices: Ship Via and Order Identifier. Using either of these eliminates recurring bills from the batch.


Release: August 24, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.042

- Fixed: Changing an order's bill-to (redirected billing) could raise an error about ChangeBillTo - Dataset not in edit or insert mode.
This bug was introduced in one of the multi-currency revisions.

- The main order processing windows now has running Quote Totals (Total Quote Items, Total Quote Taxes, and Total Quote) calculated and displayed in the footer section that appear when the quote total is not zero. Order totals also disappear when quote totals are non-zero and order totals are zero.

- Unearned Revenue disparity on Item Category Accounts exception in Recurring Billing has been restored to an all-or-none check (as it was before 6.5.041), and FrontLine now requires all potential recurring billing line items to have an Income account or it will indicate Income missing from Item Category Accounts.
Late Fee Billing now also requires all potential lines to have an income (revenue) account.

- Recurring Billing now posts Receivables with a due date based on the issued (placed) date of the bill rather than the billing period start (scheduled) date.

- The optional length limiting feature to the Excel expressions from Forms for Orders can now specify date output formats for date/time values.
Example to format a date output to "mm/dd/yyyy" style: ORDER.OrderScheduled;mm/dd/yyyy
Note that Excel will transform input text it recognizes as a date, so although the above expression writes "08/24/2015" to the cell, Excel recognizes this as a date and applies its default format, which is typically "8/24/2015" in the USA. Even a very different format like "yyyy-mm-dd" which has FrontLine output "2015-08-24" to the cell will still end up with Excel changing it to "8/24/2015" on the sheet.


Release: August 7, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.041

- Fixed: Last Lead time (days) in the Vendor Performance available in Generate Purchase Order requires the vendor to have a part number for this stock item. However, for the default vendor the stock number can be considered the part number.

- When an equipment set location used in Recurring Billing was missing item category accounts altogether, FrontLine intentionally did not indicate an Unearned Revenue disparity on Item Category Accounts exception in the Exceptions and Batch Review step, to facilitate early AR transitions.
This exception is now triggered if any line or all lines on the bill would be missing the unearned revenue account,
so it is now Unearned Revenue missing from Item Category Accounts.

- It is now possible to preview Costing during customer order checkout when the invoice is created but not yet committed.
These cost details in the invoice window cannot be edited, and are outlined in yellow to emphasize that they are estimates.
They are estimates because there is a chance that costs can change between the time of the estimate and the final time of costing.
Part of this revision requires an update to the db procedure CostInvoice.

The Db Console contains a required update: File: CostInvoice v6.5.041


Release: July 31, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.040

- Receivables now offers a Write Off Taxes function on the context menu.
The user is prompted for an optional Applied date override.
The account used in AR is the same as for ordinary write-offs.
A user must have the Modify permit for the Receivable Payment security context to use this function.
A tax write-off can be either a credit (DocType=15) or debit (DocType=14) with the distinct DocType flag 8.
A tax write-off creates tax return details in TRXTAX similar to a return. The TRXTAX.InvSeq is the original InvSeq plus 65536 to make a distinct key.
New Tax Report batches will include unreported write-offs from the past even before the date bracket.
A tax write-off cannot be undone after it has been included in a tax report.
A tax write-off marks the invoice as having taxes written off, using INVOICES.InvStatus flag value 8192.
Returns of items whose sale had taxes written off should return no tax.


Release: July 28, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.039

- Fixed: Choosing to Create Order from a Scheduler Event raised an SQL syntax error.
This bug was probably introduced in 6.5.036

- Tax Report output now converts all TaxGeoCode values to upper case.

- Added a CM_=Commissions Report Group. The standard report groups are now:

AR_=Accounts Receivable
R_=Recurring Bills


Release: July 23, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.038

- Fixed: A recent revision caused the posting of receivables during invoicing to fail on PostgreSQL databases with an error:
Data conversion is not implemented for datatype Date to DateTime

- Fixed: Lookup column arrangements did not always save correctly when Save Arrangement was used.
This fix will throw off existing saved arrangements, so columns will have to be rearranged and sized once more then saved.
This fix also affects the column arrangement retention in Transaction Inquiry.

- Body text in the E-Mail composition window is now checked for spelling.


Release: July 22, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.037

- Fixed: Opening a line note for a line that doesn't have a note, then closing the note without saving it could leave FrontLine indicating the presence of a line note. This bug was probably introduced in 6.5.025

- Fixed: FrontLine excluded equipment set members that are on open line items of origin from recurring bills, however this exclusion did not cover intangibles - services and charges.

- Unquoting an open Job quote will now attempt to create Resource Costs Job Budget numbers as 6.4.052 did for presented quotes. Note that if resource costs already exist for a line item they will be left as-is for that line

- Added a Sequence column to the Equipment Sets member list. This sequence is used to sort the lines created on recurring bills.


Release: July 11, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.036

- Fixed: 6.5.035 introduced an error when entering an application or write-off date override in Receivables that is more than 14 days from present as it attempted to ask for confirmation.

- Fixed: When Item Quantities were displayed with the Inventory and Committed tab in sync with Item Lookup, the inventory and committed details did not update when scrolling through the list of items in the Item Lookup window.

- Added an ability to change the "Unit Cost" of the costing assigned to an Invoice.
To do this a user must have the Modify permit for access context Invoiced Unit Cost in Class "Purchase Orders" found in Access Profiles.

- Technician (limited) users are now allowed to create an order in Scheduler Event for events that have no order associated with them.


Release: July 3, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.035

- Fixed: When a credit in Receivables was written off entirely, then the write-off cancelled (Unapply) the credit could not be applied to other receivables because the Application command was disabled.

- Receivables now have an Applied date that defaults to the posted date but can be overridden by the user at time of application. This revision requires a database update.

The Db Console contains a required update AR.Applied (6.5.035)


Release: July 1, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.034

- If a user has a Special permit to change an Order Agent they can do so after the order is invoiced or closed using the drop-down entry on the order header Agent title. Assign the Special permit to the Order Agent context in Access Profiles by typing in an S for the Access Level.

- The list of orders and line items offered in a Scheduler Event to create a line item for the event now has a More... entry when there are too many candidates to list at once.

- The Refers to, Reference Orders, and Redo Order drop-down has been moved to the OrderID column title of the order header display to make it more accessible.

- If FrontLine lists completed orders with the "In Use" status flag set when Order Lookup is used, FrontLine now removes the in-use flag from all orders it finds in this condition.


Release: June 25, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.033

- Fixed: Returning a partial quantity of a non-identifiable item that was on a customer's equipment set would remove the equipment set member in cases where it should have reduced the member quantity instead.

- Fixed: Inventory Valuation could not distinguish between the varying costs of unit-costed units checked in/out together on one line item. This fix also requires the database updates below.

- The S.Find function in Equipment Sets now includes the ESet ID in its display grid and will match IDs to Search Text entered.

- 6.5.001 introduced to Company Setting Order Activity Reactions an option to Immediately mark All Units "To Repair" as "Repaired" When user indicates Order is Serviced or Ready.
Now when this option is on and a service order is marked as no longer Serviced or Ready FrontLine sets committed Repaired units that have not been shipped back to To Repair status.

The Db Console contains two required updates:
TRXINVCOST.DtlID (6.5.033)
File: CostInvoice v6.5.033


Release: June 18, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.032

- Fixed: Unit Tracking could raise an access violation when there were event notes.

- Fixed: If the location of the receivable is known, write-offs made in Receivables should default to the Discount account from that order location instead of the workstation location.

- Fixed: A recent revision caused an Ambiguous column name OrderStatus error in Purchase Order Lookup for Pending Orders.

- Setup Identifiers now has a !Rent flag to indicate that the identifier is required for rental transactions. Rental transactions still require identifiers that are required for sales.

- Added an option to Company Setting E-Sets, Rentals, Contracts to Zero-Price Rentals that are added to Equipment Sets (as an alternative to Pro-Rate Rentals and Post-Rate Rentals) that will pro-rate both the outgoing rental and the rental return order line at zero.

- Added a Refers to Order nnn function below Redo Order to open the order or quote that this order refers to.
This function only appears when there is a reference, and is the reverse of Reference Orders that lists orders that refer to this one.

- Added some highlighting to Discontinued items listed in the Scan Match window.


Release: June 12, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.031

- Fixed: Entering an Order Scheduled date before the order was created would raise an SQL error upon creating the order.
This bug was introduced with a recent logging enhancement in 6.5.027

- Fixed: The optional Stock number column in the Import Customer Equipment feature was not applied to the equipment.

- Depot return line items are now added using line numbers close to the original (+10 or -10) if possible, when line increment of 100 is used.

- In Customer Lookup, Closed customers (included on demand) are now highlighted in the void pink color.

- The hover hint in Notes now indicates who last edited the note.

- Miscellaneous purchase lines added to a PO from Miscellaneous Purchases now merge the customer order note body text with the Source Part as subject from the customer order Resource Costs into the PO line note. Previously only the Source Part was placed in the PO line note subject.

- Orders opened in read-only mode now have yellow surroundings.


Release: June 3, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.030

- Fixed: Order Status display texts erroneously included Hold when the order was Submitted.

- Fixed: Changing Scheduler Event details then Mailing the event before saving it would send the previously saved details in the iCalendar (ICS) attachment.

- Added contact phone number and event street address to the iCalendar (ICS) attachment, and moved some information between the Location (Where) and Description (contact info is now here instead) to better suit calendar event mapping services.

- Added an event status As Unidentified that applies when a sale or rental unit was committed before it was known in the system. Inventory Transactions shows units that were committed unidentified but are now identified with the unidentfied icon with a green check on top of it.
Note that events committed unidentified using prior releases do not have this flag, so they will not have the indication in Transaction Inquiry if they are now identified.

- Added a SUMS dataset to the outputs of Forms for Orders to provide subtotals of line item types. Note that these sums are not available in batch outputs.
To use these fields add a SUMS dataset to a form to make available:
TotalTangibles, TotalServices, TotalCharges, TotalPayments, TotalQuoteTangibles, TotalQuoteServices, TotalQuoteCharges, TotalQuotePayments


Release: May 28, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.029

- Fixed: Presenting a Quote removed the Prospect customer flag introduced in 6.5.028

- Fixed: Receiving partial quantity of an inventory member of a package purchased in quantity greater than one by clicking the ready checkbox, then responding Yes to the question "Do you want to indicate that this line is ready to check in before receiving the ordered quantity?" resulted in the wrong package member being marked ready.

- Purchase suggestions listed by auto-gen in the Generate Purchase Order and Miscellaneous Purchases windows now show an icon for customer special order line notes, and provide a means to open those line notes.

- Bill Of Material packages can now be Recurring Rental.

- Added a light green highlight to Receivables assigned a Pay Now amount when receiving a payment.

- Rentals returned via the Returns window now omit line items where no previously rented units can be committed to return.

- The order location display in the order entry window is now highlighted when the user has option New line items to workstation Location and the workstation location differs from the order location.

- Added Delivery Status Import to the Third Party panel in the Welcome window. This link launches a Python file in the FrontLine program folder named DeliveryStatusImportFLFL.pyw where FLFL is the name of the database in use. See the Telus integrations release notes and the .pyw revision in 6.4.042


Release: May 20, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.028

- Fixed: The timing and Invoiced date of write-offs made at the time of taking payment now matches the payment itself in receivables.

- Fixed: The change log enhancements in 6.5.027 exposed a bug that could cause key violations upon saving a new address for a new customer.

- Fixed: As of 6.5.023 the line ready checkbox on Purchase Order package lines did not become ticked when clicked. This made it impossible to check in a received package until the entire PO was marked Complete.

- Added a Prospect flag to Customer Status.
When a customer order is invoiced this flag is removed from the customer record.
If desired, use the customer template to make new customers prospects by default.
Customer Lookup results can be filtered by Prospect, and there is a special lookup to list all Prospects.

- Elaborated the iCalendar (.ICS) email information for scheduler events introduced in 6.4.090 to include names and email addresses of all recipients as participants.

- Added a Technician Count Key to Company Setting, and both technician (limited) and standard (full) licenses can now have expiration dates up to August 1, 2026. After an expiration date has passed FrontLine displays a warning upon login. Licenses are no longer valid a week after expiration. Users under a technician (limited) license can now modify orders opened from scheduler events.
Note that Count Keys generated in FrontLine after this revision may not be recognized by older revisions of FrontLine.


Release: May 7, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.027

- Fixed: After changing a service order's agent and responding Yes to the prompt asking to change the agent of all existing lines, a user's Show Identifiers when unit is committed option stopped working until the order was deferred.

- Fixed: Unquoting a repair unit line item (or service order) did not recommit repair units whose last event was shipped with a shipment tracking number. This fix is in the quoting process, orders quoted with prior releases may still unquote without recommitting the unit to be repaired.

- The Change Log for Items now logs changes users make to Purchasing Quantities and Item Costing, excluding the layers.

- The payment remark text when a customer has insufficient credit is now different when the customer is already over their credit limit. This way the monetary number shown is always positive.

- Added an ability for custom reports to list values from Lists. Example to use the ShipVia list:


Release: April 27, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.026

- Fixed: A recent revision made an order in use that is taken over remain read-only.

- Fixed: 6.5.025 introduced a bug that failed to save new entity notes.

- Fixed: Items of Item Type Service Order now consult price levels.

- Fixed: A bug in the analysis of a customer's available credit before accepting on account tenders during order entry.

- Fixed: Warranty Vendor Invoice prices on returns should use the original invoice price instead of the current price. This fix is in the NewInvoice db procedure.

- The Rental line items Price Levels value is now used to price and pro-rate rental units on Equipment Sets. This revision also requires a database table update.

- Output of line items from Periodic Invoices excludes customer orders that sold and returned in the same batch for the same price.

- Output from the Print All as regular invoices function in Periodic Invoices now uses the BillToContactEMail field as a MailTo address to enable the eMail sections per recipient unattended function in the output preview window.

- Added an option New Customer Order defaults as Quote to the User Options available in System Users. The user must have permission to create quotes.

- The Payment Undo option in Returns can now perform both Tender Reversal and Payment On Account returns.

The Db Console contains required updates File: NewInvoice v6.5.026 and TRXIP.RefPrice (6.5.026).
Both of these db updates should be backward compatible all the way to 6.4.064


Release: April 17, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.025

- The green (committed quantity equals ordered quantity) and red (overcommitted) outlines in the quantity column of line items in order entry now fill the cell.

- Added Conversation Notes to the Notes window for entities (Entity Notes). Multiple conversation notes can be entered for an entity. The list of notes can be filtered by who entered them and the leading note texts and subjects. The text filter examines the complete subject (up to 80 characters) but only the first 240 characters of the note body text. Beware that the filters can be set such that a note just added doesn't appear in the list, for example if one has it filtered for another user or a text fragment that doesn't appear in the new note. See the Note Groups section for data keys.


Release: April 10, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.024

- Fixed: Returns of Warranty Vendor Invoices now post Credit Memos instead of negative Invoices to AR.

- Fixed: Analysis of a customer's available credit before accepting on account tenders during order entry failed to consider AR payments covered by the customer's parent.

- Fixed: Another case of Equipment Search showing multiple rows for the same customer equipment when that equipment was on a recurring bill credit.

- Fixed: When using Font Size 14, the header and footer section of order windows had insufficient vertical space, so character tails of data texts were cut off.

- The Unit Warranty window now includes a button to assign the default vendor as the warranty vendor. This can also be accomplished by entering a hyphen into the vendor number or name field.

- Recurring Billing Output now includes ESetID in the output data available on the bill forms.

- After completing a shipment from FrontLine Shipping, if a tracking number was assigned and a mail relay configured, FrontLine opens an email composition to the relevant agents. The email address helper is available in context of the order if Order Combination was not used.

- All outputs from Forms for Orders now include the PROBLEM dataset, enabling the use of problem codes on invoices, etc.

- Added a Set All Mail Logins function to the System Users window to simplify assignment of identical mail relay login credentials to all users.

- Rental line items will now use a price from Price Levels that matches the rental location.

- The WorkStation List in FrontLine Setup now has a Rental Location column to optionally indicate the default rental location when Short Term Rental is selected on a blank customer order.


Release: April 2, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.023

- Fixed: Moving an equipment set member from one set to another then invoking the context menu could raise an SQL key violation of PK_ESDTL.

- Fixed: Repeated Order Lookup by an order identifier using a different value did not update the results to use the new search value.

- Fixed: A recent revision could cause SQL errors on Customer Lookup, for example when invoked by typing into a customer order's Ship-To address.

- Fixed: Warranty Vendor Invoices used the line quantity unequal once too many times to figure the effective total. This fix is in the NewInvoice db procedure.

- Fixed: Warranty Vendor Invoices now only attempt to use the item's generic standard cost, no attempt is made to use the item's last cost or a location-specific standard cost. (If the item's generic standard cost is missing then the line price on the service order is used.) This fix is in the NewInvoice db procedure.

- Unused Billing Frequencies can be disabled in Setup--Lists by assigning them Display values starting with a hyphen.

- A Write-Off performed in Receivables in a customer context (not from an order) now prompts for an Amount to write off.

- The drop-down menu under AR in Customers maintenance now has Orders and Quotes functions that provide lookup lists of this customer's orders and quotes, which can be opened from the list to view in detail.

- When a customer order's Scheduled date is changed and it has set eligible line items without independent scheduled dates, FrontLine can now update those ESet members' initiated date and re-prorate if the user confirms.

- Purchase Order check-in now uses the ready/complete status of the order or line items to skip line items not ready. This allows intangibles (like services) to be omitted from a check-in when necessary.

- In Shipping, the icon shown for repair units now also indicates if they were under coverage using the umbrella icon, as they would appear on the service order.

- Searching by Event Category in Scheduler Event Lookup now lists events with most recent begin date first.

- Elaborated the Transact Unidentified security context to limit specific Item Action choices for Unidentified:
 ~ Lack of Read permit disables the Repair (aka Service) option.
 ~ Lack of Add permit disables the Sell option.
 ~ Lack of Modify permit disables the Exchange option.
 ~ Lack of Delete permit disables the Return option.

- Added Vertex Standard Catalog Update to the Third Party panel in the Welcome window. This link launches a batch file in the FrontLine program folder named VXCatUpFLFL.CMD where FLFL is the name of the database in use. See the MOL Catalog Update release notes.

The Db Console contains a required update for warranty vendor invoices File: NewInvoice v6.5.023.


Release: March 23, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.022

- Fixed: When company settings had FrontLine check item category accounts as a repair unit line item was created, it failed to change the location checked to the order location beforehand when the company setting Repair Units in Order Location was selected.

- FrontLine will no longer overwrite assigned line item Accounts after the user has set any of them on that line.
These line items have a new status flag Custom Accounts Assigned (CAA) in TrxStatus when the user chooses an account.

- If a Total Paid amount is entered in the Receivables window before choosing Any for a non-specific payment, FrontLine now creates a payment line item for that amount instead of the total receivable balance.

- Added an Optional Write Off Date prompt in the Receivables window when writing off a receivable or credit. If entered, this date is assigned to the Invoiced date of the write-off. FrontLine prompts for additional confirmation if the date entered is more than two weeks away (past or future) from today.

- Account is now shown in the Applied list in the Receivables window.

- Added an optional Write Off Limit to Access Profiles to limit how much a user can write off per receivable.
The write off limit is evaluated in base currency. Blank is unlimited. The system administrator's write off limit is 1.

- Returns of entire unreturned customer orders now offer a Payment Undo option to return the tenders.

- Added a Remove Payment function to context menu of order payments to indicate that a Check or Card payment was rejected after invoicing.
This function adds a payment for negative amount and same type as the original tender, and adds an equivalent On Account tender to take its place.
Notes can be added to the original tender even if the order is closed.
The new receivable is posted right away, using the original invoice date.
The records created in PAYMENTS by this process have their InvSeq inflated in a recognizable pattern*, and the original rejected tender has its VerifyCode modified for recognition.
* To match or join these records to the original InvSeq, mask out the inflation bits with an expression like this: (PAYMENTS.InvSeq & 65535) = I.InvSeq

- The information bubble that appears upon pointing to a Scheduler event on the scheduler board now includes a list of Participants starting with the primary participant.


Release: March 13, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.021

- Notification When and EMail To are now available in the Scheduler Event window to enable the auto-mailer for scheduler events.

- Added a basic Change Log viewer to the drop-down menu next to the Parts button in Items maintenance.


Release: March 11, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.020

- Fixed: Vendor Warranty Invoices on warrantied service order returns were not negated. This fix is in the NewInvoice db procedure.

- Fixed: Changing set eligible line item quantities on a customer order that was unquoted did not synchronize the equipment set member quantities correctly.

- Maintenance windows with addresses now have a Find All References command in the address list context menu to find all (Customers, for example) who have this address record associated with them.

- The Print All as regular invoices function in Periodic Invoices now provides an email address helper for the invoice output if the periodic invoice batch included only one entity.

- Added a Company Setting for AutoMailer Configuration to enter information required by the new auto-mailer feature. Note that the auto-mailer can use a different mail relay from location users, and all the email it sends uses the one return address.

- There is a new FrontLineAutoMailer program that sends Notes with suitable Notification information.

The Db Console contains two required updates:
NOTES AutoMailer (6.5.020) and File: NewInvoice v6.5.020.


Release: February 25, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.019

- Fixed: Equipment Search could show multiple rows for the same customer equipment when that equipment was on a recurring bill return, or was the repair unit on a service order return.

- Fixed: Inventory Valuation on a Date in History between a sale unit's committed date and invoiced date considered it sold instead of inventory.

- Fixed: After setting Base Currency to Canadian dollar (CAD) in Currency Options, then reopening the Currency Options window, it would then incorrectly select Australian dollar (AUD) as Base even though CAD had been correctly saved.

- The warranty sum outputs to Excel worksheets (TotalPartsW, TotalServicesW, and TotalChargesW) from Forms for Orders now use list prices instead of order prices.


Release: February 20, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.018

- Fixed: Top bar buttons in maintenance windows could respond incorrectly to click position.

- Fixed: Clicking View Jobs on an empty customer order would assign an OrderID unnecessarily.

- Forms for Orders for Customer Orders now has a facility to Select Order Identifiers to appear as columns in the output data.
Four identifiers can be selected, their outputs named OUIValue1, OUIValue2, OUIValue3, and OUIValue4.
These values can be used in batch outputs, and the selections are sticky per user.


Release: February 17, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.017

- Fixed: Customer discounts are not applied to intangibles (services and charges) on vendor warranty invoices. This fix is in the NewInvoice db procedure.

- Added to Periodic Invoices:

The Db Console contains a required update File: NewInvoice v6.5.017 to implement the vendor warranty invoice intangibles cost fix.


Release: February 11, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.016

- Fixed: Voiding (reversing) a collected payment could result in incorrect payment list output to forms.

- Fixed: The Sell Items On Hold security context Modify permit implemented in 6.5.015 to restrict Exchanges did not prevent an exchange that began by pressing the Exchange button before entering a Scan Code.

- Fixed: When the repair part was simply consumed from inventory, FrontLine failed to mark a warrantied repair part line on the service order warranty invoice as ordered on a Warranty Vendor Return Authorization to inform the Warranty Vendor Return Authorizations generator not to suggest ordering it again.

- Fixed: Transaction Inquiry now only retrieves Resource Cost for line items that are services, charges, or miscellaneous.
And because the Cost and Ext Cost columns are based on inventory costing, they have been relabelled Inv Cost and Ext Inv Cost.

- Added a simple Cost to outputs from Forms for Orders that contains one of the following in order of preference:
Location Last Cost, Location Standard Cost, Item Standard Cost.

- Added an optional length limiting feature to the Excel expressions output from Forms for Orders by ending the expression with a semicolon followed by the maximum length desired. Example to limit to 12 characters: I.Desc1;12


Release: February 2, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.015

- Fixed: Identifying customer equipment for repair on a blank order using Scan text where the equipment owner's customer status only allowed quotes did not record the equipment identification on the service quote.

- Fixed: The Item Action prompt for Discontinued or On Hold items now handles the user's Sell Items On Hold security context permit more elaborately:
 ~ Lack of Read permit disables the Repair (aka Service) option.
 ~ Lack of Add permit disables the Sell option.
 ~ Lack of Modify permit disables the Exchange option.
 ~ Lack of Delete permit disables the Return option.
The four consequences are written as negatives because other conditions can also disable various actions.
Even if the user's permission allows it, the Item Status Check prompt requests confirmation before adding the line item.


Release: January 30, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.014

- The Destinations list in Shipping now considers the Include Parts option: When off the list of destinations is now likely to be shorter.

- Added a Repair Units in Detail Lines option to Periodic Invoices to keep repair unit line items and not transfer their identifiers to individual parts and services linked to them.

- Added a Stock Identifiers tab to Items maintenance. There is a corresponding Stock Items template where the individual identifier types are assigned in Setup Identifiers.
Unlike Preset Identifiers that may be automatically copied to Unit Identifiers at time of sale, Stock Identifiers are simply additional information about an Item on file.
Stock Identifiers can be assigned to inventory items, services, charges, catalog items, etc.

The Db Console contains a required update ITEMS.UI (6.5.014).


Release: January 27, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.013

- Fixed: Periodic Invoices batches for customers could include the related warranty vendor invoices when a Customer Number Pattern was used.

- The context menu for the Bill To list in Periodic Invoices now has an option to Remove the selected Invoice or Bill from the batch.
This function is secured by a Modify permit for the Periodic Invoices context.

- The Scan Match feature for Customer Orders how has a Service Quotes option to list service quotes on which as unit has appeared when the scan code matched a unit identifier.

- Added a Last Received column to the main listing in Inventory Valuation. Unit received dates are shown as before in the Details listing.


Release: January 26, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.012

- Added a Show Identifiers when unit is committed option so Identifiers in Line Item Details are presented when a unit is committed for sale to a customer order to User Options.

- Equipment Sets and Service Contracts can now be priced in their own currency. Billing Currency can be assigned per Equipment Set.
Equipment Sets with no currency specified are assumed to be in Base Currency and will be billed in base currency.

The Db Console contains a required update ESETS.BillCurrency (6.5.012).


Release: January 22, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.011

- Fixed: Rates displayed in the Currency Exchange Rates window showed only two decimal places.

- Fixed: Lack of a "Delete" permit for Items Physical Count did not prevent a user from cancelling a physical count sheet.

- Fixed: In the Quantity of the Receive window for the first receiving after login, the first two digits entered were transposed.

- Fixed: A recent revision allowed a closed line item's Special Order property to be changed in the Line Item Details window.

- Fixed: A user without Customer Orders Equipment Owner Modify permit could change the customer of an open order with customer equipment already committed to it.

- Lower case coordinate parts output that includes values after the decimal point can now specify inclusion of leading insignificant zeroes (left of the decimal point) using a format mask like %2s (seconds with fractions) similarly to how this could (and still can be done) for upper case (no decimal fractions) using a format mask %.3D (degrees without fractions) (notice the case difference and the inclusion/exclusion of the period).

- Forms for Orders can now output to an Excel sheet. To use this feature:

FrontLine works with the first worksheet of the Excel workbook:


Release: January 9, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.010

- Fixed: Order Lookup for Orders Completed Today did not discriminate between customer orders and purchase orders.

- Fixed: Taxes calculated by Late Fee Billing did not round the Taxed Value correctly.

- Fixed: Periodic Invoices did not always sort correctly for the Sort by OrderID option.

- Fixed: The year long calendar shown in the Scheduler Event window did not shift display to the starting month of the event when the event did not already indicate Specify Days recurrence.

- The Units of... grid in Physical Count now shows an estimated unit cost if the user has permission to see Cost in the Items section of their Access Profile.
This Cost is available in the export and report.

The Db Console contains a update required for Physical Count File: Physical Count Unit Costs (6.5.010)


Release: January 5, 2015

FrontLine 6.5.009

- Periodic Invoices now has an option in the context menu to Consolidate Repair Consumption.
The line detail rows output for repair parts, services, and charges to "Details with Identifiers" in the window and the INVOICE dataset for the report are consolidated per repair unit line per type - Inventory (Part), Service, and Charge.
Consequently details about those parts, services, and charges are lost. They are simply described as their type, and identifiers output belong to the repair unit.


Release: December 30, 2014

FrontLine 6.5.008

- Fixed: Entering a specific tender amount on a foreign currency order did not convert the underlying value to base currency.

- Fixed: The Item Status Check did not allow a user to sell Discontinued items even when the user had permission to Sell Items On Hold.


Release: December 19, 2014

FrontLine 6.5.007

- Added a Ship Via column and filter to Customer and Purchase Order Lookup.

- When a time is entered without a date in a datetime field, FrontLine now assumes the intended date is today instead of a fixed date in 1899.
See more information about relative date entry in the 5.5.0220 release notes.

- Added a StockCE (where CE stands for Contract Equipment) output field to Recurring Billing Output to provide the stock number of equipment covered under a contract recurring bill line.


Release: December 18, 2014

FrontLine 6.5.006

- Fixed: Receivables posted by Recurring Billing did not use the customer currency.

- Added St. Maarten to the built in Countries list using code SX.

- Periodic Invoices now has a Vendor Invoices option to collect warranty invoices to vendors from customer orders.
The output uses a form PeriodicInvoicesVendors.rep in place of the standard PeriodicInvoices.rep form but all the data output is the same.


Release: December 16, 2014

FrontLine 6.5.005

- Fixed: 6.5 introduced an error processing payment returns.


Release: December 12, 2014

FrontLine 6.5.004

- Fixed: A recent revision broke the display of options previously selected in some Company Settings.

- Recurring Billing and Late Fee Billing now use and output customer currencies.

- Recurring Billing now copies the equipment set member Group [ESDTL.ESGrp] to the bill line item LineRef [TRX.LineRef], and Recurring Billing Output sorts by this value so member groups appear together and can be grouped on billing forms.

- Receivables now display and handle multi-currency input. FrontLine does not yet handle the closure of receivables paid off after exchange rates change.


Release: December 8, 2014

FrontLine 6.5.003

- Fixed: Quoted Recurring Billing Services omitted Taxes.

- Added a new Item Status flag Simple PO Cost to indicate that when the item is place on a purchase order, FrontLine should not look for the vendor-specific last cost. Instead it will simply use the location last cost, or standard cost if no last cost is on record. This flag affects assigned PO line cost entered either manually or by auto-gen, and the Last Cost shown in the Generate Purchase Order window.

- The OrderRef output from Forms for Orders in Purchasing now indicates if the referenced order is Voided or a Quote.


Release: December 3, 2014

FrontLine 6.5.002

- Fixed: FrontLine will no longer commit inventory Received for a Customer Special Order to the customer order line item if the customer order has been voided.
The inventory can still be received, but the Receive window will indicate the Voided status in a yellow highlight.

- Fixed: Physical Count failed to adjust unidentified on both ends of the chain of events when the count entered required it to do so.

- Fixed: 6.5.000 introduced an SQL error printing Delivery and Ship Tickets.

- Fixed: The Warranty Vendor Return Authorizations generator ordered parts used under warranty as returns.

- The Warranty Vendor Return Authorizations generator now copies line notes from the customer order to the WVRA.

- Line Tax Detail and Order Totals now display in the order currency.

- Enhanced the Destinations label in Shipping to offer a drop-down list of Ship Via methods to filter the list of destinations.
The list can also be activated using the F2 key.


Release: November 26, 2014

FrontLine 6.5.001

- Fixed: SQL error opening purchasing from the introduction of multi-currency support in 6.5

- Fixed: Physical Count handles unidentified quantities better will less confusing presentation to the user.

- Company Setting Order Activity Reactions now has options for When user indicates Order is Serviced or Ready:
Immediately mark All Units "To Repair" as "Repaired" (new)
Set Order "Fulfilled" Date and Time (introduced in 6.5.000)

- Company Setting for MOL Vendor can now select either an individual vendor or a Vendor Category.
If a vendor category is chosen, then the Third Party Export MOL feature provides a drop-down list of the vendors in this category to start a new export batch.

- Currencies are now posted to AR during invoicing:

Note that multiple currencies are not yet handled in AR.


Release: November 21, 2014

FrontLine 6.5.000

- Fixed: FrontLine now inspects Receivables when checking if a customer can be deleted.

- Fixed: Order Returns from an earlier rental order would also return units that had been returned and subsequently rented out again.

- Added to Company Setting for Order Activity Reactions a new option to Set Order Fulfilled date+time when user indicates Serviced (Ready).

- Added multi-currency support for customers and customer orders.

The Db Console contains a required update Multi Currency (6.5)


Release: November 5, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.114

- Fixed: A recent revision made the Company Setting for Shipping Charge % displayed the description where it should display the actual percentage. Data on file was unaffected.

- Fixed: Toggling on POS for an order in a location flagged Tax On Location GeoCode used the wrong Tax GeoCode if the order location differed from the workstation location.

- Fixed: Changing the price of a company Shipping Charge ID return line item would result in taxes calculated with the wrong sign.

- FrontLine now encrypts connections to email servers using only TLS, older (SSL) encryption protocols are no longer supported.


Release: October 31, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.113

- Fixed: A recent revision could make FrontLine miss the warranty status of a repair unit when assigning repair parts and services to it.

- Date Range in the Tax Report log is now recorded in a standardized format regardless of the company date format.


Release: October 29, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.112

- Fixed: A recent revision broke the Price Levels copy that is offered when an item is copied in Items maintenance.

- Fixed: When an unidentified unit was used to create an inserted line item, the identifiers entered in the Identifier Document window were lost to the unit.


Release: October 27, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.111

- Fixed: Reopening a first service order after login then closing it without viewing a repair unit's Repair Codes could result in a loss of the Repair Codes assigned.

- The email address helper is now functional in context of a Receivable Statement when only one customer is listed for statements output.

- Added order Department to outputs of Forms for Orders.


Release: October 24, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.110

- Fixed: The Reference Orders function introduced in 6.4.012 could list orders unrelated to a return order in view.

- Fixed: An assertion error occurred saving a user's Print Options as an administrator from the System Users window.

- Fixed: An inserted repair unit line item was not offered in the repair assignment menu until the order was reopened.

- Added a + Recurring Bills and Late Fees option to Transaction Inquiry to include recurring bills and late fees as desired so they don't always clutter the output.

- Added an <All Cash Equivalents> option to the Tender choices for the Drawer Reconciliation Report to output all but On Account tenders.

- The rental Reservation feature now has options for [Cumulative] Reserved quantities in the Projected Quantities list and an [All] toggle for the Projected Period Details list. These options are toggled by clicking the colored titles above the lists. When active, relevant information is highlighted in color for distinction from the other information listed.

- In the rental Reservation feature, late pick-ups that are past the end of their reservation are now excluded altogether, while within their reservation period they are included and shown in Projected Period Details with a clock icon. Late returns still rented out past their scheduled return date are also indicated with a clock icon, and it is now possible to directly view the relevant Equipment Set.


Release: October 17, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.109

- Fixed: The Projected Period Details listed in the rental Reservation feature did not change for the Period selected in the Projected Quantities list.

- Fixed: The email address helper did not demote retired addresses.

- The Location filter in Identify Unit is now sticky past logoff per user.

- Rented units now appear as Inventory in Item Quantities.

- There are new separate security contexts for Miscellaneous Purchases and Warranty Vendor Return Authorizations in the Purchase Orders section of Access Profiles. An Add permit is required to use these PO line generators.

- Added a Warranty Vendor Return Authorization function to the autogen menu in purchasing, to open a new Warranty Vendor Return Authorizations window.

The Db Console contains a required update TRXINV.RefPO (6.4.109)


Release: October 7, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.108

- Fixed: The recently introduced Order Status update bug now affected orders after check through.

- The Item Image line item context menu entry has been replaced by an Item Info entry that opens a submenu with Item Image and item specifications entries that provide links to file or web pages that can be opened.


Release: October 6, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.107

- Fixed: A recent revision disabled removal of Order Status codes (like Quote) from the database record.

- For addresses in countries outside the USA and Canada, FrontLine will no longer prefix the current location's 3-digit area code to phone number entries when only 7 digits are typed in.

- Items maintenance now has a Specs tab where multiple ad-hoc specifications can be listed for an item model. Each entry can be one of:

In the next release, FrontLine will open file and page references upon user request using Windows default program associations:
Leading X:\ or \\aaa\... indicate a local file associated with a local program by file name extension.
Leading http:// or https:// indicate a web page to open in the default browser.


Release: September 26, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.106

- Fixed: Recurring Billing did not exempt recurring bills to tax-exempt customers.

- Fixed: Delivery Tickets were missing the SigInvoiceName output for invoice Signatory Name.

- Fixed: The Only Service Orders option in Periodic Invoices did not conform with the 6.4.089 revision to qualify service orders.

- Fixed: When the same unit was adjusted out then back in, Inventory Valuation did not stop at the adjustment for unit cost assessment.

- Customer Special Orders checked out with option Cost Special Order sales by special Purchase Cost in Company Setting Cost Options will now use the cost on the PO line item itself when the PO has not yet been costed instead of defaulting to the item's costing method in this case.

- Printing an Invoice during check out of a customer order with vendor invoices now offers a choice [Customer vs Vendor (W)arranty] like it does when printing existing invoices.

- When an order is Unquoted, the question to unquote lines has been replaced with a simple confirmation. When the order is unquoted, all of its lines are also unquoted.

- When a customer order not flagged a quote but with all quoted line is checked out, the order itself is now flagged as a quote. This revision is in the CommitInvoice db procedure.

- Unit Price of Warrantied line items can now be changed. The line effective amount remains zero.

- Added a context menu with a Restore function to the Identifier Document History window to put back an identifier that has been deleted from the current document. This feature is available when the user is allowed to edit the identifier document but is not in edit mode.

- Added an Item Status flag Warranty V-RA to indicate that this item is sent back to the vendor for warranty claims. Otherwise the warranty vendor is invoiced for the cost of the item.

- Warranty Invoices introduced in 6.4.064 now apply to all tangibles and intangibles. See the 6.4.064 release notes for conditions. On the Warranty Vendor Invoice:

The Db Console contains three required updates:
File: NewInvoice v6.4.106
File: CommitInvoice v6.4.106
File: CostInvoice v6.4.106


Release: September 15, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.105

- Fixed: 6.4.102 broke Late Fee Billing when an Order Discount was present.

- Fixed: The addition of Desc1 to Equipment Search in 6.4.091 broke the display formatting of identifiers in the results.

- Fixed: Return lines with a reference to the sale would miscalculate return taxes when the return price was changed.

- Fixed: The default Cost assigned to PO lines should ignore PO returns and adjustments.

- Fixed: When the Shipping function added a freight charge to an order it did not consider whether that order was tax exempt.

- Fixed: 6.4.064 broke collection of subsequent invoice tenders on a customer order where the bill-to customer changed between invoices.

- Fixed: Item Category Accounts assignment to a Line Item did not reject when a Department was specified on the order but there was no match in the accounts list.

- Fixed: If repair parts and services linked to a repair unit line were not checked out when the repair unit line checked out, they could end up impossible to check out. This fix is in the NewInvoice db procedure.

- Fixed: Inventory Valuation now includes rented units.

- Revised the Company Setting introduced in 6.4.097
Do not warn users when an address has no matching Tax Geocode
to Do not warn users when an address has no Tax Geocode assigned
Remember that when using this option, all locations where customer transactions take place should be flagged Tax On Location GeoCode.

- Added Rentals Third Party at Customer Site to Customer Order Lookup to find customer orders with subrentals still at the customer site.

- Added Open Third Party Rental Orders to Purchase Order Lookup to find open orders to vendors intended to fulfill subrentals.

- Added Third Party Rental support, for subrentals from a vendor to fulfill customer rental needs.

The Db Console contains required updates File: CostInvoice v6.4.104 and File: NewInvoice v6.4.104
These updates are compatible with earlier versions of FrontLine.


Release: August 20, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.103

- Fixed: 6.4.092 broke Late Fee Billing.

- Fixed: Recurring Billing and Late Fee Billing did not consider a location's Tax on Location GeoCode option.

- Added an Event Categories column to the Scheduler Event Lookup result list, and activated this field for Search By and Filter By.


Release: August 19, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.102

- Fixed: FrontLine could refuse to check out an order with voided lines citing missing item category accounts when company setting Do not verify Item Category Accounts until check through was used.

- Added a Sort Service Orders by Repair Equipment toggle to a drop down from the Line # column title on Customer Orders.
The default value after login is determined by a new Lines sort around repairs on Service Orders option added to Company Setting Return, Repair, and Unidentified Options.
The line view sorting introduced in 6.4.099 can now be toggled on and off at will, and when off lines can be inserted on service orders.
When on, Charges not linked to a repair equipment line are now listed last.

- The Print Summary output in Receivable Statements now follows the sort order chosen for the statements in the upper right of the Print Options section.

- Added a Customer and Purchase Order Lookup Unfulfilled Lines On-Hold to find orders with open tangible lines that are on hold and not completely fulfilled.

- The BoxQty output to Packing Slips is now a total quantity packed in the box for the line item.


Release: August 14, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.101

- Fixed: Under some circumstances, after entering a new line item on a new order, and changing its price, then changing the order customer, the line item's price would erroneously revert.

- Fixed: FrontLine now refuses to insert a line on a Service Order because the line view sorting introduced in 6.4.099 could make the insert reuse a line number, resulting in a key violation.

- Fixed: The Jobs window did not accept letters I or P for text input due to the hot keys for Job Identifiers and Job Phases lists. These shortcuts have been removed.


Release: August 7, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.100

- Fixed: After Shipping before printing Packing Slips, an empty customer order window could appear, obscuring the Packing Slip: Shipping window.

- Added an On Hold toggle for line items on customer orders that excludes the line from purchasing demands. The flag is indicated on the line by a Zzz icon. This flag affects auto-gen in the Generate Purchase Order window, it does not prevent fulfillment and check out of the sale line itself.

- When a customer has more than 40 addresses and a user chooses the Lookup address... context menu entry (on an order's ship-to address, for example) the Search By in the Lookup window is initially City but now remains on the user's selection for the duration of a session.


Release: August 6, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.099

- Fixed: Recent versions of FrontLine caused some versions of PostgreSQL to raise an error upon opening the System Users window in FrontLine Setup - Security.

- Added a Special Order column to the Generate Purchase Order window to show the source OrderID of special orders directly on the purchase suggestion list generated.

- Line items on Service Orders in FrontLine are now sorted similarly to the output of service orders from Forms for Orders: Line items unrelated to the repairs are first, then come the repair units, each followed by the lines attached to it. This sorting occurs when the order is opened, assigning a repair on the open order does not resort the view immediately.


Release: August 5, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.098

- Fixed: Indicating a Retired GeoCode in Tax Detail did not save if the Description was blank.

- Ship Via is no longer required on Customer records, but is instead required on Customer Orders with a Ship-To address.

- Added a Rental Items Search By to Item Lookup to list all items in rental locations.

- Shipping now offers to print Packing Slips upon completion of a shipment:


Release: August 3, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.097

- Fixed: When an uninvoiced order's Ship-To address is changed to an address with no custom ShipVia, FrontLine now changes the order's ShipVia back to the customer's default ShipVia.

- Fixed: Tax Summary output from Forms for Orders did not summarize uninvoiced taxes by Tax Type.

- Fixed: Unquoting a line item would attempt auto-commit even when company setting Disable Auto-Commit was active. This bug was probably introduced in 6.4.085

- Fixed: Saving changes to entries in Setup Lists for many of the lists did not record the date of the change.

- Added a Company Setting Do not warn users when an address has no matching Tax Geocode in Notify Options that should only be used when Origin State Taxes apply to all locations. This option does not apply to Location Addresses, and all locations should be flagged Tax On Location GeoCode.


Release: July 31, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.096

- Fixed: Tax Rates in Tax Detail setup only displayed up to 3 decimal places even with 4 decimal places on record.

- Fixed: The automatic Shipping Charge Calculator could add a negative shipping charge when a partially quoted open order was fully quoted.

- Fixed: Under some circumstances, the lists of Ship-To addresses in Equipment Sets did not build completely.

- Added basic handling of Boxes to Shipping.


Release: July 24, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.095

- Fixed: Receivable Statements run for a past date with open credits posted later using an invoiced date within the end date did not show the open credit.

- Fixed: Creating a new Equipment Set with a Bill Frequency shorter than Monthly using Company Setting Next Bill defaults to 1st of next period would set the Next Bill date to the first of this month, which is in the past and thus triggers a warning.

- Fixed: FrontLine could add new entries to a Voided Equipment Set behind the scene.

- Fixed: Searching with a blank Scan text for ANY identifier in Identify Unit could raise an SQL syntax error.


Release: July 18, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.094

- Fixed: Access violation after the Warranty pop up from clicking the leftmost column of a warrantied repair unit line item when multiple warranties are in effect.

- Fixed: The Third Party group in the Welcome window now has its own security context below Purchase Orders in Access Profiles.

- Fixed: Miscellaneous Purchases generation did not exclude voided and fulfilled lines.

- Fixed: Purchasing auto-gen did not exclude Discontinued items with Minimum inventory levels.

- In Generate Purchase Order FrontLine now removes a package line suggestion from auto-gen when the package is a special order that brings no members with it.

- Added Remove Special Order to the line item context menu for packages on customer orders, to take all open members off special order.

- FrontLine now warns a user if an Item is Discontinued or placed On-Hold while it is on open line items.

- Added a Customer and Purchase Order Lookup Open w/Items Discontinued / On-Hold to find orders with open lines whose items are discontinued or on hold as seen in Items maintenance.

- Added an Order Lookup Rentals Short Term To Return to find short term rental orders that are completely fulfilled and checked out but still open to accept returns.

- Added a Receive Payment function next to the Exchange pre-scan toggle on the lower bar of the order processing window to receive a payment without typing into the line item Scan Code.

- Searching for an OrderID in the Receivables window using the Find function now searches for fully applied credits if there is no match in the receivable list.

- Exports from the custom Reports feature now recall export configuration per report.

- Added a Equipment Owner security context under Customer Orders. A user must have the Modify permit for this context to repair equipment sold to one customer in another customer's service order because doing so changes the equipment owner. Before FrontLine simply asked for confirmation.
To give users who have access to customer orders the same access to Equipment Owner without editing access profiles in FrontLine, execute this SQL:

SELECT A.AccessID,A.Context+47,A.AccessLevel FROM ACCESSRIGHTS A
  LEFT JOIN ACCESSRIGHTS P ON P.AccessID=A.AccessID AND P.Context=A.Context+47
 WHERE A.Context=100000 AND P.AccessID IS NULL

- Added an AR.Invoiced field to the AR table to facilitate analysis. This change affects Receivables and Statements, customer order check-out, and recurring billing. A database update is required.

The Db Console contains a required update AR.Invoiced (6.4.094) to add a column to the AR table, and set its value from existing invoices. Note that the MSSQL version must be executed in two steps.


Release: July 3, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.093

- Fixed: An SQL would occur upon activating the Group feature for a Parent customer in Receivables when using a MSSQL database.

- Added a Include Items Already Picking option to Forms for Orders. Previously, items already in picking (already printed on a pick ticket) were included by default.

- In custom Reports, a .rep form label named ReportParameters will now be set to a composition of the report's parameters specified at run time.

- Added two special searches to Scheduler Event Lookup: Incomplete Past Events and Unassigned Past Events. Both ignore background events.

- Added a View Today entry to the Scheduler board context menu to make it easier to return to a current date view.

- Added a special lookup Inventory Complete to Order Lookup for both customer and purchase orders. It lists orders with open tangible line items where all are committed to ordered quantity.

The Db Console contains a recommended update INDEX TRXINV.ItemID that is compatible with earlier FrontLine releases.


Release: June 27, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.092

- Fixed: The Explode Quantities option in Forms for Orders had broken in a recent release.

- Added a Del Mail Creds function to the System Users window to facilitate removal of a user's mail relay credentials.

- Added a Return Next Scan option next to the Exchange pre-scan toggle on the lower bar of the order processing window. This pre-scan modifier can be turned on before scanning for a new line item to assume a return (if possible) where a sale or rental would otherwise have been assumed. This facilitates refunds of intangibles (services and charges) and returns of unidentified rental units. This option only appears when in the Returns, Repairs, Unidentified Company Setting Mixed Orders are selected, not Isolated Returns.

- When an unidentified unit of an item that usually carries a warranty when sold new is brought for repair, after prompting for identifiers, FrontLine now allows for entry of a unit warranty that takes effect immediately.

- Added a member agent Synchronize Change feature for when the Agent of an Equipment Set is changed and members have other agents assigned (from the agent assigned to the orders they originated from). The default option is to release the members to use the agent indicated in the Equipment Set itself.

- Implemented a 30 Day option for Bill Frequency.

- Added a Only Items New Since Last Picking option to Batch Picking.

The Db Console contains a required update ORDERS.LastPicked (6.4.092)


Release: June 24, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.091

- Fixed: Returns of lines with many individual units per line could cause an access violation.

- Line items on recurring bill credits are now completely read-only.

- Units received back from Depot can now be marked Out Of Service or Defective.

- The Warranty information pop-up that appears from clicking the line number column of a covered repair unit line item now includes the Stock number of a Service Contract.

- Added Desc 1 [ITEMS.Desc1] to Equipment Search.

- Added OrderFulfilled to outputs from Forms for Orders.

- Agents CommissionID is now a Commission Profile list in Setup Lists.


Release: June 13, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.090

- Fixed: CheckNumber expansion in 6.4.086 broke some Drawer Reconciliation functions.

- Fixed: Identifier documents of units Committed for Rent could not be modified in Line Item Details.

- Fixed: Purchasing auto-gen did not exclude Discontinued items.

- In Generate Purchase Order, the On Order quantity is now also broken down into On Order Regular and On Order Special.

- In custom Reports, a label named CompanyName will now be set to the value of Company Name from Company Settings.

- Setup Lists now has a Repair Code Classes list whose (up to 15) entries can be used to binary filter (by the new Classes column of the lists) Problem Codes, Solution Codes, and Peripherals shown in the Repair Codes window.
The Class and Classes values are in hexadecimal, number base 16.
If Class filters are used, and a Problem or Solution or Peripheral code should qualify for any Class filter, simply assign it a Classes value of 7FFF

- Sending an email from the Scheduler Event window now includes iCalendar (.ICS) data with the email composition.

- Customer, Vendor, and Location addresses can now be assigned their own Ship Via to override the main Ship Via when this address is selected for an order's ship-to. This revision requires an addition to the database, see below.

The Db Console contains a required update ADDRESSES.ShipVia (6.4.090).
The addition of this field does not break earlier versions of FrontLine.


Release: June 4, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.089

- Added a context menu to the System Administrator link that appears on the Welcome window for administrator logins, with an entry to list Recent Orders Taken Over.

- Services and Charges flagged with the new Item Type Service Order (value 2048 or 0x800) are considered repair services (or charges) on an order even when unrelated to a repair unit. Their presence on an order also qualifies the order as a Service Order in order lookup.

- Shipping Charge Calculators can now be qualified for Sales vs Service orders.

- Batch Picking now has an Inventory Committed date option in addition to Order Placed and Order Scheduled, and an Export function.


Release: May 30, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.088

- Projected Period Details for a Reservation now show rented quantites with an undefined return date with a question mark instead of assuming a default return date.

- Changing or adding only the +4 part of an address Zip code no longer triggers a search of GeoCodes for City and State.

- Scheduler Events can now recur on a random selection of days.
The Recurs selector in the Scheduler Event window now has a Specify Days option that provides a year calendar where one can click days while holding down the Ctrl key to select multiple recurrences.

- Added individual AgentPhone1, AgentPhone2, and AgentPhone3 to outputs from Forms for Orders in addition to the existing AgentPhone which contains the first non-blank phone number of the three.


Release: May 22, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.087

- Fixed: The company Cost Option Use Special Cost for Commissions, when available alone caused purchasing check-in to skip cost accumulators even when the Cost Special Order sales by special Purchase Cost option was off. This fix is in the database procedure CostInvoice, and must be applied to each database.

- Expanded Company Setting "Scan Auto Lookup" into Lookup Options, with the addition of a "Include Separate fields with Search By Combinations*" option to enable searching by the individual fields merged into Name*, Address*, Phone*, and Description* in the Search By selector.

- Added a Show Contract Units option to Forms for Orders. This option applies to service contract line items: When on, units covered under the contract are output to the contract line item as if they were units committed to that contract line item.

- Removed the Alt letter key shortcuts in Tax Detail maintenance and improved Tab key navigation.

The Db Console contains an update File: CostInvoice v6.4.087 required for the fix above. This update is compatible with earlier versions of FrontLine.


Release: May 15, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.086

- Fixed: Sorting of events in the Unit Tracker could show recurring bills before the rental event.

- Fixed: Manually entered purchase order line items now default to the vendor-specific last cost.

- Fixed: Opening Customers maintenance without access to Other Agent's Customers could raise an access violation loading a customer template.

- Fixed: The equipment identification recovery for unquoting introduced in 6.4.085 does not apply to voids.

- Fixed: FrontLine included provisioning contracts in the opportunity to add equipment coverage in the Service Contracts window for unidentified units brought in for repair.

- Fixed: For order tenders, it is now possible to enter check numbers up to 15 digits long. Part of this change is in the database, see CheckNumber expansion below.

- Fixed: Having read-only access to customer orders caused problems processing purchase orders.

- The ReceivableComment output to Receivable Statements forms now includes the DocType text for Finance Charge if the receivable comment text is blank and the document type is a finance charge.

- Repair Units entered directly on a Quote using an identifier are now recorded like those entered on a Service Order that is then turned into a Quote.

- Added a Reservation feature for rentals. Rental line items are reserved starting at the (existing) Scheduled date for a (new field stored as minutes in the db) Reservation time span. Both are visible and can be edited in the Line Item Details window. There is also a Reservation function available by context menu or the shortcut Ctrl-' that opens a Reservation window where one can select a Period of days to view Projected Quantities in a selectable rental location. The Projected Quantities list shows reserved quantities, expected returns based on reservation time spans, and shortages to fulfill the desired quantity (if any). A single range of days can be selected for the reservation, reflecting the line item's Scheduled and Reservation values. The Projected Period Details on the right shows projected outgoing and incoming rental order line items for the day selected in Projected Quantities to the left. There are some requirements and consequences of these revisions:

In Company Setting Equipment Sets, Rentals, Contract Options there is a new option Orders Seek Equipment Sets with Own Lines in contrast with the prior default where New Orders may Share Equipment Sets. Enabling the new option makes FrontLine find an Equipment Set suitable for the new member that also has existing members from the same order. If not, a new suitable set is created. If a user does not move members manually, this option effectively creates a new ESet for every order. It could also create more than one ESet for one order, for example if the order adds both billing and non-billing members.

The Db Console contains three updates to be applied in this order:
Rental Reservations 6.4.086
File: CommitInvoice v6.4.086
CheckNumber expansion 6.4.086
(this data type change breaks earlier versions of FrontLine)


Release: April 15, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.085

- Fixed: FrontLine allowed a depot repair unit line item to be quoted after the unit had been sent to depot.

- Fixed: Returning a payment that included a write-off did not break down the two receivables correctly.

- Fixed: It was possible to lookup and commit inventory to lines on a voided customer order.

- Fixed: Unfulfilled Transfers marked as Special order could create purchasing demands.

- Clicking the warranty icon on a line item now offers to show the unit warranty record.

- Upon unquoting, either an open quote or creating a new order from a presented quote, FrontLine now attempts to recommit repair units that were assigned to a repair unit line item then turned into a quote.
If the repair unit was previously unknown (unidentified), then when the line is turned into a quote the unit is kept on record as a "Sold, To Repair" event unrelated to an order.
Upon detaching the event from the quote, the identifier document key is assigned to the line item's UI so it can be found again without re-entering identification.
Quoted repair parts and services can now be assigned to quoted repair unit lines.
For recommit to work on an open quote, the Company Setting Disable Auto-Commit in Line Unit Identify Options must be turned off.
For recommit to work on a presented quote that is turned into an order, the Company Setting Auto-Commit Order created from Presented Quote in Quote Options must be turned on.
For service quotes, or orders that contain quoted repair service line items, there is a new Service Quote available for printing in Forms for Orders. Service Quote forms follow the same scheme as Service Order forms.


Release: March 31, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.084

- Fixed: Bugs in the Shipping Charge Calculator.

- Fixed: Transaction Inquiry did not always list problem/peripheral/solution codes.

- Added Auto-Commit Order created from Presented Quote to Company Setting Quote Options.
Note that this setting does not override the global option to Disable Auto-Commit in Company Setting Line Unit Identify Options.


Release: March 28, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.083

- Fixed: Late Fees Billing could omit some customers with overdue receivables. One omission was customers with a non-blank Statement Category.

- The Unit Warranty window now displays and accepts input for both Vendor Number and Vendor Name.

- There are now two exports from Recurring Billing Output:


Release: March 26, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.082

- Fixed: Changing a package member Group ID in Package maintenance could cause a stack overflow.

- Fixed: Solution and Peripheral codes did not translate on Inquiries and Reports.

- Fixed: Adding an address for a customer while having an open order of theirs on display would add it to the order's Ship-To selection list with a name and address text.

- Added Shipping Charge Calculators to Setup -- Lists. Together with an assignment of Company Setting Shipping Charge ID, shipping charge calculators enable automatic assignment of freight charges to orders and quotes based on order totals and specific vendor item totals, using fixed values or percentages, cumulative (added) or replaced.
Note that these shipping charge calculators are not related to shipping events where actual shipping charges can be determined and a percentage added to the order.
A sequence of rules are assigned to ShipVia codes. The columns to set up Shipping Charge Calculators are:

To use a shipping calculator, a customer order or quote must have: These actions cause the shipping calculator to recalculate:

The Db Console contains entry CALCRULES (6.4.082) to create a new table.
Note that FrontLine 6.4.082 will not function without this new table.
Log in as system administrator and proceed directly to the Db Console to add it.


Release: March 5, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.081

- Added a Days Overdue column to the Receivables window.

- When a unit that was sold in a package is returned by scan code, and brings in the entire package for return, package members can now be voided individually.

- Increased the size of the Mail Relay field for Locations from 40 to 80 characters. This revision requires a database update.

The Db Console contains a required entry Expand Location Mail Relay (6.4.081) to implement part of the last revision above.


Release: February 28, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.080

- Fixed: Vendor RA orders were missing the Bill-To if the Location had no Sold-To assigned.

- Fixed: A recent revision broke printing of Vendor RA from Forms for Orders.

- Fixed: A recent revision broke opening prior invoices from the yellow list in the Check Out/In window.

- Fixed: A recent revision added a bogus number to the default subject line of email for forms.

- Fixed: A potential access violation printing a Vendor RA from Forms for Orders.

- Fixed: A revision in 6.4.066 broke returns of service orders.

- Fixed: If a custom payment tender type is indicated before a tender account number is entered that doesn't fit a standard tender type profile, non-numeric characters are retained.

- Vendor RA output from Forms for Orders will now output all line items for a completed V-RA.


Release: February 24, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.079

- Fixed: Identifiers for package member line items did not appear using the Details option in Transaction Inquiry.

- Improved change synchronization of the Price Levels tab in Items maintenance.

- Added an Invoiced column to the Applied list in the Receivables window, and a non-sticky sizer to increase vertical space for the Applied section.

- Forms for Orders now outputs a single AgentName field instead of AgentName1 and AgentName2 for the order agent.
AgentName contains Name1, or Name2 if Name1 is blank. Forms that use the old field names will need a simple revision.
Added fields AgentPhone and AgentEMail for the order agent.

- A user who has Modify access to recurring billing can now change the Customer PO values in Recurring Billing Output.

- A plain click on the System Administrator link in the Welcome window now shows a simple list of FrontLine Licenses In Use.


Release: February 19, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.078

- Fixed: Bill Of Materials components were prorated as if they were package members instead of indepent line items when initially added to an order.

- Fixed: FrontLine did not log the creation of a Depot return line item, resulting in an incomplete Line Item Change Log for depot return lines.


Release: February 17, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.077

- Fixed: Recurring Bills Items that were members of a non-billing package were correctly placed in a non-billing equipment set, but should not be prorated.

- Fixed: Package members sold in Package First mode where the package had a non-zero price were correctly priced at zero, but failed to generate $0 tax details.


Release: February 14, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.076

- Fixed: For a Payment line item, FrontLine now assigns the revenue account from the receivable itself (if there is one) and the location from the order where the receivable was incurred (if the order is on record, otherwise the current order location is used as before).

- Added a Other Agent's Customers security context in the Customers class. A value of None or NULL will:

To give users who have access to customers the same access to Other Agent's Customers without editing access profiles in FrontLine, execute this SQL:
  LEFT JOIN ACCESSRIGHTS P ON P.AccessID=A.AccessID AND P.Context=A.Context+8
 WHERE A.Context=260000 AND P.AccessID IS NULL


Release: February 12, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.075

- Fixed: Changing multiple of Print Template Folder, Report Folder, and SD Folder in Locations maintenance then saving could raise a key violation in the log table due to a shared security context. There are now separate security contexts for these two folder fields that were introduced in 6.4.070

- Fixed: A recent revision broke the use of Bill[...]Credit.rep form names for Recurring Bill credits.


Release: February 10, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.074

- Fixed: Pick Ticket and Vendor RA output from Forms for Orders should only include open line items.
This bug was probably introduced in 6.4.069

- Fixed: It was possible for standard tender types to be listed twice in the drop-down of an order's payment tenders.


Release: February 6, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.073

- Fixed: The Sales Orders for Invoicing Order Lookup included Ready orders that had been completed.

- Fixed: Miscellaneous line items on a customer order are costed at check-out (in TRXINVCOST) using this order of preference:

- Changed the Zoom function in Equipment Sets to a drop-down list of View options that are stick and initially all on by default:

The Db Console contains an entry File: CostInvoice v6.4.073 to implement the miscellaneous costing fix in this release.


Release: February 4, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.072

- Fixed: Sending an email without an attachment would raise an SQL error after sending upon logging the transmission.

- Fixed: Printing from Forms for Orders then changing a bill/ship-to address and reprinting would output the old address.

- FrontLine now explicitly logs changes to an Order entity.

- Added a Bill History context menu function to the Db Console that appears when the results have an ESetID column. It opens Order Lookup to show recurring bills for the equipment set in context, with most recent at the top.

- Added an optional Stock column to the Import Customer Equipment feature. A default stock number must still be selected before the import because it serves not only as a default item (a stock number is not required in the import file) but also as a model for the identifier documents to import for other stock numbers specified in the import file.

- Added an Equipment Import security context in the Customers Class.


Release: January 30, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.071

- Fixed: Late Fee Billing did not fully account for the grace period.

- Late Fee Billing now has context features in the Batch Review stage to view only exceptions, and exclude individual customers from the batch.


Release: January 29, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.070

- Fixed: Late Fees should not be assessed on late fees (finance charges).

- Added Report Folder and SD Folder to go along with the existing Template Folder per Location. These allow for more specific folder contents. The new folders are optional, if left blank FrontLine will continue to use the templates folder as before.

The Db Console contains entry Location Folders (6.4.070) to add two columns to the LOCATIONS table.
Note that FrontLine 6.4.070 will not function without these new columns.
Log in as system administrator and proceed directly to the Db Console to add them.


Release: January 27, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.069

- Fixed: Purchase Order Lookup by Scheduled date raised an ambiguous column name error.

- Fixed: A revision after 6.4.065 introduced missing line items from printing Sales Order output customized for Red Deer.


Release: January 22, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.068

- Fixed: It was not possible to check in (out) specific line items on a Vendor RA using the line checkboxes, all lines were checked through.

- Fixed: A recent revision made it impossible to assign a new Vendor Number.

- Minor tweaks to the Late Fee Billing feature.

- Added a Payments Type selector to Transaction Inquiry.

- The Order Totals window now summarizes in rows, by basic Item Type (Inventory, Service, Charge) and overall totals (Quotes separate).

- Added a Company Setting Order Status Hold Purchasing to indicate Custom Order Status flags on a customer order that should exclude that order from purchasing suggestions in autogen.


Release: January 15, 2014

FrontLine 6.4.067

- Fixed: A new assembly assembled on a work order can now be cancelled before it is checked in.

- Added a Font Size 14 (found in Current Station setup) for small high resolution screens such as the Surface.

- It is now possible to select a specific receivables Account when producing Receivable Statements for a single customer. This enables the use of an account-specific form for single customer output, and will output only the customer's receivables marked for that account.

- Recurring Billing Output produces Late Fees forms output using a form named LateFees.rep (plural because a late fee bill can have multiple late fees on it) and includes a new field ReceivableOrderID to identify the order that created the receivable that is overdue.

- Added a No Late Fees option for customers to indicate that this customer will not pay late fees, so exclude them from late fee billing.

- Added a Late Fees Setup to the Company Settings, where the late fee charge item is indicated along with optional Grace Period and Minimum Charge entries.

- Added a Late Fees Billing feature to the Accounts Receivable group. Late fee bills are created in a similar sequence of steps to recurring bills. The late fee bills created are similar to recurring bills, except that they have only late fee line items:

The Db Console contains entry Late Fees (6.4.067) to add two columns to the AR table required for late fee billing.


Release: December 31, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.066

- Fixed: When a package member was returned without the rest of the package, the return line item now has its package references cleared so it can be manipulated independently. A similar situation occurs with repair parts.

- Fixed: A recent revision resulted in an SQL error about P.Account in Receivable Statements when an Account was specified in the Criteria section.

- Fixed: Scrolling lookup results with a mouse wheel only worked on the visible rows.

- The Serviced function on the top bar of the order processing window reverts to Complete on service order returns.

- Added a Parent indicator for Customers. Customers under a parent are considered members of the parent group for payment purposes, and can have their receivables paid for by the parent. There is a new security context to control access to the customer Parent field.
The Receivables window now has a Group function to show receivables of all members of the group, and apply parent payments to members. When applying a payment with all members of the group displayed, a payment from the parent customer or non-payment credits from a member can be applied to any member, but a payment from one member can only be applied to receivables of that member.
Member (child) receivables are indicated by a head icon in the Customer Number column that appears at the far right of the row.
Parent payments shown in the Applied list are indicated by a hand and pencil icon on the far right.

The Db Console contains entry CUSTOMERS.Parent (6.4.066) to add a required column.


Release: December 19, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.065

- Fixed: The Summary feature in Receivable Statements excluded customers that did not accept statements. Those customers should be included in the summary but excluded from the statement output. And the ...Now outputs have been renamed ...All to reflect that they include receivables that could be posted with future dates.

- Fixed: 6.4.064 introduced a no data condition printing Delivery Tickets.

- In Receivables there is now an Applied... feature that lists payments applied to the selected receivable in a grid below, with functions to view the orders, etc.


Release: December 16, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.064

- Fixed: 6.4.059 introduced an SQL error exporting the Tax Report using By Location.

- Fixed: Email records introduced with the email address helper would, after sending the email, raise an SQL error on MSSQL when single quotes were used in the email subject.

- Clicking a column header in Recurring Billing Output now sorts the list, and print output attempts to mirror this sorting. Default sorting is restored whenever a batch is retrieved.

- Added a sticky option Exclude Cash Invoices to Periodic Invoices. This option affects the Periodic Invoices output but not the batch inclusion, so it can be toggled on an existing batch.

- Added an indicator for the location Mail Relay to initiate TLS encryption before the SMTP greeting process, instead of waiting to find STARTTLS in the response to the EHLO greeting.
Add a ~ to the end of the mail relay property to turn on immediate TLS.
When sending via a Google account, Google says use port 465, or port 587 if the client begins with plain text before issuing the STARTTLS command.
For example vs

- Added a Customer function to Vendors maintenance that offers to create a corresponding customer for dual role entities, or opens the existing corresponding customer. This customer and vendor share the same ID and address list because they are the same entity, but the customer needs to have default addresses (like bill-to and ship-to) assigned by a user, and any customer-specific information needed.

- A Unit Warranty can now be assigned a Vendor who pays for warranty repair services performed in house.

- Repair services performed under warranty at no charge to the customer can now be invoiced to the warranty vendor indicated in the repair unit warranty or the repair item default vendor. A receivable is posted for this vendor. The conditions to produce a warranty vendor invoice are:

During service order checkout, warranty vendor invoice lines appear below the customer invoice lines distinguished by color and the warranty symbol.
Warranty invoices are marked with flag value 2048 in INVOICES.InvStatus, the same flag value that indicates warranty status in line item TrxStatus.
Forms for Orders are affected by this revision due to the introduction of EntityID to the key for INVOICES and TRXINV.
Forms must start a new page with a new invoice header section when INVOICE.EntityID changes. Tips: There are required database updates as outlined below.

The Db Console contains four entries. These updates make a database incompatible with checkout in older versions of FrontLine:
File: Warranty Service Claims v6.4.064
File: NewInvoice v6.4.064
File: CommitInvoice v6.4.064
File: CostInvoice v6.4.064

to implement parts of the warranty vendor invoicing revision.


Release: November 29, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.063

- Fixed: An SQL error introduced in 6.4.062 saving revised Parts entries.

- In Recurring Billing Output added:


Release: November 27, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.062

- Fixed: Sorting of members of packages used for repairs on output of Forms for Orders.

- Fixed: Erasing an identifier value on a committed unit in Line Item Details did not save.

- Fixed: Overriding the price on a package return would recalculate taxes with the wrong sign.

- Data entry enhancements to Parts Cross-Reference, which now has Entity name instead of ID. An Entity ID can still be entered in this name field.

- Added a Disable Auto-Commit option to Company Setting Line Unit Identify Options to disable auto-commit altogether.

- Added an Exclude Catalog-Specific Items option to Item Lookup.

- Added a User cannot take over orders in use option to User Options.


Release: November 21, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.061

- Fixed: The Show Credits posted after End Date option for Receivable Statements did not work on applied credits.
Note that the AR.BalanceEnd or AR.BalanceNow form expression should now be replaced by AR.Balance because the balance shown is determined by the option Show Credits posted after End Date.

- Fixed: Equipment Sets could not be opened from drill-down order views.

- Fixed: 6.4.060 broke the output sorting of Service Orders from Forms for Orders.

- Added a Do not verify Item Category Accounts until check through option to the Company Setting Discount Presentation, Qty Repricing, Cost Base, Line Accounts to defer verification of line item accounts.

- Added a pop up notice about lack of automatic repricing when the entity is changed on an order with line items.

- Added a Summary (Print or Export) feature to Receivable Statements that outputs a summary for internal use.
Print requires forms named ReceivableStatementSums.rep and uses Different forms when Account specified, and output is affected by the Show Credits after End Date option.


Release: November 7, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.060

- Fixed: Recurring Billing could raise an SQL error when listing Exceptions and Batch Review.

- Fixed: Members of packages used as repair parts were not sorted with the package in the Service Order output of Forms for Orders.

- Added an All function to the Recipients section of the Scheduler Event window. Note that the primary participant should be selected first.


Release: November 5, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.059

- The Tax Report now excludes lines where both the Tax Amount and line Effective amount are zero.

- An interactive email from Receivable Statements output for one customer will now use the same recipient email address that the batch process uses: The E-Mail address directly on the BillTo address.

- If there is a floating Scheduler window concurrent with order processing, then when Forms for Orders opens the Scheduler window is hidden, then shown again upon return to the order window.


Release: October 31, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.058

- Added Item Status to Item Lookup.

- FrontLine has begun logging user field value changes on order headers.
The Db Console now transates the ObjectID field of the log tables MNTLOG* to meaningful text, and can open the Item/Entity/Order in context of the log record.
Note that FrontLine has been logging whenever an order was opened by a user for possible changes, but the logging context always indicated a customer order.
To fix the log to indicate purchase orders, execute this SQL:

 RecordID IN (SELECT OrderID FROM ORDERS WHERE OrderType&1<>0)
 AND ObjectID=100000 AND SecondID=-1 AND ValueNew&8192<>0


Release: October 30, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.057

- Fixed: The signature printing revision in 6.4.056 broke output of graphics by file name.

- Elaborated the Company Setting for Discounts, Repricing, Cost, LA (Line Accounts) to add options for Location for Item Category Accounts - Revenue and Cost of Sales Line Location (default) vs Order Location. When set to Order Location and the order location differs from the line location, the Revenue (Income) and Cost of Sales accounts are taken from the order location.


Release: October 25, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.056

- Tablet PC signatures can now output to Forms for Orders, and both signature types now appear in PDF files output.

- In Recurring Billing, FrontLine now refuses to continue with bill creation after Exceptions and Batch Review if there are critical exceptions outstanding.

- Customer Returns of non-rental items now apply the line item's C.Cost (if entered by the user) to inventory costing: Layers, and Location Average Cost.
The return invoice cost method indicates Trade-In
This allows a return unit to be devalued for inventory based on wear.
This revision is implemented in the CostInvoice database procedure.

The Db Console contains entry File: CostInvoice v6.4.056 required for the custom return costing.


Release: October 23, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.055

- Fixed: FrontLine should not change the warranty coverage on a repair part based on the part unit selected. This bug was probably introduced in 6.4.013

- Special Order can now be toggled on Package line items.


Release: October 18, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.054

- Fixed: The All function in the Service Contracts window would show contracts that belong to other customers.

- Fixed: In the Service Contracts window, adding an equipment unit to a contract, removing it from the contract, then adding it back to the same contract within the same session did not save the coverage.

- Fixed: Alpha characters entered in account numbers of custom tender types were discarded. The follow up the revision in 6.4.051

- Fixed: Added an AR_=Accounts Receivable Report Group and fixed the report group guess for when an AR report file is manually added to the list.

- Receivables now shows Due and Invoiced dates, and the Unapply function entries show their Order ID.

- Receivables now has a Convert Type context menu function that appears for negative amounts to change the DocType and make the Amount positive.

- Recurring Billing now uses the Issued date (if set) as AR Posted date.

- Recurring Billing now checks for Unearned Revenue disparity on Item Category Accounts and indicates them in red in the Exceptions and Batch Review step. This exception means that some but not all line items on the bill have the Unearned Revenue Account defined for their Item Category.

- FrontLine can now accept a digitizer pen Signature on a Tablet PC such as a Microsoft Surface Pro. These signatures cannot print on forms yet.


Release: October 3, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.053

- Fixed: Adding a service contract to a customer order then opening the contract details while another user concurrently processes an order for the same customer could raise an SQL key violation on PK_ESDTL.

- It is now possible to assign a presented quote to a job. The Job entry in the main orders window is now under the Quote menu.

- The Item Quantities window now shows On Hand and Open PO (PO'd - Received) quantity per location.

- Added a Notify user when Line Quantity is increased over Committed Quantity option to Company Setting Line Unit Identify Options to notify a user when they increase line quantity over previously fulfilled quantity for an item that cannot be auto-committed.

- Added a User Agent priority on new orders option to User Options. This option gives the user's agent (if assigned) precedence over the customer's agent when a customer is assigned to an order.

- Order and PO Lookup now display the search identifier matched in the column that otherwise shows Order Ext Ref when non-identifier searches are performed.


Release: September 26, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.052

- Fixed: Multiple concurrent users attempting to view Job Details could raise an SQL error about PK_JCS.

- Added a Job List Criteria feature to Jobs. Click the job list section heading or use shortcut Ctrl-F1 to open it.

- Creating a job order from a presented job quote now creates Resource Costs Job Budget numbers even if the quote didn't have explicit budget values:


Release: September 23, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.051

- Fixed: Under some circumstances, printing an open service order could raise all flags on that order status.

- Fixed: Line items at rental locations on POs, Adjustments, RAs, and Transfers should not be marked with the Rent transaction type indicator.

- Fixed: Changing a user's Role in System Users for a long user name in a MSSQL database raised an SQL error.

- Fixed: Changing flags for multiple entity addresses then saving would raise a key violation on PK_MNTLOGI.

- Fixed: Returning an open Payment (where no receivable was specified) did not apply the negative to the payment in AR, so while the account balance was correct both entries appeared and could not be applied manually.

- The Scan Code display on open orders where the line was created from an identifier is now Identifier » Stock instead of only the Identifier.

- Restored the Prices button on the top bar of Equipment Sets.

- For custom tender types, an Account Number of any format can now be input, and the numbers are not obscured like card numbers.

- To help a user resume working on their last order after a connection loss to the database server, FrontLine now saves the recently opened orders list right after opening an order for editing instead of waiting for logoff.

- Enhancements to Job Cost including a Details feature to provide summaries and context links to customer orders, POs, etc.

- FrontLine now records the Account from tax setup on line tax details.

The Db Console contains three entries:
File: GetTaxes v6.4.051
File: CommitInvoice v6.4.051

to implement parts of the Tax Account revision.


Release: August 28, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.050

- Fixed: Returns of a rental repair service order resulted in the rental repair unit returning to stock. It now goes back to being rented.

- Fixed: When the E.Set identifier document template was undefined, using the S.Find function in Equipment Sets raised an access violation.

- Spaced embedded in the middle of field names output on reports are now ignored better for code translation purposes. For example, and of these will now match OrderStatus: "Order Status", "order status", "ord ers tatus" but leading and trailing spaces will still cause a mismatch such as "Order Status " (this can be used to deliberately avoid a translator).

- Added a Repricing after Location change section to Company Setting Discount Presentation, Quantity Repricing, Cost Pricing to disable repricing a line item after changing line location.

- Resource Costs now has a Budget section for Job line items, and next and prior buttons to scroll through line items on the order without having to close and reopen.

- Added basic Job Cost features.

The Db Console contains an entry File: Job Cost Data (6.4.050) to add Job Cost tables and fields required.


Release: August 9, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.049

- Fixed: Upon creating a Vendor RA by scanning an identifier of a unit in stock, the Ship-To address was assigned but not displayed until the order was deferred and reopened.

- Typing into a Bill-To field on an order to lookup an alternate billing address (from any customer) now only lists addresses that include the Bill To attribute.

- The By Date option in Transaction Inquiry now lists the most recent orders first instead of last.

- Fixes and minor revisions to the email address helper in the E-Mail composition window.


Release: August 6, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.048

- Fixed: Could not commit inventory to a special order line item with no identifiers from Scan Match invoked from Line Item Details.

- Fixed: Voiding an open package line item could void its completed member items.

- Added an Item Cost preview tab to Items maintenance.

- Added an email address helper to the E-Mail composition window. Currently it is limited to email sent in the context of an order. It lists all email addresses related to the order and order entity, with the order contacts first and preselected. Checking an email address adds it to the last selected (and indicated by a bold label) recipient list: To, or CC, or BCC. Unchecking an address removes it from wherever it appears in the recipient fields. Typing into a recipient field seeks a match which is highlighted in yellow, and pressing Enter selects that recipient without further typing. If no email addresses are found, the blank list is hidden. There is a proportioning splitter to adjust space usage in the header section of the window.


Release: July 30, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.047

- Fixed: The contract coverage umbrella in Customer Lookup appeared even if all contracts were cancelled or terminated.

- Fixed: Order line items sold and checked out at $0, then returned and manually repriced at non-zero would result in missing taxes on the return. This was due to the all-zero tax details being discarded upon completion of sale check-out. The fix is in the CommitInvoice database procedure, and must be applied in the Db Console.

- Open Transfer requests are no longer added to the Allocated quantities in auto-gen, and thus do not trigger purchase suggestions.

- Restored the Include Discontinued Items option in Physical Count with a workaround for the PostgreSQL problem it triggered before.

- Added a Tenders field output to Receivable Statements that lists the payment tenders on the payment order where a payment was received. Use this expression in the Detail section of the receivable statements form, and set the section to both Auto Expand and Auto Contract.

- Setup Lists now provides a Delete button for all lists, however it is only enabled when applicable.

- Added a LineLocation field to the outputs of Forms for Orders. LocationID (Order Location) and Line Location output are now distinct.

-When the Quote function is used on a closed order that contains both quote and non-quote line items, FrontLine now displays a selector for Order from Quote lines vs Quote from All lines.

The Db Console contains a procedure update entry File: CommitInvoice v6.4.047 required for the return tax fix above.


Release: July 17, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.046

- Fixed: Inventory RAs should always ship from the inventory location regardless of the order location, and depot repair returns should go back to that inventory source location.

- Fixed: The doubling of quotes for Export of text fields failed on trailing quotes.

- The last custom order note context (if used) is now also a follow-up conversation note, like receivable notes. This note is not available for output to Forms for Orders.


Release: July 16, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.045

- Fixed: Reappearance of the Item Quantities window introduced in 6.4.044 is now stacked correctly just beneath the Items maintenance window.

- Fixed: Periodic Invoice for regular invoice lines that have multiple units assigned could inflate the line Quantity output to the form.

- Fixed: 6.4.044 introduced a bug where a $0 check-out with no tenders could not be completed.


Release: July 15, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.044

- Added a Collected function to the context menu of customer order payments to process a cash/check/card tender ahead of invoicing.

- In Items maintenance, added an ability to change the width of the Item Information section by grabbing a sizer between it and the right window sections. If the result cuts off the check boxes on the right then the window is widened to accommodate. The result is sticky per user, within reasonable limits.

- When a floating Item Quantities window is opened from Items maintenance, then Items maintenance closed and reopened, Item Quantities reappears when an item record is opened.

- Added a Separate Returns option to Item Quantities. With this option off, return quantities are merged into available. Previous releases always separated returns.

- Most of the checkbox options in Item Quantities are now sticky.


Release: July 9, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.043

- Fixed: Changing a line location from a location where there is an applicable price level to a location with no applicable price level did not reset the line price to list price.

- Fixed: Setting the line price of a miscellaneous item to zero right after creating the line raised a Quantity Tracker error.

- Fixed: Changing the quantity of an Adjust Out line item that could be auto-committed resulted in the commits becoming available instead of adjusted.

- Elaborated the Company Setting for Line Unit Identify to add options for Only Items with Identifiers vs Any Stock Item.
This makes the revision for Seek Id made in 6.4.040 optional.


Release: July 3, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.042

- Fixed: Receivable Statements used the application date of fragmented payment applications instead of the payment date.

- Fixed: A recent revision made it possible to adjust out unidentified.

- Fixed: Intangibles (Services and Charges) with a default vendor on file were not included in purchasing auto-gen unless they were special ordered.

- Fixed: Adding purchase order line items to an existing PO from auto-gen with demand notes could cause a key violation.

- Vendor RA is now a separate form in Forms for Orders, with data output like a Pick Ticket.

- Added an item-specific Last Lead value (in days) to the Vendor Performance of the Generate Purchase Order function. Last Lead is the numbers of days between the PO placed date and the item receive date, however it is not evaluated here until the PO line item is checked in and final cost recorded.

- Returning an item using Scan Code or Customer Equipment that has been repaired since the sale now returns the equipment alone for $0. Override the return price to provide a refund.

- Added a [ListPrice] field to the output of Forms for Orders.

- Purchase Order output from Forms for Orders is now like a Pick Ticket so identifiers can be included. Some expressions have changed, such as Quantity to LineQuantity.

- The Scan Code field in Line Item Details now works to commit inventory to a line item of a Transfer Order.

- The Telus third party links in the Welcome window now invoke .pyw programs instead of .py programs.

- Recurring Billing Output now sorts output of multiple bills by Bill-To name first, then the first Equipment Set Identifier (if selected), then OrderID.

- When viewing Customer Equipment in the Scan Match window, there are now two options to "Include Equipment with no ID" and "Include Out Of Service". Previously, these were always included.

- Receivable Statements output with an End Date now have a sticky option to Show Credits after End Date. Prior releases always showed such credits and payments, and the output field PaymentPosted is now PaymentDate to reflect when the payment was received rather than when it was posted to a receivable.

- FrontLine now logs basic information about emails sent, such as recipients, subject, and OrderID. Multiple Recipient EMail of reports are not logged.

- Added an eSignature feature for email composition. Set user E-Signatures in User Options. The signature text is added to .eml templates using <FLF>eSignature</FLF>. FrontLine converts signature line breaks to <br> if the email has HTML formatting. If there is no .eml template then the eSignature becomes the default email body.

The Db Console contains entries Widen UIPRESETS and UILISTS and EMail features 6.4.042 to make required changes.
Note that FrontLine 6.4.042 will not function without the EMail features db update.
Log in as system administrator and proceed directly to the Db Console to apply them.


Release: June 18, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.041

- Fixed: Again, an item with no event history could not be adjusted in with Company Setting Line Unit Identify set to Seek Id.

- To complement the equipment set identifier documents introduced in 6.4.025 two Equipment Set Identifiers can now be output to forms from Recurring Billing Output as SUIValue1 and SUIValue2.

- The [Stock] field text output from Forms for Orders for Payments On Account now includes a reference to the order being paid for, like shown in the payment order Scan Code.

- FrontLine now uses an order's Customer PO as the default Comments on AR records it posts for this order.


Release: June 14, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.040

- Fixed: Returning a package using a member identifier as scan code did not link the member line items on the return to the package return, causing check out problems. This bug only affected MSSQL dbs and is fixed in the CopyLineItems db procedure.

- Fixed: Applying a credit towards Receivables might not be committed correctly.

- Fixed: Scan code returns of non-identifiable items was recently broken.

- Fixed: Recurring Billing Returns did not post credits to AR.

- Fixed: Choosing BackOrder or Special Order from Scan Match for a customer order now assumes a Sale, so no Item Action is raised.

- Company Setting Line Unit Identify set to Seek Id now only applies to items with identifiers.

- When Scan Match shows customer units of an item for repair when the unit wasn't previously identified, the "Scan Matches" and "Available Inventory" tabs are not shown.

- Added a Miscellaneous Text feature to Receivable Statements. Activating this option displays a type-in box for miscellaneous text that will appear on the output if a form has a label named MiscellaneousText. Although the option is sticky, the miscellaneous text entered is not saved.

- Added to Company Setting On Account Tenders & AR an option to Print Sales and Service Orders without Tendering. When this option is not set and a customer has no credit, an explanation now appears before printing.

The Db Console contains an entry File: CopyLineItems 6.4.040 for the first fix above.


Release: June 11, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.039

- Fixed: Exchanges were broken by a recent revision.

- Fixed: Opening Transaction Inquiry from Items maintenance, then reopening it from the Inquiry group in the Welcome window, then clearing the Stock number criteria might not clear the criteria internally.

- The [EntityOrder] output field from Periodic Invoices has moved from the INVSUM dataset to INVOICE for better correspondence.

- Added output fields INVOICE.OrderNote and INVOICE.LineNote to Periodic Invoices.

- The [InvDate] output field from Receivable Statements now contains the receivable's Posted date if there is no corresponding Invoice.

- No customer Forms for Orders can be printed without sufficient credit, a credit override, or cash tenders on the customer order. Previously, the sales order form could be printed.


Release: June 7, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.038

- Fixed: Inventory units with status Defective, In Use, In Shop, or Out Of Service can now be adjusted out.

- Fixed: If none of the the Unit Id (1,2,3) were selected, opening a Periodic Invoice batch could raise a missing SQL error.

- Periodic Invoices now exclude Payment On Account line items.

- Added these sticky option to Periodic Invoices, accessible in a context menu of the Open button. A batch does not have to be regenerated to change them:

- Added fields [Quantity] and [Description] to the output dataset INVOICE in Periodic Invoices.

- Added display of cost based calculations in Price Levels: Cost based Price Level calculations shown within the Items maintenancce window all use the base standard cost seen directly on the Item record, while cost based calculations shown in the Price Levels window are location-specific using the Display price calculated from Cost at Location selector. A price level Price display that was calculated using the base standard cost (not location-specific) is indicated by a trailing asterisk.

- Added a User Option User can only use the Scheduler. Such a user can use the scheduler board, manipulate scheduler events, and view orders related to events. Such a user does not consume a FrontLine user license upon login, and is taken to the scheduler board directly.


Release: June 4, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.037

- Fixed: A recent revision caused the Item Action prompt to appear twice during line item entry under some circumstances.

- Receivable Statements now have a sticky option to use Different forms when Account specified. There are now two possible variables in the form file name, determined by Statement Category and Account in the Criteria section:


Release: May 31, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.036

- Fixed: Taxes on Quotes had the wrong sign. This bug was introduced in a recent tax sign fix.

- Fixed: When an Item's Minimum Price was left blank, FrontLine assumed it was zero thus not allowing negative price overrides.

- Fixed: FrontLine had assumed that the default Due date of a receivable would be calculated when needed using the Terms of the receivable. Instead, it now assigns Due dates to AR posted from Invoices (reference date is the invoice date [Created]) and Recurring Bills (reference date is the bill period begin date [Scheduled]). Receivables are made Due on the reference date plus the number of days in the Terms, while Credits are made Due on the reference date itself.

- Fixed: Assigning multiple Participants to an unassigned event in the Scheduler Event window would save them all as the primary participant. The first assigned when the participant list is empty is designated primary.

- Fixed: Recurring Scheduler Events assigned to multiple Participants were not consolidated in multi-day views.

- Fixed: A revision in 6.4.034 made the Item Action prompt appear for services and charges.

- Added Microsoft-specific locking hints to AR functions to prevent MSSQL Server from using table locks and thus potential deadlocks between FrontLine clients during customer order credit check and posting AR after check out.


Release: May 29, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.035

- Fixed: Credits and Payments in Receivables that had been Adjusted out appeared to be open.

- The [Account] and [Comments] columns in Receivables now widen at the expense of [InvSeq] and [Line] when the cursor enters them to improve reading space.


Release: May 28, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.034

- Fixed: The shortcut to sales auto-commit with Company Setting Line Unit Identify Seek Id introduced in 6.4.028 made some transaction types impossible to achieve, such as inventory Adjust Out and Returns of non-identifiable items from a Scan Code.

- Fixed: Application of an open payment to multiple Receivables in one pass created the wrong DocType on the application records.

- Return orders can now be turned into quotes. However, such a quote cannot be unquoted.


Release: May 24, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.033

- Fixed: When a voided order was opened, then unvoided, it was not marked as In Use. Consequently, another user could open the same order and modify it at the same time. The In Use warning prompt has also been enhanced with the name of the last user who opened the order.

- The Received Inventory Check In prompt upon deferring an open PO is no longer displayed for RAs.


Release: May 22, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.032

- Fixed: A negative priced quoted line item could be taxed with the wrong sign.

- Fixed: The Add Event function on the Scheduler board is now disabled for users without the Add permit for the Scheduler context.

- Added a Discountable property to Item Categories in Setup - Lists.
Items in discountable categories can have a customer's overall Discount percentage applied.

- Tax Exempt Vendor RAs are free of the return order constraint that does not allow the Ship-To address to be changed.


Release: May 21, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.031

- Added the primary participant (Agent) to Scheduler Event Lookup and enhanced display text of the Event Status.

- Miscellaneous items now raise the Item Action prompt when added to a customer order, even when they have no identifiers.


Release: May 20, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.030

- Fixed: The file names for Telus third party links were not revised correctly in 6.4.028

- Fixed: Receivables posted by Recurring Billing were not assigned the location's AR Account.

- Fixed: Scheduler Event Status dynamic visual layout in the event window had bugs.

- Added an optional Account criteria to Receivable Statements. Selecting an account here retrieves only receivables (and payments if unapplied) assigned this account. The drop-down list shows only accounts selected for AR at any location, but other accounts can be typed in.

- Added a Include Zero Price Line Items sticky option to Periodic Invoices, accessible in a context menu of the Open button. A batch does not have to be regenerated to change this option.


Release: May 16, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.029

- Fixed: Signatures output to Forms for Orders would repeat the first signature instead of drawing the unique signatures.

- Stock selection on a customer order from Item Lookup is now consistent with the 4th revision in the last release about Line Unit Identify.


Release: May 14, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.028

- Fixed: A collation error upon opening Tender Types from Company Settings when the Microsoft SQL Server default collation differs from the collation used in the FrontLine database.

- Added No Form Selection to User Options, separating form selection lock down from Fixed Print Options lock down.

- Added a Periodic Invoice filter to Receivables. This filter only appears if periodic invoicing is enabled by presence of the PVIDS table. When a periodic invoice is selected, the total of the receivables listed is shown.

- Upon entering a new non-identifiable line item using company setting Line Unit Identify Seek Id the Scan Match window does not prompt the user to identify the inventory. Consequently, auto-commit can be attempted for inventory at the selected location.

- On the Scheduler board, an Agent with no Category now qualifies for any Resource Category. Note that the uncategorized agent is still subject to Resource Certifications selected (if any).

- The Print options for the Scheduler have been moved from the context menu to the board options panel, and a By Agent option has been added that sorts the output primarily by Agent.

- There can now be up to 15 Event Status choices for Scheduler Events (see Setup - Lists: Scheduled Event Status) with the first eight mutually exclusive and colored (see company setting: Scheduler Options), and the last seven optional. Except for the first two (Open and Completed), the rest are omitted from the event window if their list display text is blank. The status checkboxes are now arranged more dynamically in three columns to fit the display area.

- Package First sales with a positive package price now consult price levels and customer discounts.

- Periodic Invoices now has an option to only include Service Orders in a batch.

- Revised the third party entries for Telus in the Welcome window (see 6.3.003 for original implementation notes) as follows:

- Added optional Minimum Price entries to the Price Levels window:

The Db Console contains an entry Minumum Price (6.4.028) to add columns required for the minimum price revision.


Release: May 3, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.027

- Fixed: A rental exchange should not be prorated, and the corresponding equipment set member should not be terminated because the exchange replacement (outgoing unit) takes the place of the incoming unit.

- Fixed: Credits that were adjusted out appeared as open items in Receivables.

- Fixed: The 6.4.026 fix (first listed) for Receivables broke Payment collection.

- When a repair part or service is linked to a repair unit line item, the agent of the part/service line is now only set to match the repair unit line if the part/service line has no agent assigned yet.

- Added a check and notice for overcommitted line items before check-out or check-in.

- Added a Unassign Event command to the context menu on the Scheduler board to detach the event from all agents it is currently associated with. Completed events cannot be unassigned.


Release: April 26, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.026

- Fixed: Open a customer's Receivables from customer maintenance, change Account or Comments on one or more receivables, then close the window and there was no prompt to save the changes.

- The Equipment Sets window now has an S.Find feature to find an equipment set of the current customer using Equipment Set Search Filters Bill Frequency and/or any Search Text found within the set Customer PO, Bill To Name, and Identifiers. The F3 key can also be used to toggle S.Find on and off.


Release: April 25, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.025

- Fixed: Print All from the Scheduler could output events outside the days displayed on the board.

- Equipment Sets can now have Identifier Documents. To use them, configure an identifier document template for UISet ESets. This makes a new function S.Doc appear in the Equipment Sets window to edit the identifier document of the current equipment set.

The Db Console contains an entry ESETS.UI (6.4.025) to add a column required for this revision.


Release: April 24, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.024

- Scheduler Board options Auto Refresh interval, View Days, and Board Hours are now all configurable in an option panel that can be shown and hidden using the board context menu entry Show Board Options, and all of these options are now sticky past logoff per user. The board hours end times are an hour later than begin times to allow a 24 hour view.

- Scheduler Event Notes longer than 60 KB are now truncated before saving.


Release: April 19, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.023

- Fixed: Assigning an order Agent by typing into the order header could give erratic results.

- Fixed: Applying a Write Off in the Receivables window raised an SQL error.
This bug might have been introduced in 6.4.015

- Fixed: Australian telephone numbers output from Forms for Orders are now formatted correctly with the country code.

- Fixed: Print output from the Scheduler for recurring events now outputs the first occurrence date shown on the board for EventBegin and EventEnd dates.


Release: April 16, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.022

- Fixed: Scheduler event print output did not translate a participant's name when the participant was not shown on the board.

- Fixed: Scan Match tab for Available Inventory did not refresh after switching back to the Scan Match tab within the window and selecting a different stock item for Available Inventory.

- Scan Match now eliminates the Part number match when a Part number is identical to its reference Stock Number.

- Added a Recent Account Payments special entry to customer Order Lookup.

- It is now possible to Return a customer Payment order. In the Returns window, push the Payment Undo option F10 before proceeding. Upon check-out of a payment return, a matching negative payment and adjustment are posted to AR. It is possible to see both the payment and payment return in the Receivables window by viewing the Unapply list in the context menu. A payment return can create an unusual negative check tender (Check Return) on the return order.

- The Scheduler now has separate Print All Events (print all in the board time span) and Print Visible Events (print all shown on the board) functions.

- The ORDERS.OrderRef of a Quote is now assigned the OrderID of the quote.

- The Return Lines to Original Location option in the Returns window is now sticky per user.


Release: April 10, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.021

- Fixed: Returns of order discounts could be taxed with the wrong sign.

- Fixed: The special order line item type flag appeared on lines returned by scan code when the sale was a special order.

- Fixed: Repair parts returned using an identifier in the Scan Code were added to the return order with the linked repair unit.

- Fixed: Repair parts returned using an identifier in the Scan Code that were provided under warranty did not have their Price and Total struck out, despite having zero $ effect.

- Fixed: Adjustment line items with line numbers ending in non-zero could not be voided.

- Added a field RefTrxStatus to outputs from Forms for Orders to enable analysing the status of a referenced line item. For example, to show a section only if the order is ready (serviced) or the line has the ready checkbox checked, or if the line refers to another (like a repair part or service) then the referenced (repair unit) line is ready, use an expression like this in the Print condition:

(INVOICE.OrderStatus and 2048) or ((INVOICE.RefTrxStatus and 1024)=0)
Note that if the line does not refer to another within the order, then its RefTrxStatus is equal to its TrxStatus.

- To better handle multiple users entering events concurrently, the Scheduler now performs an additional check for conflicting events in the database when an event is added to a specific agent on the Daily view. This check does not detect conflicts with recurring events added by another user.

- The Scheduler board's auto-refresh now resets the interval when a manual refresh occurs.

- Added an optional Issued date to Step 1 of Recurring Billing to override the bill issue date.

The Db Console contains an entry RBILLING.Issued (6.4.021) to add a column required for this revision,
and File: CopyLineItems 6.4.021 for part of third fix above.


Release: April 3, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.020

- Fixed: eMail All from Recurring Billing Output sent the same attachment to all recipients.

- Voiding or Completing an order now clears all the custom Order Status flags.
To clear in one sweep all custom Order Status flags from orders already closed or voided, execute this SQL in the Db Console:
UPDATE ORDERS SET OrderStatus = OrderStatus & ~ 2146435072 WHERE OrderStatus & 2146435072 <> 0 AND OrderStatus & 32769 <> 0


Release: March 29, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.019

- Fixed: If in single Day View the primary participant was assigned to an unassigned event in the Scheduler Event window, the event box did not move accordingly on the scheduler board.

- Scheduler Event Lookup can now search for events by note contents, and displays the first 80 characters of notes in the results. Notes are searched for the search term anywhere within the note text, it is not necessary to add a preceeding % character.

- Added refresh options to the Scheduler board context menu: Refresh Board Now F5, and Refresh every 1, 2, or 5 minutes. Note that the board cannot auto-refresh while editing an event. A clock icon appears on the upper left of the board title to indicate auto-refresh is on.

- Added week day selection to Scheduler Events that recur on a Weekly frequency. If no week day is selected, the week day of the initial occurrence continues for recurrences.

- Forms for Orders now outputs LineAgent for all forms.


Release: March 27, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.018

- Fixed: Parts and Services assigned to a repair item under warranty were not warrantied. This was broken in 6.4.015

- Fixed: Orders created for Scheduler Events at an event address with a Bill-To Other now redirect the order's bill-to.

- Fixed: Completing check-in of a Transfer could result in an SQL error. This bug was introduced in the 6.4.014 revision of CostInvoice.

- Forms for Orders now outputs ItemImage that can be used as the expression for an Image element on forms.
Example expressions: ORDER.ItemImage or INVOICE.ItemImage (without quotes) depending on the form.
Set the Resolution(dpi) of the image element to 150 or 300.

The Db Console contains entry File: CostInvoice v6.4.018 to implement the third fix described above.


Release: March 26, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.017

- Forms for Orders now outputs LineScheduled and LineCompleted fields.

- Added an Item Image viewer to the context menu of order line items and Item lookup rows, and there is a new Item Image tab in Items maintenance that displays an image of the item in context.
Item Images are expected as follows:


Release: March 22, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.016

- Fixed: Received inventory on an open PO could not be undone. This was broken in some past revision.

- Forms for Orders now outputs line item identifiers for intangibles: Services and Charges.

- FrontLine now checks for and warns about duplicate key texts in Setup Lists.

- Enhancements to ongoing Receivables notes.


Release: March 18, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.015

- Fixed: The Invoice and Check-In cost display revision in 6.4.014 for Landing cost separation multiplied by Quantity twice.

- Added ongoing Notes to Receivables. Multiple note entries on the receivable are collected in the note body.

- Recurring Billing can now redirect bills. A redirected bill has the Ship-To address set as the Service Address. The conditions for this to occur are:


Release: March 11, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.014

- Fixed: 6.4.011 added a bug to tax calculations on packages sold in Package As Discount mode.

- Fixed: When an item was returned that had multiple recurring bills to the customer at different rates, the return value did not necessarily show the most recent bill rate.

- Added a No Shipping flag for Locations. This flag affects the Destinations and line items listed in Shipping. The location that the unit is shipping from is examined for this exclusion.

- Added a drop-down list of users in lookups when Filter By is Person ID.

- The default Next Bill date calculated for Equipment Sets with bill frequency periods longer than a month should now be correct for both Next Bill defaults to 1 period from now and Next Bill defaults to 1st of next period company setting in Equipment Sets, Rentals, Contract Options. For example, assuming today is February 9 2013, the default next bill date calculated for Next Bill defaults to 1st of next period is:

- Added security contexts for Contacts in four groups: Agents, Customers, Vendors, and Locations. There is one context per group, as for Addresses. To give users who have access to these groups their contacts access without editing access profiles in FrontLine, execute this SQL:

SELECT A.AccessID,A.Context+96,A.AccessLevel FROM ACCESSRIGHTS A
  LEFT JOIN ACCESSRIGHTS P ON P.AccessID=A.AccessID AND P.Context=A.Context+96
 WHERE A.Context IN (250000,260000,270000,280000) AND P.AccessID IS NULL

- FrontLine has begun logging field value changes in maintenance windows: Agents, Customers, Vendors, Contacts, Locations, and Items. There is no facility to view this change log yet.

- FrontLine now records landing costs separately from unit costs. This enables revisions to landed costs of special orders without affecting last purchase cost. In the Costing grid of a PO CheckIn, the landed cost can be seen by turning on the Include Landing Cost menu option. If there is a landing cost not shown, a + (plus) sign trails the unlanded cost displayed.

The Db Console contains entries LandingCost (6.4.014) and File: CostInvoice v6.4.014 (superseded by 6.4.018) as a required part of the costing revision,
and File: MNTLOG (6.4.014) as a required part of new logging features,
and File: CopyLineItems 6.4.014 for the last bill return price fix.


Release: March 1, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.013

- Detaching and reassigning repair units from their line item (new in 6.4.012) now declines with a notice if repair parts or services are assigned, and re-evaluates warranties upon unit reassignment.

- Unit Tracking now allows viewing event orders even when it was opened from an open order.


Release: February 28, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.012

- Fixed: Credit Limit check should consider Recurring Bills as already posted to AR.

- Fixed: Service Orders for Invoicing customer order lookup did not include partially invoiced service orders.

- Orders opened for viewing only can now be printed.

- Repair unit line items can now have equipment detached and reattached before the repair is complete or the unit has been shipped. This makes service orders created from repair quotes functional.

- Added a Reference Orders function below Redo Order to lookup any orders that were created in reference to the order in view.

- The balance summary line in the Receivables window now also shows amount Open On Account, which is the total tendered "On Account" but not yet invoiced.

- When a customer has insufficient credit for an order, FrontLine now offers to put the order on hold upon deferring instead of making it a quote. Orders On Hold do not create open demands to generate purchase orders.


Release: February 26, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.011

- Fixed: Upon creating an order from a Scheduler Event, the Item Action prompt could become inaccessible.

- Fixed: Unidentified returns resulted in wrong sign on line tax calculation.

- Fixed: A recent revision had the green fulfillment box on line items not reappearing until line item details where opened after the order was reopened.

- Fixed: Saving an ordinary note right after saving a template note in the same window raised a primary key violation on the NOTES table.

- Fixed: Returns of special orders from the Returns window would have the return line items marked for special order, and appear as demands in purchasing auto-gen.

- The Credit Balance check for placing orders On Account now includes open (unposted) On Account tenders in the balance calculation.

- Duplicate ship tracking confirmation warning message in Shipping elaborated with consequences.

- System Administrator can now print and defer orders without entering required order Identifiers, Agent, or Customer PO.

- Added a Redo Order function for closed customer orders and presented quotes, available on the drop-down beside the Returns function.
Redo creates a new order with nearly identical line items except that taxes are re-evaluated.
Where possible, FrontLine attempts to recommit the same inventory and customer units by tracing their event history and analyzing their current status.
There is a new security context to enable this function for users, without permission the function is invisible to a user.


Release: February 14, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.010

- Fixed: Purchase Order Ship-To address selection list did not exclude retired location addresses.

- Fixed: Unit Tracking did not sort and correctly indicate user and date on groups of recurring billing events.

- Fixed: Package member lines in Package As Discount mode are exempt from the No Taxes warning.


Release: February 12, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.009

- Fixed: Receivable Statements now include open credits and payments.

- Payments and Credits on Receivable Statements are now output as negative values.

- Quantity in Line Item Details - Selected Items for Repair Unit line items where there is no unique identification can now be typed in, subject to the usual constraints.

- If a plain SQL report query text begins with /**/ (an empty comment in SQL) FrontLine will open the results in a grid like a diagnostic report.


Release: February 8, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.008

- Fixed: Bugs related to Invoice Credits. Part of this fix is in two database procedure: NewInvoice and CommitInvoice.

- Fixed: Receivable Statements with no end date now includes open receivables due in the future in the Due Now total.

- Fixed: Receivable Statements only included overdue amounts in Due End sum. Any amount posted by the End Date should be included.

- The Receivables window now shows Totals and Balances above the grid instead of below, and the rows are initially sorted to show Payments and Credits first.

- When invoked for a Payment from a customer order, the Write Off function in the Receivables now prompts for an amount to write off, permitting a write-off of only part of the balance.

- Added an Export function to the Receivables window, available on the context menu, and the Line column is now named PLine.

- Added a Find function, and sorting by clicking column titles in the Receivables window for most columns.

- Receivable Statements are not output for customers who specify No to Statements, unless the customer is specifically identified in which case a confirmation is raised.

- Receivable Statements now output an invoice date to forms as AR.InvDate

- Line item accounts are now assigned for Payments: Revenue is assigned the location's AR account, and Cost of Sales is assigned the location's Discount account.

- FrontLine now attempts to apply a credit from a return order or invoice credit towards the original receivable if the return credit is less than or equal to the receivable and no other payments or credits have been applied towards the receivable yet.

The Db Console contain procedure update entries:
File: NewInvoice v6.4.007 and File: CommitInvoice v6.4.007 (superseded by 6.4.047) required to complete the first fix above.


Release: February 1, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.007

- Fixed: Scheduler bugs.

- When the scheduler board is opened and in focus as a floating window from an order, Ctrl-F6 brings the order window back in focus without attempting to open an order in context.

- When viewing multiple days, the scheduler board now sets column widths to fit in the window.

- When a line item is created from a scheduler event where the customer unit is not identified, FrontLine now includes the Item Action prompt when creating the new line for a tangible.

- Added a Resource Selection block enclosing the Certificates and Categories selector in the Scheduler, adding three new options available in multi-day views:

Note that in single day views, unassigned events are always shown in the leftmost column whereas in multi-day views unassigned events are only shown when Resource Selection is Unassigned.


Release: January 25, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.006

- Fixed: An old bug resurfaced where a customer template supplied all the data for a new customer, and the user entered nothing in the Customer block on the left side of maintenance, saving created the new address without a new customer.

- Web updates for order status changes were suppressed after a Shipped event was sent for the order. Now they are also suppressed for the order after an Out Of Service event. In other words, after a unit Shipped or unit Out Of Service web update is sent, no more order status updates are sent for the order.

- The Scheduler now has a Week and 5 Day view. The view can be selected from the context menu, and pressing F2 toggles between the single Day (multiple agent) view and the last multi-day view used.

- Scheduler event All Day option has been moved to the Duration selector.
 All Day duration sets the event start time to 6am and end time to 6pm.

- Scheduler events now have a Background option. Background events are transparent to normal events on the scheduler board, and can only be manipulated using the right-click context menu.

- Scheduler event hover text now includes Customer/Vendor Number.

- When an entity or address is assigned to a scheduler event, matching entity and address notes are shown to alert the user.


Release: January 21, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.005

- The Quote function is now active on completed customer orders introducing an ability to create a new Quote from a completed customer order. Quote life indicated in company settings is applied to the age of the completed order.

- Scheduler print output for events now has address fields, including a combined field Address.


Release: January 17, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.004

- Fixed: Excluding an equipment set from Step 2 of Recurring Billing did not untag the meter readings used for the billing upon proceeding to the Step 3.

- Fixed: Parts and Services used for a Repair that is covered by warranty or service contract did not produce tax details, and thus triggered the No Taxes warning.

- Implemented a Corporation Vendor status flag that affects the output format of Vendor EIN like the corresponding customer flag.

- ItemDescription output from Forms for Orders for Miscellaneous lines items now only uses the line note subject if the miscellaneous item description is blank.

- When a line item's identifier document template contains an airport identifier, a two line Airport Info display in Line Item Details now appears below the unit Identifiers list, with information about the last airport identifier encountered above by the user.


Release: January 9, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.003

- Fixed: Partial credit application bug in AR introduced in 6.4.002

- Fixed: Typing in a customer number on a new order header that matched both a customer number and a Customer ID could randomly select one of the two instead of consistently selecting the customer number match.

- Fixed: Special order demands listed in detail in the purchasing auto-gen floater for partially fulfilled customer special orders would start the subtraction with the quantity already reduced by quantity fulfilled. This was a display issue, the quantity suggested to purchase was correct.

- Changing a customer order department on the header now re-evaluates the accounts of all line items that do not have a department override specified.

- When a customer order only has payment line items, Department and Customer PO requirements are not enforced.

- The UIType field output from Forms for Orders is no longer translated since IdentifierName provides the translation.

- Receivable balances can now be written off while taking a payment. In the Receivables window, choose to write off a balance when selecting receivables to pay for using the button above or the context menu. The total selected to write off appears in the lower right of the window.
A receivable balance can also be written off in this manner without paying a part of it, the payment will appear on the order at zero price.
Note that the amount written off appears on the order payment line item's C.Cost field.


Release: January 3, 2013

FrontLine 6.4.002

- Fixed: Rentals should be excluded from costing. This fix is implemented in a database procedure update.

- Fixed: Discount line items should be excluded from the missing tax check introduced in 6.4

- Fixed: The last default account for payment tenders from the location record is now AR for On Account, and Cash for the rest.

- Fixed: A couple of interactive bugs in the Tender Types configuration window.

- In Customers maintenance, the functions for Receivables and Receivable Statements now drop down under an AR button instead of the Parts button. The POS button to toggle the POS vs OE template is replaced by a context menu available by right-clicking anywhere on the toolbar.

- Bill-To redirection of customer orders now also occurs when the customer is selected by entity lookup, by typing a customer number directly into the header, and by returning or repairing a customer unit on a blank order. Previously, it only occurred when a ship-to address was selected by typing into a field of the Ship To address and choosing from the lookup triggered.

- When a Total Paid amount is entered for Receivables payment, and a Balance remains unapplied, Apply now creates a non-specific payment for the balance.

- Added Category and Location filters to lists setup for Item Category Accounts.

- Added a New function with a Copy option to lists setup for Item Category Accounts.

- Added a Department list, along with with department qualifiers on Item Category Accounts, Orders, and Line Items. Adding entries to the Departments list makes a Department field appear in the header of customer orders, and in Line Item Details. A line item's department defaults to the order department. When it is the default, the display in Line Item Details is in gray italics. If a line item's department is overridden, changing the order department does not affect it.
Item Category Accounts assigned by sales and returns are now sensitive to department, agent, and customer discrimination. Physical counts are not. Recurring bills do not assign accounts yet.

Selection of item category accounts with discrimination is weighted by a sum of:

The Db Console contains entry: File: CostInvoice v6.4 (superseded by 6.4.014) to implement the backwards compatible costing fix above,
and entry: File: ItemCats + Depts v6.4 required for the extensions added to Item Category Accounts,
and entry: File: CommitInvoice v6.4 (superseded) required to forward departments to completed line items.
Note that FrontLine 6.4.002 will not function without these database updates.
Log in as system administrator and proceed directly to the Db Console to apply them.


Release: December 18, 2012

FrontLine 6.4.001

- Fixed: Bugs introduced in 6.4.000

- Implemented some additional checks to prevent users invoicing over each other when they take over an order inappropriately.

- Payment line items on customer orders now display the OrderID that incurred the receivable. This display only works on payments created with the company setting Enable application of Payments to Receivables turned on.


Microsoft SQL Server database Compatibility level note:

FrontLine requires that it's MSSQL databases have their compatibility level set to SQL Server 2005 or later, otherwise some features like the Receivables window will raise an error about an Ambiguous column name.

This revision can be made in SQL Management Studio. Right click the FL database, choose Properties. Then Select a page Options, and use the compatibility level drop-down, then OK.


Release: December 17, 2012

FrontLine 6.4.000

- Fixed: The Resource Categories selection in the Scheduler did not work after Agent Categories were customized.

- Fixed: The Address type mismatch revision in 6.3.036 broke default contact assignment on a new order.

- Fixed: Changing a Zip (postal) code in maintenance could result in an SQL error.

- Fixed: Disabled Agents could be assigned to Customers using Agent Lookup from customer maintenance.

- Fixed: When deferring a customer order where the customer had some credit available but not enough to cover the order, the deferred order credit check could fail.

- Fixed: On a Tax Report generated with the Recurring Bills by Scheduled date option, Recurring Bill returns are included by refund date rather than the recurring bill scheduled date.

- Special customer order line items now list corresponding voided special purchase orders in the Special Order context menu, with a (/) indicator.

- Agents can no longer be saved with blank Initials, and if one is on record with blank initials it is displayed on orders as {id} instead of blank.

- When a customer with a Closed agent is assigned to an order, the closed agent is not assigned to the order, as if the Customer had no agent.

- Added a Include Non-Identifiable Items option to the Equipment Search feature. If this option is not selected then items with a blank identifier document template are excluded from the search.

- Added Signatory Name text outputs to Forms for Orders, including PDF. The form expressions are SigLineName for the SigLine image, and SigInvoiceName for the SigInvoice image.

- Added a Company Setting Enable application of Payments to Receivables under On Account and Receivable Payment Options (12th from top On Account Tenders & AR) to activate some of the new AR features below.

- Added a Company Setting Filter to help find entries in Company Settings.

- Items that are Discontinued can now be added to Adjustment orders.

- Inventory units marked In Use can now be committed to line items on Adjustments.

- Added a security context for Tax Detail Maintenance to give regular users access to tax setups.

- When a customer order has a redirected bill-to, the title of the Bill To address section is now boldfaced.

- If a customer order has a missing or invalid TaxGeoCode, the warning is now repeated whenever the order is opened, and the order cannot be checked out, shipped, or have delivery ticket or ship ticket printed.

- If no taxes are found for an item's Tax Category in a customer order's TaxGeoCode, a warning is issued when the line item is created and the order cannot be checked out.

- The Tender Types configuration in Company Settings has been elaborated to define an Account for each tender type (including On Account) at each location, as well as a default for all locations. Defaults for a location are shown in light italics.

- The Payments list on customer orders now has an Account column. Defaults are shown in light italics, it is only necessary to enter overrides. There is a new security context Tender Account to give users access to this information.

- Implemented Cash Application in Receivables. From Customers maintenance, the drop-down menu beside the Parts button on the top bar now has entries for both Receivables and Receivable Statements.
To apply credits, open Receivables here and:

To undo application of credit from Receivables:
To write off the balance of a credit or debit from Receivables: FrontLine now assigns an Account to receivables and payments it creates during invoicing. The accounts selected are:

The Db Console contains two entries: AR rev (6.4) to add new columns to the AR and PAYMENTS tables, and PTL (New in 6.4) to create a new table.


Release: November 15, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.036

- Fixed: SQL error in Purchase Order Lookup when Lookup By is a PO I.Doc member.

- Fixed: The deferred order credit check introduced in 6.3.018 could raise its prompt when the order was already covered.

- If an address assigned to an order's x-To is the default x for the order entity, the Address type mismatch confirmation prompt introduced in 6.3.030 does not appear.

- Added Curação to the built in country list, using TLD cw and telephone country code 599.
Note that Curação is the same country as Netherlands Antilles, which has TLD code an.


Release: November 9, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.035

- Fixed: Equipment shipped to depot should not appear in the Service Contracts window to add equipment to a service contract after invoicing.

- Fixed: Equipment received from depot should inherit the unit warranty of the unit that was sent to depot upon invoicing if a new warranty wasn't entered. Part of this fix is a revision to the CommitInvoice stored procedure.

- Fixed: FrontLine now uses a more pertinent date to determine warranty status.
Instead of using the current date, it now uses the repair unit line item scheduled date (if any), or the order scheduled date (if any), or the repair unit line created date.
Limitation: Changing the scheduled date of a repair unit line or service order after assigning parts and services that might be covered by the warranty does not change the coverage status of those assigned parts and services. To re-evaluate coverage, the parts and services have to be reassigned to the repair unit.

- Fixed: Order lines created from miscellaneous line items on presented quotes started out on the new order with no tax details.

- Receivable Statements can be opened directly from Customers maintenance using the drop-down menu beside the Parts button on the top bar.

- Shipping now puts the actual shipping charge in the freight line item's C.Cost [CCost] column.

The Db Console contains entry File: CommitInvoice v6.3.035 to revise the CommitInvoice stored procedure.


Release: November 6, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.034

- Fixed: Sale return line items created from the Returns window could be returned to a rental location if requested by user override.

- Fixed: Return lines items created from the Returns window could be returned to a location where the item category accounts were missing.

- Added an aging summary to the Receivable Statements feature. The data is available on the report form as a separate dataset named AGE. The default brackets are 30, 60, and 90 days, which produces up to five subtotals. Age brackets can be customized using the Receivable Age List, with any number of ages at desired numbers of days. Current and Beyond brackets are automatically added to the report. Correct use of the aging on a form is to put it in a separate subreport, and make this the child subreport of the entity footer from the main report. A sample report is provided to illustrate.


Release: November 1, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.033

- Fixed: The Customer Equipment list in Scan Match did not show the contract coverage umbrella when the equipment was committed to a service order.

- Added print options to the Receivable Statements feature:

- Added a Statement Categories List, a new St.Category field for customers, and a Statement Category selector to the Receivable Statements feature. Statement Categories segregate customers for statement output, and allow different statement forms to be used per category. The Statement Form column in the category list is appended to the standard SchedulerEvents form name. Example, if the statement form is ATL then the form file used would be ReceivableStatementsATL.rep

The Db Console contains an entry CUSTOMERS.StatementCat (6.3.033) to add a column required for this revision.


Release: October 31, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.032

- Fixed: Return line items had their Created and Scheduled dates copied from the prior transaction. This fix is in the database procedure CopyLineItems.

- Added a Retired GeoCode option to Tax Detail maintenance to indicate that this TaxGeoCode should no longer be used. Retiring a Tax GeoCode does not change data on existing addresses, instead it allows an old Tax GeoCode to remain on file for history and reporting purposes without allowing users to assign it to addresses.

- Added a Receivable Statements feature to the Inquiry group. There is a new security context to grant users access to this feature. A summary of receivables per customer is shown in the window for perusal before reporting. Options provided include:

The summary grid provides a find feature and sorting by clicking column headers. It provides a context menu with options to view a customer's receivables, open a customer record, and find a typed value in a column. It contains these columns:

The Db Console contains an entry File: CopyLineItems 6.3.032 to implement the fix above.


Release: October 22, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.031

- Fixed: Signature output missing from invoices.
Note that for a line item signature image to not occupy space in the form section when there is no actual signature, the image property Draw Style should be set to Full.


Release: October 18, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.030

- Fixed: Return line items created by the Returns feature now use the inventory account at the destination (if found) instead of copying the inventory account from the sale line item.

- Fixed: The Import Customer Equipment feature could miss the last column header of the import file.

- Fixed: The very first time a service order invoice was printed in a FrontLine session directly from the Invoice window, the output was sorted like a sales order instead of a service order.

- Fixed: In some circumstances, clearing the Stock or Customer criteria in Transaction Inquiry did not reset the inquiry filters.

- Fixed: A service contract coverage umbrella was shown for customer equipment in the Scan Match when when it was a provisioning contract.

- Added an Address type mismatch confirmation prompt when an address selected for a specific purpose on an order is not designated for that use.

- Added an ability to render line item and invoice signatures on Forms for Orders. The form expressions are SigLine and SigInvoice, on an image component.
Example expressions: ORDER.SigLine and INVOICE.SigInvoice without any quotes. Note that order forms cannot display an invoice signature.
Limitation: The signatures are drawn on screen and on printer output direct from FrontLine, but not in PDF files.


Release: October 12, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.029

- Fixed: When an order is created from a presented quote, contacts, customer PO, and order I.Doc values assigned on the quote are now copied to the new order created.

- Fixed: FrontLine toggled the PO tax exempt when the PO vendor was changed.

- Added a green checkmark to the upper right of selected options in the package model option selector.

- Item Types Miscellaneous and Charge can now be set together in Items maintenance. Miscellaneous Charge line items receive a default non-zero price, unlike miscellaneous stock items.

- Items must have at least one identifier in their doc template to be sent to depot. Otherwise, FrontLine now disables the Send To Depot function in Line Item Details, displays the Depot Repair Start / End fields in Items maintenance in gray, and excludes such items from the All To Depot order function.

- Added an Import Customer Equipment feature, accessible from customer maintenance. This feature allows importing data from a delimited file, performs checks and validation, and allows the user to review and correct the data before importing. Warranties can be provided in the import file, calculated from the imported sale date, or entered manually during review. Imported equipment appears like previously unknown equipment that came for repair, except that the unit event has an additional DtlStatus flag. See DtlStatus code table for Customer Equipment.


Release: October 4, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.028

- Fixed: Error about not a valid integer value when order lookup was scrolled to the Country column. This bug was introduced in 6.3.027


Release: October 2, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.027

- Fixed: The batch review step in Recurring Billing now calculates flat billing for item types Recurring Rental and Service Contract as well as item type Flat Billing. This is consistent with the actual bills generated in the next step.

- Added a Warranty column to Item Lookup.

- Added Event Status to the Search By list in Scheduler Event Lookup.

- Dates in the Scheduler Event window now have a month calendar available, and times are included with the date.

- When a customer order is opened for read-only viewing from a purchase order, or vice versa, the read-only order window now floats beside the open order window so both can be seen and used concurrently on screen.


Release: September 28, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.026

- Fixed: The deferred order credit check introduced in 6.3.018 should not apply to Inventory RAs.

- Fixed: Introduction of report access groups in 6.3.017 put the file name list in the wrong column.

- Fixed: Occasional junk characters at the end of menu entries in contact selection lists on an order.

- The Ctrl-Alt-R keyboard shortcut that opens Repair Codes from line item details now also toggles back to the unit identifiers from the repair codes.

- Added a provision for up to five custom Scheduler Event Status codes. Custom event status codes are not mutually exclusive, and do not create color differentiation on the scheduler board. They appear as checkboxes alongside the mutually exclusive built in status selectors in the Scheduler Event window, and when checked, also appear in text at the top of the event hover hint.

- Added a drop down selection of several identifier documents related to the event that can be viewed from the Scheduler Event window.

- Added to company setting Quote Options a Location of orders created from quotes. Orders from quotes can now be created always at the quote location instead of workstation location. Additionally, even when workstation location is chosen, if the workstation location and quote location do not match on rental, the quote location will be used to preserve rentals vs non-rentals.

- Added an Agent field to System Users to associate an agent with a user. Set this value by typing agent name or initials into the field. When a user is assigned an agent, and that agent is assigned to an order, the order is considered this user's order for security purposes. Additionally, when this user assigns a customer or vendor with no associated agent to an order, the order is assigned this user's agent.

The Db Console contains an entry required for this revision: PEOPLE.AgentID (6.3.026).


Release: September 26, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.025

- Fixed: When customer templates were used and a user saved a new customer without adding any information on the left side of maintenance, the new customer did not receive a good CustomerID.

- Fixed: When a payment amount was entered with tender type not identified, FrontLine defaulted to Cash even if cash is not accepted in the company setup. Now if cash is not accepted it will use On Account, and if that is not accepted either then it will notify the user to identify the tender type first.

- Added a Scheduler Event Lookup function to the Scheduler accessible using the context menu or the F3 key.


Release: September 24, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.024

- Fixed: Bugs in recently added Scheduler features.

- Added a Note field to the export from Equipment Search containing the first 255 characters of the note body.


Release: September 21, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.023

- Added an Open Scheduler command to the drop-down from the Scheduled field of an order processing window.

- Added a Historic mode to the Identify Unit window when it is invoked from Unit Tracking. Activating this search mode will find units using identifiers of prior units that have been replaced by events like depot swaps.

- When a special or miscellaneous purchase line item is received with company Cost Option "Cost Special Order sales by Purchase Cost" enabled, a resource cost is created on the corresponding customer order line item if it was missing.

- FrontLine script and executable files retrieved by the Db Console are now hosted at instead of


Release: September 19, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.022

- Fixed: Receiving a Payment enhancement in 6.3.017 malfunctioned.

- Fixed: Negative line item price override on a miscellaneous item with a blank price was ignored.

- When card tender account numbers are not required by company setting, it is now possible to enter only the four digits preceeded by an 'x'. If the tender has no card type indicated, FrontLine defaults it to VISA.

- The FrontLine Scheduler can now be used alongside Order processing. Open the scheduler in this mode by invoking it from Line Item Details.


Release: September 14, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.021

- Fixed: Voiding a purchase order with miscellaneous purchase line items that were not voided individually did not make those purchases reappear in the Miscellaneous Purchases window.

- Fixed: A recent revision broke the order Ready/Serviced function on sales orders.

- The ContractExpiration output by Forms for Orders now reads the Equipment Set's Contract End date when the contract's Terminated date is blank.

- In file maintenance, when an address matches multiple tax geocodes but has not been assigned one, FrontLine will now prompt the user to select one from the list instead of automatically assigning the first geocode listed.

- International phone numbers entered with a leading + (indicating a country code) are saved with hyphens and spaces intact, and not formatted further during output. This allows the user to provide a custom readable format using embedded spaces and hyphens. Beware that to find such numbers in a lookup one must include any such plus signs, spaces, and hyphens in the search text.

- In the Scheduler Event window changed the Title field to Subject to reduce confusion.

- Added a Scheduler Board Event Caption Text option to the Company Setting for Scheduler Options with options for Event Subject vs Entity Name vs Event Time. This setting only affects the title text of the event rectangles on the board.


Release: September 10, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.020

- Fixed: Miscellaneous line items added manually to an order should have a blank price.

- Fixed: Miscellaneous line items added to a purchase order after changing the location in the Miscellaneous Purchases window be ordered at the initial location instead of the new location.

- Fixed: Adding line items to a purchase order from auto-gen could trigger an error about the dataset not in edit mode.

- Fixed: In some unusual circumstances, the State entry field in an address maintenance feature could move off the right edge of the window.

- When an item's primary identifier is not required at receiving, FrontLine now receives it as a non-identified item with only quantity input, even if that primary identifier is unique.

- Added an optional new List Package Member Groups that can serve two purposes:

- Added a Notify Option to Company Settings to Notify user when they have no cash drawer assigned. FrontLine will no longer warn the user about no cash drawer assignment at their location unless this uption is turned on.

- Added basic recurring events to the FrontLine Scheduler. In the Scheduler Event window there are now these fields:

The Db Console contains an entry required for this revision: CALEVENTS.EventExp (6.3.020).


Release: September 4, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.019

- Fixed: The Order Serviced (Ready) function bypassed the order credit check introduced in 6.3.018

- Orders with a negative total are not subject to the deferred order credit check introduced in 6.3.018

- Closed (Retired) Agents are no longer shown on the scheduler board. Events where they were the primary participant now appear as unassigned.

- Added color differentiation of event status on the scheduler board. There is a predefined set of subtle colors which can be customized from the Company Setting for Scheduler Options. The predefined colors are:

Open in light blue. In Process in white. On Hold in light pink. Review in light yellow. Completed in light green.


Release: August 30, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.018

- Fixed: Sometimes when an order was opened with blank prices and FrontLine asked if they should be repriced, no price was assigned.

- Standard Cost is now used as a last resort when adding line items to a PO from the Generate Purchase Order function.

- Ticking the boxes in the Receivables window no longer allows Total Applied to exceed Total Paid.

- Added a special order lookup "Orders In Use" to list orders FrontLine has flagged as in use.

- Demands and special order line items from orders that are In Use or On Hold are now disqualified by the Generate Purchase Order function.

- Elaborated the Company Setting for On Account Tenders (tenth from top) to add a group for Deferred Customer Orders that must be Tendered or On Account. Sales Orders and Service Orders can be selected independently.

- Added scheduler event printing functions. On the scheduler board, the context menu for Print has been elaborated, and in the Scheduler Event window a Print function has been added. The form used is SchedulerEvents.rep
Note that printing from the Scheduler Event window saves any changes made to the event before printing.

- Resource column width set on the Scheduler board is now sticky per user.

- Resource Categories on the Scheduler board are now sorted by category name instead of category ID.

- In the Scheduler Event window, Participants who have all the Certifications checked now have a trailing asterisk beside their name.


Release: August 27, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.017

- Fixed: Voided quotes could show up on an order lookup for Open Quotes.

- Order lookup now hides totals of other users' orders when a user does not have a Read permit for the Other's Orders context.

- Changed the Search By labels for two entries in Order Lookup:
"Open Quotes" became "Quotes, Open"
"Quotes (recent complete)" became "Quotes, Presented"

- Added two key words to SQL texts in Reports: MyPersonID and MyLocationID. When these are found in the SQL text of a .sql or .rep report, FrontLine replaces them with the PersonID or LocationID of the current session.

- Added a security context for Report Access Groups (A-H) and a corresponding Access Group column in the Reports window during report maintenance to restrict user access to specific sets of reports. Report Access Groups A to H can be used. Each report can be placed in one access group, a security profile can grant a user access to multiple report access groups.

- Elaborated the Receivables window with:


Release: August 21, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.016

- Fixed: Since the Line Item Details toolbar reorganization in 6.3.013, the special order and backorder buttons would stay down after first use.

- Added a Find function to a context menu, and sort by clicking column titles in the Identify Unit window.

- Increased the maximum result rows retrieved in the Identify Unit window from 200 to 800.


Release: August 20, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.015

- Fixed: Errors saving line item signatures.

- Added a function to view corresponding Invoices in the Receivables window.


Release: August 17, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.014

- Added a Link from Clipboard function to the equipment list context menu of the Contracts maintenance window. This function uses the text in the Windows clipboard to identify equipment to add to the current contract. Only equipment listed are searched, it may be desirable to make sure the Show other customer equipment option is on. A tab delimited report of the changes made is put back on the clipboard, replacing the source text. Paste into a notepad or spreadsheet to view the result details.


Release: August 16, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.013

- Signatures can now be collected for Invoices as well as Receipts (POS) before they are confirmed.

- Signatures can now be collected for open line items. Line item signatures are stored with an [ImgItm] key of the line number plus 1,000,000.

- Line item Created date and time is now displayed as a read-only field in Line Item Details.

- The toolbar in Line Item Details has been moved up and rearranged to occupy the full window width for more horizontal button space.

- Added spell checking to notes.
Stock numbers that have no punctuation characters or spaces are also recognized as valid words, and corrected for character case.
There are three dictionary files that need to be added to the main FrontLine folder (where the executable is) for spell checking to work.
These three files can be found in the Dictionaries folder that is in the Testers folder on my.ormandy


Release: August 9, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.012

- Fixed: The Customer Equipment list did not appear for customer orders without redirected billing. This appears to have broken months ago.

- FrontLine should now prevent Windows 7/Vista/2008 from altering its scaling calculations and font rendering when display DPI is over 100%.

- Improved enforcement of the Isolated Returns company setting by disabling Exchange, Sell, and Repair actions in Item Action on a Return order.

- Added security contexts "Order Check Out" for Customer Orders and "Order Check In" for Purchase Orders. The permit effects are:

Use the following SQL to give all existing access profiles a permit for Order Check Out equal to their permit for Customer Orders and Purchase Orders:

- Added a boldface highlight of days with events in the month calendar of the FrontLine Scheduler.

- Scan Match will now match part numbers for any vendor or customer, even after the order has been assigned to an entity.

- Added sticky minimum text box dimensions to the Package Content Selector, accessible using the drop-down menu found on the edge of the Alt button.

- Identifier value storage expanded from 30 to 60 characters. A corresponding database update is required.

The Db Console contains an entry required for this revision: Widen Identifiers: UIDS.UIValue (6.3.012) to increase identifier storage space in the database.


Release: August 6, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.011

- Fixed: The quantity text output by Export MOL could overrun the new line and thus run two lines together when the UOM factor division produced a long stream of digits after the decimal place. Now the output is limited to 4dp.

- Added fields INVSUM.Scheduled and INVSUM.Fulfilled to Periodic Invoices output. These can be used to indicate the billing period of a particular recurring bills within the periodic invoice, but note that these fields can also be used on orders that are not recurring bills.

- Added an optional default billing frequency [BillFreq] to ITEMS records to indicate the target billing frequency when this recurring billing item is automatically added to an equipment set. There is a new security context to allow access to this field. A database update is required:

The Db Console contains an entry required for this revision: ITEMS.BillFreq (6.3.011) to add a new column.


Release: August 3, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.010

- Added an OrderUpdated field to Transaction Inquiry.

- Added an Import feature to the Receive window to read a list of primary identifiers from either a text file or the clipboard:

Example use of the clipboard import from Excel: Open an Excel workbook with lists of serial numbers, highlight a range of cells in a single column that contain the serial numbers to be received on the current line item, copy the cell values to the clipboard (using Ctrl-C or the menu in Excel), then in the Receive window in FrontLine click the down arrow next to the Import button, and click Clipboard on the menu. The list of serial numbers should then appear in the Receive window.


Release: July 27, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.009

- Fixed: The User Option New line items to workstation Location should only apply to Customer Orders.

- The Received Inventory Check In notice introduced in 6.3.005 for costing layer consistency is no longer shown for Transfers and Adjustments.

- Implemented vertical scrolling for the Package Content Selector. If the package contents cannot fit in the window with a least four text lines for each member, a vertical scroll bar appears.


Release: July 26, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.008

- Fixed: The purchase order drop-ship address fix in 6.3.007 broke the display of current location as ship-to on a new regular PO.

- Fixed: Another situation where a unit event record was not released upon voiding a customer line item.

- Fixed: FrontLine should now correctly prorate members of equipment sets with Bill Frequency shorter than monthly.

- Recurring Rentals are now treated as flat billing rate items, like service contracts.


Release: July 19, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.007

- Fixed: SQL error upon selecting Margins from the line item context menu.

- Fixed: The Price column in Service Contract maintenance only showed 2 decimal places.

- Fixed: A purchase order drop-shipped to a customer address would have the ship-to address revert to a location address upon reopening the PO.

- Fixed: Saving Resource Costs with an Item Price upon creating the first order or quote of the session would raise an error "Data conversion is not implemented for datatype DateTime to SmallInt (FieldName='UOM')".

- Purchase Order line item prices can now be changed after the line has been partially checked in.

- The list of Reports is now sorted by Description within each report group.

- Added a Service report group for use in the Reports window.
 SE_=Service is the file prefix FrontLine uses to guess the report group.

- Added Scheduled to the Search By for Order Lookup.

- Added Contact Name to the Search By and results of Order Lookup for customer orders and purchase orders.

- Added Contact to the Search By and results of Customer Lookup. Note that Contact Name is only shown in the results when Search By Contact Name is used.

- Typing into a Contact field of a new customer order address now invokes customer lookup by contact name.

- Added a green check icon to Meter Readings when a reading has been used on a bill.

- Added an optional Signatory Name entry field in the Signature window.

- Added support for Topaz SigLite signature pads. FrontLine's support for Topaz signature pads is through their SigPlus interface software, which must be installed on the PC. This software is available from the Topaz web site here. FrontLine should detect the presence of this software and attempt to use the pad automatically. The implementation is tested with a signature pad connected to the PC running FrontLine, not with FrontLine running in a RDP session.


Release: July 10, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.006

- Fixed: Some bugs in the new Cost features introduced in 6.3.005

- Fixed: Placing <FLF>OrderNote</FLF> in an email template would cause an error when composing an email for that form.

- Added a Warranty editor in Lists Setup.

- Added an Item Status flag Bill Of Materials that can be set in Items maintenance. The BOM flag qualifies a Package as a simple collection of line items added to an order with no relationship after the selection. The Bill Of Materials (package) item itself is not added to an order.

The Db Console contains an entry required for this revision: ITEMS.ItemStatus int (6.3.006) to revise a column data type.


Release: July 5, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.005

- Fixed: If the order customer was assigned, Scan Match did not find equipment that belongs to other customers. This was broken in release 6.3

- Fixed: Closed locations are now excluded from the Unidentified location selection list in the Scan Match window.

- Added address fields City and Zip to Tax Report output.

- Due to costing layer consequences, FrontLine now raises a warning about leaving received goods not checked in on an open PO, and checking out received goods on a customer order that have not been checked in on the PO.

- Elaborated the Company Setting Costing Received Goods in Cost Options:
FrontLine Cost Options

- There is a new Cost Used option in the Order Totals window for calculating margins: Company (Last) where the Last part reflects the company setup shown above, and could instead be Std or Avg or Inventory, and note that closed line items have their cost recorded so this choice does not affect closed lines:

- There is a new function on customer orders to show a C.Cost column, seen via the drop-down arrow beside the Costs function in the lower bar. Typing into the C.Cost column of a special order or miscellaneous line item sets the Item Cost value in Resource Costs. Otherwise, commission cost overrides entered in this column are stored in TRXIP.CCost, and recorded on the line item change log, and shown boldfaced in FrontLine. Line items with this override are tagged with a TrxStatus flag for Custom Commission Cost, abbreviated CCC, decimal value 131,072.
This flag can be used on reports, and is used by FrontLine costing procedures to avoid changing override costs.
If company Cost Options indicate the use of Inventory Cost for C.Cost and an item uses the FIFO or LIFO costing method, FrontLine estimates the unit cost on open line items using a single layer, and adds Fi or Li to the C.Cost column text.
All C.Cost values in gray (instead of black) are estimates that can possibly change at time of invoicing, but only lines item with quantity greater than 1 using Inventory C.Cost by FIFO and LIFO are likely to change due to the estimate based on a single layer where invoice costing uses as many layers as necessary.

- There is a new security context under Customer Orders for C.Cost. If a user has no permission for this context, they will not see the drop-down on the Cost function. Permission to modify the C.Cost uses this context unless the line item is a special order or miscellaneous, in which case it uses the Resource Costs security context.

The Db Console contains two entries required for this revision:
 File: CostInvoice v6.3.005 to revise this stored procedure,
 and TRXLOG.CCost (6.3.005) to add the CCost column to TRXLOG.


Release: June 21, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.004

- Fixed: Changing the Scheduled date on a repair unit line item would prorate the line if the equipment were present on equipment sets with a recurring billing price.

- Changing the unit cost on a purchase line for a special order or miscellaneous item now updates the Item Cost on the customer order line Resource Costs.

- Implemented basic security in the Scheduler, and fixed some problems.

- The Print function in FrontLine Scheduler now displays a printer selection window before printing. The schedules are printed in landscape orientation regardless of the printer default.

- Checking out a line item linked to a scheduler event now marks the event as completed.

The Db Console contains entries TRX[IP].CCost (6.3.004) to add new fields to the database,
and File: CommitInvoice v6.3 to revise the CommitInvoice stored procedure.


Release: June 18, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.003

- Fixed: The month calendar for setting date fields could behave as if in read-only mode when it should allow changes. This bug was introduced in 6.3.002

- The last four contexts for custom Order Notes as set up in Lists can now be edited even after an order is closed. This allows ongoing order notes to be entered.

- Added two links to the Third Party panel in the Welcome window for Telus integrations. Note that these python programs require the python runtime to be installed on the machine that executes them:


Release: June 14, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.002

- Repair Unit line items are no longer prorated when the price of a corresponding unit on an Equipment Set is changed.

- Company Setting for Scheduler Options must be set to Use Internal Scheduler to use the built-in scheduler.

- The Scheduler can now be printed using the Print function on the context menu or Ctrl-P

- Scheduler events can create order line items:


Release: June 6, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.001

- Fixed: A unit individually returned that was last on a recurring bill would retain the recurring bill flag on the return order. One consequence is if the return order is voided, the committed to return event was not discarded.

- Fixed: There were cases when a vendor was assigned directly to a Purchase Order that had no location assigned, FrontLine would not assign the default location Ship-To, leaving the Ship-To blank.

- Added a security context for Customers: Bill-To Other. If a user as no permit, this field disappears from the customer maintenance window.

- Added to User Options: Default New line items to workstation Location instead of the order location.
FrontLine User Options

- Scheduler enhancements including listing and allowing changes to event participants within the Scheduler Event window. Note that the event primary participant cannot be changed within the Scheduler Event window. To change the primary participant, move the event in the main FrontLine Scheduler window.


Release: June 4, 2012

FrontLine 6.3.000

- This is a preliminary test version of the Scheduler.
There is a new List for Scheduled Event Categories that should be populated.
If they are not already, Agents should be categorized for improved scheduler use.
There is a new security context for Scheduler to permit access to the scheduler. Security details have not yet been implemented.
The Db Console contains entry Scheduler (6.3) to add two new scheduler tables to the database.
If these tables are not created, FrontLine will work as usual, but without the scheduler. If an installation is not licensed to use the scheduler then do not create these tables.
Also note that the Company Setting for Scheduler Options - Scheduler Connecting Method should be Use Internal Scheduler to enable the built-in scheduler.


Release: May 11, 2012

FrontLine 6.2.018

- Fixed: Assign a customer to a blank order, then redirect the billing by typing into the bill-to section and confirm the redirection. FrontLine would assign an OrderID despite the absence of line items, thus creating a blank order.

- Fixed: When RAs were shipped, FrontLine would mark the shipment record with the order customer number instead of the repair vendor number to whom the items were shipped. This ship-to address was correct anyway.


Release: May 9, 2012

FrontLine 6.2.017

- Fixed: In the package model option selector, deselecting an optional subpackage with unfulfilled requirements within it would open the subpackage instead of simply excluding it.

- Fixed: Item substitutes are now used on customer orders when the line item is created by starting with the Item Lookup function.

- Added a Rent symbol to rental line items in the order entry window. Note that the return and quote symbols, if present, deliberately overlap the Rent symbol.

- The ShipDate, ShippedTo, and ShippedToName fields introduced in 6.2.016 are now available on all Forms for Orders.

- Added an optional Web Site field for addresses. When filled, FrontLine can open the web site using the user's default browser:

In both cases, hovering over the hot spot shows the link address.
The Db Console contains entry ADDRESSES.WebSite (6.2.017) to add a required field to the database.


Release: May 1, 2012

FrontLine 6.2.016

- Fixed: With a large purchasing history, PostgreSQL databases made FrontLine hang upon invoking purchasing auto-gen.

- Fixed: Upon replacing an address, the replacement address did not get the identfier document of the replaced address. They now share the identifier document.

- Fixed: When a new purchase order for an alternate location was created by auto-gen, the line locations were correct but the header location and ship-to would be the workstation location. This bug was introduced in an earlier 6.2 revision.

- Fixed: Retrieving a large order lookup result that gave the All option, then filtering the result, then changing the Address used, would lose the All option.

- Added a Find function to search within the results of Equipment Search.

- Added these fields to Forms for Orders for Invoices, Receipts, Delivery Tickets, etc, but not order acknowledgements or quotes:

The best placement of these fields on forms is in a UNIT header or footer whose group expression is DtlID, unlike the tracking number (an identifier for shipment reference) whose best placement is in the innermost detail band like any other identifier.

- Default email recipients for Forms for Orders will include the email address on the address record if there is no contact email address assigned.


Release: April 19, 2012

FrontLine 6.2.015

- Fixed: When a set eligible item was sold to a customer with no equipment sets, an error "Failed to get object at index 0" would interrupt the flow and cause the addition of an extraneous equipment set.

- Fixed: Rental returns using the order Returns window could be returned to a non-rental location when the Return Lines to Original Location option was off and workstation location was a non-rental location.

- Addresses can now be retired without a replacement using the Retire Address action on the context menu of the address list in maintenance windows.


Release: April 18, 2012

FrontLine 6.2.014

- Fixed: Quantities posted from a Physical Count sheet to an Adjustment were rounded to 2 decimal places. Aside from the potential inaccuracy, this could also raise SQL errors when an excessive quantity was adjusted out as a result.

- Fixed: Order Totals for Quotes did not subtract quote returns.

- Tax Category in Items maintenance is now required to Save.

- Added City and State to Transaction Inquiry.

- Rented units can now be shipped in Shipping when the new Include Rented Units option is used.

- Units shipped to depot for repair in Shipping no longer trigger invoicing an order for express repair customers.


Release: April 16, 2012

FrontLine 6.2.013

- Fixed: Sorting the Physical Count sheet by clicking a column header had stopped using Stock number as the secondary sort key.

- Added Report List Filters to the Reports window. The two filters, which can be used independently or together, are:


Release: April 10, 2012

FrontLine 6.2.012

- Fixed: Item Performance in purchasing auto-gen did not subtract purchase returns to vendor, and omitted some purchasing statistics.

- Fixed: FrontLine user count licensing is now functional. All active logins are counted against the license, except for system administrator who cannot create orders or new line items anymore. If the license count is depleted when a user logs in then they cannot enter FrontLine but have an option to see who is logged in under that license. The License Count Key in Company Setup is now hidden. After logging in with a new license key, the activated count can be confirmed by clicking the copyright text in the Welcome window while holding down a Ctrl key.

- Undone from 6.2.009: Shipping charge line items are created pending instead of on hold.


Release: April 4, 2012

FrontLine 6.2.011

- Fixed: Selecting the Location filter in Order Lookup did not provide a list of locations to select from.

- Fixed: Retired addresses were still showing on lookups when the Search By field was not an address field.

- Added an Include Closed filter alongside the Include Retired filter in lookups for Agents, Customers, Locations, and Vendors.

- Added a simple row count hint to Equipment Search when pointing at the populated grid.

- Shipped units that are not yet invoiced are now considered inventory in Physical Count.

- Added a Company Setting Address Menu Texts along with code to provide custom address selection texts. This setting is about half way down the list, near the Scheduler entry. The custom address selection texts are used in order entry, equipment sets, shipping, etc.


Release: March 27, 2012

FrontLine 6.2.010

- Fixed: BillTo/ShipTo/PurchaseFrom address drop-down lists on order entry did not show alternate addresses. This bug was introduced in 6.2.008 with the retired addresses feature.

- Fixed: MOL Export did not apply unit of measure (UOM) to the export quantities.

- Item Category Accounts at the line item location are now required during order entry.
Accounts can still be blank, but the Item Category must have an entry for the Location in Setup - Lists.


Release: March 22, 2012

FrontLine 6.2.009

- Fixed: Units returned using the order Returns window did not unload the ship tracking number from their identifier document.

- A couple of fixes for 6.2.008 revisions.

- Shipping charge line items are now created on hold instead of ready to invoice.

- Added contact [Title] to the drop-down list of contacts for an address on an order.


Release: March 20, 2012

FrontLine 6.2.008

- Fixed: Looking up an alternate ship-to address for an order using blank search text would show addresses from all customers instead of only the order customer.

- Fixed: If the same address record was used by two locations (example, a rental location with corresponding rental sales) then only one of these two locations would appear on the source and destination selectors of a Transfer order.

- Fixed: Inserted line items on customer orders were not evaluated for special pricing.

- Fixed: Opening an order marked for repricing that contained line items with ItemID NULL would raise an SQL error and leave the user in an error condition in that order.

- Fixed: When demand notes were added by purchasing auto-gen to a PO with existing line items, the notes would be assigned to the wrong purchase line, potentially raising a key violation error.

- Added fields INVSUM.Description and INVSUM.LineNoteSubject to Periodic Invoices output.
INVSUM.Desc1 now contains only the first available item description line.
INVSUM.Description can contain either an item description line or a line item note subject:
For miscellanous line items preference is given to the note subject, while for non-miscellanous preference is given to the item description.

- If entered, the Item Cost for a customer special order line from Resource Costs is now used by:

- Added a Find function for the Localities grid in Tax Detail maintenance.

- Added an Address Replacement and retire feature. Upon saving an address change, an Address Replacement prompt appears:
Address Replacement
Address Correction simply updates the address as it did before.
Address Replacement retires the old address, creates a new address, and provides options to change the address on various records.
Retired addresses can be shown in maintenance windows using the Include Retired toggle in the context menu under Filter Addresses, or the checkbox in lookup windows. Retired addresses have a voided circle icon in the first column.
The Db Console contains entry Address ReplaceBy (6.2.008) to add a required field to the database.

- Added postal code and phone number formatting for addresses in Australia.

- Widened address State fields to accommodate Australian states.
The Db Console contains entry Widen State (6.2.008) to widen the fields in the database.


Release: March 8, 2012

FrontLine 6.2.007

- Fixed: When a customer's equipment sets were first opened from an order line with a unit in an equipment set, the Residence address list could again be incomplete.

- Fixed: Auto-commit upon unvoiding a line item put a zero location on the commit event.

- Added a Rent symbol to the Identifier column in the Customer Equipment list in Service Contracts for a quick visual distinction between rented equipment and equipment owned by the customer.

- Voided line items are now included in order repricing, however their quantities are not used to qualify for a price level.


Release: March 6, 2012

FrontLine 6.2.006

- Fixed: While 6.2.004 allowed an exchange to be associated with a repair unit line, the exchange out line was not grouped with the repair unit line in the output of Forms for Orders.

- Fixed: The address list for Residence in Equipment Sets was incomplete again.

- Added a Filter By Depot (Is Depot / Not Depot) for order lookups.

- To allow rental of ready-made assemblies, turning on the Recurring Rental Item Type in Items maintenance no longer turns off the Package Item Type, but FrontLine requires the Assemble Item Status to save a Recurring Rental Package. Assemblies (Work Orders) cannot be assembled in rental locations.

- Added a Rental Sale Location flag for locations. A Rental Sale Location is secured with Rental Locations but performs the transactions of non-rental locations.

- Added two permits to the Customer Orders and Purchase Orders groups:

The consequences of these permits on order processing are: Without these permits a user cannot process orders, so it is essential to add them to FrontLine installations that have just been updated. A SQL script that can be used to give all user groups full permission for each of these four new contexts is below. This script should be run four times, each time substitute the two nnn texts with a different single value of ( 100036, 100037, 140036, 140037 ) :


Release: March 2, 2012

FrontLine 6.2.005

- Fixed: Physical Count would miss some inventory quantities. This bug was introduced in 6.2.002

- Fixed: Upon saving an address, FrontLine could incorrectly claim that the Tax GeoCode is not listed for this address. This bug was introduced in 6.1.087


Release: March 1, 2012

FrontLine 6.2.004

- Fixed: Recurring Billing did not advance the LastBill date on equipment lines introduced in 6.2.001

- Exchanges can now be linked to repair unit line items.

- Added date/time fields LaborStart and LaborEnd to Resource Costs. Between these two fields and the Labor (Hours) field, if two are entered and the third blank then FrontLine calculates the third value.
The Db Console contains entry Resource Costs Labor Start/End (6.2.004) to add these fields to the database.


Release: February 28, 2012

FrontLine 6.2.003

- Implemented Location flags Tax On Location GeoCode and Ignore Item Default Location. Refer to the Location Status flag codes.

- Added to User Options: No new line item prep on open orders. This suppresses FrontLine's actions to prepare for entry of a new line item on open orders.


Release: February 27, 2012

FrontLine 6.2.002

- Fixed: Physical Count did not include units committed to Inventory I-RAs.

- Fixed: Custom Item Status flags were not translated in lookups and exports.

- Fixed: When multiple purchases, some open and some completed, had been made to fulfill one open special customer order line, the residual demand could produce duplicate purchase suggestions in Generate Purchase Order which would raise a primary key violation when added to a PO.

- Fixed: Order Totals did not include the package line item in Costed New Sales because packages do not carry a cost in themself. However, in Package First mode the package carries the sale value, so the results were skewed with packages on the order.

- Added a sticky Cost Used selector to the Order Totals window to choose between Standard, Last, and Average cost for margin calculations.

- Implemented Distinct Location Costs vs Blend Location Costs in Company Setting Discounts, Repricing, Cost Loc for Discount Presentation, Quantity Repricing, Cost Pricing:
Company Settings
And, Price Levels now have an optional Location distinction, where =ANY= can be specified for prices not specific to a location.
Connector note: =ANY= location corresponds to PRICELEVELS.LocationID = 0
Together these revisions provide more flexibility for pricing by location. Some rules about how FrontLine determines a price are:

- The Purchase from Primary Vendor Only option in Generate Purchase Order is now sticky.

- Added an export function for the purchasing suggestions in Generate Purchase Order.

- Added an Order Status column to Transaction Inquiry.

The Db Console contains entry PRICELEVELS Location (6.2.002) for a required update.
Note that this script has to be executed one line at a time for both server types.

Explanation of Price calculation from Price Levels based on Costs

When a price is a percentage of a cost the unit cost is determined this way:


Release: February 17, 2012

FrontLine 6.2.001

- Fixed: The Rollback Billing Dates action after returning a recurring bill did not release meter readings used on that bill.

- Added a LastBill field to equipment set members to record the last billed date individually per member. This enables two enhancements:

The Db Console contains entry ESDTL.LastBill (6.2.001) for an update required by recurring billing revisions.
Note that the MSSQL script has to be executed one line at a time. The PostgreSQL script can be executed in one go.


Release: February 15, 2012

FrontLine 6.2.000

- Fixed: Special order line items without a scheduled date did not show up in Generate Purchase Order due to a bug related to future orders.

- Added a Rent icon to the Quantity column in Equipment Sets for a quick visual distinction between rented equipment and equipment owned by the customer.

- Added options to Company Setting E-Sets, Rentals, Contracts:

- Direct entries of Initiated and Terminated dates on equipment set members now affect pro rata on the open order.

- Rentals need start (Initiated) and end (Terminated) dates to calculate fees. Changing a rental line item's Scheduled date changes the Initiated or Terminated (for returns) date on the equipment set member. The defaults are:

- Added a special customer order lookup Service Orders w/Services not Ready to find service orders with services not marked as ready/performed.

- In Transaction Inquiry the Quantity output for returns is now negative.

- Transaction Inquiry enters a Large Result Data Set mode if the date and order type criteria produce more than 10,000 rows of results.

- Rented units can now be repaired on service orders. Note that the location of the rental unit repair remains the rental location. Parts and services used for the repair can be from other locations, and will default to the order location or item default location as usual.

- Implemented a Case property for identifiers in Identifier Setup to convert identifier text typed in to upper case where needed.

The Db Console contains entry File: NewInvoice procedure 6.2 for a required update to complement repairs of rentals.


Release: February 3, 2012

FrontLine 6.1.088

- The Web Order order type flag can now be toggled on customer orders using the drop-down menu beside the POS button on the top bar. The display text can be changed using the WebOrder Labels dictionary word.

- Added a Primary Identifiers Only option to Transaction Inquiry to show only one identifier per unit in the Details.

- Added a Show only Equipment under Contracts option to Equipment Search.


Release: February 1, 2012

FrontLine 6.1.087

- Fixed: The ending quantity on hand calculated by Inventory Transactions did not include inventory committed to consume for assembly or to adjust out.

- Added more validation of US Zip codes and Canadian Postal codes and Tax Geocodes.

- Added missing security context for Default Location in Items maintenance.

- Added three custom Item Status flags that can be set in Items maintenance. If any of the three flags with values 1000, 2000, or 4000 (in hexadecimal) are given a display text in Lists maintenance, FrontLine creates checkboxes for them in Items maintenance, enlarging the Item Status section as needed. Note that these flags do not influence FrontLine's behaviour with Items, but can be used for reporting, external data connectors, etc.

- Rental Returns now set the new line location to the rental origin if the order location is not a rental location.

- Added a Part number column to Item Lookup to show:


Release: January 31, 2012

FrontLine 6.1.086

- Fixed: Unknown Item message that could occur in order entry despite a valid scan code.

- Fixed: Selecting the first listed vendor as primary vendor or repair vendor in Items maintenance would raise a FK_ITEMS_VENDORS violation error upon saving.

- Fixed: Adding new intangible line items to a quote created equipment set members, and when that quote was turned into a new order the new set elibible services were not automatically added to equipment sets.

- Fixed: Presented Quote totals included Taxes. This fix is implemented in the NewInvoice database procedure.

- Canadian tax geocodes are now listed by single character match of postal code instead of 2-character match when the full postal code is not found in TaxGeoCode localities.

- Line status Discounted is now copied to return line items created in the Returns window.

- The letters in Canadian postal codes are now forced to upper case for consistency.

- Added a confirmation prompt when user saves an address without a postal code.

- Quotes are now excluded from special lookups Open Sales Orders and Sales Orders for Invoicing.

- Renamed the Quotes (pending) order lookup to Open Quotes.

- Added a Scheduler Options window to add more settings to the Scheduler configuration in Company Settings, and implemented a new scheduler option to send an order bill-to vs ship-to address to the scheduler event text.

The Db Console contains an entry File: NewInvoice procedure 6.1.086 to implement the fix for quote presentation tax totals.


Release: January 26, 2012

FrontLine 6.1.085

- Added a Print Lines with Zero Quantity option for invoice-related output in Forms for Orders.

- Implemented the global Discount percentage for customers. This discount is applied on top of the price a customer qualifies for by price level, etc, except if that price is a customer-specific price entry indicating an individually negotiated price.

- Pressing F3 while in the Agent field of Customers maintenance now invokes Agent lookup.

- Setup Lists now sorts the list of lists alphabetically.


Release: January 25, 2012

FrontLine 6.1.084

- Fixed: Changing the price of a return line item created by order returns would result in miscalculation of that return line item's taxes.

- Fixed: Exporting text fields containing the selected quote characters could cause issues for programs interpreting the export file. FrontLine now doubles the quote characters found within field text values.

- Added an invoiced Line Tax detail viewing feature to Invoice windows.

- Added a direct link to Item Quantities from line items, using the context menu or shortcut key Ctrl-3

- Items maintenance is now also shown on the line item context menu, complementing the longstanding shortcut Alt-F2

- Counter discounts entered directly on return lines are not separated regardless of company settings.

- The Item Quantities window now floats alongside the Items maintenance and Item Lookup windows.

- Added a Company Setting under Returns, Repairs, Unidentified to choose the Item Action prompt function text  Repai vs Service

- Links in the Maintenance and Inquiry groups of the Welcome window now rearrange to collect all disabled functions at the bottom.


Release: January 20, 2012

FrontLine 6.1.083

- Fixed: FrontLine would not fulfill the remainder of a partially fulfilled line item with Unidentified.

- Fixed: In Shipping, Vendor RA units were bundled to their repair vendor instead of to the V-RA vendor.

- Fixed: FrontLine could not save Current Station setup when run directly on some 64-bit Windows 7 workstations. These settings are now saved in the "current user" registry on Windows 7 and Vista, as they already are on any terminal server.

- Added Address to Equipment Search inquiry. This field only appears when the window width is greater than 1,200 pixels.

- Added Bin to Item Lookup. The bin at the workstation location is shown, or the default item bin if there is no location-specific bin.

- Added seven more custom Order Status codes. These show up in the drop-down on orders when they have non-blank entries set up in Lists, and are handled by the code translator.

- Added a select prior (up arrow) / next (down arrow) feature to maintenance windows. Pressing the up/down arrow keys in the human key field triggers it. Note that there is no such thing as prior/next in an SQL table, so this function has to search the field, and searching large tables is not instantaneous. Implementations are:

- In the Item Action prompt, changed the button text  Repai to Service. Notice that the hot key remains unchanged.


Release: January 17, 2012

FrontLine 6.1.082

- Added SIC to customer and customer order lookups as both a display column and a Search By field.

- Ship tracking number identifiers are now only included in the output of Forms for Orders for shipped units.

- Added a Match first n option for bin selection in Physical Count to match bins using only leading characters.

- Added BCC to the built-in E-Mail composition window.

- Added a Delete button to the Report Templates list window.

- Holding down a Shift key while first opening a function window, or logging out of FrontLine, no longer inhibits user level persistence.

- Added a Purchase Freight ID to Company Settings separate from Shipping Charge ID:

The Db Console contains an entry File: CostInvoice v6.1.082 for landed costing to use Purchase Freight ID instead of Shipping Charge ID.


Release: January 12, 2012

FrontLine 6.1.081

- Purchase Quotes can no longer be Presented.

- Added a confirmation before sending email from Periodic Invoices or Recurring Billing Output.

- An Item's Default Location is no longer considered when the Order Location is a Rental location and inventory is not identified.

- Elaborated implementation of the PhysicalCount security context:

- Added a Receiving Landed option to the company setting for Costing Received Goods. Landed costing has some prerequisites:

- Added to Item Costing fields:

The Db Console contains entries ITEMCOST.StdCost,LastUnlanded (6.1.081) and File: CostInvoice v6.1.081 for required database updates.
Apply the update to ITEMCOST before the CostInvoice revision.


Release: January 10, 2012

FrontLine 6.1.080

- Added an Any Item option to the Item Billing Prices window to change prices of equipment set members based only on current price and billing frequency. Note that to enter this window it is still necessary to view a recurring billing item in Items maintenance then right-click on the ellipsis button next to list price.


Release: January 9, 2012

FrontLine 6.1.079

- Fixed: Overriding a line item price back to list price after applying a counter discount would appear to remove the counter discount but not remove it from the database.

- Fixed: Rerunning the same Report SQL query for a non-visual report again would raise an error about missing parameters.

- Fixed: Exporting a Physical Count sheet excluding the unit fields would result in a dataset not open error.

- Added an ExtCost column to the Costing grid in the Check In/Out (Invoice) window, and clicking on the column header display the sum.

- Added a drop-down menu to the Service button for Service Orders with functions All To Depot and None To Depot to flag or unflag all unshipped committed to repair units on the order for depot repair.

- Vendor RAs (V-RAs) can now be shipped. They are included in the Ship RAs listing in Shipping. Shipping charges are added to V-RAs but without any markup.

- Added a F3 lookup feature for changing the Ship To address directly in Shipping.

- Added an optional company title display text. To set it, add a last line to the INI file like this:
CO="My Company Title"


Release: January 4, 2012

FrontLine 6.1.078

- Fixed: Potential for an access violation and line number overruns when posting long Physical Count sheets to Adjustments.


Release: January 3, 2012

FrontLine 6.1.077

- Fixed: In January, using Last Month in Transaction Inquiry raised an error.

- FrontLine no longer sets the Scheduled date of a line item when the line is created.

- Order Notes can now be opened read-only when the order itself is opened read-only. Previously, if the order was open read-only then order notes could not be opened.

- Added Inventory Transactions and Transaction Inquiry to the line item context menu on orders. Both the customer and item context are used for Transaction Inquiry.

- Moved the Inventory Transactions and Transaction Inquiry menu in Items maintenance to the Parts button, and added these inquiry functions similarly to Customers maintenance.


Release: December 29, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.076

- Fixed: Committing a Physical Count sheet (posting it to an Adjustment) could result in a foreign key violation.

- Check In started for an Adjustment can now be cancelled.

- Widened the user return email address field to 80 characters. Part of this revision is in the database.
The Db Console contains an entry Widen User Return Email (6.1.076) to implement the database part.


Release: December 27, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.075

- Implemented a Company Setting under Returns, Repairs, Unidentified to Repair Units in Order Location vs Repair Units in Last Known Location.

- Added an icon to the Part column in purchasing auto-gen to indicate the presence of Resource Costs associated with the special order, and a context menu entry Special Vendor Resource to open the entry.

- Added a Scheduled column to the output of Transaction Inquiry. The value output is from the line item, or if blank on the line item then the order.

- Added a link to Inventory Transactions from Physical Count in the context menu.

- Added to the output of Forms for Orders fields ItemNoteSubject and ItemNote.

- Added a pop up reminder in Recurring Billing when exceptions are detected.


Release: December 22, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.074

- Fixed: Access violation potential in Customer Lookup if Address Preferences were added, assigned to addresses, then removed from the preference list.

- Customer Special Order line items now qualify for Resource Costs entry.

- Added an Urgent line item status, accessible in the context menu. The exclamation mark appears next to the Special order icon on both line items and in generating purchase orders.


Release: December 21, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.073

- Fixed: This Physical Count fix in 6.1.071 should now be implemented correctly.

- Fixed: In Physical Count, when Bin criteria was included it searched both the location-specific bin and general bin. Now if a location-specific bin exists the general bin is not considered to qualify the item.

- It is now possible to open Inventory Transactions and Transaction Inquiry directly from Items maintenance using the drop-down next to the Quantities function.

- Added field LocationID to the form and export output from Physical Count.

- Added a company setting to enable Demand Snapshot notes under Notify Options.

- Added a simple log of the OrderIDs and day purged: ORDEREXB.ExType=-1

- Added a means of cancelling a shipment: Enter or scan the tracking number (ShipRef) in the Destination of the Shipping window and, if there are any units shipped with that tracking number still committed FrontLine will display some information about the shipment and, if the user has Delete permission for Shipping, allow the user to cancel the shipment. Cancelling a shipment removes the shipped status and tracking number from the units, and voids the open shipping charge if there is one.

- Some tweaks of the features introduced in 6.1.072


Release: December 15, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.072

- Fixed: The service order counts on Score Card would overcount when multiple repair units were on each order.

- Added an Address selector and filter to Transaction Inquiry.

- Added a Physical Counts filter checkbox to Inventory Transactions.

- LocationID is now translated for Recurring Billing Output forms as it is for other forms.

- Shipped Committed for sale inventory is now shown in the Quantity per Location and Status list for a location in Item Quantities.

- Added Demand Snapshot notes to purchasing line items created by auto-gen that are not special orders.

- Added an export function for the Item Category Accounts list.

- Removed the Physical Count worksheet posting 'fix' made in 6.1.071


Release: December 12, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.071

- Fixed: A revision to the check out commit procedure in 6.1.064 broke the creation of new unit warranties for sales on MSSQL only. This fix is implemented in the database procedure CommitInvoice.

- Fixed: Returns to inventory of customer units last repaired at depot. Part of this fix is in the database procedure CopyLineItems.

- Fixed: Posting a Physical Count worksheet with unidentified quantities would result in additional inventory adjusting in equivalent to the unidentified quantity per such item.

- Parts warranties no longer result in repair warranties.

The Db Console contains entries File: CommitInvoice v6.1.071 to implement the first fix above (MSSQL)
and File: CopyLineItems v6.1.071 to complement the second fix above.


Release: December 8, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.070

- Fixed: Access violation after selecting a vendor from vendor lookup invoked from Items maintenance to select the item's primary vendor.

- Removed the on hand quantity re-evaluation when counts are entered in Physical Count for further refinement.

- Added a function in Shipping to ship all units on the current line item. Use the context menu or F12

- Added Score Card feature, found in the Inquiry group in the Welcome window.


Release: November 30, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.069

- Fixed: Inventory Valuation included unidentified repairs in unidentified sales.

- Fixed: Assemblies on Work Orders would lose total cost synchronization with their components due to rounding timing when the quantity was changed by user.

- Fixed: When a sale line item had no inventory committed to it, and had a location different from the order location, the Scan Match window Location filter was given the order location instead of the line location, potentially confusing the user about availability of inventory at the line location.

- Little improvements in the Item Quantities window including ability to double-click an available quantity in the Quantity per Location and Status tab to show the Inventory and Committed for that location.

The Db Console contains an entry File: SpawnItemDtl 6.1 to implement a revision that creates a new identifier document for return and repair events when the unit already has a ship tracking number so prior ship tracking numbers in history are not in the present event.


Release: November 23, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.068

- Fixed: Check In of Assemblies on Work Orders - this fix is now implemented for PostgreSQL, and enhanced for MSSQL over the 6.1.064 fix in the commit phase. See the db update note below.

- Added a security context for Periodic Invoices separate from Recurring Billing.

- The Report function in Inventory Valuation now uses a different form InventoryValuationSU.rep when Subtract Unidentified is turned on. This alternate form should use the INV.QtyUnidentified value to adjust quantities and values accordingly.

The Db Console contains entries File: NewInvoice procedure 6.1.068 and File: CommitInvoice v6.1.068 to implement the fixes for work order assemblies check in.


Release: November 22, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.067

- In Company Settings, elaborated Order Entity Reactions into Order Activity Reactions where there are now options for Item Note Popups. At this time, Item Note Popups do not occur for package members

- In Physical Count, the Include Never On Hand Items option is now disabled unless the Include Zero Quantities option is selected.

- Added an OrderScheduled field to Forms for Orders for Pick Tickets, Invoices, etc. Previously it was only available for Sales Orders, Purchase Order, Quotes, etc.

- In Transaction Inquiry added [F3] lookup to the hints on Stock and Customer criteria, added field EntityOrder to the main result set, and fixed an issue where columns on the far right moved to the left did not remember that new position after logoff. This revision may also fix a column persistence issue in order lookup.


Release: November 17, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.066

- Fixed: The Stock number shown in the Identifier Document window did not always update when a new identifier document was opened.

- Fixed: The Bin drop-down lists in Physical Count were not sorted.

- Added an Add item function to Physical Count, to add a particular stock item to the list. Note that adding an item this way does not change the original criteria, so looking back at the list one might wonder how this item became part of the count.

- Added an Include All Items Transacted option to Physical Count.

- In Company Settings, elaborated Order After Entity into Order Activity Reactions options, adding a Item Note Popups group of checkboxesfor: Customer Orders, Purchase Orders, and Work Orders. Implemented corresponding pop ups of Item Notes during order processing.


Release: November 15, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.065

- Implemented Multiple Recipient EMail of reports from the preview window using the eMail sections per recipient unattended function from the Mail drop-down menu. For this function to work the first dataset in the report must contain a MailTo field. The report is broken into multiple PDF files, with the recipient's email address inserted into the file name. It is best to place these PDF files in an empty folder created for the mailing batch. FrontLine does not delete these files after sending them.

- FrontLine now detects and skips the 3-byte UTF-8 BOM (Byte-Order Mark) EF BB BF when reading script files from disk into the Db Console.


Release: November 11, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.064

- Fixed: Check In of Assemblies on Work Orders did not level out quantities of the components and the assembly itself to the lowest committed level. This fix is contained entirely in the database procedures NewInvoice and CommitInvoice. See the db update note below.

- Fixed: Price Levels grids were not sorted.

- FedEx Ship Manager main window did not bring itself to the foreground when activated for shipping integration. FrontLine now takes additional steps to make this happen.

- Added Entity, BillTo, and ShipTo trailer notes to the output from Batch Picking.

- Item Notes are now exposed in the Generate Purchase Order window: The Stock column contains a note icon when the item has notes. Added a Notes F7 function to the context menu to open the note, with the note subject shown in the context menu.

- FrontLine now includes a Backordered and Shipped status when relevant in WEBUPDATES records created for Order Status changes, and WEBUPDATES records are no longer created for Order Status changes if there are already records indicating a shipment with a ShipRef.

- Imported line items due for repricing that include the ZeroPrice flag 32,768 in TrxType will be repriced at zero instead of the customer price.

The Db Console contains entries File: NewInvoice procedure 6.1.064 and File: CommitInvoice v6.1.064 to implement the fix for work order assemblies check in.


Release: November 7, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.063

- Fixed: Under some circumstances it was possible to enter a duplicate unique identifier in Receiving.

- It is now possible to edit external invoice numbers and dates of the Costing records in the check-in/out window if the user has Modify permission for the new security contexts AP Invoice Number and AP Invoice Date found in the Purchase Orders class.


Release: November 4, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.062

- Fixed: 6.1.060 and 6.1.061 would produce and access violation upon using the Print function in Batch Picking.

- Orders can be opened for editing from the Inventory and Committed list in the Item Quantities window when the OrderID is shown in the context menu, which occurs when the unit is committed for sale or rent.

- Elaborated the Company Setting Quote Life into a Quote Options window with a new option Reset Placed date when Quote is toggled off.

- Elaborated the Company Setting Notify Before Activations into a Notify Options window with a new option Remind user to document Out of Service events to make the out of service reminder configurable.


Release: November 3, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.061

- Fixed: The Recurring Billing fix in 6.1.056 could multiply bill lines.

- Added a confirmation for voiding a repair unit line item.

- Added a Single item count feature to Physical Count.

- Periodic Invoices output revisions:

- When an equipment set member is transferred from one set to another, FrontLine now copies it's residence to the event address [ITEMDTL.AddressID]


Release: November 1, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.060

- Fixed: Negative priced or costed line items can now be overridden to a more negative value as well as towards zero.

- Fixed: Line Location was not changed to the Inventory Location when using the Scan Code entry method in Line Item Details to commit inventory.

- Fixed: Inventory Valuation now includes quantities committed to adjust out or consume for an assembly in the On Hand total.

- Fixed: Using Company Setting Known Units to Origin in Return and Unidentified Options would take precedence over the Exchange option Return incoming unit to location of outgoing unit with a possible result of the incoming unit event location not matching the line item location.

- Fixed: Inventory transferred by auto-commit ended up at its source location instead of destination.

- Fixed: The Recurring Rental Item Type flag did not work as intended.

- Improved handling of IIF conditional text expressions using TrxType and TrxStatus code fields from Forms for Orders.

- Added a Ship Tracking function to Unit Tracking.

- Added a Find Identifier function to the Unit Details list in Scan Match.

- Added two location options to Inventory Valuation: <All Rentals> and <All Non-Rentals>

- Changed the suggested purchase quantity in Generate Purchase Order to cover all potential needs (including open customer orders) and replenish inventory to Max.

- Added to User Options: User cannot change own password.

- Added Vendor RAs to Purchasing. To start a Vendor RA, press Ctrl-R or click the drop-down arrow next to the Transfer button and choose V-RA.


Release: October 21, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.059

- Fixed: ShipTo addresses on orders with redirected billing were not skipped when more than 40 as the 6.1.041 revision did for regular orders.

- Fixed: Exchanging two different stock items would result in the same Scan Code displayed on both lines instead of the two distinct stock numbers. This problem began in 6.1.056

- Added an context menu to the Identifier Document window with functions to Open Resource and Ship Tracking when applicable.

- Added a Ship Tracking function to the unit context menu in Line Item Details.

- Added event notes to the Unit Tracking window. The note subject or leading text of the note is shown in the event text, and the Notes F7 function opens the note in full for reading.

- Added a Quantity column to the Inventory and Committed view in Item Quantities, and now include quantities committed for sale in the Quantity per Location and Status view even when the Show Sold Quantities option is off.

- Revised the ORDERS.OrderType field data type from smallint to int.
The Db Console contains an entry ORDERS.OrderType int (6.1.059) make this change in the database.
There is also a trigger revision TR_ItemDtl_QtyCheck v6.1 (MSSQL) that applies only to Microsoft SQL Server.


Release: October 18, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.058

- Fixed: Two line items on a customer order of the same stock item, location, and quantity were analyzed as the same line for quantities to generate a purchase order.

- Added an On Order floating view to the Generate Purchase Order feature to show purchase orders where an item has been ordered but not yet received.


Release: October 14, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.057

- Fixed: Creating a Periodic Invoices batch with a Customer Number Pattern would result in an SQL error about an ambiguous column name after the 6.1.045 database update to the INVOICES table.

- Fixed: Periodic Invoices would output lines to the detail section that were on invoices prior to the relevant invoice.

- Added INVOICE.TrxType to the detail section of Periodic Invoices.

- The Sales Order output from Forms for Orders is like a Pick Ticket when operating with Red Deer's activation key.
This modification is active when there is a blue tint on the Sales Order form selector button.


Release: October 13, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.056

- Fixed: Receiving in Scan mode after receiving in range mode would add characters to the identifier value scanned.

- Fixed: Adjustments got ShipTo addresses upon reopening, and their location would change to the ShipTo assigned. This was probably broken in the last month or two.

- Fixed: Recurring Billing did not exclude equipment set members that were still committed for sale/rent.

- The purchase quantity suggested in the Generate Purchase Order feature now tops up inventory to the Max if a max is defined.

- In the Price Levels window, when a number typed in for Entity matches both a CustomerID and CustomerNumber, FrontLine now consistently chooses the match on CustomerNumber.

- The Item Quantities window layout has been revised, and a Show Sold Quantities filter added.


Release: October 12, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.055

- Fixed: The address list for Residence in Equipment Sets was incomplete. This was broken in 6.1.041

- Added auto-complete to Residence in Equipment Sets.

- Added a Proprietary Item Status (flag value 2048), visible in Items maintenance, and available as a sticky criteria in Inventory Valuation.

- Shipping now considers Bill Transportation To for whether to charge for the shipment. Shipping is charged when transportation is billed to the Sender/Shipper, but not when billed to Receiver, Third Party, or Collect. This revision goes with changes in the shipping integration details for WorldShip and Ship Manager.


Release: October 10, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.054

- Fixed: FrontLine could not tolerate line items with NULL ItemID other than order discounts and payments on account.

- Added a Use Order Scheduled date where set sticky option to Batch Picking.

- Elaborated Company Setting Discount Presentation to Discount Lines & Repricing to add an option No Quantity Reprice for Repricing after Quantity change.

- FrontLine can now input the ShipID key itself in WorldShip and Ship Manager through window messages and attempt to make them open the shipment.

- Recruited the field ADDRESSES.NotifyVia to flag Residential addresses for by the Ship Manager and WorldShip integrations. There is now a Residential checkbox in address maintenance.

- Added a field CUSTOMERS.ShipAccount for use by the Ship Manager and WorldShip integrations. Customer maintenance has been tweaked to accomodate.
The Db Console contains an entry CUSTOMERS.ShipAccount (New in 6.1.054) to add a required field.


Release: October 5, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.053

- Improved response of the Stock number entry in Transaction Inquiry.

- Added to User Options: Order Lookup defaults to All Locations.

- Added a Parts view option to purchase order line items to show the vendor part number vs stock number.

- When a Pick Ticket is produced interactively for an order from Forms for Orders the order status is now flagged as Picking.

- When returns code 4 to Hold for Review FrontLine now gives the user a choice to accept the payment.


Release: October 4, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.052

- Fixed: Although FrontLine detected and notified the user of circular references during package setup, if a circular reference was created in the data by other means it caused a hang when FrontLine attempted to display the package selector.

- Fixed: Assembly components with fractional cent costs could cause a rounding mismatch for the assembly cost on work orders, leading to $0.01 order totals.

- Fixed: 6.1.051 broke the ability to start a work order.

- FrontLine now reopens an order it deferred in the background due to shipping.


Release: October 3, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.051

- Fixed: The Discount security contexts (which affect a user's ability to change line item prices) from Customer Orders were applied in Purchase Orders.

- Fixed: The effect of inventory Minimums on purchase quantity suggestions from the Generate Purchase Order feature.

- Fixed: In the Generate Purchase Order feature, when viewing suggestions for multiple vendors, a purchase quantity override entered using the Enter/Return key was lost.

- Fixed: An item's Default Location is only applicable to customer orders, not purchase orders.

- Fixed: Changing the Ship-To on a regular purchase order did not change the order location.

- Added a Purchase from Primary Vendor Only option to the Generate Purchase Order feature.

- Implemented posting of Shipping Charges to Customer Orders. The customer order must be in an open status. If the user has the order open in the background, that presentation is deferred for manipulation of the order by shipping. Note that shipment charges are retrieved from Ship Manager and WorldShip, but these are presented to the user for confirmation in case the recipient has their own shipping carrier account and thus should not be charged in FrontLine.


Release: September 28, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.050

- Fixed: The automatic invoicing of express repairs customer orders in Shipping could overwrite the TotalPaid value of all orders in the database.

- Fixed: Shipping units that had been shipped before would overwrite their prior shipping reference (tracking number) or cause a key violation.

- Fixed: Line items with the Surplus flag could not be manually fulfilled as inventory.

- Fixed: In some circumstances, the line effective total did not reflect the customer's discounted price when the line item was entered.

- Added a BackOrders field to the output of Forms for Orders to indicate the customer's backorder preference on forms.

- Added an Order Type flag for Web Orders, value 0x2000 (hexadecimal) or 8192. This flag serves as an alternate trigger for web updates.

- Order Status Completed no longer triggers web updates.

- Added to Company Settings: Shipping Charge ID and Shipping Charge %
To enable automatic addition of shipping charges returned by Ship Manager and WorldShip to customer orders the Shipping Charge ItemID must be set, and the Shipping Charge percentage greater than zero. Use the ItemID of an intangible (the ellipsis provides an Item Lookup), such as a Charge or Service, that is not set eligible.
Automatic addition of shipping charges to an order was not ready until 6.1.051


Release: September 23, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.049

- Fixed: The No Package Prompt Item Status broke the sale of ready-made assemblies.

- Fixed: When the same unit appeared more than once on the same order, it's identifiers were repeated in the output of Forms for Orders.

- Added a Print intangible line items option to Forms for Orders for Pick Tickets, Delivery Tickets, Ship Tickets, and Edit Lists.

The Db Console contains an entry File: ImportItemDtl procedure 6.1 which uses script files ImportItemDtl61.sql (MSSQL) or pgImportItemDtl61.sql (PostgreSQL) retrieved directly from the web site.
FrontLine does not use this procedure directly, instead it is used by the back office connector.


Release: September 22, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.048

- Fixed: Error about EntityID must have a value upon saving Line Item EDI data.

- Fixed: Starting a rental line item from Item Lookup could result in rental inventory not appearing in Scan Match until after the line item was created.

- Implemented some security detail for setup Labels and Lists so that a user can have read-only access.

- Added a direct link to Parts from the Item Lookup window.

- Added Vendor Number to the Search By list in Purchase Order Lookup.

- Added a Show Age option to Order Lookup windows so the user can choose to see the age of open orders (or time from placement to completion for closed orders) as before.

- Added to User Options: F8 Defers Orders. This makes FrontLine defer open orders when the user presses the F8 key instead of checking through the order. On an open order, this option effectively moves the F8 shortcut from Check-Out/In to Defer.

- The account number on order payments is now always masked unless editing it.

- Order Status is now shown in the order header hover hint.


Release: September 20, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.047

- Fixed: Changing the recurring price of a service contract in the Service Contracts window did not prorate the line item price on the open order.

- Fixed: Presentation of Quotes was broken.

- Added an Include Parts for Repairs persistent option to Shipping.

- The Customer Lookup invoked by typing into a Ship-To address field on an order now only shows addresses for the current ship-to customer of the order.


Release: September 19, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.046

- Fixed: After redirecting the bill-to of a customer order, the ship-to contact (if defined) would display Unknown.

- Fixed: After redirecting the bill-to of a customer order, then restoring the bill-to back to the ship-to customer, the prior redirected bill-to's EntityID could remain on the order.

- Fixed: Parts and package members used for repairs were not held back from Shipping when the repair unit itself was not ready to ship.

- Fixed: The Item Action prompt count of # days ago was off by a day in many cases.

- Fixed: Changing the xTo Address selector in Order Lookup while viewing a special lookup such as Open Service Orders did not refresh the results displayed.

- Fixed: Assembly Packages marked No Package Prompt could not be placed on Work Orders. FrontLine now ignores the No Package Prompt flag in this scenario.

- In Items maintenance, the Primary Vendor and Repair Vendor fields now have drop-down selection lists and auto-complete from text typed in.

- Required identifiers missing from an order's I.Doc no longer prevent printing of Forms for Orders for a closed order.


Release: September 15, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.045

- Fixed: Recurring Bill line items were missing the recurring bill flag. This bug was introduced some time this year. One consequence is that these line items are not counted in the Contract Profitability Report.
Check for affected line items with this SQL:
SELECT * FROM TRX WHERE OrderID BETWEEN 80000000 AND 89999999 AND TrxType&4=0 AND OrderLineRef IS NOT NULL
Fix affected line items with this SQL:
UPDATE TRX SET TrxType=TrxType|4 WHERE OrderID BETWEEN 80000000 AND 89999999 AND TrxType&4=0 AND OrderLineRef IS NOT NULL

- Fixed: Two step line item reference links were not considered in order check-out. This fix is one of the two revisions in the NewInvoice database procedure.

- Added a Search By Part Reference option to Item Lookup. All vendor and customer part numbers are searched. Note that the vendor/customer part numbers are not displayed in the lookup results.

- The Location selector in the Generate Purchase Order function now allows free-form entry.

- Parameters last used in Batch Picking are now persistent past logoff.

- Added a Print non-repair lines first persistent option to Forms for Orders when the output is from a service order, and made sorting of Invoices and Receipts consistent with Service Orders.

- Added an Applied to nnn- n context menu function to the payment tenders of an order. The nnn- n indicates the order and invoice sequence (if applied) and the function opens the relevant invoice (check-out) for viewing.

- Added BillTo information to the INVOICES table, affecting Forms for Orders and periodic invoices. The Bill-To address of an open but partially invoiced customer order can now be changed so the next invoice goes to a different party.
The Db Console contains entries File: NewInvoice procedure 6.1.045 which uses script files NewInvoice61045.sql (MSSQL) or pgNewInvoice61045.sql (PostgreSQL) which are retrieved directly from the web site, and INVOICES.BillTo+EntityID (New in 6.1.045) which is an embedded script.
Execute the INVOICES.BillTo+EntityID script before updating the NewInvoice procedure.


Release: September 12, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.044

- Fixed: The Generate Purchase Order function omitted demands from open line items where the committed quantity partially fulfilled the order.

- Fixed: FrontLine did not prompt for Item Action of an unidentified non-identifiable inventory item with a default location.

- Fixed: Pick Tickets, Delivery Tickets, Ship Tickets, and Edit Lists were including intangibles from a revision in 5.6

- Fixed: Customer Number did not show up on batch pick tickets.

- Added a Corporation Customer flag. See the CustStatus code table.

- An open Work Order can now output a Pick Ticket. Work Orders are not included in Batch Picking.

- Users with appropriate permission can now override exceeding a customer's credit limit even when the customer is already over their credit limit. See the initial implementation notes.


Release: September 9, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.043

- Fixed: The last known unit address for order ShipTo introduced in 6.1.038 did not work for returns.

- Added Order Ready/Serviced to the status changes that trigger Web Updates.

- Added a persistent Exchange option to return the incoming unit to the location of outgoing unit. When this option is off, the incoming unit is returned to the order location.

- Added a Batch Picking feature:

The same forms can be used for batch pick tickets as for regular Pick Tickets with the following considerations:


Release: August 29, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.042

- Fixed: More issues in the Demands list for the Generate Purchase Order window.

- Fixed: Attaching parts and services to a warrantied repair unit after return from depot did not cover those parts and services under the warranty.


Release: August 26, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.041

- Bill-To and Ship-To addresses are no longer listed in popup menus on customer orders if there are more than 40 of them on the list. Instead an entry Lookup address... appears.

- Bill-To and Ship-To address lists in the Equipment Sets window are now built when Equipment Sets are first opened for the customer. This saves time when assigning a customer with hundreds or thousands of addresses to an order.

- Added Copy & Paste functions to Contacts maintenance. Paste is performed with the same button/shortcut as Copy, but on a new contact record.

- Added number of days ago to the Item Action prompt.

- Implemented a meaning for the Repair Vendor of a Service or Charge: When a service or charge with a repair vendor is added to a service order (a customer order with units to be repaired) that vendor's addresses are matched to customer addresses, and if a customer matches then that customer's default bill-to is assigned to the service order with user confirmation. Note that the addresses are matched by AddressID so, for example, the customer needs to have one of the vendor's addresses added to its list using the Other Address... function in maintenance.

- Fixed: The Orders function from Unit Tracking opened over the Scan Match window failed to open the relevant order in the background window.

- Fixed: Starting in 6.1.036, voided line items could show up on invoices.
The Db Console contains an entry File: NewInvoice procedure 6.1.041 to fix the NewInvoice database procedure bug introduced in 6.1.036.
This entry uses script files NewInvoice61041.sql (MSSQL) or pgNewInvoice61041.sql (PostgreSQL) which are retrieved directly from the web site.


Release: August 23, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.040

- Fixed: Quantity analysis of work orders and adjustments used to make auto-gen suggestions in Generate Purchase Order.

- Fixed: Security contexts for Quarantine Release and Certificates did not show up in Access Profiles. They should now show up in the Items group.

- Events (as in the Unit Tracker) for assemblies are now marked as Assembled (instead of Received) and components used are marked as Consumed, for Assembly.

- Added a Scanner mode to the Receive window. In scanner mode identifier ranges are disabled, the identifier input is fully processed in the first step, and focus returns to the identifier input after each scan. Scan mode is available when receiving items that have identifiers, and its activation is persistent for the user after logoff.

- Added the Vendor / Customer name to the awning label in Parts Cross-Reference. This name comes from the Vendor's Default Purchase From address.

- Added Find Stock # function to the line item context menu to help locate a stock number on a long order.

- Added a Get latest FrontLine.exe command to the Db Console context menu. This function does not upgrade FrontLine in place. It simply retrieves FrontLine.exe from the web site for convenience. User is prompted for where to save the file. Database updates should be performed with the latest FrontLine, so after updating FrontLine.exe close FrontLine, launch the new executable and return to the Db Console to run any required scripts.


Release: August 20, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.039

- Fixed: Physical Count using "Include Zero Quantities" but not "Include Never On Hand Items" did not include items that had been sold unidentified without ever having quantity on hand.

- Fixed: Depot returns made from outside the service order could fail to take the original equipment's place on equipment sets and service contracts.

- Fixed: FrontLine was not preventing check-out of Service Order / I-RA units still at depot when those line items on the order (or the service order itself) were not marked as ready.

- Fixed: When a unit whose most recent transaction was a repair was returned, the return line item had some flags that made it look like another repair.

- Fixed: Voided work order parts line items showed up on the Demands for the Generate Purchase Order window.

- Fixed: Check-In of Purchase Orders should not consider the ready checkboxes, all receivings qualify for check-in.

- Fixed: On customer orders, a unit received back from depot shows the received symbol on the line item but the symbol disappeared after the line completed, causing visual ambiguity between the outgoing and incoming depot RA line items.

- Fixed: Possible SQL error in Shipping after units are shipped but there is nothing to invoice. Example, after shipping RA units.

- Fixed: Persistent sorting introduced in 6.1.038 now puts the cursor back at the top of the resorted grid.

- FrontLine will now attempt to load the File script entries in the Db Console directly from so the files do not have to be manually transferred to client sites.

- Changed the auto-complete full text search (introduced in 6.1.038) trigger from 3 to 4 characters minimum entry.

- Added a context menu on the Shipping list to visually expose some available functions: Orders, Items, Customers, Vendors.

- Shipping directly from an order with units to send to depot now preselects the Ship RAs option.

- Refreshing costs and substitutes... for purchasing should take less time on PostgreSQL now.

- Added to User Options: Focus on Repair Codes that makes the Repair Codes window open immediately when a repair unit is checked in, and also makes this window receive focus when Line Item Details open for a repair unit line.

- Added an Address ID to unit event records. FrontLine uses this value among others to determine the last known address of a unit. Although FrontLine does not set this value yet, some external data connectors do.
The Db Console contains an entry ITEMDTL.AddressID (New in 6.1.039) to add this database field.


Release: August 17, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.038

- Fixed: Special Orders for Work Order components did not show up in the purchase list suggested by auto-gen in Generate Purchase Order.

- It is now possible to add an item to the purchase suggestion list in Generate Purchase Order using the context menu or F3 which invokes Item Lookup.

- Enhanced auto-complete of fields with a drop-down list of values: If three characters are typed in without a match by leading text then FrontLine performs a full text search of the list values and selects the first match.

- FrontLine will now set the EntityID of EDI line records if the field exists in TRXEDI and no value has been assigned to it.

- Units brought in for repair or return on a blank order will now set the Ship To address of the order to the unit's last known residence or ship-to provided those addresses belong to the customer.

- Added a company setting Web Orders ID to change the default workstation ID of 99 used to recognize OrderIDs generated from web orders. The valid range is between 90 and 999, keeping in mind that 100 to 999 are also valid FrontLine workstation IDs.

- Added a special customer order lookup Shipped, not Invoiced to find orders where inventory has shipped and needs to be invoiced.

- Added a backordered symbol (truck with calendar) to the line number column in Shipping to indicate that part of the line quantity has been marked backordered, or some parts used to repair the unit are marked backordered.

- When a repair unit is scanned as shipped in Shipping, any parts linked to it that are ready to ship are also marked as shipped.

- User defined sorting (by clicking column headers) of the location cost grid in Item Costing and the location bin list in Item Bins is now persistent.

- Added a CustomerPO field to Periodic Invoices. A periodic invoice includes multiple bills and invoices, so FrontLine uses the first customer PO number in the group. This field is output to periodic invoice forms as INVSUM.CustomerPO
The Db Console contains an entry PVIDS.CustomerPO (New in 6.1.038) to add a required database field for this revision.


Release: August 10, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.037

- Fixed: Price generation code has been reworked for improved consistency between line repricing and new line item entry pricing.

- Added LineRef to outputs from Forms for Orders.


Release: August 8, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.036

- Fixed: The location of auto-committed units for a new line item came up with an odd number. This bug was introduced in 6.1.031

- Added an Order Status In Transit, and exposed it and the On Hold flag in the drop-down on the order header. The labels can be changed by modifying the Display text of the desired entry in the Order Status list found in Setup -- Lists.

- The Express Repairs shipping feature introduced in 6.1.034 now invoices those service orders. Note that a database procedure update is required:
The Db Console contains an entry File: NewInvoice procedure 6.1 to revise the NewInvoice database procedure. This entry requires script files NewInvoice61.sql (MSSQL) or pgNewInvoice61.sql (PostgreSQL).


Release: August 3, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.035

- Fixed: Transfers and Adjustments in Rental locations are not rental transactions.


Release: August 2, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.034

- Fixed: Odd bug in Physical Count that would make a list of identified units appear for the last entry when the cursor is not on the last entry.

- The location cost grid in Item Costing, and the bin list in Item Bins can now be sorted by clicking their column headers.

- The Spreadsheet option in the Export window is now always visible but when it is checked with HTML the output format is changed to comma delimited. Similarly when HTML output format is chosen the Spreadsheet option is turned off.

- Added a Customer Status flag Express Repairs to indicate that a customer's repair units can be shipped without indicating readiness on the service order. The effects of this flag are seen in Shipping where it affects both the units listed to ship, and units shipped that were marked To Repair are changed to Repaired.


Release: July 29, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.033

- Fixed: Placement of equipment set members was not saved in some circumstances.

- Added ORDERS.ExtRef display to the hover hint on the order header and footer.

- Included non-unit identifiers (ex, Service Contract) in Recurring Billing Output.

- Added Web Updates functionality:


Release: July 25, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.032

- Fixed: When a rental unit was returned using the Returns window, the unit status included the Sold flag where it should be only Returned.

- Fixed: Recurring Billing Output on PostgreSQL would raise an SQL error about conversion of ReadDate. This bug was introduced in 6.1.023 and only occurs when using a PostgreSQL database.

- Added a persistent option "Sort ship list by Order / Line" to Shipping that can be toggled until units are shipped from the list.


Release: July 22, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.031

- More tweaks and fixes related to EDI integration, including an ability to auto-commit inventory upon opening an EDI order just imported.


Release: July 21, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.030

- Added a Line Item EDI window to display and allow editing of EDI information from the new TRXEDI table. Fields in the TRXEDI table are defined by the EDI interface, not FrontLine. FrontLine only requires this table to have a key on OrderID and Line. There is a new security class for EDI with 20 contexts to control user access to the EDI data. If TRXEDI contains an int field named PersonID, FrontLine will not display this field but will set it to the User ID of the person who saves changes to a record.

- Both Ctrl keys must now be down to delete a Tax Detail record from tax maintenance.

- Service orders with repair units still at the depot can now be partially checked out when the entire service order is not marked as ready/serviced.


Release: July 18, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.029

- Fixed: The Inventory Valuation revision made in 6.1.021 for I-RAs.

- Fixed: Entering a total of zero units quantity counted in Physical Count did not update the overall item quantity in the location from a blank.

- The line item location of an assigned repair unit can now be changed again.


Release: July 14, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.028

- Fixed: Unique identifiers of units adjusted out were not excluded when verifying identifier uniqueness.

- Fixed: A part or service selected from Item Lookup for a service order did not trigger the repair unit assignment menu.

- Fixed: Purchase Order Lookup Open Received Purchase Orders was including closed purchase orders.

- Titles of the form selection buttons in Forms for Orders are now labels that can be changed. Note that changing such a label does not affect the form file names. Example, if "Delivery Ticket" is relabelled "In Process" the form files are still DeliveryTicket*.rep

- The Entity function in order windows is now labelled Customer or Vendor (using label dictionary) depending on the order type.

- In Locations maintenance, copying a location no longer copies the ExtRef, and a system administrator can edit the location's ExtRef value.

- It is now possible to override a customer's credit limit when manually entering an On Account tender. Permission to do this is determined by the user's Add permit for the context Orders for Customer On Hold.


Release: July 11, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.027

- Fixed: Bugs in the new rental location feature.

- Fixed: When the company setting Constrain Payments was set to Isolated it was not possible to pay for multiple receivables on a single order.

- Rental line items are now created at $0. To price recurring rentals, the recurring price must be set on the equipment set member. Non-recurring rentals are priced directly on the line item.

- The order header location can now be changed on any open uninvoiced order. FrontLine notifies the user that existing line items remain in their current location and can be changed individually as applicable.

- Introduced a Recurring Rental Item Type flag to indicate that the item is set eligible and incurs recurring bills as a rental item from rental locations, but is neither from non-rental locations. To mark an Item as a Recurring Rental, its ITEMS.ItemType needs a combination of three flags:
>> Rental (256)
>> Set Eligible (64)
>> Recurring Bills (4)
for a combination value of 324 in decimal or 144 in hex.

- The Customer Equipment list in the Scan Match window now shows units rented to the customer sorted before units owned by the customer.


Release: July 8, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.026

- Fixed: Some quirks finding equipment from the Service Contracts window using the Identifier field type-in search method.

- Added BillToContactPhone3 and ShipToContactPhone3 to outputs from Forms for Orders.

- Added a display of the Equipment Set Customer PO: ... in the Contracts list in the Service Contracts window when there is no primary identifier.

- Added a Rental Location flag for locations. A rental location provides rentals in the place of sales. Units from a rental location can be rented, returned, and exchanged. Rental units are eligible for equipment sets. Units in stock at a rental location can be repaired on an Inventory RA, but any parts for the repair must come from non-rental locations.

- Changed the item category acount field AllowAdvertise to UnearnedRevenue.
The Db Console contains an entry ITEMCATS.AllowAdvertise to UnearnedRevenue (6.1.026) to rename this column.
Note that this update is required to log into FrontLine 6.1.026 and breaks prior versions of FrontLine.
To apply the update, log in as 'sa' and proceed directly to the Db Console.


Release: July 6, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.025

- Fixed: When shipped units were returned using the Returns window, the return unit was incorrectly marked shipped.

- Fixed: In Receiving, FrontLine can sequence up to 19 trailing digits on the primary identifiers. Now if the trailing digits are more than 19 digits only the right-most 19 digits are used, additional digits on the left are preserved as non-digits instead of being lost or rejected.


Release: July 5, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.024

- Fixed: Adding a new unit to a new equipment set for a customer just created could result in a key violation of PK_ESDTL.

- Added a contacts icon to the first column of the address list in maintenance windows to indicate the presence of contacts at that address.

- The Country of the workstation's location's pay-to address is now used as a default for new addresses.


Release: June 30, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.023

- Fixed: Incorrectly costed assemblies where a component was costed from multiple layers.

- Fixed: On MSSQL, a Meter ReadDate can include a time but FrontLine did not show this time. One consequence was that entries with a time could not be deleted.

- Fixed: Billed meter readings could not be deleted (correct), but they could be modified (wrong). Billed meter readings should not be deleted or modified.

- Added field ReadDate to recurring billing output, the date of a meter reading.

- Added fields INVOICE.OrderTotalItems and INVOICE.OrderTotalTaxes to the output from Forms for Orders for Invoices, Receipts, Pick Tickets, Delivery Tickets, etc. Note that these order totals are subject to change until the order is closed.


Release: June 24, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.022

- Fixed: Shipped committed units are now handled correctly by user-commit and auto-commit of inventory and unidentified units.

- Implemented Metered Billing:

The Db Console contains entries for two required updates:
1. ESMETERS table (New in 6.1.022) to create a new table for meter reading.
2. UsageQuota fields (New in 6.1.022) for quotas on equipment.


Release: June 21, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.021

- Fixed: Inventory Valuation and Inventory Transactions did not handle I-RAs and shipping correctly. These revisions should have been made with the implementation of I-RAs in 6.1.019

- Revised the Manufacturer Representative (MR) line item icon and added it to order lookup.


Release: June 20, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.020

- Fixed: Scan Match did not show inventory units for I-RA consumption.

- Fixed: With a few steps it was possible to work around entering required order identifiers.

- Added a drop down to the Print button in report previews with a Make PDF function to save the output as a PDF in a file designated by the user.

- Added a drop down to the Quote button in customer orders with a Manufacturer Representative toggle function that makes any special order line items (whether orders or quotes) MR items instead. Currently this is only a visual distinction, there is no functional difference.


Release: June 15, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.019

- Fixed: Cash Drawer Reconciliation now includes custom tender types.

- Implemented Inventory RAs, abbreviated I-RA. These are special service orders for the SELF Customer. Shipping is revised to accommodate them.


Release: June 14, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.018

- Fixed: Changing the line price of returned equipment would result in a tax miscalculation.

- Fixed: The Details section in Periodic Invoices was using reference line Effective $ instead of the actual line Effective.


Release: June 10, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.017

- Fixed: In Shipping, manually entered shipping references did not update the shipments record.

- Added a notice message when the user changes an order location with line items in other locations.

- Expanded application of the security contact Orders for Customer On Hold to:


Release: June 9, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.016

- Fixed: When the user changed an Order Location, FrontLine would change the location of existing line items without updating other properties such as the accounts. Now changing the order location does not change the location of existing line items, it only changes the default location of new line items.

- Fixed: Group page numbering on forms was inconsistent.

- In Customer Lookup, replaced the Credit Card column with Agent Initials.

- Added a Ship Tracking information line to relevant events in the Unit Tracker.


Release: June 4, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.015

- Fixed: A new address assigned as an entity's default address for a function was not assigned that address attribute when it was the first address for the entity. This bug was probably introduced in 6.1.011

- Multiple fixes and tweaks for Return Authorizations.

- Added a D indicator to depot repair line items and orders with depot repairs in order lookup.

- Shipping can now handle RA units to an undetermined depot. These units are collected in a potential shipment where the user must determine the destination when preparing to ship.

- The alternate Ship To address selector in Shipping now shows the names of the address, and up to eight most recently used entries are saved persistently across sessions for a user in the drop-down list.

- FrontLine now tags a repair unit to return to depot automatically based on the last sale date and the depot repair start/end age defined in the item stock record. The depot repair start/end numbers are age in days. If the start and end numbers are equal then the item is never automatically sent to depot. If the end age is higher than the start, the item is automatically sent to depot when its age falls between the start and end. If the start age is higher than the end, the item is automatically sent to depot when its age falls outside the end and start.
The Db Console contains an entry File: UnitAge v1 (6.1.015) to create a new required database procedure.
This entry requires script files UnitAge.sql (MSSQL) or pgUnitAge.sql (PostgreSQL)


Release: June 1, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.014

- Fixed: The lookup for Open Transfer Orders did not find transfers that had just been created due to a piece of data lost when setting the destination.

- Quotes can now be printed from mixed orders before confirmation.

- Added a Placed vs Scheduled date selector for Recurring Bills in a Tax Report. For existing batches this selection only affects the date reported for recurring bills. For new batches this selection also changes the tagging criteria.

- Implemented RAs to vendors:


Release: May 19, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.013

- Fixed: As of 6.1.011, FrontLine stopped asking to make a new entity address the default bill-to / ship-to / etc (depending on relevance) when not already assigned.

- Repair Unit line items do not permit user price changes, even if the unit has no identifiers.

- The stock number line in Package Content Selector cells is now boldfaced.

- Added a security context Other's Orders for both Customer Orders and Purchase Orders. Values relevant in this context are:

Recommended db revision for MSSQL to prevent foreign key constraint errors when deleting entities such as customers:


Release: May 17, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.012

- Fixed: Returning a long order (ex, more than 40 lines with multiple units to return) could result in an access violation from the Returns window.

- Added sorting to the diagnostic report grid by clicking column headers.

- Added two options to Shipping:


Release: May 16, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.011

- Fixed: Some labels, like Phone 1, 2, 3 in Contacts maintenance, lost label translation in the last revision or two.

- A copied address now gets all the address preferences from the source address.

- The results of an Order Lookup by an order identifier value are now sorted to show open orders first, with the secondary sort the Placed date descending. Before it was sorted only by the order placed date descending.

- Added a "Ship To" modifier entry box to Shipping where one can override the shipping address by entering a vendor number or customer number to get their default ship-to address. A "Revert" function is provided to undo the change. No lookup is provided.

- Added an indicator icon to the Status column in Scan Match views "Scan Matches" and "Unit Details" that appears when the unit is covered under at least one active contract.


Release: May 12, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.010

- Fixed: The total fields output by Periodic Invoices to the forms (example, INVTO.InvoiceTotal) were multipled by the number of Invoicing contacts indicated on the BillTo address.

- In the Periodic Invoices function:


Release: May 10, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.009

- Fixed: When package members were marked to Hide under some circumstances the package itself would be marked to Hide too.

- Fixed: Persistence of identifier types selected in Equipment Search was broken.

- Fixed: In Purchase Order Lookup the Vendor Ref Search By entry was labelled Entity Order.

- Fixed: When list entries appeared in a triggering order, FrontLine matched an unintended entry by partial match when a complete match was present. Example, PK2 could match PK25. This is only correct when there is no PK2 entry.

- When price levels are copied after saving a copied item, Min Base is no longer set in the new item's price levels.

- On Return orders (where the entire order is a return) the ShipTo address and POS vs Order Entry mode cannot be changed due to taxes.

- Added a Receive security context. The Add and Delete permits are relevant:

- Some more minor tweaks in Shipping integration features.


Release: May 2, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.008

- Fixed: Forms for Orders printed from the Invoice window did not fill in the contact email addresses upon emailing the output.

- Fixed: In the Periodic Invoices function, Print This Invoice did not provide contact email details to the preview for email potential.

- Fixed: In Periodic Invoices, opening subsequent batches would lose the billing email presence indicator.

- In Periodic Invoices, changed the criteria for Action vs Stock number exposure in the output from "Line is from a recurring bill" to "Item Type includes recurring billing."

- The first three datasets are now used for field subsitution in the email text templates introduced in 6.1

- Some minor tweaks in Shipping integration features. Note that the SHIPMENTS table has been updated. If this table is already in the database, drop it then recreate it with the Db Console entry.


Release: April 27, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.007

- Fixed: Pasted identifier values from the feature introduced in 6.0.0112 stopped saving at some later revision.

- Added an optional Customer Number Pattern to Periodic Invoices to filter out bills and invoices based on customer number.

- In Shipping package members are now listed first with a package icon by the line number.


Release: April 20, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.006

- Fixed: When Recurring Billing Output is invoked directly from an order, only the "Print One" and "eMail One" functions are available.

- Fixed: A voided service line item with an identifiers document would often wait for required identifiers.

- Added functionality to Shipping for integration with UPS WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager. Note, however, that such integration involves significant setup in WorldShip / Ship Manager as well as creating special database objects and functions to handle the data exchange.
The Db Console contains an entry SHIPMENTS (New in 6.1.006) to create a new SHIPMENTS table.


Release: April 15, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.005

- Fixed: Payment collection during order checkout would assign an 1899 date to card payments where no expiration date had been entered. This bug was introduced in 6.0.0111


Release: April 14, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.004

- Fixed: Returns of partial line quantities erroneously reduced the return tax.

- Fixed: The end date criteria for Periodic Invoices did not include the whole ending day.


Release: April 13, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.003

- Added an index key to a temporary table used to generate purchasing suggestions. The result is faster auto-gen suggestions for catalog vendors.


Release: April 12, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.002

- Fixed: Latitude and Longitude identifiers formatted for double display (example Latitude: 39° 11' 15" N 39deg 11.25min) would erroneously change by the seconds when a user passes through this identifier value while editing.


Release: April 11, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.001

- Fixed: Phone numbers pasted into Contacts did not stick.

- Fixed: A recent revision to the order voiding process no longer voids the lines. Transaction Inquiry did not exclude such items, now it does (the fix).

- Added a Find function for some fields in Transaction Inquiry.

- Put the customer name in the title of calendar event submissions, and moved the customer number into the event description.

- Added a resource link capability to the Identifier Document window: Plain text identifier values that begin with \\ or C:\ (C can be any letter) or http:// or https:// activate an icon in the left column indicating the resource link. The resource (file or web page) can be opened with either a double-click or using Ctrl-. (control period). FrontLine opens the resource as Windows would, file type associations determine which program opens a file.


Release: April 5, 2011

FrontLine 6.1.000

- Fixed: Changing the Company Setting for MOL URL did not stick.

- Fixed: The calendar button in the Next Bill Up To field for Recurring Billing had disappeared in 6.0.0111

- The identifier type selection offered in Equipment Search is now constrained to identifiers that appear on item templates.

- The first four Contact Preferences are now relevant to FrontLine processing, indicating that a contact is used for these purposes:

Note that multiple contacts can have the same preferences, in which case FrontLine selects one of them.

- Periodic Invoices and Recurring Bills Output now provide for direct emailing. This facility provides three new functions alongside the existing "print all" and "print one" options:

- Alongside forms, FrontLine now supports email body text templates. For example, sending email from the output of the SalesOrder.rep form will use an optional corresponding SalesOrder.eml template. If the very first line in the template begins with 'Subject:' that line is used as the email subject. Field subsitution is performed from the first dataset in the output. In the template file, indicate fields by their names using tags like <FLF>CustomerNumber</FLF> where FLF stands for FrontLine Field.
Note that interactive email composition does not interpret html, but html tags can be used in the message body if it begins with <html> and ends with </html>


Release: March 30, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0115

- Fixed: The Add (New) and Delete (Cancel) permits for the Recurring Billing security context were not applied to Recurring Billing and Periodic Invoices, only None (no access) was implemented.

- Added a security context for Customers: Address Preferences. Note that this context must be set for appropriate access profiles or users will not be able to set or change customer address preferences.

- Added a security context for Customer Orders: Receivable Payment.

- Added two controls to the Invoice Created date:

- Periodic Invoices now removes sale/refund pairs from its line item output. The refund (return) must refer to the original sale, have the same total price and taxes, and be in the same periodic invoice batch.

- Added a note indicator to the Equipment Search results grid, and a function to open these address notes.

- Resource Costs are now copied to return line items, and the quantity of miscellaneous returns cannot be changed.
The Db Console contains a link File: CopyLineItems 6.0.0115 to open the appropriate script to update the CopyLineItems database procedure.


Release: March 28, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0114

- Fixed: When future orders were enabled, FrontLine would ask the user for confirmation to commit inventory to future orders when the line item was scheduled with a non-future date.

- Fixed: Receiving transfer inventory without first committing them to the transfer would create a circular reference in the unit event history.


Release: March 24, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0113

- Fixed: Inventory Valuation incorrectly summarized unit and total values for Unit(Actual) costed items under some circumstances.

- Connected Periodic Invoices [SyncStatus>=0] can no longer be cancelled, and are marked with a green checkmark in the list.

- Added a Lookup function to Periodic Invoices to find a Periodic Invoice ID (PVID) in any batch.


Release: March 22, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0112

- Fixed: Inventory Transactions counted inventory committed to transfer in the total of the destination location instead of the source location.

- The default cost of miscellaneous purchases is now zero regardless of last cost.

- Added an I.Doc function to the Scan Match window that opens the unit identifier document in read-only mode.

- Added a drop-down menu to the Edit button in the Identifier Document window with Copy and Paste functions. Note that Paste does not set unique identifiers, and does not overwrite existing values.

- ormandyc_sa is now recognized as an alternate super user login.

- Enabled the Provisioning Item Type for any recurring billing item. Tangible items marked for provisioning are now treated like recurring billing services and charges in that prices are set on the new equipment set member and the sale line item price is prorated accordingly.

- Periodic Invoices no longer summarizes recurring bill line items for the middle grid data.


Release: March 15, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0111

- Added Country to Equipment Search. Note that countries are identified in the database using a two-character country code. Thus, partial matches on country names are not supported.

- Added payment transaction support via pcauthor.

The Db Console contains a required database update entry PAYMENTS.TransID (New in 6.0.0111) to add a new required field.


Release: March 3, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0110

- Fixed: FrontLine could not prorate returns without a valid order reference on the equipment set member.

- Fixed two hang situations: Generate Purchase Order upon PO generation if some suggestions were deleted. Deleting an address in the middle of list (as in customer maintenance). These were introduced in 6.0.0108 by a troublesome fix (clicking line item) that has now been undone.


Release: March 2, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0109

- Fixed: Critical bug introduced in 6.0.0106 that caused FrontLine to fail after entering a new agent directly on the order header.

- Fixed: An error would occur upon deleting an address from the entity address list. This bug was introduced in 6.0.0087

- Fixed: An SQL foreign key conflict would occur upon invoking the context menu (or keyboard short-cuts for some of the functions) on a new equipment set member moved to an equipment set that had just been created.

- New: FrontLine prorates returns of recurring billing items that are currently on equipment sets.

- Ship Via drop-down lists are now sorted by the display text.

- Added features to the Equipment Search window:


Release: February 28, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0108

- Fixed: Yes/No option fields in the Package editor were broken in the last month or two.

- Fixed: Clicking on an existing line item when the cursor is on a new line item, particularly when there are enough line items to scroll, would position on the line above the line clicked.

- Added an Equipment Search feature accessible from the Inquiry group in the Welcome window:


Release: February 23, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0107

- Fixed: Newly added equipment set members would show the stock number as a secondary identifier in the Equipment Sets window until the equipment sets were reopened or the secondary identifier changed.

- The secondary identifier in the Equipment Sets window is now left aligned instead of centered.

- Changing the Bill Frequency of an Equipment Set now re-prorates set members that are open on the background order.


Release: February 22, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0106

- Fixed: Adjustments could show up in the Tax Report.

- Fixed: While future special orders would be quantified as future in the Quantity Details of Generate Purchase Order, the purchase line would be suggested anyway.

- Exchange In line items are now excluded from the details of Periodic Invoices.

- Added a By Location option to the Tax Report. Choosing this option sorts the output first by Location, and requires a form file TaxesByLocation.rep that is appropriately grouped.

- In Generate Purchase Order there is now an option to generate purchases only for special orders placed by a particular agent.

- When a single letter is entered as a Customer Number for a new customer record, FrontLine will assign the customer number using that letter with a trailing number that is the next higher value of existing customer numbers that begin with that letter. Example:

- New features in the Equipment Sets window:


Release: February 17, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0105

- Fixed: The 4dp revision in 6.0.0104 did not post correctly in some circumstances.

- Fixed: When the same item appeared more than once on a customer order, it was not correctly represented in Periodic Invoices.

- Added BillToName to the summary grid in Periodic Invoices.

- The filter in lookup windows is no longer reset upon a new search, and the column headers turn a pink when the results are filtered.

- Added a Find function to the Generate Purchase Order window.

- Added to Company Setting Returns, Unidentified an option I.Docs can be modified on Returns in the Returns and Unidentified Options window. Activating this option allows users to edit identifier documents of return units in the Line Item Details window.


Release: February 14, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0104

- Fixed: With the company setting Costing Received Goods set to Receiving Check-In, Check In of received line items with a UOM factor other than 1 would produce incorrect quantities and unit costs in the layers and transaction costing, and also throw off average costs. This bug was introduced with the 6.0.0087 revision of CostInvoice. Fields that could get incorrect data are:

The Db Console contains an entry File: CostInvoice v6.0.0104 implements this critical revision. This entry requires script files CostInvoice600104.sql (MSSQL) or pgCostInvoice600104.sql (PostgreSQL)
This revision skips UOM Factoring for ExInvoice texts that start with (FL)

- Fixed: Items marked Special Order on the stock record could not be committed from the Scan Match window. Instead, the line item simply became a special order.

- The secondary sort field when a column header is clicked in Physical Count is now Stock number.

- Added a Demands floating view to the Generate Purchase Order feature to show more information about the demands that resulted in a purchase suggestion.

- Lead times (Max/Min/Avg) of Vendor Performance in Generate Purchase Order are now evaluated for the past 3 months instead of 1 year.

- Added Future Orders features:

- Allow for four decimal places (4dp) for unit Cost and Price information beyond line item overrides to Std/Avg/Last costs, Costing layers, List Price, and Price Levels. Line totals and Order totals are still rounded to two decimal places. This is a continuation of the 4dp revision introduced in 6.0.0100
The Db Console contains an entry 4dp costing (PostgreSQL 6.0.0104) to revise some column data types in more tables in PostgreSQL only.


Release: February 4, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0103

- Some fixes and enhancements to Periodic Invoices.


Release: February 2, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0102

- The QuickFind function now supports integer fields.

- Added a Find Invoice ID function to the summary grid in Periodic Invoices.

- Added a Print This Invoice function to Periodic Invoices that outputs only the current periodic invoice.


Release: February 1, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0101

- Added TotalItems and TotalTaxes to the Payments and Bill Completion list in Recurring Billing and extended the Export function to provide an option of exporting Payments and Bill Completion vs Bill Summary by Stock Number. (Don't miss the old Show Names toggle on the context menu.)

- Added an Action field to the INVOICE and INVSUM datasets in Periodic Invoices. The value of this field is:


Release: January 31, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0100

- Added Item Type flag Flat Billing Rate that can also be toggled on Equipment Set members.

- Allow for four decimal places (4dp) on the Cost/Price of line items. Note that the line total is still rounded to two decimal places. A similar revision applies to equipment set members, with potential effects on recurring billing.
The Db Console contains an entry 4dp line cost (PostgreSQL 6.0.0100) to revise the column data types in several fields in PostgreSQL only.


Release: January 28, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0099

- Added a non-persistent Explode Quantities option to Forms for Orders that expands lump sum unit quantities greater than 1 without fractions into rows with quantity 1 each. This is to facilitate creating unit labels on a form.

- The appearance of the Periodic Invoices link in the Welcome window now depends on the existence of the optional PVIDS table in the database, instead of specific activation codes.

- Periodic Invoices now reads the equipment residence address before the airport address.

- Periodic Invoices dataset INVSUM now includes EntityOrder and Desc1 fields.

- Periodic Invoices now produces a Periodic Invoice ID (PVID) for each collection sent to a particular Customer+BillTo address.
The Db Console contains an entry PVIDS (Optional 6.0.0099) to create a table required for mapping PVID values.
This table is not required to use FrontLine, but without it the Periodic Invoices link in the Welcome window does not appear.
Thus for sites that do not use periodic invoicing, do not create this table.


Release: January 24, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0098

- Fixed: In Forms for Orders, the payments dataset was not reset for Sales Orders output.

- Fixed: Identifiers with single quotes added in the Identifier Document window after choosing Unidentified from the Scan Match window would result in an SQL syntax error upon saving.

- In the Periodic Invoices feature:


Release: January 21, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0097

- Fixed: Purchase Order Lookup by Order I.Doc values didn't work.

- Fixed: Cost of assemblies cannot be changed directly anymore. Instead when a member cost or quantity is changed, the assembly cost is updated accordingly.

- Added a special Item Lookup Charges to list all charges on file.

- Added a special Item Lookup Packages w/Discontinued Members, and in the Package editor discontinued members are indicated as such in their description text.

- Added a Location filter to Customer and Purchase Order Lookup. Note that for this filter to be useful, when applicable the All Locations option checkbox near the bottom of the window must be turned on.


Release: January 19, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0096

- Fixed: The Tax Report date criteria and output has been adjusted:

- Added Location (ExtRef) and LocationID to the Tax Report output.

- Renamed ITEMCATS.AllowMisc to AssemblyWO for use by assemblies. This is the last column in Setup Lists for Item Category Accounts.
The Db Console contains an entry ITEMCATS.AllowMisc to AssemblyWO (6.0.0096) to rename this field.
This change breaks older versions of FrontLine, and 6.0.0096 requires the change to log on.
Thus the first log on after this update must be by 'sa' to open the Db Console directly.


Release: January 18, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0095

- Added an Exclude Committed option to Physical Count that excludes inventory committed for sale from the Qty On File. The Qty On File is re-evaluated when Total Counted is changed by user input. Qty On File is the reference value used to create adjustments.

- The Periodic Invoices feature only appears for Ormandy and ASRI activations.


Release: January 18, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0094

- Added State and County fields to the Tax Report output.


Release: January 17, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0093

- Added Periodic Invoices feature, accessible from the Recurring Billing group in the Welcome window.
The Db Console contains an entry ORDERS|INVOICES.PSet to add the required PSet field to two tables.

- Separated and changed the security contexts of Item Tax Category and Billing Tax Category in preparation for an upcoming log feature. Consequently, access profiles have to be updated. An Unknown Context [210015] will appear in existing access profiles; it can be removed using the Delete function in the Access Profiles window.

- If known, the Residence address of an equipment unit brought in for repair becomes the ShipTo address of a new service order.

- Added a Filter Addresses feature to the address list context menu in maintenance windows, enabling the user to show all or only addresses that match one or more address preferences. This filter is persistent after logoff. The column headers of the address list turn pink when the list is filtered.

- Added simple last changed date/time/person to Item Category Accounts in Lists Setup. This requires a database update to the ITEMCATS table. Note that FrontLine will work without adding these fields but users will not be able to save changes to Item Category Accounts.
The Db Console contains an entry ITEMCATS.Update to add the two fields to one table.


Release: January 6, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0092

- Fixed: When an exchange was returned, the units were not swapped back in equipment sets.

- Fixed: When a unit was returned that was ungrouped in an equipment set, after check-out FrontLine would remove all ungrouped members of that equipment set instead of only the one unit.


Release: January 5, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0091

- Fixed: The Order Returns feature introduced in 6.0.0051 did not handle discount line items.

- Fixed: Preset Identifier values were not saved on checked out units anymore.

- Added a context menu to the unit detail grid in Inventory Valuation, including an ability to directly open the purchase order where the unit was received.


Release: January 3, 2011

FrontLine 6.0.0090

- Fixed: Inventory Valuation for Actual(Unit) costed items was omitting units committed for sale, and did not trace back to original purchases.

- Fixed: In the Returns window, entering a quantity in the Line Units then pressing Esc and entering another quantity would get the Line Items quantity out of sync.


Release: December 23, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0089

- Fixed: The standard address property checkboxes in maintenance window, such as BillTo and ShipTo, were not modified by changing the corresponding Labels.

- Added Unit to the Label Maintenance list so it can be changed there.

- Added two features to the address list in maintenance windows:

- Custom Address Prefs now appear before standard address properties in texts.

- Added an Address option to the Service Contracts window that provides a field below the equipment list with equipment residence address.


Release: December 21, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0088

- Fixed: The Details feature in Inventory Valuation had stopped showing any details.

- Fixed: The Identifier Document window presented for an adjust IN highlighted identifiers required for sale instead of identifiers required for receiving.

- Added a context menu to the results grid of the Db Console to make it easier to see some of the functions available.

- The Unit Price column on order line items how goes by the UOM, both for display and data entry.

- If an outgoing Exchange unit's identifier document contains identifiers that the incoming Exchange unit's document contains, those identifiers are discarded from the outgoing unit when the Exchange window is closed so they can be replaced by the incoming identifiers.

- There is now a Stock number security context for Equipment Sets.

- Exchanges now update the ItemID, OrderID, and Line of applicable Equipment Set members.
The Db Console contains an entry File: CommitInvoice v6.0.0088 to implement this revision. This entry requires script files CommitInvoice600088.sql (MSSQL) or pgCommitInvoice600088.sql (PostgreSQL)
The Db Console also contains an entry File: CostInvoice v6.0.0087 to implement another critical revision that coordinates the purchasing UOM with back office. This entry requires script files CostInvoice600087.sql (MSSQL) or pgCostInvoice600087.sql (PostgreSQL)


Release: December 16, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0087

- Fixed: Misinterpretation in some input formats of latitudes and longitudes.

- Fixed: When the recurring billing price of an equipment set member with a corresponding line item on an open order, FrontLine would change the line item price (prorated) even if that line item was no longer open.

- Implementation of Airport identifier type, with a new Airports list that can be edited in Setup - Lists. Only the airport code is stored in an identifier, but both the airport code and the airport name are matched when typed into an identifier document.

- In the Identifier Document editor window, an Airport row is enlarged and the airport City, State, Longitude, Latitude, and Elevation are shown. Note that these are not shown in the Line Item Details window.

- In the Identifier Document editor window, while editing, the Enter/Return key now simluates the Down arrow.

- Fixed: On Microsoft SQL Server databases, setting a large line item quantity could result in an error like "Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'Quantity', table TRXTAXIP;" This fix is entirely in the database itself, and can be used with older versions of FrontLine.
The Db Console contains an entry File: GetTaxes v6 (MSSQL) to implement this fix.
First, the type of some fields in the database must be updated, then the GetTaxes stored procedure updated. The script file has brief comments.


Release: December 10, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0086

- Fixed: There were some circumstances when, during check-out, FrontLine would stop on a voided line to fulfill the quantity. Related revisions 6.0.0076 (broken) and 6.0.0078 (fix).

- Fixed: Adjust out transactions were not put through costing.
The Db Console contains an entry File: CostInvoice v6.0.0086 for a required updated to the CostInvoice database procedure.
Both the FrontLine executable and this db procedure must be updated for the 6.0.0086 fix to work.
Do NOT deploy the 6.0.0086 executable without the 6.0.0086 CostInvoice procedure update.


Release: December 9, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0085

- Fixed: After moving equipment set members from one existing set to another, a primary key violation could result when saving the changes.

- Fixed: The alternate coverage icon for provisioning contracts stopped showing up in the Service Contracts window from 6.0.0080

- Fixed: The list of which check-out to print in Reports for Orders would fail to appear for a Ship Ticket when it was selected right after a Picket Ticket.

- Added a Spreadsheet option to the Export function that adds a leading single quote to text field values so they are not interpreted as numbers by Excel.

- Implementation of Length identifier type. Units supported for display and input are: mm, cm, m, km, in, ft, yd, mi. Lengths are stored in meters. The default display and input is in meters. Multiple units can be displayed for a single identifier value. Example, a mask like %ft %m will display the length in both feet and meters. Because ft appears first, typing in a length of 5 is considered to be 5 feet. To input other units, include the unit as in 5m, or 5 m, or 5cm, or 5mi, etc. Spaces between the number and unit are tolerated.


Release: December 6, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0084

- Fixed: The "Include Zero Quantities" option in Inventory Valuation was broken.

- Fixed: Inventory committed to a repair part line item (a sale line linked to a repair unit line) whether from known stock or unidentified, was marked as repaired instead of sold.

- Implementation of Latitude and Longitude identifier types. Either is stored as a single signed decimal coordinate. The identifier mask controls both the input and display format. This format can convert the coordinate into degrees, minutes, and seconds, and indicate the hemisphere. The format tokens, which can appear in any order, are:
%C +/- integer coordinate degrees
%c +/- decimal coordinate degrees
%D + integer degrees
%d + decimal degrees
%M + integer minutes
%m + decimal minutes
%S + integer seconds
%s + decimal seconds
%H = hemisphere N/S/E/W.
%D° %M' %S" %H is the default format used when the identifier mask is blank. Note the literal degree, minute, and second characters in the format string for reading clarity, without them only the values for each token are displayed. A latitude output sample for this format is 34° 56' 47" S


Release: December 3, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0083

- Fixed: Inventory Transactions did not count unidentified repairs correctly.

- Fixed: Some completed count events were not shown in Physical Count when the All option was used.

- Added a Find function for text columns in Physical Count, Inventory Transactions, and Inventory Valuation.

- In Physical Count, changed the option label "Include Untransacted Items" to "Include Never On Hand Items".


Release: December 1, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0082

- Added a worksheet icon indicator to the status column in Inventory Transactions when the transaction was from a physical count.

- Defective and In Shop inventory can now be seen in the Scan Match window for adjust out transactions.

- In the Item Quantities window, unidentified sale quantities are now shown in square brackets, as a negative number on available, and positive on sold.

- Added a Subtract Unidentified option to Inventory Valuation. The unidentified quantity is not subtracted in the export/report dataset, but instead is available as a separate field named QtyUnidentified regardless of whether the Subtract Unidentified option is on.


Release: November 30, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0081

- Fixed: Physical Count now considers unidentified sales.

- Added a new option to the Physical Count criteria: Include Items with no Transactions in this Location.

- The start date of a Physical Count is now copied to the Scheduled date on the resulting Adjustment Order.

- The adjustment event date of transactions created by a Physical Count is now set to the start date of the physical count.

- The Physical Count function is now aware of Unidentified transactions. The unidentified quantity found when the physical was started is shown as a subtraction in square brackets in the Qty On File column, and the adjusted input quantity is shown in the Total Counted column. The unidentified quantity is available as a separate field named QtyUnidentified for exports and reports. Adjustments in for unidentified sales are put on a separate line item ending with a 9.
The Db Console contains an entry PHYSCOUNT.UnidentifiedQty (6.0.0081) to add a new field required.


Release: November 19, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0080

- Fixed: Several bugs introduced in recently added features.

- When a service contract line item is returned, the corresponding equipment set entry is now disabled and its Terminated date is set.

- Added a Provisioning Item Type to the Items maintenance window that is applicable to Service Contracts,

- Added Address Prefs as a display and filter field to lookups of Customer and Vendor lookups.

- Added custom Address Preferences. This is a list of up to 15 attributes that can be labelled as desired in FrontLine Lists maintenance. Checkboxes are added at the base of the full address block in maintenance windows with addresses (lower right) for non-blank custom attributes.
The Db Console contains an entry Expand Address Attributes (6.0.0080) to expand the ENTITYADDRESSES.Attributes field.
The Db Console contains an entry File: CommitInvoice procedure 6.0.0080 to carry the UI field introduced in 6.0.0076 to line item history. This entry requires script files CommitInvoice600080.sql (MSSQL) or pgCommitInvoice600080.sql (PostgreSQL)


Release: November 18, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0079

- Fixed: Problems producing a visual report from Physical Count.


Release: November 17, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0078

- Fixed: FrontLine would stop on voided line items to fulfill the quantity. This bug was introduced in 6.0.0076

- Fixed: The Lookup function in Line Item Details was enabled on Adjust In transactions.

- Fixed: Some glitches in the Miscellaneous Purchases window.

- Added a Report function to the context menu in Physical Count. A visual report file named PhysicalCount.rep in the templates folder is used for the presentation.

- Added TESSCO Catalog Update to the Third Party panel in the Welcome window. This link launches a batch file in the FrontLine program folder named TESCatUpFLFL.CMD where FLFL is the name of the database in use. See the MOL Catalog Update release notes.

- Added an All function to the Service Contracts window to show all of the customer's service contracts like the selected contract. This function is only available when a single contract is shown.

- Added an ability to open the identifier documents of service contracts, as applicable, from both the Service Contracts window and the Equipment Sets window. The members grid in the Equipment Sets window now also shows the primary identifier of a service contract, if one exists.


Release: November 15, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0077

- Fixed: The new Report function introduced in 6.0.0076 for Inventory Valuation did not look in the templates folder, and missed a step in the assignment of dataset aliases.


Release: November 11, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0076

- Added a Report function to the context menu in Inventory Valuation. A visual report file named InventoryValuation.rep in the templates folder is used for the presentation.

- Added a list of Sorting fields in Inventory Valuation. Drag and drop the names to change the sorting precendence. The order set is not yet persistent after logoff.

- Added Identifier Documents to line items and equipment set service lines. This allows a service to have an identifier document attached to the transaction. Now, service and charge line items with a suitable doc template [UISet] will show an identifier document in Line Item Details and enable the I.Doc function in Equipment Sets.
The Db Console contains an entry Service I.Docs (6.0.0076) to update four tables and one trigger.


Release: November 9, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0075

- FrontLine now offers to complete an order that has been checked through before but not completed. For example, a partial check out followed by reduction of partially fulfilled line item quantities to cancel backorders, and/or voiding open line items.

- Added a Map Address function to the address context menu in relevant maintenance windows.


Release: November 4, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0074

- In Physical Count:

- There is a new Report category Diagnostic (default for file names starting Z_) for SQL queries to display the results in a FrontLine grid that can be used for viewing additional data in FrontLine windows if requisite fields are present: Orders, Customers, Vendors, Items, Item Quantities, Item Costing, Unit Tracking. The data can also be exported.

- In the Reports window, pressing a character key when not in maintenance mode moves to the next report with a description start starts with that character.

- The Scripts contained in the Db Console has been pruned to remove updates prior to 5.6

- Item Costing can now be opened directly from the Db Console using Ctrl-6 with these fields present in the dataset:
ItemID, ItemType, UISet, ItemStatus, Stock.


Release: November 4, 2010

CostInvoice database procedure 6.0.0073 for MSSQL

- This revision of the database procedure makes no changes to the logic. It averts a potential deadlock that occurs in Microsoft SQL Server only. Note that this version is not listed in the FrontLine Db Console. However, it can be loaded in the Db Console by manually selecting the file CostInvoice600073.sql or applied using SQL Server Management Studio.


Release: November 3, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0073

- Fixed: The SQL script writer for building destination costing layers upon check in of a transfer order could overwhelm MSSQL Server when a large number of transfer line items were being checked in at once.

- Fixed: The Returns function didn't do anything when the current line item was a return.

- Items maintenance now has a Zoom function to Maximize the section with Preset Identifiers / Price Levels / Promotions.


Release: November 2, 2010

CostInvoice database procedure 6.0.0072

- This revision of the database procedure fixes an omission that caused the Check In of Transfers to produce an error in FrontLine CostInvoice-Line specified with other parameters missing. The transfer source would be costed (out) successfully but not the destination (in). Note that this version will be listed in the FrontLine Db Console in 6.0.0073. It can be also be loaded in earlier versions of the Db Console by manually selecting the file CostInvoice600072.sql (MSSQL) or pgCostInvoice600072.sql (PostgreSQL).


Release: November 1, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0072

- Fixed: Identifiers entered in the Receive window were not validated against fixed value lists. For example, a Color identifier.

- Fixed: FrontLine no longer checks for required order identifiers on recurring bills.

- Fixed: Set Eligible items will no longer auto-commit because auto-commit cannot add members to equipment sets.

- In Shipping FrontLine will now pop up a message when the Scan Code entered has no match.

- The values in the Identifier Document window are refreshed every time it is opened, even when the same unit is viewed twice in a row.

- Added a Show Discontinued option to the Item Lookup window. By default, discontinued items are no longer shown.

- Added an ANY option to the location selection list in Inventory Valuation.

- Added a List Active Users entry to the context menu in the Db Console.


Release: October 28, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0071

- Fixed: The Recurring Bills item type flag (from ITEMS.ItemType) is no longer put on the line item type (TrxType) for orders that are not recurring bills. This addresses missing costing on sales of such items.

- Fixed: The order Returns function was disabled if there were any return line items on the customer order. This constraint is no longer necessary with the elaborated Returns feature introduced in 6.0.0051

- Added MOL Catalog Update to the Third Party panel in the Welcome window. This link launches a batch file in the FrontLine program folder named MOLCatUpFLFL.CMD where FLFL is the name of the database in use. FrontLine notifies the user if it has already launched a catalog update. This link is disabled when the corresponding file is not found.


Release: October 27, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0070

- Fixed: Auto-commit in PostgreSQL didn't find any inventory. This was broken in 6.0.0069 below.

- Fixed: Checking in a PO with packages where FrontLine is set to Cost Receivings Check-In would result in an error from the CostInvoice procedure about the unit missing for the package line. This was introduced in 6.0.0063

- On the costing display introduced in the prior release, changed the ExInvoice column title to Method and ExInvDate column title to Date and InvQty column title to Quantity.

- The Alt-F8 function now works on read-only order views.

- FrontLine will now only ask if all the line items on the order are ready when none of the line items have been marked ready individually.

The Db Console contains an entry File: CostInvoice v6.0.0070 to update this database stored procedure.
This update is required for back office AP to send back purchasing invoice numbers without costing values.
The script is contained in external files CostInvoice600070.sql (MSSQL) or pgCostInvoice600070.sql (PostgreSQL)


Release: October 26, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0069

- Fixed: Changing a line quantity on a transfer order when there was already inventory allocated to the line would result in auto-commit allocating from the destination location.

- Fixed: Transfers are now costed. From the source location they are costed like sales. At the destination location they are costed like receivings at the source sale cost. The CostInvoice db procedure revision described below is required as part of this fix.

- Costing details recorded in TRXINVCOST can now be seen in the Invoice/Receipt/Check In/Check Out/etc window by using the Costing function on the toolbar. Note that this costing is only available after the process has completed. Completed invoices/receipts/check-ins/check-outs for an order can be seen using Alt-F8 from the main order window.

- The cost shown in the Cost column in Transaction Inquiry now depends on the item costing method:

- Added two columns to Transaction Inquiry for costed values from check-out:

Note that the new columns might throw off a user's column arrangement. It may be necessary to hold down a Shift key while clicking the Transaction Inquiry link on the welcome window to reset the columns.

The Db Console contains an entry File: CostInvoice v6.0.0069 to update this database stored procedure.
This required update is contained in external files CostInvoice600069.sql (MSSQL) or pgCostInvoice600069.sql (PostgreSQL)


Release: October 22, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0068

- Fixed: The green box around the line item quantity did not update when a quantity the Selected Items list of Line Item Details (new in 6.0.0067) was changed.

- Fixed: An occasional "No value for parameter" error from the order Returns function.

- Fixed: The green box indicator around line item quantities was not drawn when an adjust out line was first created with inventory allocated to it.

- The Find feature in the Equipment Sets window now finds stock numbers if a matching primary identifier is not found.

- Added an Copy Address feature to maintenance windows. It can be seen on the context menu that appears for the address list.

- Added a No Print flag toggle on the line item context menu that can be used on forms to hide line items marked as such. A crossed out printer icon on the line item reveals this flag. The default value for this flag comes from the Item Type flag Hide Line.


Release: October 19, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0067

- Fixed: FrontLine would assume an order's line increment should be 10 when the first line number was less than 100; for example, when line 50 was inserted. This has been adjusted to when the first line number is 10 or less. This was only a problem with the company setting for line increment at 100.

- Adjust Out transactions can now auto-commit, where applicable.

- The Quantity of a unit committed for sale in the Line Item Details window can now be changed per allocation for items that do not have unique identifiers. Simply type into the Quantity cell in the Selected Items list. This allows one to set the quantity allocated to a value other than the line quantity or quantity available in stock, for cases where one wants to share available stock among multiple orders.

- Added the Location ExtRef to order address selection menus when the address is a location address. This may be helpful for Purchases, Transfers, and Adjustments.

- Added a single letter type indicator after the OrderID in the Scan Match listing for open Purchase Orders: Adjustment, Purchase, Transfer, Work Order.

- Uniquely identifiable items are no longer assigned to customer backorders by default when received. However, customer backorders are still shown at receiving, allowing the user to assign them as needed.

- BillTo address notes of an order now pop up for user attention when the address is selected, or the order reopened.

- Added an indicator to Reports that prevents FrontLine from performing field code interpretation for .sql and .rep reports: If the very first two characters in the query are {} then FrontLine skips code interpretation for that query and replaces the {} with spaces.


Release: October 13, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0066

- Fixed: Physical Count did not include inventory committed for sale.


Release: October 11, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0065

- Fixed: In Inventory Transactions, when an item was sold at Location A then returned at Location B the return transaction was shown on an inquiry for Location A.

- Fixed some inconsistent behaviour of the Stock criteria entry in the Inventory Valuation inquiry.

- Added quantities to the Inventory Valuation inquiry: Defective, In Use, In Shop.


Release: October 7, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0064

- Resource Costs can now be entered on quotes, and will be copied to an order produced from such quote.

- Shipping now considers the ShipVia of orders.

- Shipping will now find a potential shipment by entering an identifier of a unit ready to ship in the Destination.

- It is now possible to Ship directly from an open customer order window.

- When a service order is marked Serviced, all the repair units marked To Repair will now become Repaired right away.

- In maintenance windows with the address list, when a record is opened from lookup FrontLine will now select the matching address in the list.

- Added a Stock number field to the Identify Unit window.

- Added a Send copy of email to self option to the User Options window which is accessed from the System Users window. This makes FrontLine send all outgoing email by this user to the user's return address as well as declared recipients. Note that the user's return address as a recipient is not shown in the CC field or email header.


Release: October 4, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0063

- Added more features to Shipping including direct entry of an OrderID as the Destination.

- Added a Bin range to the Physical Count function with awareness of location-specific bins.

- Invoiced line items can now be voided provided no quantity has been checked out and no quantity has been shipped.

- Added a Company Setting Cost Receivings Check-In with an ability to have FrontLine cost the checked-in goods using the price on the PO. The default is By AP which does not cost purchases in FrontLine.
This configuration has been elaborated in later releases, see the options available in 6.3.005


Release: October 1, 2010

CostInvoice database procedure 6.0.0062

- This revision of the database procedure fixes an omission in its processing: Prior versions did not add costing details to return transactions of FIFO and LIFO items.


Release: September 28, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0062

- Fixed: Voided orders where listed in the customer Order Lookup window for special entries Open Sales Orders and Open Service Orders.

- Fixed: Marking a customer order as Complete or Serviced did not check for missing identifiers required on the order I.Doc as it does during check-out.

- Fixed: Completion of Recurring Bill Credits did not transfer tax details from TRXTAXIP to TRXTAX.

- Holding down a Ctrl key while changing an Item Type flag in Items maintenance allows you to override the Item Type Constraint.

- Added a Shipping feature. Ship Tracking numbers are attached to shipped items as identifiers. Identifier [UIType] 32,767 is used, and is added if it doesn't exist in identifier setup. However, users must be given read permission for this identifier's security context or it will appear as asterisks.
There is no integration with carrier shipping software yet.
There are two new order lookup entries to facilitate shipping: Lines Shipped Part Quantity and Lines Shipped Part of Commit.


Release: September 16, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0061

- Reorganized some code in the Contacts maintenance window.

- Added a Warranty field to the Inventory Valuation inquiry.


Release: September 15, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0060

- Fixed: When Receiving committed a received unit to a customer order (special orders and backorders), the committed event record was not directly identified with the customer.


Release: September 14, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0059

- Fixed: Returned units were not removed from contract coverage.

- Fixed: An invalid (value not listed) UOM on line items would result in an access violation when viewing the order.

- Fixed: SQL error upon changing the Vendor in Resource Costs for a Miscellaneous Source. This bug was introduced somewhere between 6.0.0051 and 6.0.0057

- Fixed: The bill boundary dates were not copied to a bill credit. These are the Scheduled and Fulfilled fields of the ORDERS table.

- Printing a recurring bill credit from the Recurring Billing Output window will use a BillCredit form. The standard form is "BillCredit.rep" but where Equipment Set Category indicates "BillBones.rep" the credit form is "BillBonesCredit.rep"

- Added an information popup that recurring bills must be credited in full when user turns off the All option in the Returns window.

- Added Item Bins per location, accessible from the Items maintenance window using the ellipsis beside the Bin field. All locations are shown. Bins need only be identified where necessary. For locations where a specific Bin is not identified for an item, the Bin field on the item record serves as a default in output such as from Forms for Orders. Note that the security context of the Item Bins window is the same as the Bin field of an item.
The Db Console contains an entry ITEMBINS table (6.0.0059) to add this required table to the database.


Release: September 9, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0058

- Fixed: When an unidentified unit was in for repair, and a unique identifier value was entered for it which was already on file for an unrelated item, the identifier value would silently be discarded as a failure of the uniqueness requirement. The uniqueness test in this context has been corrected.

- Workaround implemented: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 would incorrectly raise an error message 104 upon producing output from Forms for Orders with the Print Order I.Doc option turned on.

- In Contacts maintenance, Name is now required.

- A Recurring Bill can now be credited using the Return function.
 >> Note that part of the voiding code has been reworked - database procedure UnCommitLineDetails is no longer used.


Release: September 1, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0057

- Fixed: When a line item was fulfilled from the Line Item Details window, and the Available Inventory view of the Scan Match window was used to select inventory location of an item with no identifiers, the committed unit event would end up with a strange status.


Release: September 1, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0056

- Fixed: The green box could still lose track of auto-commit quantities.


Release: August 31, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0055

- Fixed: Return orders created by the recently added Returns window did not forward the warranty flag on line items.

- Fixed: Payments grid in the Orders window could refuse input under a particular set of circumstances.

- Fixed: The green box around the line item quantity that indicates the ordered quantity has been committed or fulfilled did not work on changed line quantities until the Line Item Details window was opened once for the order.


Release: August 31, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0054

- Fixed: When two service orders are viewed in a row where the repair unit line(s) are the same line number, and the repair assignment menu was shown for the first, FrontLine would show the same serial number in the repair assignment menu for the second.

- Fixed: When the Transfer From location was changed, the descriptive text above the address did not update.

- In Orders windows, the Return/Enter key simulates the down arrow on existing line items.

- In the Returns window, the line return quantity can now be set in the line grid (left) for items without identifiers. Previously this was only allowed for intangibles.

- In the Returns window, the Return Order Location can be changed, and there is an option to return line items to their original location.

- Added a Quarantine option per line item to the Returns feature. It defaults to the Quarantine flag on the item record, but can be turned on or off for return lines of tangibles.


Release: August 27, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0053

- When a line item is voided, it is now also put on hold (not ready), and when unvoided the ready checkbox is unchecked.

- Added VendorNumber and VendorName to the Physical Count item list. These fields are displayed in the grid and available for export. Click the column header to sort.

- When a customer has no default SoldTo address, the BillTo first assigned to the order is used as the SoldTo.

- More tweaks in the Returns feature.


Release: August 26, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0052

- Fixed: Bugs and issues in the new Returns feature.


Release: August 26, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0051

- Fixed: Assemblies added to a Transfer Order by entering a complete stock number in the Scan text were not being stripped of the package flag.

- Fixed: When the Microsoft SQL Server default collation differs from the collation used in the FrontLine database, a "collation conflict" error would occur upon receiving an identifiable item.

- Order returns are elaborated with a new Returns window where the user can select what to return. This window also provides information about existing returns.

- Order Discounts are now considered Commissionable in Transaction Inquiry

- Added (Bill/Ship)ToContactPhone2 to the data streams in Forms for Orders

- Added an Account Number field to Vendors. This field is exposed in Forms for Orders as AccountNumber.
The Db Console contains an entry VENDORS.AccountNumber (6.0.0051) to add this required field to the VENDORS table in the database.

- The Line Item Change Log now includes the line item Accounts. The Line Item Change Log view has been updated to show all changes without horizontal scrolling, show the latest change on top, and add an Export function on the context menu.
The Db Console contains an entry TRXLOG Accounts (6.0.0051) to add the required account fields to the TRXLOG table in the database.


Release: August 6, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0050

- Fixed: Under some conditions, after the first item was made an Adjust In on an Adjustment order, subsequent items entered without unit identification were assumed to be Adjust In instead of prompting for Adjust In vs Out.

- Fixed: If Customer Lookup is automatically invoked from Transaction Inquiry upon leaving the Customer criteria field, then the lookup cancelled, FrontLine did not put focus back on the Customer criteria, thus leaving an unverified customer number.

- The Note button in Equipment Sets now shows an alternate icon when the note exists, and its hover hint includes the note subject.


Release: August 5, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0049

- Assembled units can now be adjusted in and out on Adjustment orders.

- Added Notes to Equipment Sets. These notes are copied to the order notes of recurring bills.


Release: August 4, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0048

- Fixed: The TrxStatus field added to Forms for Orders in 6.0.0047 was interpreting the codes into text, which is not ideal for expressions on forms.

- Fixed: After choosing Any from the Receivables window for a payment FrontLine did not keep the total amount to check for overpayment.

- Fixed: The line items output on a Pick Ticket from Forms for Orders could come from the last order printed from the other order type function.

- The number of matches that can be shown in the special orders list of the line items context menu has been increased from 4 to 8.


Release: August 4, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0047

- Fixed: The special order assignment feature added in 6.0.0046 did not consider the location of the line items.

- Fixed: Reopening a Payment order from the customer orders window would complain that it is not processed as a Customer Order.

- Added a green checkmark to the first column of order lookup windows to indicate completed orders. This is the same flag that is seen in text in the order status column.

- When the last received unit on an order is unreceived, the Received flag is removed from the order itself so the order can be voided.

- Added the TrxStatus field to the output of Forms for Orders.


Release: July 29, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0046

- Added a special order assignment feature to the Special Order context menu for purchase orders. This allows manual linking of an unassigned special purchase line to a customer special order line that matches the stock number and quantity.

- Added a special lookup Unlinked Special Purchase Orders to the Purchase Order Lookup window.

- Allow package member quantities to be changed at will on a purchase order.

- Added the Logged date to the Line Item Change Log window.


Release: July 24, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0045

- The TaxGeoCode Description display is persistent in maintenance address blocks.

- When an order is voided, only the unique identifiers in its identifier document are deleted.

- Auto-commit is attempted upon changing a line item quantity on adjustments and transfers.


Release: July 24, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0044

- Fixed: Assembly line items on Work Orders could be checked in without receiving the assembled unit(s).

- Added a separate option for Agent on Work Orders, as seen in the Order Agent Requirements list for Company Setting Order Agent Required.

- FrontLine now checks for a missing order Agent, per company setting above, upon order Defer and Print.

- An order's identifier document is now deleted when the order is voided.

- TaxGeoCode Descriptions now apear in the drop-down list of TaxGeoCodes in the address block of Agent/Customer/Location/Vendor maintenance. Note that the description is not permanently entered in the field.

- Added CommittedQuantity to the output of Forms for Orders for Pick Ticket, Delivery Ticket, Ship Ticket, and Edit List. This field contains the total quantity committed to the line item, but not checked through.

- Integrated a read-only view of Price Levels into the Items maintenance window. There is now a tabbed view for Preset Identifiers. Price Levels, and Promotions.

- Added a Default Location field to Items maintenance that sets the location of a new line item, overriding the order location. Note that this does NOT override a user-selected location from Unidentified, or an inventory unit location when a unit is selected. This feature is most useful to set the default location of a service.
The Db Console contains an entry ITEMS.DefaultLocation (6.0.0044) to add this field to the ITEMS table in database.


Release: July 21, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0043

- Fixed: Assembled packages where not included in the Inventory Valuation inquiry.

- Fixed: Assigning a customer using lookup in Price Levels showed the Customer ID.

- Fixed: In the Scan Match window, Vendor Catalog items were not checked for the user's permission to Transact Unidentified. While vendor catalog items can be unidentified from any location, regardless of stocking history, a user without this permission should still not be able to sell them as unidentified.

- Added a Description for TaxGeoCodes in the Tax Detail window. This is an optional description of the TaxGeoCode that will be displayed in the drop-down lists in the next release of FrontLine.
The Db Console contains an entry TaxGeoDesc in 6.0.0043 to add a required table to the database.


Release: July 20, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0042

- Fixed: In the Scan Match window, Unidentified is now enabled for Miscellaneous items even if the user does not have Transact Unidentified permission.

- Fixed: Making a customer order POS after changing the location did not use the correct TaxGeoCode.

- Added to the Inventory Valuation Inquiry:

- Added an Out of Service command to the unit context menu in the Line Item Details window that is applicable to repair units and returns. The unit gets marked as such, and if brought back for a new transaction, raises a status confirmation question. If the user accepts it anyway, the unit is still marked out of service on the new order unless the user turns off this flag using the same context menu.


Release: July 16, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0041

- Fixed: In the Price Levels window FrontLine recognizes and displays Customer Numbers and Vendor Numbers.

- Fixed: Customer-specific Price Levels take precedence over others.

- Fixed: The default quantity for a new line item is one unit of measure rather than 1.

- For Adjustments, required identifiers are not required to adjust out.

- For Adjustments, locations on the Unidentified list in the Scan Match window are enabled even if they never had inventory.


Release: July 15, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0040

- Fixed: Recurring Billing using a PostgreSQL database failed to set the quantity of non-contract line items on the bill to the number of months for periods of a year or longer, like Annual billing.

- Added a Tax Category override for recurring billing to ITEMS records. This enables an item to produce recurring billing line items with a tax category different from what it produces on a sales order.
The Db Console contains an entry ITEMS.TaxCatBill (New in 6.0.0040) to add this field to the database.


Release: July 14, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0039

- Fixed: It was possible to receive a duplicate unique identifier of an item in the Receive window by deleting the offending row when FrontLine first identified it, then entering a duplicate again without closing the Receive window. The subsequent offending entries weren't caught unless the Receive window was closed.

- Fixed: ShipVia was missing from Pick Ticket forms for orders that had not been checked out yet.

- Added Vendor Number to the Search By list for Item Lookup.

- In Items maintenance, Costing method and Commissionable are now required.
  Vendor is also required unless the item has either the Service or Assemble flags.

- Added two options to Physical Count. These criteria were previously always on:


Release: July 13, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0038

- An Assembly Package as a component within another package is treated as a unit rather than a subpackage of components.

- In lookup windows, when a multi-field lookup search by (such as Description* which searches Desc1, Desc2, and Desc3) is present, those individual fields are excluded from the Search By list.


Release: July 13, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0037

- Fixed: Possible SQL error about a missing LRL object when auto-commit is triggered.

- Fixed: Assemblies with varying member quantities were incorrectly Costed upon check-in of a Work Order.


Release: July 12, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0036

- Some miscellaneous fixes.

- Costing of assemblies is performed when assemblies are checked in.
The Db Console contains an entry File: CostInvoice v6 to update a database stored procedure.
This required update is contained in external files CostInvoice6.sql (MSSQL) or pgCostInvoice6.sql (PostgreSQL)


Release: July 12, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0035

- Fixed: If an item was a member of regular packages, the assembly packages it was a member of also showed up in the Package Content Selector.

- Fixed: Possible SQL error upon check-in of a Work Order.

- Fixed: When the Print Prior Identifier Values was chosen in Forms for Orders on a PostgreSQL database an SQL error would arise when producing forms output.


Release: July 12, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0034

- Fixed: The Quantities function is now available for assembly packages in Items maintenance.

- Fixed: Clicking the checkbox on an assembly component of a work order would receive instead of committing inventory to it.

- Fixed: Assembly package line items in Package As Discount mode are no longer described as a Package Discount in the Work Order window.

- Fixed: On adjustments, FrontLine would sometimes ask if the adjustment was In or Out when it should be obvious from the selection made in the Scan Match window.


Release: July 9, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0033

- Fixed: An SQL error could arise upon responding Yes to the Add Price Levels to Catalog Item prompt. This bug was introduced in 6.0.0032

- Added an Open Work Orders special lookup to Purchase Order Lookup.

- Added an optional Vendor criteria to Inventory Valuation.


Release: July 9, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0032

- Physical Count revised to be able to count ready-made assemblies.

- Assemblies can now be made and sold.


Release: July 7, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0031

- Fixed: Unique identifiers in Order I.Docs were not checked for uniqueness upon entry.

- Added Vendor Number and Vendor Name to Item Lookup. This is the default vendor for an item.

- Added Vendor Number to Inventory Valuation. This is the default vendor for an item.

- Allow the identifier value pick list in the Identifier Document window to be wider when the window is wider.

- Added an Assembly Packages special lookup to Item Lookup.

- Added some discrimination for Assembly Packages to the Package Content Selector and process where the selection is put on line items of the order:


Release: July 1, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0030

- Fixed: FrontLine would sometimes raise an error TAXSUM:No value for parameter in Forms for Orders when a form had a tax summary section.

- Fixed: Some erratic behaviour when the Customer criteria is set in the Transaction Inquiry window before the first retrieval.

- Added Physical Count to the Maintenance... section of the Welcome window. There is a security context in the Items group for Physical Count.
The Db Console contains an entry Tables for Physicals to add two new tables to the database.


Release: June 21, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0029

- When the Unit of Measure view of line item quantities is turned off the quantity entered is no longer multiplied by the UOM factor. This prevents rounding problems when the UOM factor produces fractions with many digits after the decimal place.
Example: UOM is a Pack of 12 and you want a quantity of 5 units (not 5 packs) on the line item.


Release: June 18, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0028

- Fixed: Voided line items were not excluded from the UOM Fractions analysis.

- Fixed: The merging of line items in UOM Fractions analysis was not the same as in Forms for Orders output for Purchase Orders.

- Enabled the Quote feature for Purchase Orders.


Release: June 15, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0027

- Fixed the fix: Customer Equipment listed in the Scan Match window did not include equipment committed for repair (repair units).

- Fixed: Inventory that was later sold could be omitted from Inventory Valuation when a Date in History was specified.

- In the Inventory Transactions window, changed the "Roll up by Date" option label to "Summarize by Day".


Release: June 15, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0026

- Fixed: Vendor units of measure were not forwarded from auto-gen.

- Fixed: Turning off units of measure display on the line item view affected the display in the UOM fractions list.

- Added unit of measure factor to the UOM Fractions list texts. Ex: Qty 21 = 3.5 PK of 6

- Added unit of measure display to auto-gen where the factor is not 1.


Release: June 14, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0025

- Fixed: Items without a vendor/customer unit of measure could not be entered on an order. This bug was introduced in 6.0.0024


Release: June 14, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0024

- Fixed: Vendor's Unit of Measure did not come into purchase orders.

- Fixed: Upon trying to return a line item, FrontLine mistook a special order purchase line for a return when checking whether the line item had already been returned.

- Fixed some nuisances in the Parts Cross-Reference window.

- It is now possible to see a read-only view of an order without opening it from the Order Lookup window using the context menu or F4 key.

- Added a UOM Fractions viewer to the line item context menu for purchase orders. This opens a side list showing any fractional totals per Stock#/Location/UOM. As each row is selected in this list the line items with this Stock#/Location/UOM have their Quantity highlighted in yellow. The list is updated when line item quantities are changed.


Release: June 10, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0023

- Fixed: Upon saving a new customer record, FrontLine would overwrite the Customer Number entered by the user with one generated from the CustomerID.

- Fixed: Customer Equipment listed in the Scan Match window did not include equipment committed for repair (repair units).

- Implemented a 24 Month (2 year) billing frequency. The database field [BillFreq] value is 8192.

- Added an ANY Location option to the Transaction Inquiry (aka Productivity) window.

- Added Unit of Measure awareness to order entry. Line item quantities are shown and entered in the units of measure, unless the Unit of Measure display option is turned off from the line item context menu. Package members are brought in by absolute quantity defined in the package. Note that the Factor value shown in Setup Lists is used for conversion.

- Added Unit of Measure field output to Forms for Orders:

- Added Unit of Measure fields to the part numbers table. Here vendor and customer units of measure can be defined per item. The Parts Cross-Reference window has been revised accordingly.
The Db Console contains an entry PARTS.UOM (New in 6.0.0023) to add this field to the database.
It also contains an required update Repair Depot fields in ITEMS (6.0.0023) to add fields that can be maintained now but will be used with the upcoming RA implementation.


Release: May 27, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0022

- Productivity is now called Transaction Inquiry.

- Added a Part number field to datasets in Forms for Orders.


Release: May 26, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0021

- Fixed: Inventory Valuation on a snapshot date in history would miss solo events, and was thus likely to misreport inventory quantity when Date in History was used.

- Fixed: If a package line item quantity was increased, then the order deferred and reopened, then the quantity changed again, the TaxedValue used for tax calculations was incorrect.


Release: May 24, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0020

- Added a Add To Equipment Set function to the equipment context menu in the Service Contracts window. This function places the unit in the same equipment set as the selected service contract. It is disabled if no service contract is selected, or the unit is already in the same equipment set as the contract, or the unit is currently committed on an order. If the unit was already in an equipment set, this function will move it, keeping the existing price. If the unit was not in an equipment set, it is added with a zero price. The price of such members can be changed in the equipment set.

- The equipment list in the Service Contracts window can now be sorted by identifier or stock number by clicking the column header.

- In receiving, pressing the Enter/Return key with focus on the center grid of the Receive window sends focus back to the Identifier/Quantity input if the expected quantity has not been received yet. This facilitates receiving multiple units with non-sequential identifiers because one has only to press Enter/Return again to identify the next unit.


Release: May 17, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0019

- Fixed: Members of catalog packages are no longer checked for stock price levels. This was an omission in the related feature from 6.0.0017

- Unit Cost in Inventory Valuation is now displayed to four decimal places.

- Added SoldToContact for customer orders. View and change this contact using the drop-down in the title of the fourth field of the order header grid. This addition requires a field to be added to the database table.
The Db Console contains an entry ORDERS.SoldToContact (New in 6.0.0019) to add this field to the database.


Release: May 14, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0018

- Fixed: An SQL error could occur in the Inventory Transactions window when performing a roll up inquiry on MSSQL.

- Fixed: After a special order package was checked in on a purchase order, the package line itself would reappear in auto-gen if the package line item on the customer order was still open.

- It is now possible to change the quantity of a repair unit line item if the item has no identifiers.

- It is now possible to mark units in for repair as defective from the Selected Items list in Line Item Details window. If the unit quantity is greater than one, a quantity prompt appears to allow indication that some (but not all) are defective.

- There are now default costs for items in Inventory Valuation that do not have costs on record that match their costing method. The default cost is selected as found in this order: Average, Last, Standard.


Release: May 13, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0017

- Fixed: An SQL error could occur (or the input was ignored) upon changing some Item Type flags on existing items using PostgreSQL.

- Fixed: An SQL error occurred upon information retrieval in Productivity Inquiry if an agent was specified before retrieval. This bug was introduced in 6.0.0015

- FrontLine now shows the address note subject when you point at the note icon in the address list in customer, vendor, location, and agent maintenance windows.

- If a package is a catalog item, all members added to an order from the package content selector are marked as catalog line items. Note that if the package is NOT a catalog item, members still carry their own catalog flag to their line items - FrontLine does not remove those.


Release: May 12, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0016

- Fixed: Units on recurring bills appeared in the Inventory Transactions list.

- Added a roll up feature to the Inventory Transactions window to reduce the number of rows shown. Direct unit identification and tracking are unavailable with roll up. However, opening the order reveals more details about the transaction, including unit identification and tracking in the Line Item Details window.

- Identifier Documents opened from the Service Contracts window can now be edited if the unit is not committed on an order.


Release: May 12, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0015

- Fixed: More bugs in the Inventory Transactions window.

- Added a Purchase Order discrimination in Productivity Inquiry.


Release: May 11, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0014

- Fixed: Some bugs in the Inventory Transactions window.

- Added a note icon to indicate the existence of an address note in the first column of the address list in maintenance windows.


Release: May 10, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0013

- Added yellow highlighting to subtractive events in the Inventory Transactions window.

- Added some alternate field name matching for code translation on reports. Note that these are not case sensitive.


Release: May 7, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0012

- Added Inventory Transactions to the Inquiry group in the Welcome window.


Release: May 4, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0011

- Fixed: Assigning a vendor to a purchase order using entity lookup failed to assign the current location address to the ship-to of the PO.

- Fixed: Received units that were automatically committed to customer orders by FrontLine at the time of receiving were missing the Sale/Sold flag.

- Fixed: Adjustment unit flags got reversed in 6.0.0010


Release: May 4, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0010

- Fixed: Inventory committed for sale was marked committed for return. This bug was probably introduced in 6.0.0001

- Changed the availability of the Edit List in Forms for Orders. It is now available any time on adjustments and transfers, and on regular purchase orders if something has been received.

- The Company Setting for Order Agent requirement is now elaborated to make this requirement distinct for different order types:


Release: May 1, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0009

- Fixed: Members of packages entered manually on a PO did not have correct Cost.

- Added VendorNumber to Forms for Orders output.

- Added PurchaseFrom fields to Edit List output.


Release: April 30, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0008

- Fixed: Units on Transfer orders that were checked in remained in a Committed status. This fix is in the database procedure CommitInvoice.

- Fixed: If there were blank prices on line items, Forms for Orders raised a database error about NULL in column Price.

- The Returns function is no longer available for adjustments and transfers.

- When a Price Level type is changed from Flat Price to a percentage, the base price for that entry is erased.

- Changed the Applied PO label to Vendor Ref.

The Db Console contains an entry File: CommitInvoice procedure 6.0 to implement the top fix above.
This entry requires script files CommitInvoice6.sql (MSSQL) or pgCommitInvoice6.sql (PostgreSQL)


Release: April 29, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0007

- Fixed: The default vendor was not assigned to a blank PO when the purchase item was selected using Item Lookup. FrontLine would ask the user to identify the vendor for the new PO.

- Fixed: The Purchase Orders list in the Scan Match window included adjustments.

- Fixed: Inventory Valuation would show Services, Charges, Packages, or Miscellaneous items if they had inventory tracking records.

- Fixed: The Customer Transactions link in the Welcome window had reverted to Orders.

- Added a Open Adjustments special lookup to Purchase Order Lookup.

- Added an Edit List to Forms for Orders. This form applies to open adjustments and open purchase orders. Like a pick ticket, the data contains line items and committed units. The default form file is EditList.rep and contains the same data elements as a Pick Ticket.

- Improved consistency of flow in the purchase order window between entering a full stock number as a scan code and using item lookup to find the stock number.

- Changed the Price column heading in the purchase order window to Cost.

- It is now possible to change the price/cost of a package member in the purchase order window. Beware that in Package as Discount presentation mode (where the package appears after all the members) changing a member price this way will not recalculate taxes.


Release: April 28, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0006

- Fixed: Purchase Quote line items would appear on Purchase Order forms.


Release: April 28, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0005

- Fixed: Line items added to a PO from auto-gen with no AP purchase history from the vendor used only Standard Cost. Now they use Last Cost at the location, then Avg Cost at the location, then Standard Cost as last resort.


Release: April 28, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0004

- Fixed: Incorrect Item Action prompt displayed for adjustments after being used for other transaction types.

- Added a minimum base price for use in percentage calculations on price levels. In the Price Levels window there is now an optional Min Base column that applies to percentage prices. If the base price used for the percentage calculation falls below this minimum then the minimum is used to calculate the percentage instead.
Note that this base price for percentage calculations can be one of: List Price, Std Cost, Last Cost, Avg Cost.

The Db Console contains a script Allow NULL in PRICELEVELS.Price that is necessary to allow no minimum base price for percentage calculations.


Release: April 27, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0003

- Fixed: An Adjust In unit could be assigned an invalid LocationID.

- Open special order line items with a non-null TRXIP.SyncSetC value are excluded from purchasing auto-gen.

- Transfer orders and adjustments are tax exempt even if the SELF Customer has no Exempt Code.

- Adjust In line items are considered for auto-commit.

- Added an Adjustment Ledger to Forms for Orders. This form applies to adjustments that have been checked through. The default form file is Adjustment.rep and contains the same data elements as the Receiving register.


Release: April 27, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0002

- Fixed: SQL error using MSSQL when adding a line item to an order. This bug was introduced in 6.0.0001


Release: April 26, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0001

- Fixed: When no Last Cost was on file from the vendor for line items created from the Generate Purchase Order feature, FrontLine was using the list price instead of standard cost as a fallback.

- Fixed: When using Generate Purchase Order feature for =ALL= vendors, and some items to purchase are available from multiple vendors, it was possible to get a key violation when creating a PO for one of those vendors.

- Fixed: Saving template notes could result in a key violation.

- Added Adjustment orders to the Purchasing & Receiving feature:


Release: April 16, 2010

FrontLine 6.0.0000

- Fixed: Receiving identifiable items for a line item in multiple separate ranges would create DtlID values outside the assigned sequence, leading to primary key violations later on PK_ITEMDTL.

- Fixed: Clicking off a blank new row onto an existing line item would select the row above the one actually clicked.

- Fixed: In the Identifier Document window, start edit mode on an identifier document with some missing values and the identifiers that were blank appeared in reverse order of identifier setup.

- Some enhancements in Productivity Inquiry:

- Added Purchase Orders identifier document template to be distinct from the Customer Orders template.

The Db Console contains a script Expand SUINFO.KeyValue that is necessary to support column persistence for the new fields added in Productivity Inquiry.


Release: April 8, 2010

FrontLine 5.6.0029

- Fixed: Could not display order notes from Order Lookup.

- Can override (with confirmation) existing individual context permits in Access Profiles by setting the function class permit.

- Added a Recently Completed special lookup to Order Lookup and Purchase Order Lookup.


Release: April 7, 2010

FrontLine 5.6.0028

- Fixed: Prorating was broken in some 5.6 revision.

- Fixed: Payments were not retrieved correctly for Sales/Service Order forms. This applies to the new feature in 5.6.0027 below.

- Customer PO requirement is now enforced on zero dollar orders.

- In the Equipment Sets window, there is now a Contacts button (or use Ctrl-K) to directly open the contact list for the BillTo address of an Equipment Set.

- In the Generate Purchase Order window, any items with a default vendor qualify the stock number as a part number for that vendor: For that vendor the stock number is considered the part number unless a part number is explicitly defined.
This extends a feature in 5.5.0005 that only applied to vendor catalog items.


Release: April 5, 2010

FrontLine 5.6.0027

- Fixed: Access violation upon printing a form in a terminal services (RDP) session. This bug was introduced in 5.5.0026

- Fixed: Log on to FrontLine, use Order Lookup, log out of FrontLine without closing it, log on again, use Order Lookup again and search by an Order I.Doc field, get an SQL error about a missing UIOL object.

- Return Orders no longer show Pick Ticket, Ship Ticket, or Delivery Ticket in Forms for Orders.

- The Sales and Service orders datasets in Forms for Orders now include PAYMENTS. Beware that these payments have not necessarily been collected.

- Some user interface refinements in Inventory Valuation.

- Enhanced the Item Billing Prices window, where one can quickly change the price of multiple occurrences of a recurring billing item in equipment sets:


Release: March 31, 2010

FrontLine 5.6.0026

- Fixed: Printer names over 80 characters long could cause an access violation when printing forms. This is the same fix made in 5.5.0241

- Sort output from Forms for Orders for Receiving register by line Location so the form can be grouped by Location.

- If a parameter name for a custom Report ends with ALL (note all caps) then FrontLine will fill in a default value of ALL so the user doesn't have to enter a value.

- Added Inventory Valuation to the Inquiry group in the welcome window.


Release: March 22, 2010

FrontLine 5.6.0025

- Fixed: Two bugs discovered at IWCE.

- Fixed: Selecting an alternate form in Forms for Orders where the file name was modified for display could result in a file not found error.

- Upon copying an item with percentage price levels in Items maintenance, FrontLine now asks if those percentage price levels should be copied too.

- FrontLine now checks Customer PO requirement when the user indicates the order is Ready or Service is complete.

- The PAYMENTS dataset from Forms for Orders is now sorted so that On Account appears last.

- When selecting uniquely identified units in the Scan Match window invoked from the Line Item Details window to fulfill a quantitiy greater than one, one can now use the Shift and Ctrl keys to highlight multiple units in the Unit Details list to be committed to the line item.

- Added committed units to Forms for Orders output for Pick Ticket forms. Note some consequences:


Release: March 5, 2010

FrontLine 5.6.0024

- Fixed: In the Productivity inquiry window the Margin column was miscalculated.

- Fixed: After entering an email address in the address section of a maintenance window an SQL error would result when FrontLine checked if that address was already on file.

- The PurchaseFrom, BillTo, and ShipTo contact email addresses on an order are forwarded to the email created in the Forms for Orders window.

- Added a PriceType to Price Levels to indicate what a price percentage is based on. The options are:

The Db Console contains two new scripts:
PRICELEVELS.PriceType (New column) to add a new field needed.
File: CopyLineItems procedure 5.6 to open the appropriate script to update the CopyLineItems database procedure so that it forwards the CustomerPO to a return order.


Release: March 1, 2010

FrontLine 5.6.0023

- Fixed: SQL error upon saving in Items maintenance window. This bug was introduced in the last release.

- Added a Third Party group to the Welcome window with a Send POs to MOL function that opens Export MOL window. Here one can manage exports of MOL orders by batch, preview the purchase orders, redo any purchase orders, view the export files, open the web site, etc. There are two new company settings for MOL: The MOL Vendor which must be assigned to perform MOL exports, and MOL URL which has a default value that can be changed if necessary.
The Db Console contains a script ORDEREXB (New Table) to create a new table needed.


Release: February 22, 2010

FrontLine 5.6.0022

- The Inventory Received function on the welcome window no longer appears for system administrator.

- FrontLine can now show the customer order where a special order was placed from a purchase order. See the Special Order entry on the line item context menu.

- There is now an ANY Vendor option in the Generate Purchase Order window. This option generates a preview of purchasing needs without choosing a vendor. The vendors found with needed items are listed, as well as a special entry Multi-Vendor Line Items to show those available from multiple vendors. Tentative purchase line items can be removed as usual. The Add To PO function then creates a purchase order for the selected vendor, one at a time.


Release: February 17, 2010

FrontLine 5.6.0021

- Fixed: Access Violation during Exchange processing after selecting alternate unit from Scan Match window.

- Fixed: Package member lines on purchase orders were marked ready as they were as entered manually.

- The default vendor field in Items maintenance now shows the Vendor Number instead of VendorID.

- Many drop-down fields in the maintenance windows have been enhanced to allow free-form entry with value matching as you type. This can improve data entry speed or simply make it easier.

- To facilitate selection of billing frequency and ESet category in recurring billing, there is now a potential bill count preview in the Recurring Billing window. When a date is entered in the Next Bill Up To field in Step 1 a list of billing frequencies and ESet categories appears with potential bill counts. Selecting a row from this list (using double-click or Enter key) puts that bill frequency and category in the Step 1 fields. This list can ignored (set focus elsewhere or Esc key) or redisplayed using F2 (or the small button) at any time during Step 1 when there is a date in the Next Bill Up To field.


Release: February 16, 2010

FrontLine 5.6.0020

- Fixed: An error opening the receiving form would interrupt check-in of receiving.

- Fixed: Editing Lists where the default list had been removed, user assigned key value of a new entry was ignored.

- Fixed: Disappearing description cell text on a purchase order after the Receiving window pops up for unit identification in response to clicking the ready box.

- The LineNoteSubject for Miscellaneous line items is now brought into the ItemDescription field in the datasets in Forms for Orders as it already does on the line item display in the Orders window.

- The VarPrice package member option does not produce a prompt for purchase orders.

- Upon receiving an identifiable member of a package, FrontLine attempts to auto-receive the other members of the package at the same ratio.
Currently only member line items that require no identification are processed.


Release: February 11, 2010

FrontLine 5.6.0019

- Fixed: The price change prompt for package members introduced in the last release could contain undesirable formatting characters.

- Fixed: Identifier values that the user had no permission to read were displayed. They now display the typical stars.


Release: February 10, 2010

FrontLine 5.6.0018

- Added Cost of New Sales Total to the Order Totals window.

- Added a context menu to the line items in the Generate Purchase Order window.

- Removed the checkboxes on the right side of the check-out/in (invoice) window because they are unused since the introduction of the Forms for Orders window.

- Added the green box around the line item quantity to customer orders to indicate that the quantity committed (and maybe checked out) equals the quantity ordered. This indicator is only shown when the green check mark that indicates a completed and closed line item is absent.

- Added a Receiving form to the Forms for Orders window. This form is used for check-in of receivings on purchase orders. The dataset is like receipts and delivery tickets.

- Added a VarPrice option to package members. This property is set in the Package window. When a member with this property is selected by the user FrontLine prompts for a new price.
The new price entered is coerced to the same sign as the list price.
If negative prices are desired then the item's list price should be negative.

- Added two features in the User Options window that is accessed from the System Users window:


Release: February 8, 2010

FrontLine 5.6.0017

For connected systems this is a connector-related release.

- Fixed: Catalog line items entered on a quote did not get the Special Order flag by default.

- Fixed: Copying an access profile in the Access Profiles was broken. Note that you must change something in the new profile to save it.

- Fixed: In Forms for Orders, when an alternate form was selected from the drop-down list, the check for a PO required by the customer was not performed.

- Fixed: MSSQL db only - entering a large quantity on a line item, resulting in a large line taxed value, could raise an error about NULL not allowed in TaxedValue column. The fix is in a revision of the GetTaxes stored procedure.
The Db Console contains a script GetTaxes v5.6 to revise the stored procedure.

- PostgreSQL db only - increased the data size of some numeric fields to prevent overflows on large line item quantities.
The Db Console contains a script Expand Totals Fields in PostgreSQL to apply these revisions to the database.

- When a catalog item without price levels is manually added to a purchase order, FrontLine asks if it should add price levels to consider this a stocked item.

- Added a Recurring Bills option to the customer Order Lookup window. Recurring Bills are not listed unless this option is on.

- When a Recurring Bill is open in the customer orders window, the Print function now opens the Recurring Billing Output window for that bill.

- Added a PricePercent field to PRICELEVELS to allow pricing relative to list price.
The value stored in PRICELEVELS.PricePercent is a direct multiplication factor: 50% is stored as 0.5
In the Price Levels maintenance window, entering a percentage makes use of this new feature.

- Increased the number of batches shown in the drop-down list for Recurring Billing Output to 72.

- Added two mini-functions to the Print Template Folder field in Locations maintenance: F2 Open (opens the folder to view files). F3 Browse (presents folder tree to select a folder). These functions are only useful for the local location.

- Added an Item Costing window, accessible from Items maintenance using the ellipsis by the Cost field. Here you can:

- Added a CostInvoice database procedure that is used by FrontLine at the conclusion of checkout, and can be used by the connector to bring in cost information from payables.


Release: January 11, 2010

FrontLine 5.6.0016

- Fixed: Transfers would put the unit in its original location instead of the destination.


Release: January 8, 2010

FrontLine 5.6.0015

- Fixed: Changing the Transfer From address on a transfer order resulted in an error that the Field cannot be modified.

- Fixed: When the Item Quantities window opens for an item, it initially shows rows for all and combined locations, which can appear to be duplication. This was a presentation bug.

- Added an Available Anywhere feature to the location selector in the Item Quantities window.

- Added a Scheduler interface via the web:

- Some details about the flweb_updatecalendar.cgi program:

- Two Company Settings for the Scheduler interface were changed in version 1.6 of the scheduler:


Release: December 29, 2009

FrontLine 5.6.0014

- Fixed: In the Order Totals window, repair parts and services were excluded from the cost and margin calculations. Only repair units should be excluded.

- Added an Add All function to the custom Reports window. This function creates entries for all the '.rpt' and '.sql' files found in the template folder, excluding those used by Forms for Orders, to facilitate setup. FrontLine guesses the report group by a prefix in the file name:
AR_=Accounts Receivable
R_=Recurring Bills
If matched, the prefix is removed to make a default description. The default description also adds spaces where lowercase changes to uppercase.
There is a Report Groups list in Setup Lists.

- Added default labels for address phone numbers:

- Added to Custom Reports:

- Added these special Customer Order Lookup entries:

- In maintenance of customers, vendors, agents, and locations, entries to these fields of an address of a new entity will perform a lookup for an exact match in related fields (without case sensitivity) to minimize accidental entry of duplicates. If the lookup is cancelled the entry can continue:

- Receiving a quantity of an item with no identification: In the Receive window, the Accept function performs the Start function to save a manual step.

- Added order type discrimination to Terms. In the Terms list setup there is a new column for category AR(Receivable)=0 or AP(Payable)=1. This affects drop-down lists and entry validation in customer orders, purchase orders, customer maintenance, vendor maintenance, etc.

- Added a notice when a received line item is put back on hold, explaining that this does not undo receiving.

- Added an option in the Item Quantities window to show Transfers and Receiving separately or merged with the Available quantity.

- Added functions to the Item Quantities window to change the status of inventory:

- Added Transfer Orders in the Purchase Order window.


Release: November 30, 2009

FrontLine 5.6.0013

- Fixed: Miscellaneous items are excluded from auto-commit on customer orders.

- Added a selection to the Auto generate function for purchase orders. In addition to the existing auto-gen feature, there is now a Miscellaneous Item Purchases function that opens the Miscellaneous Purchases window where miscellaneous items on customer orders can be reviewed, assigned a vendor and part number, assigned a cost, and added to the purchase order. A note is created for each miscellaneous line item placed on the purchase order with the miscellaneous part number as the note subject. Note that miscellaneous purchases are received like special orders.

- Added a green rectangle around the line item quantity on purchase orders indicating that the quantity received equals the quantity ordered. This indicator is only shown when the green check mark that indicates a completed and closed line item is absent.


Release: November 23, 2009

FrontLine 5.6.0012

- Fixed: When the quantity On Hand of an item was below the Minimum quantity specified for the location, FrontLine failed to consider the quantity On Order in the Generate Purchase Order window when calculating reorder quantity.

- Fixed: Closing the Resource Costs window with unsaved changes did not raise a save prompt.

- FrontLine now lists that Last Cost of an item in the Generate Purchase Order window, and uses this value on the Purchase Order line items. This requires data in the new TRXINVCOST table.

- The Units list in the Item Quantities window can now open the Purchase Order of a Received unit directly.

- Miscellaneous items with no description will show line item note subject as the Scan Code on orders.

- The Receive function is now shown on the lower toolbar of the Purchase Order window.

- Added NoteSubject and TotalQuote to the lookup windows for customer orders and purchase orders.
  This addition may throw off your column arrangements in these windows.


Release: November 18, 2009

FrontLine 5.6.0011

- Fixed: Access Violation upon opening the Forms for Orders window. This bug was introduced in 5.6.0009

- Implemented Purchase Order form output in the Forms for Orders window. This introduces "PurchaseFrom" address fields like the existing "BillTo" and so on. Purchase Order forms should normally use "PurchaseFrom" and "ShipTo" addresses.
The output data stream has the same fields as the Sales Order form, but merging of line items is performed with these exceptions:


Release: November 17, 2009

FrontLine 5.6.0010

For connected systems this is a connector-related release. See the 1.6 connector release notes.

- Fixed: Access Violation in purchase and customer order lookup. This bug was introduced in 5.6.0009

- Fixed: No OrderID error upon adding auto-generated purchases to a blank PO where you have already assigned the vendor. This bug was introduced in 5.6.0009

- Fixed: The available quantity shown in the Generate Purchase Order window did not include items that had only been received.

- In the VENDORS table, changed ExtRef to VendorNumber. This affects multiple features in FrontLine, and the connector. The Db Console contains a script VENDORS.ExtRef to VendorNumber to change the table in the database. The script syntax varies per server type.


Release: November 16, 2009

FrontLine 5.6.0009

- Fixed: In the Purchase Order window, entering a VendorID in the Purchase From header field would open Vendor Lookup instead of assigning that vendor.

- Fixed: In the Scan Match window from a Purchase Order, Received units were not qualified as available in the view by default.

- Fixed: When a vendor was assigned to a purchase order from Vendor Lookup, the addresses in the Purchase Order window were not displayed.

- Fixed: FrontLine failed to select the default vendor of a package when a package was selected on a blank purchase order.

- Fixed: FrontLine continued to display the Invoiced status for purchase orders, instead of the Checked In status.

- Fixed: Special ordered packages and package members added to purchase orders from the Generate Purchase Order window were not sorted and linked correctly on the purchae order.

- Added Access Profile names, used in the Access Profiles and System Users windows. To rename an existing access profile, in the Access Profiles window choose New and enter the existing Access ID, then enter a name for it at the Access Profile Name prompt.


Release: November 12, 2009

FrontLine 5.6.0008

- Fixed: In the Receive window, when trying to Commit the receiving, an error could appear about qrDF_

- Added an auto-receive feature for non-identifiable items. If the line checkbox is clicked on such line items, the entire quantity is received and the line is marked as ready. For identifiable items, if the ready box is clicked and there is an outstanding quantity that hasn't been received, the Receive window appears.


Release: November 10, 2009

FrontLine 5.6.0007

- Fixed: In the Receive window, when the lower pane indicated No Customer BackOrders or Unidentified Sales the receivings could not be committed to the line item.

- Fixed: In the Service Contracts window, when a unit was covered under more than one contract and the Show other customer equipment option was used the coverage highlight could disappear.

- Fixed: Vendor Catalog items without entries in PARTS were listed in the Generate Purchase Order window but were not put on the actual purchase order.

- Fixed: In the Generate Purchase Order window, the On Hand quantity display was showing Committed quantity.

- In the Generate Purchase Order window, the suggested purchase list is now sorted by Stock number instead of ItemID.

- In the Receive window, assignments to fulfill backorders can exceed the quantity received. FrontLine will reduce the quantity committed to fulfill the backorders when the receive is committed to the PO line item. This allows FrontLine or the user to partially fulfill larger backorders.

- Line Item Account fields are now set automatically according to Item Category and Location per Item Category Accounts setup.


Release: November 10, 2009

FrontLine 5.6.0006

- Fixed: SQL error using function Add To PO from the Generate Purchase Order window. This bug was introduced in 5.6.0005

- Fixed: Selecting a location address as the ship-to on a purchase order could leave the Ship To display section of the order blank, although the assignment was made. Reopening the PO would display the ship-to address correctly.

- Fixed: Voiding a purchase order resulted in an access violation.

- Added two account fields to the Line item Details window: AccountINV and AccountCLR.
Note the new security contexts to set for both Customer Orders and Purchase Orders.
Also note that these accounts are not yet automatically assigned per item category accounts.


Release: November 6, 2009

FrontLine 5.6.0005

- Fixed: Access Violation possible when searching for inventory from the Line item Details window.

- Fixed: It was possible to start an order for a customer with a line of credit, put the order "On Account", then change the order to a customer without a line of credit, and FrontLine would leave the order "On Account." Now FrontLine will remove the "On Account" tender when the order customer is changed.

- Fixed: In the Receive window, can now receive a single primary identifier value that doesn't end with digits for a range.

- Fixed: It was possible to set the quantity of a purchase order line item lower than the quantity received, if the receiving hadn't been checked in.

- Fixed: If all receivings are undone from a purchase line item the Received status is now removed.

- Fixed: When a Vendor Part number was entered on a blank Purchase Order that vendor was not automatically assigned to the PO. Also, now when a Stock number is gnered on a blank PO, if there is a default vendor for that item then this vendor is now assigned to the PO.

- Fixed: The Scan Match window labelled a Part number a Stock number.

- The Purchase Order window now shows a Purchase From address instead of Pay To address. (New security context.)

- The Special Order line item flag is now forwarded from customer orders to purchase orders through PO auto-gen.

- In the Receive window, the lower panel now indicates the special order (if any) or, if there are no open customer orders for this item, "No Customer BackOrders or Unidentified Sales".

- Added F3 lookup for the Vendor in the Generate Purchase Order window.

- Summaries are now regenerated every time the Generate Purchase Order window is opened.

- In the Generate Purchase Order window, vendor catalog items with a default vendor qualify as part numbers for that vendor: For that vendor the stock number is considered the part number.

- Added confirmation prompt when attempting to add new line items to a purchase order that has been received.

- Added a received icon to purchase order that have been received. Note this does not necessarily mean receiving is complete, the line could be partially received. There is the green checkmark on line items received to completion and checked in.

- The Receive window no longer appears for Services and Charges. Instead, the such line items are simply marked Received when the user uses the Receive function on them.

- In the Line Item Change Log window, the word 'Price' is changed to 'EstCost' for purchase orders. Both are dictionary words that can be changed in Label Maintenance.

- Access Lists has been renamed Access Profiles. Now only one class of permits is shown at a time.

- Fixed value identifiers can now be changed by users with modify permission. FrontLine confirms such a change before accepting it.

- Exposed line Location in the Line Item Details window, for user to change on open line items without units committed to them.

- Added Repair Unit I.Doc information to the data available on forms for orders. The label name for these identifiers is in the form RepairUIDocname. Note that only identifiers of the first repair unit are available here. Refer to release notes for 5.5.0028 for more details.


Release: October 30, 2009

FrontLine 5.6.0004

- Fixed: Checking in a purchase order could result in a Nothing to Check In response when the entire PO is marked ready, despite having received items that are not yet checked in.

- Added security contexts for Purchase Orders. Set these in the AccessID of the users that do purchasing and receiving.

- Added Purchase Order and Purchase Quote to Forms for Orders. The Purchase Order form data stream is not ready yet. The Purchase Quote is just like a sales quote, but as a request for quote, should be output on a different form.


Release: October 27, 2009

FrontLine 5.6.0003

- Fixed: Errors or misplacement of line items upon Send To PO in the Generate Purchase Order feature.

- Added a Special Order context menu entry to customer order line items to show purchase orders where this special order line item has been ordered.


Release: October 26, 2009

FrontLine 5.6.0002

- Introduced Generate Purchase Order feature.

- Added two entries that reference script files to the Db Console, to:
>> Update NewInvoice procedure to 5.6
>> Update CommitInvoice procedure to 5.6


Release: October 19, 2009

FrontLine 5.6.0001

- Fixed: Customer Orders that were entirely a Quote did not calculate taxes.

- Fixed: Miscellaneous bugs encountered while entering Purchase Orders and Receiving.

- Added a Description to PARTS cross-reference. The Db Console contains a script to add the field in the database.

- Added a receive date override in the Receive window, to apply to the receiving instead of the current date and time. Relative Dates can be used here.

- Added Purchasing Quantities to the Item Quantities window.
This uses the new ITEMLOCS table. All locations are shown, but purchasing quantities need only be assigned to locations where PO auto-gen is used for this item. The Min is required, Max and ReorderQty are optional. Users with Read Only access to Item Quantities cannot change these values.

- Added Item Category Accounts maintenance in Setup - Lists, right after the Item Categories entry.

- The Db Console will now execute the selected text (if any is selected) instead of the entire text for SQL queries.


Release: October 5, 2009

FrontLine 5.6.0000

- Introduced basic Purchase Orders and Receiving.

- Changed the default text for billing frequency Bi-Annual to Semi-Annual.


Release: March 29, 2010

FrontLine 5.5.0241

- Fixed: Printer names over 80 characters long could cause an access violation when printing forms. This is the same fix made in 5.6.0026


Release: January 27, 2010

FrontLine 5.5.0240

- Fixed: Tax summary data could persist from the previous output of Sales Order forms from Forms for Orders.

- Fixed: FrontLine did not change the line location to the location of the first unit committed to it from Line Item Details.

- Increased the number of batches shown in the drop-down list for Recurring Billing Output from 20 to 48.

- Quantity Reconciliation no longer ignores committed quantities when adjusting.


Release: October 27, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0239

- Fixed: Customer Orders that were entirely a Quote did not calculate taxes. This fix was backported from 5.6.0001 above.

- Added another indicator for the location mail relay to not attempt TLS encryption.
Add a | to the end of the mail relay property to turn off TLS support. Example:|


Release: August 25, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0238

- Added a TAXSUM dataset to Recurring Billing Output.


Release: August 19, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0237

- Fixed: Bug introduced in 5.5.0234 that raised errors when the user attempts to change the quantity or price of a quote line item.


Release: August 3, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0236

- Fixed: More changes to the PC Charge request format in consideration of the restrictions of some payments processors.


Release: July 31, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0235

- Fixed: Errors in the Order Lookup window invoked by the Preview Bills function in the last step of Recurring Billing.


Release: July 30, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0234

- Fixed: When unit brought in for repair by a customer other than the last known owner FrontLine asks for confirmation of the change of ownership, then it is removed from the original owner's service contracts and equipment sets. This fix is in the FrontLine executable and applies to both database types.
The SpawnItemDtl database function in PostgreSQL had a logic bug that prevented it from transferring the ownership in this scenario.
The Db Console contains an entry to load the script pgSpawnItemDtl.sql to update this function to version 5.5.0234 for PostgreSQL only.

- Fixed: Outgoing exchange units did not take the place of the incoming unit on service contracts. This fix is in the database function CommitInvoice.
The Db Console contains an entry to load the script CommitInvoice550234.sql or pgCommitInvoice550234.sql to update this function to version 5.5.0234 for MSSQL and PostgreSQL servers respectively. This revision of the CommitInvoice db function should be used with FrontLine versions as far back as 5.5.0211

- Added a script to the Db Console to revise the TAXDTL table in MSSQL databases for tax percentage rates beyond 2 decimal places. This change can be made on databases used by older FrontLine versions too.

- Fixed: When the entire order is a quote, changes to order discount price was not immediately reflected on the line item total.

- Fixed: At least some cases of the unpredictable "No value for parameter" error.

- Added a selection menu to the Tax Total footer field in the Orders window, where you can select between the ShipTo and BillTo TaxGeoCodes to use on the order. Note that this selection can only be changed when the order is open, and there is a ShipTo address assigned (not POS).


Release: July 22, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0233

- Fixed: Producing an Order from a Quote raised an SQL error. This bug was introduced in 5.5.0211 with the AccountREV and AccountCOS fields.


Release: July 20, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0232

- Fixed: Producing output from Forms for Orders with an Order Discount where the Effective value was blank raised an SQL error.

- Fixed: Order Discounts on Quotes were not included in the Order Totals analysis.

- Fixed: Percentage Order Discounts calculated zero on Quotes.

- Improved error message presented when email cannot be sent.

- Added explicit indication that a mail relay does not require authentication. In the location record, add a hyphen to the end of the mail relay property to indicate that FrontLine should not attempt to authenticate.


Release: July 13, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0231

- Fixed: Producing Quotes and Sales Orders from Forms for Orders raised an SQL error in 5.5.0230 due to an omission in the problem codes revision.


Release: July 10, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0230

- Fixed: In Order Lookup, clicking a column header after using a special search resulted in an access violation.

- In Forms for Orders, removed problem codes from the main ORDER dataset. Instead they are now in a separate dataset named PROBLEM for Service Orders. To use them on a form create a subreport for the problems and link it to the UNIT footer of the main report using the Child subreport property.
Note that this will break forms that use expressions like ORDER.Problem*


Release: July 6, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0228

- Fixed: In Forms for Orders, if the only trailer notes selected were entity/address notes, and such notes didn't exist or were irrelevant (ex, a ShipTo note on an order with no ShipTo) FrontLine produced an SQL error.

- Fixed: Updating an existing note template did not work.

- Fixed: Some of the special order lookups would overrun a memory buffer and thus trigger access violations.


Release: July 2, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0227

- Added the TAXSUM dataset to Delivery Tickets and Ship Tickets. Note that the tax summary breakdown is only available when a specific checkout [InvSeq] is selected.


Release: July 1, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0226

- Fixed: Entering a unique identifier value with a single quote in the Line Item Details window could produce an SQL syntax error.

- In Order Lookup, the Order Type column now indicates service orders, and includes in parentheses the number of repair units on the order.

- The Returns function in the Orders window now includes entries to credit invoices on this order. Note that if the invoice has already been credited then FrontLine show that credit.

- The invoice Credit function will now credit checkouts where a repair unit was subsequently checked in on another order for repairs. This is the only exception. Other event sequences will prevent a credit because the credit would invalidate the subsequent transaction.

- The Db Console contains an entry to add a new column INVOICES.CreditID


Release: June 25, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0225

- Fixed: Selecting an address that is not a BillTo using Entity Lookup from the Orders window would show blank BillTo texts on the order until the order was reopened.

- Fixed: Repairs on units did not update Equipment Set members to the new node in the chain of events. This bug was an omission in the database function CommitInvoice which has been revised to version 5.5.0225. The visible consequence is that an affected unit would show up twice in the Customer Equipment grid of the Service Contracts window when Show other customer equipment was checked.
The Db Console contains an entry to load the script file to update this function, and an entry titled Fix data re CommitInvoice bug pre 5.5.0225 with commented SQL commands to fix/check existing data for the omission.
Note that the function script, and the fix SQL are different for MSSQL vs PostgreSQL. FrontLine produces the appropriate fix SQL for the server type it is connected to. The fix script may have to be executed more than once.

- Crediting an invoice now creates new unit events (reverting the status, instead of removing events) and clears the SyncSet of relevant line items.
This means new records in ITEMDTL and TRXDTL linked to the credit memo.

- The drop-down list of contacts in the Orders window is now sorted by contact name.

- In the Query Parameters window, removed repetition of the same parameter used more than once in extract queries for custom reports.

- In the Service Contracts window, added an identifier search feature. Typing into the grid or the identifier field (first field below the Customer Equipment grid) highlights the nearest match listed in the grid above. If there is no match the Identify Unit window appears to find other units that belong to the customer.

- Added a Sp icon to line items in the Orders window to indicate that the line item is special order.


Release: June 15, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0224

- The quantity of a package member line item can now be changed, with two conditions:
 >> The package was entered in Package As Discount mode.
 >> The package does not actually give a discount on the total member value.


Release: June 11, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0223

- Fixed: Service Contracts labels ContractX and ContractS were not correctly filled out on Service Order forms unless a Receipt or Invoice was produced first.

- Fixed: Recently introduced SQL syntax error could occur when voiding an order.

- Added a Sp icon in the Order Lookup window to indicate that an order has open special order line items.

- Added some information to the Unit Details list of the Scan Match window:
 >> The package icon appears in the sale price column to when the unit was sold in a package.
 >> Stock number and Description can be seen in the grid using the Show Descriptions toggle function in the context menu.

The database procedure CommitInvoice was updated to version 5.5.0222 (before release of 5.5.0223) to set ORDERS.Updated after every checkout. The Db Console contains a file link entry for this script.


Release: June 9, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0222

- Fixed: Invoice credits failed to undo inventory transactions.

- Fixed: Currency values on the Blanket PO list in the Orders window were wrong in some situations.

- Fixed: The contact email button in the bill-to and ship-to sections of the Orders window could not be clicked after the order was checked out.

- Changed the persistence of trailer notes selection from per order to per form by user, like the other settings in Forms for Orders.


Release: June 5, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0221

- The coverage symbol on equipment in the Service Contracts window now changes from an umbrella to an antenna when the contract is a Provisioning contract.

- Customer PO requirement is now also checked when an order is deferred.

- The Company Setting for Input Focus after Order Entity (eleventh on the list) has been elaborated, adding options to prevent pop up of entity and address notes at the Orders window.


Release: June 4, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0220

- Added append capability to copying note templates. To append the template note text to the current note text instead of replacing the entire note, hold down the Ctrl key when selecting a template from the list.

- Added capability to print trailer notes on Forms for Orders. Template notes and customer/address notes can be selected per order using the Trailers context menu entry. The notes selected are persistent per order. There is a new dataset available for the forms named TNOTE.
Trailer notes are entirely optional on forms. To add trailer notes to a form, add a TNOTE dataset in the designer, then add a SubReport with Main dataset TNOTE. In this subreport the detail band will list the notes. Headers and/or footers are only necessary if you want some visuals at the beginning/end of the trailer notes.
The trailer notes do not need to be a Child SubReport of any other band.
If later another subreport is added be sure to reposition the trailer notes as the last subreport so they appear at the very end of the output.

- Added column sorting to the Unit Details list of the Scan Match window.

- Added a Provisioning option to Service Contracts window.
A provisioning service contract does not provide any repairs coverage, instead it provides other billable services to the units covered.

- Added relative (to present) date entry for date fields. Below are some details on entering dates in FrontLine. Only the relative features (+ and -) are new:
 >> The date delimiter is usually a / but can be a - or other character, depending on Windows and FrontLine Company setup.
 >> The year can be omitted when entering a date in the current year. Ex, 8/12 for August 12, 2009.
 >> Times are optional. When omitted, a date alone refers to midnight.
 >> Times can be entered in 12 or 24 hour format.
 >> A - alone takes the current date only.
 >> -1 takes yesterday's date, -7 a week ago, etc.
 >> -.25 takes six hours ago, so a time is included. -2.5 take two and a half days ago, including time.
 >> +1 takes tomorrow's date, +7 next week, etc.
 >> +.25 takes six hours from now, +1. takes one date from now (including time), +1.5 takes a day and a half from now.
 >> Trailing the offset number with an h or H (or hr, hour, etc) makes it hours instead of days, and time is always included.


Release: May 27, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0219

- Fixed: The Recurring Billing Output print preview window was missing several features introduced in recent months.

- Fixed: The Recurring Billing Output fields AgentID and LineAgent now output the agent initials instead of ID number.

- Fixed: Tax summary was not calculated for quotes from the Forms for Orders window.
   Note that the tax summary for quotes is not broken down by tax types.


Release: May 15, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0218

- FrontLine will list the datasets and field names available for a form if you press F2 while previewing the report. The list is saved in your clipboard. Paste it in notepad or any text editor.

- New functionality to Credit an invoice/receipt from the checkout window. When viewing a closed invoice there is a Credit function that will create a credit invoice and undo the events invoiced. Note that this is only possible if units on the invoice have not be subject to further events.
The Db Console contains a script named GRANT DEL on INVOICES for 5.5.0218 to make a change in the database necessary to cancel a credit. If this db revision is not applied then a credit made by mistake cannot be cancelled.


Release: May 8, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0217

- Added a company setting to indicate whether to constrain unidentified units to known inventory locations.
See the Returns, Unidentified company setting, and in the Return and Unidentified Options window that opens choose the Unidentified at Any Location setting to allow unidentified transactions at any location instead of Unidentified at Inventory Locations only.

- Added contact phone number to the address blocks in the Orders window, and a button to send email to the currently selected contact. *

- Added an HTML table export format to the Export window. Use an appropriate file name extension for the export file (.html or .htm) so Windows opens it in your browser.

- Added an export function to the context menu of the Unit Details list of the Scan Match window.

- Added a Mail function to send the export file as an attachment from the Export window. *

- Added a Details feature to the report viewer to remove the detail section of a report. This allows you to view only the summary sections of a report.

* To send email here the location Mail Relay (Maintenance...Locations) must be known to FrontLine.


Release: April 28, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0216

- A unit for repair can be unidentified from any location. In the Scan Match window, locations where such a unit can only be repaired are marked with the repair cross symbol. If one of those locations is chosen the Item Action prompt only allows a Repair action. Note that an item must be uniquely identifiable to qualify.


Release: April 24, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0215

- Fixed: Step 2 of Recurring Billing produced an SQL error on the Account field that was changed in 5.5.0211

- Fixed: Entering a Customer PO (EntityOrder) with single quotes (like a possessive) in the Orders window could result in an SQL syntax error.


Release: April 22, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0214

- Fixed: Closing the custom Reports window with unsaved changes and the cursor on a blank row would raise an error but close the window without saving. The correct action on an error is to keep the window open. In this case there wasn't an error anyway, the blank row should be ignored.

- Discontinued items can be unidentified from any location, and subsequently only repaired.

- Added agent lookup for Equipment Set lines. See the context menu.

There are untested updates to the PC Charge submission file in this revision.


Release: April 16, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0213

- Fixed: Taxed value of package discount line item (with zero discount) was undervalued when you increased the quantity then made the package an actual discount on the line item.

Please note the required database revisions listed for 5.5.0211 below.


Release: April 15, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0212

- Fixed: Taxed value of package discount line item could be multiplied by its quantity twice. This happened when the order was reopened, or unquoted, resulting in excessive taxes if the line item quantity was greater than one.

- Fixed: FrontLine incorrectly allowed selection of an Unidentified unit from any location, regardless of stocking history, when Item Lookup was used to select it.

- Fixed: The line item Account field in Forms for Orders had not been revised per changes in 5.5.0211 below. This bug was introduced in 5.5.0211.

- Added missing security context for Order Lookup Export.


Release: April 8, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0211

For connected systems this is a connector-related release. See the 1.5.0211 connector release notes.

- If a catalog item has price levels then the catalog flag no longer carries to the line item.

- The icon for the Warranty entry in the line item context menu is now an umbrella instead of a W.

- Added age to the Placed field Order Lookup window. If the order Fulfilled date is set (FrontLine sets it when completed if the user had not already done so) then the age is from placement to fulfillment. Otherwise the age is from placement to present. Users may need to widen their view of this field to see both the age and placed date, then use F6 or the context menu to save the view.

- Replaced the Account field on line items with AccountREV (revenue) and AccountCOS (new field for cost of sales) shown in the Line Item Details window. There are new entries in the Label Maintenance window and a new security context.
There is a server-specific script to revise the TRX and TRXIP tables in the Db Console.
Database procedures CommitInvoice and CopyLineItems must also be updated to version 5.5.0211
These database revisions are required and will BREAK older versions of FrontLine because the [Account] field becomes [AccountREV].


Release: March 27, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0210

- Fixed: Changing the quantity or overriding price of a Package First line item would result in tax calculation value mismatches.

- Fixed: Proceeding from Step 2 in Recurring Billing after marking exclusions from the review list would raise an SQL error like Invalid column name CustStatus. This bug was introduced in 5.5.0208 and only occurs if you have excluded some entries in the Exceptions and Batch Review list.

- Fixed: Entering invalid date text in a grid field then clicking the ellipsis in this same field for a month calendar would result in the calendar losing coordination of focus and visibility with the field.

- Forms for Orders now have a RefPrice field in the datasets, containing the unit price a line item would have charged were it not for warranty or service contract coverage. This field can be used to show customers what they saved on a service ticket. Use a "Print Condition" expression like INVOICE.RefPrice>INVOICE.Price to show the amount saved only when applicable. Note the dataset name INVOICE used above varies depending on the form.

- The Tax Report now uses INVOICES.Created instead of INVOICES.Updated for date criteria because the user can modify the Created date. This change only applies to new report batches, and does not affect recurring bills qualification on this report because recurring bills do not have records in the INVOICES or TRXINV tables.


Release: March 14, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0209

- Fixed: In the Service Contracts window, the right mouse button no longer affects multiple row selection. This addresses two issues:
  1. You had to hold down the Ctrl key when clicking the right button for the context menu or the multi-selection was lost.
  2. The row you clicked the right button on to invoke the context menu was omitted because it effectively got unselected.
Note that if you used the context menu key on the keyboard, selections were not affected.

- Fixed: It was possible to get SQL errors using a PostgreSQL database doing some operations like unvoiding an order. The error was due to two operators without a space between that some versions of PostgreSQL attempted to interpret as a custom operator.

- Fixed: Unit Tracking would raise an SQL error on PostgreSQL from workstations with a 1 in their StationID.

- Fixed: Unit warranties with blank expiration dates were assumed to have no expiration. Now, they are considered expired.

- There is now a Customer Equipment function on the drop-down menu that appears over the customer identification field in the header of Orders window. Invoking this function displays the Scan Match window with the Unit Details tab showing all units that are sold, or about to be sold to the current order customer, sorted by stock number. This function is only available on open orders because, per the regular use of the Scan Match window, you can select a unit from this Customer Equipment list to add to the order. To see more information, such as the stock number, use the Details function.

- Implemented automatic item substitution under these conditions:
 >> The original item is on hold or discontinued, and has a substitute defined.
 >> The user did not identify a unit, ex, by entering a serial number.
 >> Substitutions are not attempted for package members.


Release: March 3, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0208

- Fixed: Order Lookup using Order Identifiers did not work when using a PostgreSQL database.

- In Recurring Billing, a customer status of on hold or closed is now considered an exception at the Exceptions and Batch Review step.


Release: February 27, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0207

- Fixed: In Forms for Orders, printing a service order would raise a SQL syntax error when using a MSSQL server. This bug was introduced in 5.5.0206 with the peripheral codes sorting revision.


Release: February 25, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0206

- Fixed: Selecting a unit from the Unit Details list Scan Match which then triggers a package selection would fail to commit that unit to the package member line item on the order. This bug was probably introduced in 5.5.0161

- Marking an order Complete would omit it from the special lookups Pending Orders and My Pending Orders lookup due to the assumption that these orders would be completed in back office. Now such orders appear in these lookups.

- Data streams with problem and peripheral codes from Forms for Orders are now sorted to list peripherals before problem codes.

- Service Contract notes are now copied to line item notes on recurring bills. This way changes to service contract notes do not change the notes on old bills.

- Special commented lines can be added to the SQL in custom reports/exports to allow for different syntax on different server types. To use a line only on Microsoft SQL Server start the line with a comment --MSSQL and to use a line only on PostgreSQL start the line with a comment --pgSQL. This text is not case sensitive.
The comment is only recognized at the very start of the line, and FrontLine will remove it (the 7 characters) so the database server processes it as part of the SQL sentence.
Example, below the first line will always execute, but the second line will only execute on MSSQL and the third line only on PostgreSQL:

--MSSQL WHERE DatePart( yy, D ) = DatePart( yy, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP )
--pgSQL WHERE date_part( 'y', D ) = date_part( 'y', CURRENT_TIMESTAMP )
Important: The purpose of this feature is to write reports and exports that work equally well using either Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL server. We do not want to maintain two versions of some reports because of database server differences.
This feature coincides with the initial release of the contract profitability report.


Release: February 17, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0205

- Fixed: Under some conditions, saving new Equipment Sets members would result in a primary key violation of PK_ESDTL.


Release: February 16, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0204

- Fixed: Bugs in the Blanket POs drop list in the Orders window that were introduced in 5.5.0202 and persisted in 5.5.0203

- Service Order output from the Reports for Orders window now includes line items that are not linked to repair units, in other words, line items that are not related to repairs. These unlinked lines are sorted to the end of the output.


Release: February 6, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0203

- Fixed: Entering a TaxGeoCode 12 characters long in the Tax Detail setup window would result in a SQL error upon retrieval.

- Fixed: Upon assigning a customer to an order, SQL error Ambiguous column name 'EntityOrder' occurred when using a MSSQL database. This bug was introduced in 5.5.0202


Release: February 4, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0202

- The drop list of Blanket POs now shows the balance available for this order if there is a limit, instead of the total allowed for the PO.

- Added code field translation for custom reports facility in the Reports window, for both visual reports and export queries.
- To display an access context name, rename the Context field to AccessContext in the SQL query.
- Note that it is not only unnecessary to perform joins to translate code fields, but if the result of such translations in the SQL are named the original field name they will raise an error in FrontLine when the report is run.


Release: January 27, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0201

- Fixed: Selecting a Blanket PO from the drop list in the Orders window failed to assign the PO number.

- Enabled multiple changes that were restricted on an order after partial checkout. For example, new line items can now be added, line items that have not been checked out yet can be changed.


Release: January 26, 2009

FrontLine 5.5.0200

For connected systems this is a connector-related release. See the 1.5.0200 connector release notes.

- Fixed: When the entire order is not ready but a repair unit line is explicitly marked ready FrontLine could fail to include it in a check out.

- Fixed: Opening Contracts from the Customers maintenance window raised an error deContact:Field 'Contact' not found

- Fixed: 5.5.0196 introduced a bug where adding an unidentified unit on a service contract for repair would raise an error Dataset not in edit or insert mode. Consequently, until the order was deferred and reopened, FrontLine did not automatically warranty repair parts and services assigned to this repair unit.

- Order Placed date can now be modified on an open order. There is a new security context for it in the Orders group.

- With a confirmation prompt, line item Completed date can now be set to a value before the creation of the line item.

- The change log records for repair unit line items now have quantity zero.

- Added a Blanket PO feature. A customer can have multiple blanket POs, each with an optional expiration date and maximum total. In the Customers maintenance window use the button to the right of the PO preferences drop-down to open the Blanket Purchase Orders editor. A new table BLANKETPO is required. The Db Console contains a script to create this database object.


Release: December 31, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0199

- Fixed: Using a PostgreSQL database, recurring billing would not create bills for equipment sets with a blank category.

- Fixed: Using a PostgreSQL database, fulfilling a line item where the quantity on hand was a large number like 999,999,999 could produce a numeric overflow.

- When an order is tendered on account and the total due changes FrontLine will attempt to adjust to on account amount to match upon checkout.


Release: December 17, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0198

- Fixed: After adding a new line item one would get an error UpdateToDb with transaction in progress upon continuation.
This error was introduced in 5.5.0196, and only appeared when using a MSSQL database. PostgreSQL databases did not have this problem.


Release: December 16, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0197

For connected systems this is a connector-related release. See the 1.5.0198 connector release notes.

- Added Account to the Line Item Details window. Note a new security context Account in the Orders group. Without at least Read permission users will not see the account assigned.

- Added a function to change the pricing of Recurring Bills items already on Equipment Sets. In Items maintenance, right-click the ellipsis next to the price field and choose Change Billing Prices.


Release: December 12, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0196

For connected systems this is a connector-related release. See the 1.5.0196 connector release notes.

- Introduced change logging for line items. A new table TRXLOG is required. The Db Console contains a script to create this database object. This log is also used by a revised connector.
 >> To view the change log, open the new window Line Item Change Log using the Change Log command on the line item context menu. The status changes decoded in this window are Voided, Quote, Warranty, and Hold(not ready).
Remember from 5.5.0194 that a line item that isn't individually marked ready is eligible for checkout if the entire order is marked ready.
Line items created in earlier revisions of FrontLine will show incorrect quantities in the change log window because the initial entry was not logged.

 >> Note that each line item is logged separately, including discount lines. If discounts are presented on separate lines then counter price changes are logged on the discount line rather than the main line item.

- Added SQL syntax filtering for the scripts embedded in the Db Console. For example, the script for this revision that creates TRXLOG has a different syntax for PostgreSQL versus MSSQL. When you select this script, Db Console will only produce the syntax relevant to the server you are connected to. Note that old scripts have not been revised to conform with filtering requirements.

- When the Tax Report window is closed by system administrator, empty report batches are deleted to reduce clutter in the list.


Release: December 5, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0195

- Fixed: Repeating a special lookup without reselecting the Search By resulted in a SQL syntax error in PostgreSQL.

- Added three Order Status flags:
FrontLine users can toggle these indicators using the drop-down above the Scheduled field in the order header.

- Added basic urgency highlighting to the Order Lookup window. Highlighting is only applicable to orders that are open. The first two are only applicable to orders that have a Scheduled (due) date set. If the order is due within three hours the text is purple, if it is overdue the text is red. Otherwise, if an order is marked Ready the text is green. If an order is marked WIP (in process) the text is blue.

- Added features to the Supporting Document S/D function:


Release: December 2, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0194

- Added explicit marking of readiness in the Orders window. In prior releases, repair units in service orders could be marked as completed individually, or the entire service order could be marked as complete. Now this functionality is extended to any order. There is a checkbox on the right side of the description in the line items to check off individual line items as ready. Or the entire order can be marked (or unmarked) as ready using the Complete function on the top bar. The line item ready checkboxes disappear for completed orders. FrontLine also prompts for completion if checkout is attempted without all line items ready.
There is a script in the Db Console for a required update of db function NewInvoice.
The script file is NewInvoice550194.sql for MSSQL and pgNewInvoice550194.sql for PostgreSQL.
Line items created in prior versions of FrontLine are considered ready by this revision. Users with permission can uncheck their readiness if desired.

- Removed the auto-email prompt for agents on a service order. Instead, when the user chooses to email a Service Order, FrontLine presets the recipient list with the email addresses of all agents on the order.

- Added identifiers of units covered by contracts to form data in Recurring Billing Output.
Form Design: Beware that this means there may now be multiple rows of data for a single line item on a bill.

- Added an Export function to the context menu in lookup windows. This function is secured using new contexts in the Access Lists.

- The BillTo and ShipTo address selection lists in the Orders window are now sorted alphabetically.


Release: November 14, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0193

- Fixed: The first change listed for 5.5.0192 did not work for recurring bills. See the Tax Report revision here.

- Fixed: UOM (unit of measure) was always 'EA' on Recurring Bills.

- Opening Equipment Sets from the Identifier Document window now highlights the matching unit.

- Added edit time to the date in the Identifier Document History window.

- Removed the Defer Order confirmation.

- Adjusted the exclusivity of Item Type checkboxes, Scheduled no longer turns off Recurring Bills and Set Eligible. Also, Recurring Bills now turns on Set Eligible.

- If the customer has been identified on an order, the Scan Match window now shows partial matches on identifiers for units whose last transaction was for the customer. This facilitates finding customer units to transact when the complete identifier value isn't certain.

- Added a PAYMENTS dataset to the Recurring Billing Output for use on billing forms. It contains all the fields as the similar dataset in Forms for Orders except payment notes. That is, PaymentNote and PaymentNoteSubject are not here.


Release: November 6, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0192

- In the built-in Tax Report, line items whose tax amount is $0 in the given Tax Type are considered exempt for that tax type, even if the order is not tax exempt. Packages and package members are excluded from this additional logic.

- Introduced functionality in Equipment Sets to improve concurrency. Specifically, if more than one user is adding items to equipment sets of the same customer at the same time the new code aims to prevent primary key violations on ESDTL.


Release: November 3, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0191

- Fixed: When using a PostgreSQL db, FrontLine would produce an error Type mismatch for field 'RefCount' when you attempt to delete an Agent, Customer, Vendor, or Item.

- Fixed: If you added a unit warranty to an unidentified repair item after creating the repair line item, then when you assigned a repair service/part to this repair unit FrontLine did not cover them under the warranty. When you reopened the order, however, this problem disappeared.

- Added a Return EMail field to the System Users window. This address is used to identify the sender when FrontLine sends email.

- Added field InvTotal to the data stream of the Drawer Reconciliation Report.

- Rebuilt the report preview window to allow extended features, such as auto-email-prompting below.

- Added indicators to Agent records to notify agents when their orders or line items produce an Invoice(2), Receipt(4), Delivery(8) Ticket, or Ship(16) Ticket. These flags are stored in AGENTS.AgentStatus using the values in parentheses. FrontLine will prompt the user to email these documents to their agents when the documents are produced. Note that you are not obliged to send the email at all, and you can send it without the attached PDF if you prefer by highlighting it in the list on the right then using the delete function.


Release: October 24, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0190

- Fixed: FrontLine did not consult Price Levels for sale of Service Contracts.

- Fixed: Service Contracts are now prorated based on the billing frequency period instead of month based like other recurring billing services. This matches a corresponding recurring billing change made in FrontLine 5.5.0187.

- Fixed: The L.Disc (Line Discount) function in the Orders window was disabled for manually inserted lines.

- The Orders function in the Unit Tracking window is now available when Unit Tracking is opened from the Scan Match window with an empty Orders window behind.


Release: October 23, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0189

- Fixed: Line items context menu did not allow repair assignments in some cases when it should.

- Fixed: In the Identify Unit window, the Entity filter did not work when the Scan text was blank.

- Fixed: When toggling POS mode in the Orders window there were situations when a Dataset not in edit or insert mode error would appear.

- Fixed: When an order was opened using Order Lookup, Order Contacts displayed Unknown in the Orders window until focused.

- Allow entry of negative prices in Price Levels when the regular price is zero. This allows a package to be given a regular price of $0 (meaning the regular price is the sum of selected member prices) but discounts (negative prices) in price levels so that only some customers get a package discount.

- Reduced text size in Order Totals window to normal.

- Added some missing information to the email produced in custom reports facility.

- In Quantity Reconciliation committed quantities are no longer subtracted during analysis.

- Added TLS encryption and authentication capabilities to the FrontLine email sending facility. FrontLine should now prompt for Credentials when the mail relay uses authentication. OpenSSL is used for encryption. The OpenSSL library files required are:


The PostgreSQL client library libpq uses OpenSSL, so PostgreSQL installations require no additional files for TLS authentication.

MSSQL installations of FrontLine will not necessarily have OpenSSL libraries installed, so we may need to add the files listed above from libpq to the FrontLine application folder of such installations if their mail relay requires TLS authentication. Please use the two OpenSSL files listed above from the libpq distribution, or the copy found in the folder where FrontLine release candidates are placed, do not download another version from the Internet. Those two DLLs are marked with version information. Versions and have been used successfully with FrontLine.

Note: FrontLine does not require the OpenSSL libraries to run. If they are missing FrontLine will not be able to perform TLS authentication, and thus fail to send email through a relay that requires TLS, but will otherwise function normally.


Release: October 8, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0188

- Fixed: The first time Unit Tracking was opened during a FrontLine session a message would appear: SizeOf(TValueItem)<>SizeOf(TUT_Item)

- Fixed: In Package First mode, a customer-specific price created an extra line item instead of adjusting the net package price in place.

- Fixed: Potential error when processing with an equivalent item exchange. When proceeding from the Exchange window after selecting non-identical In and Out units, FrontLine encountered an error that cascaded to another error. Consequently, the two line items recording the exchange could not be saved.

- A unit marked as Out of Service will now prompt a confirmation when brought for repair. See DtlStatus code table.
Note: FrontLine has yet to offer a method to set this flag on a unit.
An upcoming revision will also check suspension and termination dates in equipment sets.


Release: October 6, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0187

- Recurring Billing now excludes Service Contracts from the billing frequency multiplication factor. That is, Service Contracts now bill for the quantity indicated in the Equipment Set, regardless of billing frequency.


Release: October 3, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0186

- Fixed: The Tax Report date for recurring bills was showing the end date of the bill period. Now fixed to show the date the bill was produced.

- Fixed: In Order Lookup if you searched by an Order I.Doc member with a preset list of values, when you searched repeatedly by the same member you got the same results even if you changed the search value.

- Added an AlreadyOut field to Forms for Orders data streams Delivery Ticket, Ship Ticket, Receipt, and Invoice.
Receipt and Invoice also receive a LineQuantity field that was only in Delivery/Ship tickets before.
On an Invoice or Receipt you now have:
Quantity (quantity on invoice)
LineQuantity (quantity on original order)
AlreadyOut (quantity delivered before this invoice)
Quantity backordered can be calculated with an expression like LineQuantity - Quantity - AlreadyOut

- Added a Margins function to the line items context menu to show calculated margins for a single line item. For calculation of margins see release notes on 5.5.0185 below on the Order Totals window.

- Added an Order/Line Margins and Totals security context to secure the Order Totals and Line Totals views.

- Added TAXSUM dataset in Forms for Orders to the Sales Order, Quote, Service Order, and Picket Ticket forms. For these forms the taxes in this stream are for the entire order.
In 5.5.0180 this stream was added to Invoice and Receipt forms. For these forms the taxes in this stream are for the specific Invoice/Receipt.


Release: September 30, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0185

- Added an Export capability to the Reports window. To export, instead of using a .rep file use a .sql file. Parameter names in the SQL file are single words preceeded by a colon. An upper case letter preceeded by a lower case letter in a parameter name signifies the start of a new word, and will be spaced as such in the Query Parameters window. Unlike report forms, a plain text SQL file has no detailed parameter definitions, so the parameters here are processed as strings, depending on the database server to convert types when necessary if the syntax used is not explicit.

- Added more summary information to the Order Totals window. Note that the Costed totals are items that have a cost indicated on file. Margins can only be calculated on items with a known cost.


Release: September 23, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0184

- Added line item resource fields to the Productivity output:

- ExpRef is no longer shown in the Tax Details window.

- Contract Notes in the Service Contracts window are no longer read-only.


Release: September 22, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0183

- The new identifier document scan text forwarding rejection implemented in 5.5.0180 is extended to also reject text matching the starting text of the stock number, not only a full text match.

- Fixed: The Reevaluate function in Recurring Billing did not refresh all the data it evaluates for exceptions.

- Added optional Equipment Set Categories. A corresponding List has been added but no default entries are provided in this list. A new field ESCat is required in tables ESETS and RBILLING. There is a script in the Db Console to add these columns.
This category is relevant to ESets and Recurring Billing. The Bill Form column in the Equipment Set Categories can be used to qualify an alternate form for bill printing. The standard form is Bill.rep. Example, if Bill Form is set to Phone the form used for billing these will be BillPhone.rep


Release: September 18, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0182

For connected systems this is a connector-related release.

- Added AgentCat to the Productivity output and renamed an Agent field to AgentName to differentiate it from the ID.

- Terms elaborated with up to three period details. Opening Terms in the Setup Lists window provides an extended table. Terms breakdown is also available in Forms for Orders on Invoices using new fields provided in the PAYMENTS dataset of Reports for Orders:
Common DueDate (net)
Discounts for early payment Discount[1,2,3] (percentage) Discounted[1,2,3] (dollars due if paid by) DiscountDate[1,2,3]
or Fractions due at intervals Fraction[1,2,3] (percentage) FractionAmount[1,2,3] (dollars to pay by) FractionDate[1,2,3]

Terms are now stored in LISTVALX instead of LISTVALS (connector relevance)
FrontLine no longer provides a default list of terms.


Release: September 12, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0181

- Fixed: The line items context menu allowed repair assignments where not applicable.

- PDF file names produced from Forms for Orders now include the complete document name and number. The default email subject is similarly elaborated with invoice sequence when applicable.


Release: September 10, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0180

- Fixed: After the order Agent was changed FrontLine continued to to assign the default agent to new line items.

- Upon creation of a new Identifier Document for an Unidentified unit during order processing the Scan Code is no longer forwarded to the primary identifier if it matches the stock number of the item.

- Added a TAXSUM dataset to the invoice and receipt forms data. You can add a subreport to these forms to show summary totals of each tax type collected. Samples created for Metro Mobile.


Release: September 5, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0179

- Sort Tax Report to allow grouping by Exempt Category.


Release: September 4, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0178

- Fixed: Tax Reports did not include recurring bills.

- Added presence indicators of popup menus in the order header grid.

- Added callback event scheduling to orders. Click the Scheduled title in the order header for this function. The security context is the same as used for scheduling line item activities. There is a script in the Db Console to add the new column ORDERS.CalendarID and the database procedure UpdateCalendar must also be updated.

- Increased the size of FileCode field for Taxes from 8 to 20. There is a script in the Db Console to alter TAXDTL.FileCode

- In the Tax Report if the Tax Rate in the history record is blank (an omission in FrontLine revisions before 5.5.0173) the Tax Rate from the Tax Detail setup is used.


Release: August 28, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0177

- Fixed: In Order Lookup the Notes menu item became disabled after its first appearance.

- Fixed: The State field in the Address block of maintenance windows could disappear behind the Zip field when the window was widened.

- Added Category to Contacts. There is a corresponding new variable length List to set up, and a ContactCat label that can be changed. There are no default entries in this list, you must add entries to categorize your contacts. As usual, you do not have to drop down the list to select a category, instead you can type in the first characters of the entry desired and FrontLine will match it when you leave the field.

- Added a mini-script to the Db Console to add the new field CONTACTS.ContactCat
This script is one line, both versions are included in commented form.


Release: August 26, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0176

- Fixed: A mixed quote order could not be turned into a new order.

- Contact Preferences list extended from 8 entries to 24 entries. The checkbox block in the Contacts window now adjusts in size to accommodate.

- Added Title to the contact information grid in the Contacts window.


Release: August 23, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0175

- Fixed: A security bug could prevent normal users from viewing order notes in the Order Lookup window.

- Fixed: A custom tender type would cause an access violation in the payment verification process invoked when proceeding from the checkout window. Note that custom tenders are not submitted to PC Charge or IC Verify.

- Fixed: In the Productivity Inquiry, selecting an Agent before retrieval failed to restrict the data to only that agent.

- Removed the external program link for Employee Time in the Welcome window.

- Orders with a ShipTo address can now be returned as a whole. Note that service orders still cannot be returned this way.

- In Order Lookup dedicated quotes are no longer shown for the special lookups Pending Orders and My Pending Orders.

- Added a context menu to the Units list of the Item Quantities window to visually expose functions available, and all committed units are now shown in this list.

- Added a function Inventory Received to the Welcome window to link Unidentified sales to units subsequently received into FrontLine. For now, the Transact Unidentified security context is used.


Release: August 6, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0174

- Added an export feature to the Tax Report window.

- In Company Settings, for settings with a drop-down list it is now possible to select an entry with the first few letters only.

- Fixed: If a card number was entered after setting the tender type with company setting Constrain Payments set to Isolated and Tender Account Info not required for cards FrontLine would respond with the constraint message A single tender must cover the entire Payment On Account order.


Release: August 4, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0173

- Fixed: Functions Repair Codes and Service were erroneously available for repair parts in the Line Item Details window context menu, they should only appear for repair units.

- Fixed: The Total Items value shown in Step 2: Exceptions and Batch Review of Recurring Billing failed to account for the quantity in ESets. Recurring bills were correctly generated, this bug was only in the review list.

- Fixed: Technician notification email triggered from a new service order was addressed to the order customer. It is now addressed to the technician.

- Fixed: Access violation could occur when a context menu was invoked in another window after the Orders window had been opened.

- Removed default subject of line item and tender line Notes, added code to take first non-blank line of note text as subject if the subject is left blank. Noticed many users never enter a subject, rendering useless the note hint FrontLine shows on line items. Better to have first line of the note text.

- The first column of the list of Selected Items in the Line Item Details window now shows the unit location by default. Use the context menu to show the tracking number, as it did in prior releases, by turning off Show Locations.

- Instead of disabling the Quote function on an open order with payment tenders, the function is enabled but FrontLine will notify the user of the precluding condition.

- Moved the Prices (price levels) function in Items maintenance from the top bar to a smaller button next to the price field. The shortcut key combination remains unchanged.

- Existing Order Notes can be opened from the Order Lookup window in read-only mode.

- Order and line item Notes are now copied when an order is made from a quote, and when orders are returned.

- New Tax Report feature, link in the Inquiry group. The report form used is Taxes.rep in the template folder.


Release: July 2, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0172

For connected systems this is a connector-related release.

- Fixed: Changing package line item quantity did not change member line quantities when company setting Discount Presention was set to Integrate All.

- Fixed: Some installations would get an SQL error like Incorrect syntax near '!' when entering the Orders window.

- Added BillTo and ShipTo Contacts to Orders. Only contacts linked to the address are valid.

- Added Exempt Category [ExemptCat] to Customers and Orders. An order is assigned the customer's exempt category when the order is tax exempt.


Release: June 27, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0171

- Fixed: The first time a long history of events was viewed in Unit Tracking an access violation could occur.

- A new note can be saved with only a subject.

- Another On Account tender can be added to an order if the other has been used on an invoice.

- Catalog sale line items with price levels are only considered fulfilled from stock if the user indicates this when FrontLine asks. Without price levels, only returns and repairs are stock, there is no question.

- Added a general Reports feature. Selecting this link opens a Reports window where you can add as many reports as necessary. FrontLine adds the On Order report by default if the list is empty.


Release: June 24, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0170

- Fixed: FrontLine was removing the optional port specification from the DSN value presented for editing in the logon window.

- Fixed: Making a line Special Order would clear the Miscellaneous flag.

- FrontLine item maintenance does not let you combine the Miscellaneous item type flag with Service or Charge flags, but decision logic will now tolerate such a combination.

- Lookup filters on text fields will now match your input anywhere in the field value, not only the beginning.

- Making a payment selection from the Receivables window, a receivable can now be selected even when there is no reference line [PLine], and the Comments are now displayed.

- The invoice/receipt (checkout) window now shows who checked out in the title, as in Invoice by Demo User, and in the checkout hostory list Created column as in Jan 1, 2008 by Demo User

- Order discount appear last (instead of first) in the data streams from the Reports for Orders window.

- Clicking to navigate to a field cell with a selection list (like ShipVia on the Orders window) will cause the list to drop down right away. Note that if the cell is already selected you must use the drop-down arrow or Alt-Down.

- Rearranged Recurring Billing links - there is now a panel for Recurring Billing with entries Create Bills and Output Bills


Release: June 20, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0169

- PostgreSQL conversion of Productivity window completed.

- Added a customer filter to the Productivity window.


Release: June 19, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0168

- Fixed: Using a larger font size, the Zip field in the Address block of maintenance windows could widen too far and cover the State field.

- Fixed: Sometimes an SQL error Cannot insert the value NULL into column Terms would occur after adding a recurring billing item to an order.

- Changing the price of a recurring billing line item is not considered a discount.

- Line item context menu enhanced to include many of the lower bar functions.

- Tax rate percentages now accept three digits after the decimal place. On MSSQL a revision to the TAXDTL table is required, see the Db Console for a mini-script.

- Added BillToPhone1,2,3 and ShipToPhone1,2,3 to all data streams in Reports for Orders window. The original xToPhone remains as-is, containing the first available phone number. For example, an order has:
Ship-To Phone 1 = blank
Ship-To Phone 2 = 555-1212 (fax)
Ship-To Phone 3 = 515-1515 (mobile)
In this case ShipToPhone (without a 1, 2, or 3 qualifier) contains 555-1212 because the first number was blank.


Release: June 17, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0167

- Fixed: FrontLine did not make Resource Costs read-only when it should.

- Fixed: Some data in the Resource Costs window was discarded when other fields were blank.

- Revised code display to interpret Miscellaneous item type code.

- Added MSSQL mini-script to the Db Console to add new fields to TRXRESOURCE.

- Added security contexts for Terms, Last Bill and Residence in ESets.
When deploying please check user access to these security contexts and Bill To. Otherwise this revision may deny them access to these fields where they had full access before.


Release: June 16, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0166

For connected systems this is a connector-related release.

- Licenses are only consumed for having the Orders window open.

- Lookup by key field (ex, order lookup by OrderID) with a value under 7 digits now searches for keys of any workstation with that sequence value. Example, Order Lookup: Search By OrderID 24 finds OrderIDs 101000024 and 543000024.

- Introduces Miscellaneous Item Type.


Release: June 12, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0165

- If only one location is allowed in the Unidentified selection list of the Scan Match window then that location is selected upon choosing the Unidentified function without displaying the list.

- Added template Notes. These notes can only be created and modified by a system administrator.


Release: June 11, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0164

- Added Sale Price to the unit details list in the Scan Match window.

- Added a special lookup Customers with ESets to the Customer Lookup window.

- Added Productivity to the Labels dictionary.


Release: June 10, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0163

- Fixed the alternate port specification for PostgreSQL in the DSN parameter. See the DSN parameter description below.


Release: June 9, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0162

- Added Opt-In flags to Contacts. There is a new fixed length List named Contact Preferencs. Up to eight labels may be defined to show up as checkboxes below the contacts grid. In the database the flags are stored in CONTACTS.Attributes with the values seen in the first (Key ID) column in the Setup Lists window.


Release: June 7, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0161

- Added Bin from the ITEMS record to the data streams produced in the Forms for Orders window.

- Added address attribute icons to the Customer Lookup window to indicate addresses used for BillTo and ShipTo.

- Fixed: Permission for Order Discount was not distinct from Line Discount for price overrides on line items.

- Fixed: The Accept function in the Scan Match window could be disabled without reason for the first line item you try to create after logging on to FrontLine.

- Fixed: Line item location was getting reset to Order location after it was changed to reflect the location from which it was fulfilled.

- Elaborated the Scan Match window to present three distinct views: Scan Matches, Available Inventory, and Unit Details.


Release: May 21, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0160

- Fixed: Catalog items can be Unidentified from any location. This does not override the user's permission to transact other locations.


Release: May 19, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0159

- Removed description text Inventory when Catalog Item flag is present. Ex, on yellow top row of Line Item Details window.

- Added AgentName1 and AgentName2 to the data streams produced in the Forms for Orders window. These are linked from the default PayTo of the order Agent.

- Added a Location selection drop-down to the Unidentified function in the Scan Match window. All locations are listed but some may be disabled. Conditions for a location to be enabled are:


Release: May 15, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0158

- To catch omissions after the fact, added Terms check on Equipment Sets when any related members are changed.

- Added ESetCreated and ContractEnd to Recurring Billing Output forms data stream.

- Credits with no ApplyTo are listed in the Receivables window.


Release: May 13, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0157

- Added LineEffective to the data stream for delivery and ship tickets produced in the Forms for Orders window.


Release: May 8, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0156

- Logic for assignment of default Terms on Equipment Sets revised for when the field is left blank. If the customer has Terms that value is used. Otherwise if there are no service contracts in the ESet then the first value in the list of Terms is used. Otherwise the user is prompted to set the Terms.

- Added a confirmation when a service contract is sold to a customer without Terms.

- New field Customer PO added to Equipment Sets. This value is used when recurring bills are generated. There is a script in the Db Console to add this column to the ESETS table, uncomment the version you need depending on server type. Order entry and recurring billing will not work with this executable until the new column is added to the ESETS table.


Release: May 1, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0155

- Fixed: If the quantity of a return line item was reduced FrontLine did not allow reduction of the units in the Line Item Details window, and you were left in a state of Too Many Items Selected. Now the Delete function is available until the quantity matches. FrontLine will reduce the quantity of the highlighted unit in the Selected Items list, or remove it, depending on the quantity difference.


Release: April 29, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0154

- Added basic parameter support to custom reports, like the On Order report. FrontLine will prompt for parameters created in the form and use the values in the queries.

- Added detection and display of order notes to the Order Lookup window. If there are any notes on the order a notepad icon is displayed in the first column of the grid. Use the context menu to open one of the order notes. (Line item notes are not considered.)


Release: April 28, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0153

- Added an On Order report link to the Welcome window. This function will attempt to run the OnOrder.rep report using database connections provided by FrontLine. FrontLine provides no special input, and uses the SQL saved in the form. Up to three datasets are supported.

- In the Tax Detail window the TAB key circle from the Tax Details grid includes the Account and File Code fields below it.

- Filter payment tenders on Forms for Orders to show only tenders relevant to the checkout sequence.


Release: April 24, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0152

- FrontLine Items maintenance treats the Service and Vendor Catalog Item Type flags as mutually exclusive. However, it is possible for both of these flags to be turned on by external data input. This revision adds a removal filter upon creation of a service line item to prevent the incompatible vendor catalog flag from appearing on a service line.

- Alternate company logo for the logon window can be specified in the configuration (INI) file by adding a line LOGO=filename where the file name can include a full path for cases where the logo graphic file is not in the same folder as the FrontLine executable.

- Fixed: The order note present indicator icon could persist into a new order, erroneously indicating the presence of a note.

- Fixed: In Setup Lists if the only change made was to delete a row FrontLine would not save that removal.

- Fixed: In Equipment Sets dropping an ungrouped member on another ungrouped member failed to offer Group Together.

- Fixed: Allow for Cash with Change tender on isolated Payment on account orders.

- Fixed: After creating a new customer via the Files function in the customer lookup window from the Orders window FrontLine could fail to fetch the new customer address information.

- Data stream for Delivery Ticket and Ship Ticket in the Forms for Orders window has been revised to include information about units and line items that are checked out and/or still pending. Some consequences affecting the form design are:


Release: April 8, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0151

- Individual Bill To and Ship To address fields added to Forms for Orders output data stream. These individual fields are: Address1, Address2, Address3, City, State, Zip, and Country.

- Added a Return location option for returns of Unidentified units to change selection favoring when examining inventory locations of the item. Default is to favour the Order Location, new option to favor locations where the item has been available. In Company Settings the Return option has been elaborated, there is now an ellipsis to set the three options in a new window.

- Fixed: Using a PostgreSQL database, error qrIdD_: Type mismatch for field... occured when starting a new I.Doc in the Identifier Document window.

- FrontLine now loads a logo graphic file LOGO.BMP for the logon window. Dimensions are 240 x 96 in BMP file format.


Release: March 28, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0150

- Fixed: Fixed Print Options eliminated the drop-down arrow for alternate form selection but the selection list appeared anyway.

- Added a show All function to Lookup windows to retrieve up to 8000 records when the default 200 limit is reached. This function only appears when it is meaningful. The shortcut key is F12.

- In the Package configuration window, updated functionality to keep the options for all members of a Group consistent.


Release: March 25, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0149

- Fixed: Fixed Print Options did not eliminate the drop-down alternate form selection.

- Fixed: In the Tax Detail window duplicate TaxGeoCodes would appear in the TaxGeoCode drop-down list when GeoCodes cross over multiple Zip codes and Counties.

- Removed unused Orders and Customers links from Reports group in the Welcome window.

- Changed order status code word Shipped back to Invoiced.

- Added a Show Voided option to the Order Lookup window. Voided orders are not listed unless this option is checked.


Release: March 18, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0148

- Added multiple forms options to Forms for Orders output. The templates folder may contain multiple forms for the same output. Example, sales order: Standard form is SalesOrder.rep but forms named SalesOrder50.rep and SalesOrder for preferred customers.rep can also be used. The alternate form names have text added after the standard name. Notice the new drop-down feature on the right side of the form selection buttons. Selections here are saved for future sessions. If a user has Fixed Print Options they cannot change the form being used. The administrator can select an alternate form for them from the User Options window.


Release: March 12, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0147

- Concurrent user licensing added. New Company setting License Count Key

- Fixed: FrontLine could fail to find that a line item has already been returned.


Release: March 3, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0146

- In the Scan Match window the Entity filter starts out on. This filter hides non-available units transacted to other customers. It is applicable when a customer has been assigned to the order and Scan Match is showing non-available units.

- New feature: User Options accessible from the System Users window. The User Options window contains:


Release: February 21, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0145

- Vendor Catalog flag automatically cleared from line items that are returns or where the item has price levels.

- Item Category list sorted alphabetically by display text.


Release: February 19, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0144

- NULL TaxCat results in no taxes calculated for the line item.

- NULL TaxCat of package members was assigned General Merchandise, now it is left NULL.

- Location of Unidentified unit is the Order Location only if a unit of this item has had other non-sale transactions in this location. Otherwise one of the locations of those other transactions is selected.


Release: February 12, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0142

- Fixed a bug that could remove the discount from a package discount line.


Release: February 11, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0141

- A Unit Warranty can now be added to any sold unit from the Unit Tracking window.

- In the Line Item Details window a unit warranty can be added to units that are in for repair.

- Scan text is forwarded to the primary unit identifier in the Identifier Document window after an unknown identifier value is entered as a new line item scan code resulting in an Item Lookup followed by Unidentified unit declaration.


Release: January 28, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0140

- Fixed a bug introduced in 5.5.0137 where payments without notes fail to show up on forms.


Release: January 25, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0139

- Fixed: Could not add an order discount to a quote.

- Fixed: PostgreSQL error making an order from a quote.

- Added optional County and Zip filters to the Tax Detail window.

- Added a form e-mail function to send forms as PDF. Shortcut key is Ctrl-M, and there is a new toolbar at the top of the form window. To send e-mail directly from FrontLine your location must have an SMTP Mail Relay configured. Also note the company setting Default Return eMail.


Release: January 22, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0138

- Added Fulfilled field to Recurring Billing Output form data stream.

- Added return options Order Location vs To Origin (new mode to return units to location of prior transaction) in Company Settings. This setting is currently the 7th entry in the list, and now has four possible selections for return location + return order isolation. Currently there is no option to prompt the user. Revised db function CopyLineItems as part of this new return location mode. New version is v5.5.0138 for both MSSQL and PostgreSQL, and can be applied in the Db Console.


Release: January 21, 2008

FrontLine 5.5.0137

- Added PaymentNote and PaymentNoteSubject to invoice and receipt type form data.

- Default display label for Fulfilled is now End Date.

- Recurring Billing sets the Fulfilled date of a bill to the next bill date. The bill period is thus framed by fields Scheduled--Fulfilled.

- Disabled context functions On Hold and Prices in the ESets window while in read-only mode.

- Added TaxGeoCode to customer lookup.

- Order Agent only assigned from customer record if no agent has been assigned to the order yet.

- After a line item is voided FrontLine attempts to set a solitary open On Account tender to the new order total.

- Order BillTo can be changed to a different customer without affecting the ShipTo customer by typing a search value into the BillTo section of the Orders window. FrontLine prompts for confirmation.

- Revised db function NewInvoice to fix a bug where a returned package will not check out. New version is v5.5.0136


Release: December 26, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0136

- Fixed: Changing $ of a Package Discount line item in the Orders window could result in the order total getting out of sync. Prior release left a bug here.

- Improved error reporting for some unusual PostgreSQL circumstances, like missing plpgsql language in the database.


Release: December 21, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0135

- Fixed: Increasing -$ of a Package Discount line item in the Orders window could result in the order total getting out of sync.


Release: December 20, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0134

- Prevent entry of a payment tender on a quote.

- Sort order of output to recurring bill forms conforms to line items order on the bills, which follows member order on ESets.

- Elaborated title of the welcome window with db connection information.

- Upon connection to PostgreSQL db FrontLine will use a schema named fl if it exists, if not it will use the public schema.


Release: December 13, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0133

- Added UIValue4 identifier to the recurring billing form data and made all four UIValues user-selectable in the Recurring Billing Output window. See 5.5.0129 release notes below.

- Moved the Service button on Orders window that is used to indicate all repairs on the order are completed from the lower button bar to the upper button bar.

- Reduced time-out for taking over someone else's In Use order from 12 hours to 1 hour.

- Order Agent is no longer reassigned when changing between OE and POS.


Release: December 6, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0132

- Partial invoicing for service orders is now possible. A repair unit can be left incomplete, causing FrontLine to remove it and related line items from checkout. The database function NewInvoice must be updated to revision 5.5.0132 to go along with the new executable. The updated script is in a folder named NewInvoice550132 with a link provided in the Db Console. File name of PostgreSQL version begins with pg.


Release: December 4, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0131

- Fixed: UIValue1..3 fields introduced for the Bill form in prior release weren't visible to the form.

- Fixed a few issues when working with a PostgreSQL db:


Release: December 1, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0130

- Added bill Location to ESETS (no default value), and Default Bill Location to Company Setup for recurring billing.


Release: November 29, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0129

- Changed syntax used to drop temporary database functions in PostgreSQL that produced errors upon logoff from a server version prior to 8.2x.

- Added multi-select functionality to the Customer Equipment list in the Service Contracts window. The Ctrl key works with the mouse and the Shift key works with the up/down keys for multi-selection. A context menu appears to determine the action to take. If equipment is being added to the contract and the contract reaches its member limit part of the selection may be added and the remainder left out.

- Fixed: PostgreSQL syntax error submitting a calendar event.

- Added three identifiers in columns to recurring bills form data: 0 (Serial #) as column UIValue1, 141 (Phone #) as column UIValue2, and 260 (Pager Phone #) as column UIValue3.


Release: November 13, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0128

- Tweaked mask handling code so that the cursor will not land on a formatting literal. An example of a masked field is phone numbers.

- Merged the mutually exclusive Return and Void functions onto the same (third) top row button on the Orders window. Note that the Return Ctrl-R and Void Ctrl-- functions retain their distinct shortcut keys, the actual functions are still separate.

- Fixed: SQL syntax error after changing price of a line on Equipment Sets to a value in the thousands.

- Added detection of bogus or missing BillTo address on Equipment Set at Exceptions and Batch Review step of recurring billing.

- Added opportunity to enter Customer PO on recurring bills at Step 3: Payments and Bill Completion before completion.

- Changed meaning of Price/EA in the Service Contracts window to mean price multiplied by maximum member count instead of current member count. Note that this doesn't affect existing data: A service contract may need to be revisited and this option toggled off and on to recalculate.


Release: November 6, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0127

- Removed the count of ShipTo addresses on the Ship To label in the Orders window.

- When the price of a recurring billing member of an Equipment Set is changed the corresponding line item in the Orders window is re-prorated.

- Fixed issue with backslash in quoted text values on PostgreSQL.

- Fixed recently introduced issue that could cause registration to become invalid after another company setting was changed due to removal of a space in an unused address line. That space is no longer necessary.

- Added more options to the company setting New Order Focus.


Release: October 26, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0126

- Removed forced quote for On Hold customers and instead placed the following constraints on their orders: (a) Auto-commit disabled. (b) Manual commit not allowed for outgoing transactions. (c) Checkout not allowed. Note 1: Currently only the BillTo customer status is considered. Note 2: This implementation makes the security context Orders for Customers On Hold less meaningful.

- Tracking records (ITEMDTL) location inheritance qualified more: For outgoing transactions use parent (source) location, for incoming transactions use order location.


Release: October 25, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0125

- Fixed a bug introduced somewhere in the development of redirected billing that would assign zero to an ESET BillTo address when unassigned. Example, an ESET was created and user did not explicitly select a BillTo address. FrontLine should select the customer's default BillTo

- The count of ShipTo addresses on the Ship To label in the Orders window is enhanced to also count redirected ShipTo addresses. The display is (N/R) where N is the count on the ShipTo menu and R is the total count including redirections. Note that counting all redirections to the billing customer has a rather high cost of SQL server activity.


Release: October 24, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0124

- The Item Status Check prompt is not raised for repair units or exchanges.

- New tracking records (ITEMDTL) keep their parent location instead of the order location.

- On Orders, notes on a redirected ShipTo customer are also brought to the user's attention.


Release: October 18, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0123

- Fixed a bug introduced in 5.5.0121 that could cause the save process in the Identifier Document window to abort.


Release: October 16, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0122

- Fixed: Unidentified units were still assigned workstations location instead of order location.

- When order location is changed the location of existing line items [TRXIP] is now updated.

- Fixed: An inactive agent could be assigned to an order via Agent Lookup.

- Missing Agent Status code translation added to Agent Lookup window.

- In the Agent Lookup window inactive agent rows are pink when they are not an allowed choice.

- Added a count of ShipTo addresses (in parentheses) to the Ship To label in the Orders window.


Release: October 12, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0121

- Fixed: Could not save or search for identifier values with quotes in the Identifier Document window.

- Added expressions TotalTaxed and TotalUntaxed to invoice based forms, used in the Forms for Orders window.

- Added verification of location status when order location is changed. If the new location assigned is closed or on hold it is rejected.

- Developing a table of code values in this document.


Release: October 9, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0120

- Fixed: FrontLine will now remove the vendor catalog flag on returned line items.

- Fixed: FrontLine was still using the workstation location instead of order location for new ITEMDTL tracking records.

- Find an equipment set by ESetID: Type into the ESet ID field in the Equipment Sets window for a pop up. Note that you cannot switch to a different customer when this window is serving the Orders window.

- Added a special search TaxGeoCode missing to the Location Lookup to facilitate finding locations with addresses missing this critical information.

- Added an additional confirmation prompt when an order is started without a TaxGeoCode.


Release: October 2, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0119

- Fixed: In some cases FrontLine was passing a bogus Location to the Scan Match window.

- FrontLine will not allow changing the Order Location when there is inventory committed. In a future revision this action will be enhanced to be more helpful.


Release: September 28, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0118

- Fixed: FrontLine was not correctly recalculating taxes on package members and package discounts when the discount was changed between a zero and non-zero value. In this case all line items related to the package must to be retaxed.

- Fixed: An error message like 'Cash' is not a valid integer value:Expression lbhTT would appear when running a Drawer Reconciliation Report. This condition was probably introduced in FrontLine 5.5.0108

- Added an Export feature to Drawer Reconciliation Report. Export after viewing the report, to export the data just reported.

- Added User Name information to Drawer Reconciliation Report. The standard form has been revised, adding a column on the right. If this revised form is used with FrontLine revisions prior to 5.5.0118 an error will occur upon generating the report.


Release: September 24, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0117

- Fixed: FrontLine would ignore your input for changing Line item quantity or price for inserted lines.

- Contract numbers added to forms for orders as special labels. Only service contracts relevant to the order are listed:

The default format is Contract# expires mm/dd/yyyy with a new line delimiter for additional contracts, but this can be customized using the Text of the report label. Example, to get Contract# exp Aug 27, 2009 with a comma and space delimiter the Text of the label should be ("%d exp "mmm dd, yyyy, ) where the parentheses are not part of the text but show the trailing space.


Release: September 19, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0116

- Added special Order Lookup searches My Recent Orders and Station # Recent Orders to quickly find recent orders.

- In the Line Item Details window focus stays on the Scan Code field after it is used for quick identification of units to commit.

- Added more locking hints for mssql to reduce possible contention.


Release: September 14, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0115

- Fixed: Line items added to an order got the workstation's location even when the order location was different.

- Fixed: Bug in CopyLineItems db procedure was modifying TotalPaid on unrelated orders when reversible tenders were on an order being returned. The updated MSSQL procedure is in a file named CopyLines550115.sql with a link provided in the Db Console. The PostgreSQL procedure has the same bug.


Release: September 13, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0114

- An order's BillTo can be set to any other customer without changing the ShipTo address. To do this type into the BillTo area to invoke lookup. Address menus are now built to directly correspond BillTo addresses to the BillTo customer, and ShipTo addresses to the ShipTo customer.


Release: September 12, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0113

- Any item can be special ordered, not only catalog items.

- Units committed for return can be toggled Defective in the Line Item Details window, using either the context menu of the row in the Selected Items list, or keyboard shortcut Ctrl-H.


Release: September 11, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0112

- Fixed: Special Order option was always disabled in Scan Match window in 5.5.011[0-1].

- Exposed Bin field in Items maintenance window.


Release: September 10, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0111

- Implemented Auto-Commit of inventory to newly created line items and recommit when line quantity is changed or lines are unvoided. Conditions are:


Release: September 7, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0110

- Fixed: Return of unidentified units was broken.

- Fixed: FrontLine 5.5.0108 began showing a ? in the Payment Type column for On Account tenders.


Release: September 4, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0109

- Quotes do not display the irrelevant Shipped status.

- Name1 added to address menu texts in the Orders window.

- In the Scan Match window Location ExtRef is now shown by default.


Release: August 31, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0108

- Fixed: For replication compatibility, Setup Identifiers window no longer uses TRUNCATE TABLE UISETS command.

- Contracts Applicable window shows contract BillTo address.

- Added custom Tender Types, the setup window is accessed from the Tenders Accepted entry of Company Settings. The [PType] values of custom tender types start above 32. Current Limitations: The checkboxes in the custom tenders list gray out when the row is out of focus. Most options are not functional yet. You must use the save function to retain your changes, if you simply close the window FrontLine will not prompt you to save.


Release: August 24, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0107

- Fixed: Scan Match window would show no quantities when multiple matches were found in Stock Numbers and Part Numbers, ex Stock#=Part#.

- Fixed: Service Contracts window was showing all contracts of the BillTo customer when only a specific (ShipTo) address was applicable.

- Fixed: Service Contracts window was showing equipment of the BillTo customer instead of the ShipTo customer when a specific address was applicable. This could make it look like equipment assignments you had made to the service contract in a different context were lost.


Release: August 23, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0106

- Fixed: Contracts Applicable window showed up inappropriately during order processing when the Service Contracts is appropriate.

- For repair warranty coverage, the Unit Tracking window Warranty function displays the repair warranty expiration dates instead of trying to open a non-existent unit warranty.


Release: August 22, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0105

- Added CustomerNumber to Unit Tracking window display entries for sold units.

- Revisions to Lookup windows in general, added context menu:

- Fixed: A tax exempt order was not retaxed when the order customer was changed to one who is not tax exempt.

- Added access to Service Contracts related to a residence (address) via context menu on the address list of Customers maintenance window and via context menu on the Customer Lookup window, with a Ctrl-J shortcut. Availability of this function is restricted by the Service Contract permission context found in the ESets access group.


Release: August 14, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0104

- Fixed: Printer selection mapping from report page setup to FrontLine station printers.

- Added locking hints to some queries issued to MSSQL to reduce locking overhead.

- Implementation of FrontLine Recurring Billing on PostgreSQL.


Release: August 7, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0103

- Added OrderID and Terms to Recurring Billing Output export data.

- Fixed: If an order's BillTo and ShipTo were the same address, and address identifier document values were used on forms, FrontLine would assign the identifier values to BillTo labels on the forms but miss the ShipTo labels.

- Added OrderID and Terms to Recurring Billing Output export data.

- Changed CUSTOMERS.ExtRef in Quantity Reconciliation to CustomerNumber.


Release: July 30, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0102

- Entity filter on Scan Match window now uses ShipTo customer instead of BillTo.

- Service Contracts window now aware of ShipTo customer vs BillTo customer.

- OnAccount keyword added to dictionary so it can be changed at will.

- Coverage icon in Unit Tracking window changed from W to umbrella.

- Implementation of FrontLine System Users on PostgreSQL.


Release: July 26, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0101

- Reworked price checking:


Release: July 25, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0100

- Next Bill date on Equipment Sets can be set in the past.

- Equipment Sets data saved immediately on Close function.

- PostgreSQL implementation draft. No recurring billing or user setup.


Release: July 18, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0065

- Residence drop-down list in Equipment Sets member detail panel sorted alphabetically.

- Added confirmation prompt when changing Residence address of a Service Contract in Equipment Sets member detail panel.

- Fixed: When a backordered quantity was cancelled on a partially invoiced line item FrontLine had begun to miss recalculations.

- Fixed: An access violation could occur on right-click of the address list in a maintenance window before the context menu appears.


Release: July 13, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0064

- Omission fixed: ESETS permits ADD and DELETE implemented.

- Fixed: Some quirks in the BillTo/ShipTo blocks of the Orders window.

- Address1,2,3 are available individually as well as collectively as Address* in the Search By list of the Customer Lookup window.

- Added owner customer number to title of Equipment Sets window.

- Fixed: SQL error in the Recurring Billing window when proceeding after excluding some potential bills from the batch review.


Release: July 11, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0063

- Fixed: FrontLine recently began allowing sold units to be committed to sale line items.

- Added Initiated and Terminated dates to Recurring Billing Output data.

- Added Initiated and Terminated words to Labels dictionary.


Release: July 10, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0062

- When a customer was assigned to a blank order, then ESETS modified, then the blank order reassigned to a different customer, FrontLine did not save the ESET changes. FrontLine will now prompt to save [Y/N] in this situation.


Release: July 9, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0061

- Fixed: In Customer Lookup the umbrella and linked icons were reversed.


Release: July 8, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0060

- Added an Order Totals summary. Click one of the Total titles in the order footer.


Release: July 5, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0059

- Fixed: Repair Warranty was reported as a Unit Warranty in pop-up.

- Fixed: Repair of an unidentified unit could erroneously create a unit warranty.

- Fixed: Changes to Equipment Sets member residence was not saved when order was set aside.

Two database procedures must be updated: CommitInvoice new version 5.5a in file named CommitInvoice55a.sql and CopyLineItems new version 5.5.0059 in file named CopyLines550059.sql


Release: July 4, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0058

- Added repair warranties. A repair warranty results from a repair service or part with a warranty assigned (in the Items window) used to repair the main unit. When the main unit is brought back for repairs the repair history is checked services/parts used for prior repairs that provide a current warranty.

- Address lookup added (5.5.0055) for Equipment Sets member residence refined to only show addresses that are someone's ShipTo.

- Fixed: Price changed on contract member row in Equipment Sets was not propagated in time to the Service Contracts detail window.

- Fixed: Some available inventory was missing from the Scan Match window (5.5.0057 hotfix)

- The Identifier Document window now highlights the name of required (yellow background) and primary (bold) identifiers. As before, it has the unique (1 symbol) and fixed (stamp) icons too.


Release: July 3, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0056

- Security of the Quote function for an order elaborated: ADD permit allows creation of a quote, MODIFY permit allows creating an order from a quote.

- Added Item Cost for line item resources (see Costs function on lower function bar or order window). A database update is required, available in Db Console as TRXRESOURCE.ItemCost (New Column)

- Fixed SQL error updating price (for recurring billing) of ESet member.


Release: June 29, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0055

- When Entity lookup function Ctrl-F3 is used to select a customer in the Orders window the address selected will be used as the BillTo and/or ShipTo of the order as indicated by the selected address flags. Prior revisions used the default bill/ShipTo addresses in this situation.

- Residence address of ESet members can be set to addresses not associated with the customer that owns the ESet. To select such an address use the lookup function because this unrelated address will not show up in the drop-down list until it is used by one of the members.

- User is prompted for missing required identifiers on the Order I.Doc before deferring and printing. Prior revisions only prompted before check-out.

- The default location for inventory selection is now coordinated with the order location. Prior revisions used the workstation location.

- Inventory at other locations can now be viewed by users that are not allowed to fufill from other locations.

- Two instances where the word Fetch was used now read Retrieve.

- Fixed a bug introduced in the past few months that caused loss of synchronization of package member quantities when the user changes the quantity of the package line item.

- Fixed SQL syntax errors introduced in continuing Postgres adaptations.

- Other minor tweaks, as well as more Postgres adaptation code that could introduce new error messages. Please report them.

There are two db updates required for this revision in the Db Console: Db objects affected are CopyLineItems (5.5.0055 to load from file) and UnCommitLineDetails (5.4x embedded in console) There are also two new columns added to the PEOPLE table that are not yet used.


Release: June 14, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0052

- Fixed: FrontLine recently began allowing fulfillment of a package line item itself. A package is a collection, an intangible (like a service) that, in itself, cannot be fulfilled.

- FrontLine will ask how a catalog line item was fulfilled. The default answer depends on whether that last unit to fulfill the line was unidentified - if it was then No is default, if it was a unit on record then Yes is default response. If you respond Yes (it was fulfilled from stock) then FrontLine turns off the line item's Catalog Item flag. Once the catalog item flag is turned off FrontLine will not turn it back on again for that same line, even if you Delete the unit(s) allocated to it and redo the fulfillment with an unidentified unit.


Release: June 13, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0051

- Fixed SQL syntax error in Reports for Orders introduced in 5.5.0050.


Release: June 12, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0050

- Fixed: FrontLine omitted billing addresses when customer lookup was invoked by typing into the Bill To section of the Orders window.

- Fixed: FrontLine did not ask if you wanted to use the new billing address you just added to the customer on the open order.

- Caption on prompts for using new address changed to make Bill To vs Ship To more obvious.

- Auto-lookup will retrieve data for 1+ characters instead of 3+.

- FrontLine will strip hyphens entered into phone numbers.

- Recurring bills export separates bills instead of combining per customer.

- Adjusted decoding of card swipe string.


Release: June 8, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0049

- Added a Copy function to the Equipment Sets window to create a new set with the same billing details as the current one.


Release: June 8, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0048

- Added simple summary Export function to the Recurring Billing window. This is almost the same as the export from the Recurring Billing Output window introduced in the prior release. Remember that on the Payments and Bill Completion grid there is a context menu of options, one of which is Show Names.

- Minor tweaks to the PC Charge payment processing routines.


Release: June 7, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0047

- Added simple summary Export function to the Recurring Billing Output window. If the export file has a CSV extension Excel should open it directly.


Release: June 6, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0046

- Added diagnostic information for cash drawer open command failure and changed character sent for simple serial configuration.

- Added PC Charge support to payment processing. Where IC Verify uses numbers for terminal identification PC Charge has user names. Set the folder and terminal identification in the Current Workstation section of Company & Stations setup. Also in the Company Settings section there are three new entries for PC Charge: Merchant Number, CreditCard Processor, and Check Processor. The latter two have selection lists.


Release: June 1, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0045

- Catalog Items cannot be back ordered, and are automatically special ordered rather than back ordered.

- In addition to spaces and control characters, these punctuation characters are stripped from identifier names when seeking labels on forms: : ; < > = @

- Fixed incorrect data link between Residence name and identifier 10628 on recurring billing report (RF)


Release: May 31, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0044

- Added graphical report output for recurring billing. In the Recurring Billing Output window there is a new Print function that works with the graphical form. The report template file used is Bill.rep FrontLine 5.5.0044 or later must be used to generate the recurring bills for the Residence of billed ESet members to show up because this revision creates a direct link between the line items on the bill and the ESet members that generated them.


Release: May 30, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0043

- Added Customer BillTo and ShipTo I.Doc information to the data available on forms for orders. The label name for these identifiers is in the form BillToUIDocname and ShipToUIDocname. Refer to release notes for 5.5.0028 for more details.

- Agent added to Order Lookup as a search and filter field.

- Orders Completed Today added to Order Lookup. My Location vs All Locations applies, use F10 to toggle.

- Fixed Due display initially out of sync after line return.


Release: May 29, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0042

- Added Customer I.Doc information to the data available on forms for orders. The label name for these identifiers is in the form EntityUIDocname. Refer to release notes for 5.5.0028 for explanation.

- Expressions on order forms can be hidden by line item type using the "Print Condition" with an expression testing the TrxType. For example, to hide an expression on an invoice-type form when the line item is a package use (INVOICE.TrxType and 8)=0 in the print condition. If the form is an order-type form substitute ORDER for the INVOICE text.

Note that there are ongoing Postgres adaptations working their way through FrontLine code that affect some of the MSSQL syntax generated. Please report any SQL errors.


Release: May 23, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0041

- Fixed lost identification of 'unidentified' unit (bug introduced in 5.5.0040) that occurred when a repair unit line item was added using auto-lookup. Auto-lookup occurs when you enter text in the scan code of a new line that returns no matches, so FrontLine invokes item lookup with your text.


Release: May 22, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0040

- Price of package line items (not members) can now be changed (price override) on the order.

- Line items can be added in between existing lines. Exceptions are packages and exchanges. To insert a line item scroll to the line above which you wish to add a new line and press the Insert key. FrontLine should open a new blank line with the tentative line number followed by a + sign. You cannot override this number. It is calculated to fall on tens in the middle of the two surrounding lines. Thus to allow line insertion company setup must use a line increment of 100.

- Fixed missing unidentified link in an exchange when the units have no identifiers.

- FrontLine should update the calendar event (if it exists) when the line item completed date is set.

- In Use units cannot be sold. In prior revisions FrontLine would ask for confirmation then allow the sale.

Note that there were a number of fixes and features implemented between 5.5.0040 and 5.5.0029 for RF's go-live that are not documented here. Database stored procedure ItemQuantitiesByDtlStatus is no longer used by FrontLine due to Postgres adaptations.


Release: May 5, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0029

- Added customer Price Level to data available on Forms for Orders.

- Changed W icon on line items to an umbrella to represent warranty or contract coverage.

- Tweaked flow control for transaction type handling to improve Scan Match options relevance in some situations.


Release: May 4, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0028

- Added Print Contract Expiration option on the Forms for Orders window that provides the last termination date of maintenance contracts that cover the unit. The name of the expression for the forms is ContractExpiration

- Provided for Order I.Doc values to be placed anywhere on the Forms for Orders outputs rather than only in a group at the end of line items, etc. To show an identifier value from the Order I.Doc place a label (static text) on the report form and rename it to correspond to the identifier name in the form OrderUIDocname where the name is case sensitive and spaces must be removed. For example, for identifier "Department Number" rename the static text in the report OrderUIDocDepartmentNumber

- Removed DtlID: {...} text from detail entries in the Unit Tracking window.


Release: May 1, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0027

- The Return function on the Orders window can return the current line as well as the entire order - a menu presents the choice. Database procedure CopyLineItems updated to v5.5.0027, included as a file load link in the Db Console.

- Added a No Preview option to the Forms for Orders window that skips the preview window and goes directly to the print dialog. Like the other output options, No Preview is recalled for each form per user.


Release: April 27, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0026

- Unidentified repair units are now considered for set eligibility.

- Residence of equipment set members is initially assigned the ShipTo address of the originating order.

- Residence drop-down list of equipment set members includes addresses that are redirected to this customer for billing.

- New field in customer addresses to redirect billing to another customer when this address is initially selected as a ShipTo. The order belongs to the BillTo customer. The outside ShipTo address is indicated on the ShipTo selection menu by a trailing left-pointing « symbol.

- Database updates included in the Db Console: "ORDERS.EntityRedirected (New Column)"


Release: April 18, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0025

- Fixed potential overflow in Setup of URLs.

- Quotes do not require POs, regardless of customer preference.

- Fixed an error that could occur when cancelling an invoice.


Release: April 16, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0024

- Fixed erroneous priority: When a number was entered in CustomerNumber field of the Orders window header FrontLine searched by CustomerID before CustomerNumber. It now searches by CustomerNumber first.

- FrontLine will prompt you to identify a repair unit when creating the line item, even when the company setting defers unit identification.


Release: April 13, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0023

- Fixed error in Recurring Billing Output that was an oversight when CUSTOMERS.ExtRef became CustomerNumber.

- If you add a new bill/ship address for the customer on your open order FrontLine will ask you if you want to use this address as the bill/ship to address for this order.

- Fix bug introduced in 5.5.0021: Quote tax calculations were being added into the order totals and taxes.

- If a Scan Match matches only one available unit by unique identifier then the unit is selected without displaying the Scan Match window.


Release: April 6, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0022

- Db column COUNTERS.Limit renamed UpperLimit because Limit is a keyword in PostgreSQL. Consequently db procedure GetNextID also had to be revised. These two db updates are in the Db Console: First rename the column, and then update the procedure.

- Bug fix: Access violation on lookup of address by Address*

- Bug fix: Stack overflow when line quantity was changed from Line Item Details window with Integrate All discount presentation.

- Bug fix: If an identifiable unit without primary identifier was on an order-related report an SQL error about NULL not allowed could occur.

- Bug maybe fixed, please verify: Scan Code entry in line item grid of Orders window discards your input after some conditions occur.

- Bug maybe fixed, please verify: Possible repetition of unit in "Service Contracts" window when "Other" equipment is shown and one of the units is committed for repair on an order.


Release: April 2, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0021

- Calendar event enhancements:

- Unquoting an open order asks if you want to unquote all the line items too.

- Quote line items have line taxes calculated. Note that database procedure GetTaxes must also be updated.

- FrontLine Setup window automatically expands vertically to fill the desktop size to give more space to view the workstation list and company settings. There is now a splitter between the two that can be moved to give more space to one grid or the other.


Release: March 22, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0020

- Certifications for Items added. For any tangible item (not a service, charge, or package) required certifications can be assigned for any of the problems listed in the system. In the Items window choose the Certs function to open the Certifications window where problems and corresponding certification requirements are listed for the item. In the grid any problem that has required certificates shows a green check in that column following the number of certificates. The list of certificates for each problem is accessed by Certificates F3 or clicking the ellipsis. To quickly remove certificates for a problem without viewing the certificates list enter a zero in the grid. There is a new security context towards the end of the Items group to control access to these Certificates. Db Console contains a script to create the new CERTIFICATIONS table.


Release: March 19, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0019

- Three new Company Settings for the Scheduler interface:

      > Scheduler enables the interface.

      > Scheduler Day URL is the www address to open a day on the scheduler. For eGW the value is:


      > Scheduler Event URL is the www address to open an event on the scheduler. For eGW the value is:


      ** In both URLs above the host and application are placeholders. http:// is not necessary as it is assumed.

- In Line Item Details you can open the scheduler event or day (if applicable) by either clicking the ellipsis next to the Scheduled field or using F3 while focus is on the Scheduled field. Scheduler usage is applicable to line items where the service is a Scheduled item type (see below). There is a new security context near the end of the Orders context group to restrict access.

- Added Certifications to Setup Lists. This is a fixed length list that allows up to 31 certificates.

- Added Certificates to AGENTS. There is a new button in the Agents window. Agents may be assigned multiple certificates or none. There is a new security context for this value. A database update* is required to revise the AGENTS table.

- Added Scheduled Item Type, requiring ItemType expansion to int type. Database update* affects tables ITEMS, ESDTL, and ESDTL_A.

* Except the required UpdateCalender procedure, all database update scripts for this revision are included in the Db Console.


Release: March 9, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0018

- Changed label Invoiced to Shipped and added it to the label dictionary (Setup->Labels) so that you can change the word FrontLine uses for order status, etc.

- Label Partially added to status code interpretation to prefix a shipped status that isn't complete.

- The Order Identifier Document is now available for forms output. Forms have to be modified accordingly to see these values. All the values appear in the same area (band), they cannot be dispersed to different parts of the form.


Release: March 8, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0017

- Db fields OrderStatus and TrxStatus type changed from smallint to int to accommodate more flags. Consequent revisions made in FrontLine.exe and db procedures. FrontLine from this revision forward requires the db to be updated for this data type change. The db objects affected are tables ORDERS, TRX, and TRXIP, and procedures NewInvoice and CommitInvoice. The Db Console contains a script to change the field types and update their values. Update scripts for the procedures are distributed in separate files that can be loaded in the Db Console. There are entries in the Db Console scripts menu to load NewInvoice55.sql and CommitInvoice55.sql from files.

- When a pick ticket is output for an order the order is flagged Picking; this should be visible in the Orders window in the header field OrderStatus.

- When an order checkout is performed FrontLine removes this Picking flag from the order status.


Release: March 5, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0016

- Before proceeding with the print function on an open order, if the order is not tendered or the On Account tender is less than order total, and the customer has a line of credit, FrontLine attempts to complete the tender On Account so that a picking ticket can be printed. FrontLine only attempts this adjustment if there are no tenders on the order yet, or there is only one tender which is On Account.

- New company setting Line Unit Identify to simplify line item creation during order entry where the units will be identified later. Options are:

Important: Company settings for default customer and default vendor have been displaced down the list past templates. Please check your company setup after updating to this revision and reset your default customer.

- New usage profiler for Item Action question. FrontLine now keeps track of how many times you use each action and when the question pops up sets the default button to the action you have used most. Pressing Enter or the spacebar triggers the default action. Note that the other actions can always be triggered by pressing a single key on the keyboard per the underlined letter.


Release: March 1, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0015

- New Item Status flag No Package Prompt to prevent FrontLine from displaying the packages that the item is a member of during sale.

- Implemented checkout document printed flags for Invoice, Receipt, Delivery Ticket, and Ship Ticket. FrontLine flags the check-out accordingly the first time each of these forms is printed for it, thus it can determine when a duplicate form is output. You can use this detection on any of these four forms by creating a label (not an expression) named DuplicateLabel (use the Rename function in the form designer context menu) with whatever text you want to see when the output is a reproduction. FrontLine will find this label and hide it on the first output.

- When the print function is invoked from the Invoice window you get to choose which of the check-out forms to print. Delivery and Ship forms are always available. Invoice form is only available if there is an On Account tender. Receipt form is only available if there is a cash/check/card tender. This means you could see neither an Invoice nor a Receipt; for example, customer pays with a check for the whole order but takes delivery in two checkouts. First checkout has a receipt option due to the check tendered, second has neither receipt nor invoice because no direct tender was taken since the first check covered both checkouts.


Release: February 28, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0014

- Customer Number is now shown (by default) on the orders window. Click the column header for an option menu, the link to customer files is exposed here as Ctrl-F2 so this isn't a mystery key anymore. Note that the default lookup invocation (when you type text into this field) is now sensitive to the display selection here: If Customer Number is displayed the lookup will default by Customer Number, if Sold To is displayed the lookup will default by customer Name* (as it did before this revision).

- Order Location is now displayed and can be changed. Changing the order location may change the TaxGeoCode of the order. Changing the order's TaxGeoCode requires taxes to be recalculated. Enter a hyphen to use your current location. There is a new security context for Order Location.

- The Company Setting New Order Focus has a new option Order Location.


Release: February 27, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0013

- Bug fix: There were circumstances where after checking out FrontLine would show the Service Contracts window to allow adding new units to service contracts when there were no new units to add.

- Bug fix: After adding a Payment line item the order totals were not updated in due time.

- Any order form data is sorted by special repair sequence if there are repairs in the report line items.

- Descriptions of Payment and Order Discount line items added to order forms data.


Release: February 21, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0012

- Bug fix: After an order was invoiced and completed, when the order was retrieved again to print the Invoice form option did not show up unless you had toggled to the payments grid on the orders window.

- Bug fix: If you just entered a new line item and went to print a form without leaving the line on the grid that new line may not show up properly on the form output.

- Bug fix: Price column on order forms is now zero for warranty lines. Note that the Price stored in FrontLine tables is not zero but Effective is zero for a line covered by warranty.

- In the Unit Warranty window you can enter an expiration date of 30 days from today (or any number of days) as +30

- Partial feature implementation: If you indicate the completion of a repair by using the Service function in Line Item Details (Ctrl-Alt-S or right-click the unit row in Selected Items grid) FrontLine will ask you if you want to set the warranty.

- The Created date of an invoice is exposed and can be modified in the Invoice window before the invoice is completed.


Release: February 19, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0011

- Added primary identifier of repair units to the repair assignment menu text.


Release: February 17, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0010

- Bug fix: In the Service Contracts window customer equipment (left side) units would show up more than once if they were already covered by multiple service contracts.

- In Customer Lookup the first field listed is now CustomerNumber instead of CustomerID.

- In the Forms for Orders window, options are now retained and recalled for each of the eight forms.
This is a per user recall feature, just like FrontLine recalls the last orders you had viewed, the column arrangement of your lookup windows, etc.


Release: February 15, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0009

- New: Additional Order Notes


Release: February 13, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0008

- Bug fix: When an unidentified unit of an item that has no identifiers is committed to an order another unidentified unit of the same item could not be committed to another order on the first line because FrontLine would pull up the first order.

- Bug fix: CustomerNumber was missing from order forms data.

- Identifier Documents of an order customer and the BillTo and ShipTo addresses are exposed in the Orders window. The I.Doc function of the Orders window gives a list to choose from. Note that documents other than the order doc are read-only from here, and their function is disabled if there is no existing doc.


Release: February 12, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0007

- Identifier Documents are available to Addresses for customers. [database update involved]

      In customer maintenance the I.Doc function is now context sensitive:

            If the cursor/focus is on the right side of the window the Identifier Document opened is for the selected address.

            If the cursor/focus it on the left side of the window the Identifier Document opened is for the current customer.

      When you open an identifier document from customer maintenance, note the bold text above the tabular document.

      A simple db script found in the Db Console will add column UI to the ADDRESSES table.


Release: February 9, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0006

- Added CustomerNumber to CUSTOMERS (Customer) records. [database update involved]

      CustomerNumber replaces the older ExtRef field that was not exposed in FrontLine.

      CustomerNumber is an alternate key for customers, you can enter a value in the maintenance field and FrontLine will silently look it up.

      A db script (found in the Db Console) is required to update the table.

      Note the new security context.

      OfficialID expanded from 15 to 20 characters, can be used for Vendor#ref at RF.


Release: February 8, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0005

- Bug fix: Removed erroneous Warranty text that appeared on a completed repair order status.

- Bug fix: Price now goes back up when quantity is reduced when price had been reduced for a higher quantity.

- Missing identifier names and values restored on service ticket data for forms.

- Service Ticket form data output sorted to have repair units followed by repair services and parts.

- When a new address is added to a customer's profile during order processing it is added to the BillTo and ShipTo menus as appropriate.


Release: February 5, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0004

- CustomerNumber field added to order forms. Presently the value is the customer ExtRef, but there are plans to add this field to the CUSTOMERS table in the near future.

- Residence added to ESETS and ESet lines. Having a residence (which is a customer address) provides another key for billing purposes. Residence is also significant for service contracts: If the SC's residence is specified FrontLine only allows equipment that resides at the same customer address to be added to the SC coverage.

- If Discount Presentation is set to Integrate All then line item price is re-evaluated after the quantity is changed in case the customer qualifies for quantity price breaks.


Release: January 30, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0003

- Printer selection for forms is now set by the form data. In ReportMan designer in the page setup of the form, print setup tab, Select Printer drop-down, the first three correspond to FrontLine workstation printers configured:

- FrontLine now checks the identifier document of an order for missing values before checkout is allowed.

- FrontLine checks PO Number requirements before printing a Picking Ticket.

- Picking Ticket is only available if payment tender total equals order total.

- A back ordered line item will have the back order truck icon in the quantity field of the main grid. Note that FrontLine also writes the status "Back Ordered" on the rightmost status panel, just below the line items but above the order footer.


Release: January 26, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0002

- Made OfficialID and SIC available for order related forms. Keep in mind that these fields could be relabeled and used for other purposes, many of our customers do not collect Official IDs or SICs on their customers.

- If a customer has a line of credit you do not have to enter a tender to check out; FrontLine will automatically add an On Account tender when you attempt to check out, verifying that their available credit is sufficient.


Release: January 25, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0001

- Fixed multiple issues and added functionality to Order Forms feature. Of the limitations listed in the 5.4.0066 release notes the ones left are:

- In the Tax Detail window, once you starting editing the tax details the Localities section is removed from the focus circle so that after you tab or return off the File Code the focus goes back to the tax details grid.


Release: January 24, 2007

FrontLine 5.5.0000

- Order FORMS feature is coming together. The names of the form templates are:


QuickFind in ESETS: Ctrl-F (Find on the context menu) will open a QuickFind box where you can type in a primary identifier value to find it in the customer's equipment sets. FrontLine performs auto-completion here, but if you don't care you can type as if it isn't there. However, it can be handy because you may get the entry long before you have typed in all the characters needed. Note that you do not enter mask formatting here, just the data. Ex, no parentheses or hypens in phone numbers, just the numbers. Whenever the value displayed in QuickFind exists in the customer's equipment sets the Ok button is enabled.



FrontLine "Supporting Documents"

In FrontLine 5.4.0032 another addition is a basic "supporting document" link for customers. Presently this links to an Excel spreadsheet for each customer. Here is how it works:

1. The file name FrontLine seeks is CUSTOMERS#.xls where the # represents the CustomerID. Example: For customer 1057 the file name is CUSTOMERS1057.xls and for customer 908000000 the file name is CUSTOMERS908000000.xls

2. FrontLine looks for these files in the print templates folder for your location.

3. When you view a customer in maintenance if FrontLine finds the matching "supporting document" per above then an additional button appears at the end of the button bar with the caption "S/D"

4. Similarly in Orders when you assign the order to a customer, or retrieve an order, this button will appear at the end of the lower button bar if FrontLine finds a file for the customer.

5. When you invoke the function (by clicking the button or using the short-cut key combination) FrontLine attempts to open the file via the Windows file registration. If you have Excel on the computer it should open in Excel. If you have no program that has registered 'xls' files then FrontLine will open the template folder in an Explorer window for you to see the files and try something else.

Future enhancements to this feature could include storing the files in the database (so that all locations can access a single set of files) and having a company setup for the file type instead of the hard-coded 'xls' it uses presently.


FrontLine Tax Report

The Tax Report window is accessed from the welcome window. The link is in the Inquiry group.

A new form Taxes.rep is required in the templates folder. A sample is provided to get you started. This form is used by the Tax Report window. You do not create a report entry in the custom Reports feature, and there is no need for any SQL in the form because data is supplied by FrontLine.

There are three basic sections of the Tax Report window:

The batch list has three columns, with the most recent batches at the top:

To create a new report click on the calendar and drag to select a date range. Alternately, a date range can be typed directly into the batch grid in the format date to date, like FrontLine enters it when you select on the calendar. Typing in the dates will also show them on the calendar.

A new batch is indicated by New Batch in the first column of the batch list instead of an actual batch number. When you have entered the date range desired, click the Report function or press F8 to run the report. This will tag tax detail records that meet the date criteria and run a report on them.

You can also Report on an existing batch. In this case no tagging is performed. You are simply reporting on already tagged tax detail records.

In addition to reporting, you can export the tax details using the Export function.

It is possible for a new batch to overlap one or more existing batches. In this case FrontLine will notify you with the message:

Possible responses are:


FrontLine setup program and db server DLLs: How the installer handles the database server DLLs FrontLine needs.

The FrontLine setup program checks for the required SQL Server DLLs in the system folder (which is usually WIN???\System32) and if they are already there it does not add them to the FrontLine folder. Why? Because their presence indicates an existing installation of SQL Server or its client tools, so better use the existing DLLs.

When you run the setup on a machine running the db server it finds the existing DLLs and does not put them in the FrontLine folder. On most workstations the setup finds no existing DLLs so it puts them in the local FrontLine folder.

If you change the workstations to use the FrontLine folder on the server that has no SQL Server DLLs when you launch FrontLine on these workstations it will fail due to missing DLLs. The solution is to get the DLLs into the server's FrontLine folder. Two ways to accomplish this are:

1. On the server, simply copy them from the system folder to the FrontLine folder, or...

2. Instead of running the setup on the server run it on a workstation (having it install the files on a server folder) and FrontLine setup will add its version of the DLLs since the workstation doesn't have them.

There are other simple workarounds too.

We could elaborate the setup program so that it checks for the DLLs before presenting the setup options, and have an option for including db server DLLs in the installation. If it finds them in the system folder the option will be off, if not it will be on, but since it is an option you can change you could override its assumption and make it put them there anyway.

While that might simplify installs I don't think it is the best because it is preferable to use the DLLs that came with the SQL Server installation. For example, our customer could have SQL 2005 but FrontLine setup includes SQL 2000 versions of the DLLs. Even in the same SQL Server version the client DLLs may be revised in service packs, etc.


FrontLine DSN

The DSN parameter in the INI file is usually in the form ServerName:DatabaseName for example


An IP address can be used for the server name. For example

FrontLine can use a "Named Instance" of Microsoft SQL Server. In this case replace ServerName with


If the database server is listening on a non-default port (MSSQL default is 1433, PostgreSQL default is 5432) then the port must be specified in the DSN for PostgreSQL. An example DSN specifying port 91919 is

For MSSQL the client configuration utility can be used to specify the alternate port.

FrontLine supports UTF-8 encoded databases in PostgreSQL.


FrontLine Counters and Counter Keys

The counter base for a workstation is the StationID * one million.
 For Station 101, the counters are 101000000(base) + offset.
  Example, Station 101 DtlID counter key is 101000002.

All counter values start at the base value for the station and produce one million values before potential collision with the next station. FrontLine warns of impending collisions.

Below are the counter key offsets:

 0: OrderID
 1: ItemID
 2: DtlID
 3: UI
 4: EntityID
 5: AddressID
 6: ContactID
 7: PersonID
 8: ESetID
 9: ActID (activation)
10: ReconID (reconciliation)
11: BillingID
12: ReceivableID
13: CalendarID
14: ShipID
15: MailID
16: JobID
17: NoteConversation
18: BankDepositID


Microsoft SQL Server client notes

The client library FrontLine uses for MSSQL is NTWDBLIB.DLL
which should be in the same folder as FrontLine.exe
Some versions may also require msvcr71.dll

Do not put DBnetlib.dll and other Microsoft client libraries in the FrontLine folder, they can cause mysterious connection problems.


PC Charge and PostgreSQL conflicts

PC Charge Pro puts many dll files in the Windows system folder, a sloppy practice. Among them are three files that conflict with PostgreSQL client libraries: libpq.dll libeay32.dll ssleay32.dll Uninstalling PC Charge removes libpq.dll but the uninstaller may leave the other two. Any of these files will cause FrontLine failures attempting to connect to a PostgreSQL server unless the genuine PostgreSQL client dll files are put in the same folder as FrontLine.exe


Another failure to load libpq.dll

On a clean installation of Windows XP, FrontLine may fail to load libpq.dll to connect to a PostgreSQL database server, despite the presence of files libpq.dll and company. The solution may be to load the appropriate Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable available for free download from Microsoft.


How to make PostgreSQL require a password

If you can log on to FrontLine on PostgreSQL without a password then find and edit the file pg_hba.conf to change trust connections to password. Particularly, the entry that refers to connections from the LAN.
In Linux this file is typically in a location like:

Details can be found in this documentation page:


FrontLine Tables


ACCESSRIGHTS contains security (access) information.

ACTDTL contains activation unit identifier links.
ACTIVATIONS contains activation requests.

ADDRESSES contains address for all entities.

AGENTS contains sales agents and technicians.

AR contains receivables.

BLANKETPO contains customer blanket purchase orders.

CALEVENTS contains scheduler events.
CALAGENTS contains scheduler event participants.

CERTIFICATIONS contains certification requirements for working on a model with particular problems.

CONTACTS contains additional contact information, related to addresses.

COUNTERS stores incremental counters for all workstations.

CUSTOMERS contains customer records.

DRAWERS contains cash drawer setup information.

ENTITYADDRESSES links addresses to entities such as customers.

ESDTL contains equipment set member information.
ESDTL_A is a change log of ESDTL.
ESETS contains equipment set information.

EXCHANGES contains information about unit exchanges.

IMAGES contains images like signatures.

INVOICES contains checkout headers.

ITEMDTL contains unit tracking information.

ITEMS contains information about stock items, catalog items, services, charges, packages, etc.

ITEMCOST contains location-specific costs per item.

ITEMCOSTLAYERS contains costing layers to complement ITEMCOST.

ITEMLOCS contains purchasing information Min, Max, and ReorderQty.

LISTVALS contains custom list values.
LISTVALX as above, with different field requirements.

LOCATIONS contains business location information. Locations are considered entities in relation to addresses.

NOTES contains text notes linked to orders, line items, units, items, entities, service contracts, etc.
See a list of keys for this table below.

ORDERS contains order headers. See TRX below.

PACKAGES contains package membership definitions.

PARTS contains alternate part numbers for items.

PAYMENTS contains tender information for orders.

PEOPLE contains information on FrontLine users.

PRICELEVELS contains pricing information.

PROBLEMS contains problem, solution, and peripheral codes associated with units brought in for repair.

PROMOTIONS contains time-sensitive special pricing.

PTL contains a simple map of default accounts per location by tender type.
Users can override the default if permitted. The result is saved in PAYMENTS.Account

RBILLING contains recurring billing batch information.

RECON contains cash drawer reconciliation batches.
RECONDEN contains optionsl reconciliation cash denomination details.

SUINFO contains information FrontLine 'remembers' about user sessions.

SYNCLOG is used to keep track of connector batches.

TAXDTL contains tax details per geocode.
TAXGEO contains tax localities in a geocode.

TRANSFERS contains information about stock transfers. (unused)

TRX contains completed line item information.
TRXIP contains information about open line items.
TRXDTL links line items to unit details.
TRXRESOURCE contains optional line item resource costs.
TRXLOG is a line item change log.

TRXINV contains the line item details of a checkout.

TRXSUMMARY may be used in the future when history is deleted. (unused)

TRXTAX contains tax details about line items checked out.
TRXTAXIP contains tax details about open line items.

UIDS contains unit identifiers.
UIDS_A is a unit identifier change log.

UILISTS contains valid values set up for given identifier.
UISETS contains identifier templates, which are a group of individual identifiers that can be put on a unit.

UIPRESETS contains preset identifiers associated with an item.

UOMS contains units of measure.

VENDORS contains vendor information.

WARRANTIES contains warranty expiration dates for individual units.

XRDTL contains references for units under a service contract.


FrontLine built-in payment (tender) type codes in PAYMENTS.PType

-1 = On Account
 0 = Cash
 1 = Check
 2 = JCB
 3 = AMEX
 4 = VISA
 5 = MasterCard
 6 = Discover
 7 = Diners Club
 8 = EnRoute
 9 = ATM


FrontLine Flag Field Values


Order Status

NameHex ValueDecimal ValueComment
Pending00Neither invoiced nor completed
Completed11Closed to further changes
Invoiced22Has been checked out (customer order) or checked in (purchase order)
Received44Has been received, partly or fully
Picking1016Print indicator
Billed2032Print indicator
Percent Discounted4064
Cancelled100256Quote or Vendor Invoice(AP) has been cancelled
Returned200512Order has been returned via the Returns function (Returns window)
Submitted4001,024Sent to a Third Party, like Motorola.
MOL uses ORDEREXB.ExType=101
AvaTax only for Recurring Bills.
Ready/Repaired8002,048Entire Order marked ready (sales) or all repairs completed (service order)
Quote10004,096Entirely a quote
In Use20008,192A user has the order open for editing
On Hold400016,384Cannot commit inventory to, or invoice an order that is On Hold
Reprice Pending1000065,536Unpriced line items to be repriced automatically when opened
Retax Lines20000131,072Line item taxes to be recalculated when opened
Auto Commit40000262,144Qualifying unfulfilled line items to be auto-committed when opened
In Transit1000001,048,576User flag
Urgent2000002,097,152User flag
WIP4000004,194,304User flag for work in process
Waiting8000008,388,608User flag to indicate waiting for third party


Order Type

NameHex ValueDecimal ValueComment
Sales Order00Sales and Service
Purchase Order11Purchasing, Receiving, Transfers, and Adjustments
Payment22Contains a payment on account
?44Reserved (unused)
Exempt88Tax exempt order
Non-AR1016Non-AR orders have only charge line items, are exempt from taxes, and excluded from tax reports
Adjustment80128Adjustment, appears with the Purchase Order flag
Short Term Rental100256These orders are left open after check out unless all rentals have been returned
Return200512Return of an entire order
Warranty PO4001,024Warranty Vendor Return Authorization Claim (previously Warranty V-RA)
Replacements do not affect item last cost, average cost, or costing layers
Physical8002,048Adjustment created by posting Physical Count
Manufacturer Representative10004,096
Web Order20008,192Alternate trigger for web updates
Vendor Invoice400016,384Vendor Invoices do not link to inventory
Service Order40000262,144
Third Party1000001,048,576Indicates a PO is a subrental, not a stock purchase, and does not journal Inventory-COS


Line Item Type [TrxType]

NameHex ValueDecimal ValueComment
Inventory00Tracked items. Not a service, charge, or payment
Service11Services are intangible with no unit tracking
Charge22Charges are intangible with no unit tracking
Payment33Payment on account
Recurring Bills44Line of a recurring bill
Package88Packages are intangible with no unit tracking
Exception: Ready-made assemblies lose this flag
Drop Ship1016Handling code
Special Order2032Handling code
Assemble4064Handling code for work orders
Surplus80128Handling code, no effect in FL
Return200512Incoming. Absence is outgoing, ex: a sale
Repair8002,048Without next flag, a Part or Service used for a repair
Repair Unit18006,144Includes the Repair code above
Catalog Item20008,192Vendor catalog item
Hide Line400016,384Enables forms to suppress select line items
ZeroPrice800032,768Used internally by FL
Scheduled1000065,536Usually for a scheduled service
Miscellaneous20000131,072Miscellaneous items depend on Resource Costs in sales
and Auto Miscellaneous Item Purchases function on POs
Provisioning40000262,144Provisioning qualifier for Service Contracts
Flat Billing Rate80000524,288Recurring Billing Option
Customer Discount1000001,048,576Due to special customer pricing
Promotional Discount2000002,097,152Due to time-sensitive promotions
Warranty Discount3000003,145,728
Package Discount4000004,194,304Occurs in Package As Discount mode
QuantityDiscount5000005,242,880Due to increased quantity
Counter Discount6000006,291,456Applied at time of order entry
Order Discount7000007,340,032Applied to the entire order
% Discount8000008,388,608Qualifies that a discount was entered as a percentage


Line Item Status [TrxStatus]

NameHex ValueDecimal ValueComment
Pending00Lack of codes 1 and 2 below
Invoiced22Has been checked out
Received44Can be partial receipt
Back Ordered88A line item may be backordered until completely fulfilled
Activated1016Obsolete, may be redefined
Deactivated2032Obsolete, may be redefined
Activation Required3048Obsolete, may be redefined
As Package Member4064Line item is a member of a package here
Discounted80128Line item has an explicit discount line
Returned200512Line item has been returned
Item On Hold4001,024Line was created while ITEM was On Hold
Warranty8002,048Part/Service covered by a warranty
Quote10004,096Is a Quote
In Use20008,192Not presently used on line items
Line On Hold400016,384Line will not be checked in or out unless order is marked ready
Future Now1000065,536Line will not be considered a future order
CCC20000131,072Line has Custom Commission Cost override entered
CAA40000262,144Line has Custom Accounts Assigned
Depot Repair80000524,288
Imported1000001,048,576Imported line item, ex from Mobile Connect
Urgent2000002,097,152Urgent special orders are highlighted in purchasing
Assigned Price4000004,194,304No automatic discounts because price is from Assigned Price identifier value


Unit Status [ITEMDTL.DtlStatus]

NameHex ValueDecimal ValueComment
Available00* below are also potentially available for sale or rent
Committed11Committed to an order
Defective22Can be set manually in Item Quantities
Sold44Owned by a customer
Received88Unit was received
In Use1016Can be set manually in Item Quantities
In Shop2032Can be set manually in Item Quantities
Assembled4064Unit was consumed in an assembly
Out of Service80128Can be set manually on a repair unit in Line Item Details
Returned200512Returned unit *
Shipped4001,024Unit was shipped by FrontLine Shipping
Transferred8002,048Transferred unit *
To Repair10004,096Unit in for repairs
Send To Depot20008,192Units to send (committed) or sent to repair depot
Repaired400016,384Unit has been repaired *
Adjusted Out800032,768Adjusted out of inventory
Quarantined1000065,536Should not sell until released
Customer Equipment40000262,144Imported customer equipment
Third Party1000001,048,576Unit belongs to a third party
As Unidentified2000002,097,152Unit was unidentified at commit time
Activated10000000268,435,456Unit has been activated
Rental Unit80000000-2,147,483,648Not used yet


Invoice Status [InvStatus]

NameHex ValueDecimal ValueComment
Pending00Not completed, can be voided by user
Invoice Printed22
Receipt Printed44
Delivery Ticket Printed88
Ship Ticket Printed1016
Payments Only80128Contains only payment on account lines
Warranty8002,048Warranty vendor invoice
Tax Credited20008,192Taxes on this invoice were later written off
Voided8000-32,768Voided invoices cannot be unvoided


Address Attributes [ENTITYADDRESSES.Attributes]

NameHex ValueDecimal ValueComment
None00No special attributes
Bill To11
Ship To22
Sold To44
Pay To88
Account1016Not used presently
Purchase From4064
Retired800032,768Address is no longer used by this entity


Contact Preferences [CONTACTS.Attributes]

The first four Contact Preferences are relevant to FrontLine processing,indicating that a contact is used for these purposes.
Note that multiple contacts can have the same preferences,so in some cases FrontLine selects one of them.

NameHex ValueDecimal ValueComment
Invoicing11Contact is the default for this address as a bill-to on orders, recurring bills, and periodic invoices.
Shipping22 Contact is the default for this address as a ship-to.
Purchasing44Contact is the default for this address as a purchase-from.
Transfers88Contact is the default for this address as a transfer-from.


Customer Status [CustStatus] and Vendor Status [VendStatus]

NameHex ValueDecimal ValueComment
Prospect4001,024Automatically removed after check out of this customer's order
Express Repairs8002,048Customers: Repaired equipment can be shipped before marked complete
Corporation10004,096Affects output format of SSN / EIN
No Late Fees20008,192Exclude customer from late fee billing
On Hold400016,384Transactions for this customer require permission


Item Status [ItemStatus]

NameHex ValueDecimal ValueComment
Special Order2032
Assemble4064Indicates an assembly package
Surplus80128Not implemented
Discontinued100256Discontinued items should have substitutes, and require permission to transact
On Hold4001,024Items on hold require explicit permission to transact
Proprietary8002,048Proprietary items can be distinct in Inventory Valuation
Bill Of Materials (BOM)1000065,536BOM package contents are added to an order with no further relationship
Simple PO Cost20000131,072Do not use vendor-specific last cost as default on PO
Distinct PO Lines40000262,144Line items of the same stock# are not combined on PO output to Forms for Orders
Warranty PO80000524,288Item is sent to vendor for warranty claims (previously Warranty V-RA)
Allow Third Party1000001,048,576Item can be special ordered for subrental
Depot During Warranty4000004,194,304Depot repair start and end only apply to units still under warranty
Custom 110004,096If labelled, appears in Items maintenance
Custom 220008,192If labelled, appears in Items maintenance
Custom 3400016,384If labelled, appears in Items maintenance


Location Status [LocStatus]

NameHex ValueDecimal ValueComment
Rental Location100256Customer transactions here are rentals instead of sales.
Rental Sale Location200512Secured as a Rental Location but performs non-rental transactions.
No Shipping4001,024Cannot ship out of this location.
Tax On Location10004,096Sales here are taxed by location address instead of Ship-To.
Ignore Item Default Location20008,192Sales added to orders in this location ignore item default location.
On Hold400016,384


Job Status [JobStatus]

NameHex ValueDecimal ValueComment
Completed11User has indicated that the job is complete.
Budget Locked1016Changes to job line items no longer change the job budget.
Job Quote10004,096This is a job quote, not an actual job.
Cancelled800032,768Job has been cancelled.


Package Member Options [PACKAGES.Conditions]

NameHex ValueDecimal ValueComment
Optional11 This member group is not required.
Mutually Exclusive22 Only one member in this group can be selected.
Default44 This member is preselected by default.
Var Qty1016 The quantity of this member can be changed during package sale configuration.
Var Price2032 The price of this member can be changed during package sale configuration.


Price Level Price Types [PRICELEVELS.PriceType]

Flat Price0
List Price %1
Std Cost %2
Last Cost %3
Avg Cost %4


Identifier Properties [LISTVALS.Attributes] for LName='UIType'

Setup NameHex ValueDecimal ValueComment
Unique11Must uniquely identify this unit within a model.
Fixed22Does not change in the life of a unit.
!Sale44Required at Sale.
!Recv88Required at Receiving.
!Exch1016Swapped in an Exchange.
RClr2032Cleared upon Return of unit.
!Rent4064Required at Rental.
Hide80128May be Hidden on Forms.
ActP100256Activation property.
RxClr200512Cleared upon Repair of unit.
Case8002,048Values typed in forced to upper case.
Data Type:Mask F0000Mask 983,040Data types in the upper 16 bit word. These are not single bits:
Any00Free text.
Numeric1000065,536Any number.
DateOnly20000131,072Plain Date.
DateTime30000196,608Date and Time.
AlphaOnly40000262,144Alphabet characters only.
Length50000327,680Length in feet, meters, etc.
Latitude60000393,216Latitude coordinates.
Longitude70000458,752Longitude coordinates.
Airport80000524,288Airport code, uses the AIRPORTS table.


Ledger Account (GL Code) Types [Attributes] for [LName] = 'CodeGL'

TypeHex ValueDecimal Value
Cash Accounts101257
Other Current Assets108264
Fixed Assets120288
Intangible Assets130304
Other Non-Current Assets138312
Taxes Payable204516
Other Current Liabilities208520
Long-Term Liabilities220544
Other Revenues4081032
Cost of Sales8002048
Cost of Goods Sold8012049
Cost of Services Rendered8022050
Corporate Taxes9042308
Other Expenses9082312


Journal Entry Type [JEType] in the JE table obtained by masking JE.JEType with 0x7F00 or 32512

TypeHex ValueDecimal Value
Customer Invoice100256
Customer Deposit200512
Customer Cash Receipt300768
Customer Recurring Billing4001024
Customer Late Fees5001280
AR Write-Off8002048
AR Tax Write-Off9002304
PO Receiving10004096
PO Vendor Invoice11004352
PO Transfers12004608
PO Adjustment13004864
PO Physical Inventory14005120
PO Vendor RA15005376
PO Work Order (Assemblies)16005632
AP Transactions18006144
AP Non-PO19006400
AP Payment Process1A006656
AP Write-Off1B006912
AP Cancellation1C007168
AP Void Checks1D007424
Bank Reconciliation22008704
Beginning Balance300012288


Note Groups [NoteGrp]

The NOTES table has a two part key: NoteGrp and NoteItm.

Order notes have NoteGrp = OrderID, NoteItm = 0
Line notes have NoteGrp = OrderID, NoteItm = Line
Payment notes have NoteGrp = OrderID, NoteItm = -PLine

Other notes unrelated to orders have NoteItm = ID and NoteGrp:

 -1: ItemID
 -2: DtlID
 -3: UI
 -4: EntityID
 -5: AddressID
 -6: ContactID
 -7: PersonID
 -8: ESetID
 -9: ActID
-10: ReconID
-11: BillingID
-12: ReceivableID
-13: CalendarID
-14: ShipID
-16: JobID
-18: BankDepositID
-19: JournalEntryID

-32772: Entity Conversation Note with SubID=EntityID and NoteItm=GeneratedKeyID

Not all group values listed above are currently in use, and there are some special notes with large negative NoteGrp values.



Partial Document Index

Tax Reporting.

User Options.

Setup program.

DSN parameter in INI file.

COUNTERS reference.

PC Charge conflict with PostgreSQL.

If you can log on to PostgreSQL without a password.

FrontLine Tables.

FrontLine payment (tender) type codes.

FrontLine flag field codes.

Vendor Warranty Invoice creation conditions in the 6.4.064 release notes.

Using SSL/TLS to send email with FrontLine.

sendEmail Setup Guide.

FrontLine Shipping Integration.

FrontLine Connect Release Notes.

PostgreSQL database backup and restore.